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  2. Yes. A lot of beginners make the mistake of starting out too crazy. I once did too. I paid with 4 weeks of anckle injury. Take it easy friend, it sucks not being able to run because of injury trust me.
  3. Two short yet very powerful ones: Ashtavakra Gita and Hsin-Hsin Ming. Maybe watch Buddha’s documentary narrated by Richard Gere. I’m too lazy right now to look it up. But learn to motivate yourself; waiting for something else to do it for you is disempowering. Also contemplate what you’re experiencing. That’s a good “spiritual” practice.
  4. Nah I do it in intervals, run-walk-run, like you said. Hm... interesting... maybe Ive been too ambitious.
  5. Reality is only what is outside of your mind
  6. "You don't disprove solipsism, solipsism disproves you" - Wise Internet Sage, 2020
  7. Sorry you had such a bad experience. But it does feel the way you are describing. You feel that person is special. You are enamored and you like everything about that person. When I met my ex, it felt like we already knew each other so I can relate to that aspect of a crush
  8. Are you running 15mins without stopping every morning? That's too much if you only started out a week ago. I suggest going every other day instead, and don't run for 15mins straight but run-walk-run-walk. You will get injured sooner or later if you keep going like this as a beginner.
  9. You're just clinging to semantics
  10. Homeostasis, some people are so damn protected and comfortable in their worldview that only a serious disaster would wake them up, even then they could just dig their toes in even more.
  11. Be witness of the body, thoughts, and emotions. Just watch. Let go of your body, thoughts and emotions, they will react and move by itself and you will be aware of it. After that awareness itself.
  12. I was in a similar situation as you last month. What helped me was writing down my intentions for the trip a week before the trip. I also tried completing other tertiary tasks before that date so that I had no excuses left on the day.
  13. But still... Ive been healthy all my life... Wouldnt like that Anyway... I will take a break from running tommorrow and see how I feel... If I feel okay then its probably overexertion/defiency since Im pretty skinny and not used to exercising.
  14. Some Buddhists say mindfulness meditation is the most powerful tool in a process to attain enlightenment but it could be a long process and having a momentary state of mindfulness is not enlightenment. They believe there is no self. To a lesser extent they also practice concentration meditation focused on tranquility. Other Buddhists don't mediate but focus on right behavior. But the simple answer to your question "Can mindfulness lead to enlightenment?" according to the Buddhists who mediate is yes ( in addition to following the Four Noble Truths which involves letting go of desires ) Other versions of enlightenment from Hindu traditions do not talk about mindfulness they talk more about concentration mediation and other methods to reveal the true self and merging in union with God consciousness. That is the type more similar to what Leo talks about but his idea of enlightenment focuses on psychedelic states so it's also influenced by some shamanic traditions (but without the ritual or guide) . The Hindu traditions emphasize the need for a guru and the Buddhists recommend teachers, the Shamanic ,their guides However "enlightenment" is completely subjective and some question if it's real
  15. I think self-inquiry is more effective, it's more focused, mindfulness is more like a shadow work technique. Always follow your intuition.
  16. @outlandish Thank you, kick received. Turning off my phone now. ❤️🙏🏼
  17. Because growing beyond the center of gravity of your culture takes serious independent thinking, research, and motivation, while most people do not think for themselves, they are sheep, and they are just looking to survive however they can.
  18. Is there something underlying this resistance, or are you just being lazy? I think I know what you're getting at @Identity - sometimes tripping can be a bit like a going to the gym or going for a run. It's something that you can kind of instinctively resist against because it's easier to sit on the couch and eat cheetos and watch netflix, but if you actually step up to the plate, you rarely regret it afterwards. If that's what's going on, then just do it man. If you've done your homework and set up the right conditions for the trip, if you're taken a healthy break since your last trip, and done the integration to a level that you find satisfactory from previous trips, and you're mentally in a good place, then those are all things that point to going for it. So if it's just a kind of spiritual laziness kicking in, then here is your kick in the pants to get off your ass and to the work.
  19. I know, and help, many people here in the U.S. which are homeless and in poverty. Many of them have cell phones, televisions, microwave ovens, cars, air conditioning, and more. Much more than most people have in the world. Many of them are grateful, and if one has nothing other than food and clothing, they can be grateful, and many are. Poverty in America can be quite comfortable compared to other nations. Entitlement = ungrateful
  20. I didn't have many either. Even if you have it which you probably don't, it's not a big deal at all. Just take the cheap medicine generic they prescribe every morning with a glass of water, wait 30 minutes to eat. Blood test every year. That's all, if you're diagnosed with it. It's really common.
  21. @Seraphim elaborate more please, I'm not convinced that it can lead to it just because you said "yes" , are there any examples of enlightened people saying mindfulness is the way for example?
  22. Yes, but try not to identify with the one who is watching the thoughts because that would keep the ego alive.
  23. Analyse why your resistance arises, see it as just a thought, ensure your setting is optimal and apply that lubricant.
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