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  2. Thank you for the encouragement.
  3. God is not terrified nor does he need to escape from loneliness, right? Great insight and explanation. 5 Meo trip maybe?
  4. Everything you're doing is fine. Our judgement doesn't matter at the end of the day. Just keep doing you. It"s your life, not ours.
  5. transform (v.) mid-14c., "change the form of" (transitive), from Old French transformer (14c.), from Latin transformare "change in shape, metamorphose," from trans "across, beyond" (see trans-) + formare "to form" (see form (v.)). Intransitive sense "undergo a change of form" is from 1590s. Related: Transformed; transforming. Because you are already beyond form, it seems that you can transform. Transformation is only possible because you do not actually have a form. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.
  6. Go more meta on the issue. Realize that most people who post here have some kind of problem, insecurities, fears, traumas etc. It's not like you're gonna see enlightened people posting in the dating section. Everybody just copes, compensates and projects their own stuff out. I wouldn't really read any of the "how should a woman be?" kind of posts, it only puts you in your head. Anyway it's not really different for men though (except for the fact that more men post here). We also feel like all kinds of expectations have to be fulfilled to be "a good man": Have this level of status, be successful, be strong, be a leader, make good money, be intelligent, be competent, be a winner etc. This is why I simply chose to liberate myself from all this bullshit, I only shape my personality in the way I want to shape it and then let people decide if they like me or reject me while realizing that no rejection/opinion or judgement about me means shit.
  7. Well it can I want more money to buy penthouse. Now give me my final 3 points.
  8. First of, thank you for sharing. You seem to have a lot of self awarness and insight. It's very inspiring to see. Secondly, What do you think about feminine men and masculine woman? I mean preform is equal to conform for you. What about those people that don't fit your own ideas about how one should be? Do you look up to those people or down on them?
  9. How fucking brilliant, right? It just keeps getting better, and better and better and better, cause it's already so perfect it couldn't POSSIBLY be improved on.
  10. @mandyjw I believe the whole design of God is to turn us into more loving creatures. That's where everything is heading and is evident with Spiral Dynamics. As God we are complete, but not as finite entities.
  11. If you don't feel comfortable with a certain person you are never obligated to have sex with that person. You decide what you do with your body and who you share it with. If a guy is just horny and wants to get laid that is his problem, no one owed him anything. Not you, not any woman. Just like when a beggar on the streets asks you for money you are not obligated to give that person money. It is your money, you earned it, and you decide what to do with it. You are not a bad person if you don't give a beggar money. He is not your responsibility.
  12. I'm going to try to log all the good things about life that I enjoy, so that I can create better vibrations. I usually don't like to go on Facebook and never look at people's quick videos, but I realized there's a lot of good things about them. I like how my friends are happy enough to share pictures of a random cat, or simple videos of people blowing bubbles and just laughing at them. Life feels so much lighter. Everyday, I'm going to try to post things I liked...things I want. I will also post a few of my own manifestations as I work on myself.
  13. @Leo Gura God punishes us with such stupidity & ignorance all around us in the world.... The way i see it God wants to go through every obstacle. He is a masochist. ''Maybe we could skip Hitler and Stalin but... no let's teach these petty humans a lesson they will never forget''.
  14. It is not a full on hate but I think I struggle with anything that has some sort of combination of ego/confidence/positivity. Maybe because it is the most threatening to my survival - has the most potential to outperform/challenge/beat me/triumph over in the food chain/etc. but also it is as such that I feel insecure/inadequate around. My dad really liked to criticize and be strict and so were the teachers at school - so much of "do it like this" and not enough of exploring different ways to do things/think about things. It just wanted to so much of being like it and the pressure to conform and perform. And you see that you can't always conform/perform. It wasn't speculative enough of itself though; it didn't question things enough and wasn't open-minded enough; it wasn't self aware enough; it was too rigid and not flexible enough for the dealing with the rainbow of life's events
  15. if israel wouldnt have this system you would see gaza having 10 times hard life
  16. @Javfly33 Awake people still have to partake in the relative domain, but the only difference is that they don't struggle, they usually work for themselves, they enjoy what they do and they serve a higher purpose besides regular survival. This is just my 2 cents, but being bitter every single time somebody opens a thread like this is not really a good strategy.
  17. What is self? God doesn't need to turn you into a more loving creature, you are love. You came from love, never left love. Is there a self in love?
  18. Who's gonna pay for it? Who's gonna pay for it? You're gonna pay for it. Who's gonna pay for bulletproof vests for Palestinians in Gaza? Nobody.
  19. @Nahm It's just my way of anthropomorphizing God.
  20. @Persipnei Why is God biased towards unconditional Love?
  21. @Inliytened1 You don't know. That's the truth. Love you all mofos.
  22. Honestly I'm getting fed up with this dating forum. If things don't change, then I'm leaving this dating section forever. The posts that constantly criticize women negatively have begun to bother me. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but as a woman it hurts that a lot of posts don't show any understanding or compassion towards women, like bashing women somehow is the regular pastime on this part of the forum. How much can someone take? Women are criticized way beyond what they deserve to be criticized for. And this attitude of bashing women is mainly encouraged and enabled by Leo and his coterie. Not fair.
  23. It's the same as with the other posts. You're basically asking "am I ok the way that I am or should I be different so I can be liked/accepted?" What would you now do if men told you "yes, you're stingy, we don't like that"? Would you now want to change the way you are? Can you even change your emotional needs. You know this already, but if you want to have a good life then you must make your sense of self esteem (and self love, self acceptance etc.) more independent of how other people view you. There is never anything wrong with you, just because one of your traits goes against "the mainstream". You have your needs and you communicate them, some will accept you and some will reject you and this is GOOD for you because you wouldn't have gotten along with the people who rejected you anyways.
  24. You could just make it your only intention of your life to love yourself. That's pretty much my 'approach' and I would say it's quite the same idea as following your passion, but just another way of looking at it. You know, you feel, the love that you crave for, so you can just feel what makes you feel good, that's love. For example if you feel like you're looking for confirmation or attention, you can give that to yourself. Give yourself the love, the nourishment that you are seeking/wanting to get from outside you, and give yourself the gift of your own support, your attention, your love. Self-love isn't something to force on yourself. What I like doing is I just find loving thoughts about myself when I feel some disturbance. For example, if you feel insecurity around woman, something that could work for me is perhaps putting a hand at my heart and say something like 'I know I have some insecurity in relation to speaking with woman. I've felt that way for quite some time now and it's been quite a burden to feel this way for this long. I don't exactly know why, maybe I just didn't grow up around people that really felt the love they crave, and didn't relate to me in the loving way I craved. I know though, that in order to feel well in life, I only have to love myself, and I can give that to myself. I can always choose to be loving with myself, no matter what. And I know that if I can love myself, I can be an example for others too, so this world will be healed from the old energies of anxiety and that a new energy of love can begin'. That sentence begins purposely with acknowledging and affirming how you feel in an accepting way, then gives the assurance and a sense of self-love that you might feel you crave and then even builds the energy a bit higher at the end into a bigger sense of love. Of course, you would benefit from making it your own, and finding thoughts that feel good to you. I used this method for example yesterday night when laying in bed, and I can build really great feelings of love with this method, and dissolved a lots of resistance like shame and fear. It's really powerful when done well. You can give the acceptance and nourishment you crave, to yourself as a loving gift.
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