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  2. Social media is a tricky one. Whatsapp it's only purpose is contact with people. Others like facebook and instagram I use mainly for other things like checking if I received updates. Also dating apps I consider also as a waste of time and it's the same as social media. The only benefit of social media I can exploit is posting my videos on it.
  3. @assx95 It's easy to sense neediness, even unconsciously. Are you talking to girls expecting them to behave in a certain way? Double check your attitude.
  4. I was clean for 3 weeks and then I messed up and watched a film. This day I'm clean again and I'm going to start over with my 30 day challenge, it's quite hard. Since stopping watching films etc. I notice getting more addicted to my phone (social media), porn and masturbation. These things all have the same in common: stress boredom dopamine release accessibility cravings waste of time I wonder what happens if I stop using social media, porn and t simultaneously. I never tried that, maybe I need to go beast mode on this. All of these things and gaming which I don't do anymore have been my most destructive habits.
  5. @Mikael89 what’s funny is my dad said the same thing even after being married to my mom for over 6 years its hard to “get” (understand) girls when you don’t get yourself
  6. Hahaha this is fatalism at its finest, I really hope you can go back someday and laugh at your own posts
  7. You are not gonna lose your desire for romance and a girlfriend by ignoring it, or putting girls into a bad daylight. Stop being a victim to your own fears and inadequacies and conquer them one by one.
  8. @Shin i enjoyed that video thanks for sharing
  9. @Tim Stretton When I was younger, my parents were doing all the labour, shopping, etc... for me, so I grew up very dependent on them. Now I am kind of rebelling against that and I want to be very independent and I can even observe it with other people sometimes, that I don't like when they are trying to help me with stupidities and stuff like that. It's not like that I am resentful towards that, but if they do it too much, I can get mad. Maybe that's why we are members of such a radical forum, because we don't want to be part of this big collective ego.
  10. @Mikael89 Stop torturing yourself Mikael, please.
  11. That pic was taken during a long walk in a botanical garden on a super sunny day in the fall. I had my sunglasses off and on. Didn't know that about the pupils, though, thanks for the info!
  12. @Michael569 I didn't mean to insult you Michael 🙏 I don't know if I understand your question though @Harikrishnan When we had swimming classes at school in 2nd grade, we used to go to this swimming pool that has a transparent door into the female's dressing room for whatever reason, so you can actually see inside from the cash desk. I didn't look there, but all my friends did, we were 7 at that time.
  13. @Marc Schinkel I’m not sure if there’s a point but yeah that’s beautiful and almost Finnish 😂
  14. @8Ball No, no, no man Just do not go there it will cause apocalypse. Nah who am I kidding go for it man¡Just go for it. 💞➡️❣️
  15. Hello to all, New Journal - Cancelled I had created a new journal the following journal: I did that so that I could keep things more organized, but i think it is not the right time to do so. Guidelines For This Journal The main reason why I have this journal is to vent freely, without being a neurotic Virgo who likes things to be perfect. This journal can be a draft for a better journal in the future. I can experiment here as much as I want, without any pressure to do something "outstanding". I want to try it out different types writing, content, style etc. New Dosage of My Medication This new dosage of my medication is certainly better than the one I was taking. For so many years, I tried to have a way to take me out of depression. Never had I have thought that a medication could take me out of depression. I had so much preconceptions about the pharmaceutical industry. Thinking on the bright side, I now see how pivotal taking my meds are. It's a no-brainer. Nothing can do more good for me than taking my medication correctly. My doctor and I haven't figured out the exact dosage yet, but figuring that out is just a matter of time. My Friend's Friend My friend's friend is still here in my city. And I am so glad that I have been able to do stuff with him. He will stay here for 5 more days. I have been planning with him what to do. We can go visit my team's soccer stadium, watch the new Spider-Man at the movies, go to the Ibirapuera Park, play soccer at the local park, etc. Birthday Presents For My Close Friend Yesterday I bought some birthday presents for a close friend of mine. She always gives me cool stuff, and I had never given her any presents. It was fun to do so. It was also good to challenge my stingy part. Apart from that, we talked about depression. She is a spiritualist, so she is "against" medication. I tried to express my point of view and how much the right medication has helped me. I Have To Talk With My Psychiatrist Speaking of which, I think I need to talk to my doctor about increasing the dosage. I will text my dad to ask him what he thinks about this beforehand, because i don't know if it is better to talk to the psychiatrist by the phone or schedule a consultation. Thank you for reading!
  16. @8Ball the christian god is no other than the same one infinite god yes, most Christians... like Muslims and others think God to be up in the clouds and what not... but it's the same one God.. the One Infinite. The infinite
  17. @8Ball Nice. And have you yourself ever experienced, being two?
  18. Growing up like when i was 17-19 i used to sneek in and see my cousin bathing.
  19. @assx95 Because girls are impossible. It's best to forget girls altogether. Reality is as it is, just accept it and move on, and hope that you become a girl in next life so you can have romantic love.
  20. @Sev I see, thank you for sharing.
  21. @bejapuskas & @JustThinkingAloud I can also relate to my parents, not so much my dad but my mum, who for 30 years has hoped that I could be, not only a gentleman — which is great to be by the way — but also some lady’s knight in shining armour, that I should treat the gentleman as almost ‘necessary’, that I should play ‘by the rules’, that I should do things for women so that they don’t, like paying on first dates, etc. I love my parents very much, but perhaps my mum hasn’t really appreciated my way of seeing the world (and I think that that has been shared by many women other too), whether or not that is a good thing at the time. I think that there is one thing being a natural gentleman, and that being a gentleman as some kind of ‘requirement’. I presently disagree with the latter as I think that it’s not ‘true’, if you see what I mean. That doesn’t stop me from being good and gentlemanly towards women. I also think that it’s not just ‘who we are’, but also how we use the ‘who I am’ element, and only we ourselves can decide to either build a thick brick wall around us and say ‘I will not be changed!’ where there is little or no room for manoeuvre, or better, I think, to demolish those walls that ‘imprison’ us and allow ourselves to grow without defending our direction. These days, I try not to define myself as I used to, but to look back at what I have become instead. If any future woman in my life feels changed by my outgoing ‘no box at all’ thinking during our relationship, that’s her decided personal imprisonment, I am thinking. Perhaps I am wrong. 🤔
  22. Relevant - a documentary on the Chinese government censoring rap and freedom of expression.
  23. what can I say I am a terrible human being which one do you mean?
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