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  2. @Yarco you might get surprised of the degeneracy in the country, it's just as bad. You're actually less likely to be a victim of crime in the city in the u.s. as well. I won't be too far from the city.
  3. Investigate your reality and use forums when you're having difficulty crossing barriers. I think the mods here need to step up their standards and delete the pointless, vague, rambly and short posts.
  4. This thread is an example of wasting life 🙂
  5. Masculine presenting straight woman Feminine presenting straight man So how can a straight woman be attracted to a feminine presenting man? Because her energy is masculine and he is feminine, role reversal attraction.
  6. 3 cone receptors = 1 Million colors 4 cone receptors = 100 Million colors
  7. We evolved spoken language to increase our capacity to think and process information, cooperate with each other, create culture and survive across different environments and niches. We then invented writing as a technology to increase our capacity to edit our thinking, and then not long after that, we invented alphabetic writing to make that process even more effective. We then experienced the Axial revolution: the birth place of Western thought; ancient Greek philosophy and the new world religions. From there, we got various insights: the necessity of law and order (politics), of personal discipline, of a social duty to the larger society (ethics), of a transcendent purpose outside mere power and conquest (morality, aesthetics, spirituality; the Good, the Beautiful, the Sacred), etc. All this laid the groundwork for how our society functions today. Now, do we even have to ask why that was important? Do we even have to ask why it's still important? We're not the least bit over the challenges that God is throwing at us.
  8. Awesome find. Thanks.
  9. This stuck out to me. I've found that's been quite true in my life. Repeating stupid patterns I know aren't going to work, convincing myself it will somehow be different each attempt. The whole time fear looming and casting a shadow I know is there but don't want to look. It's only when I've done radical things or made big changes do I feel the light burn that shadow away, if just for a moment.
  10. John Vervaeke, from either EP. 1 or 2 of Awakening From The Meaning Crisis: "the things that make you intelligent are also the things that make you prone to self-deception" (btw he is not using the Leonian "definition" of intelligence).
  11. Is Chris Langan a genius? Then hell the fuck no to both of those
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  13. BTW, I have an artist bias, and bias for images, so what an insight is to me, is that it's pictures of varying degrees, small to big, mosaic and collage, that you make use of your sight capacities, whilst being inside, actual or imagined, the image you are having an insight into. That plus other main definitions of an insight.
  14. @Scholar Insight defined by pathway, differences or contrasts between form and nothingness. However, this is not the original definition provided by Leo Gura, going by the actualized blog of what is insight. So, even if you assume Leo actually defines insight as the pathways/differences/contrasts between form and nothingness, and not based on the blogpost of insight by google, the question still becomes, what defines pathways, differences, contrasts, between, forms, and nothingness? Also, going forward, which definitions of those do and are you going to use for this discussion, because, how do you know which meaning am I or you or others use when talking about pathways, differences and contrasts that make up insights? What kinds of insights you will have, are based upon what stage of developmental values you hold, cognitive and moral development you are at, what major/minor personality traits and personas, or the 'you's in your mind are, the states of consciousness and beings you can be, the life experiences you have so far with places and people, and other lines of development, plus ideas/concepts/beliefs from your upbringing and family values and cultural and societal values from where you came from imprinted into your mind. All holistically coming together, to create and generate the kind of insights you have, from the insight that you can draw a circle, to the insight that you exist only, and others/the world is not real. The insights that make you go 'oh! I left my car keys and coffee on the table' to Eureka moments of world destruction. Those types of insights are dependent on your entire worldview and sense making apparatuses in your mind, and how it generalizes, distorts and deletes information that fits with its survival agendas and biases. The differences between form and nothingness, and dissolving the form = nothingness, is a simplification and assumption of what actual could happen if you dissolved form, because dissolution has stages that are observable, to stages that are not observable to one's perception, so when a form is dissolving, it doesn't go from form to formlessness, which is actually the correct binary opposite rather than this form/nothingness, the dissolving form becomes another form, another something, and not go to nothingness or formlessness directly quickly. Addressing each example, first off that's an assumption that because you dissolve a form, that that causes truth as an effect of a form's destruction, for all 6 examples. Secondly: Form is duality. Duality is dissolved. The Truth is non-duality. (Or that the truth is unity and not non-duality) Form is selfish. Selfishness is dissolved. The Truth is Selflessness. (Or that the truth is non-selfishness. Another is that selfishness=bias, so destruction of bias causes a truth, that of un-bias.) Form is fear. Fear is dissolved. The Truth is Love. (Or that the truth is fearlessness, and not love, as love is not the true binary opposite of fear, fearlessness is.) Form is limitation. Limitation is dissolved. Truth is Infinity. (Or that the truth, after dissolution of limitation, is unlimitation, not infinity, because it's true opposite is finitude and not limitation.) Form is dream. Dream is dissolved. Truth is Awakening. (Or that the truth, is a change in one's state of consciousness, one that was being inside a dream state after going sleepiness state, becoming slumber state, then deep sleep, then dream state, then transit into wakeful consciousness) Form is ignorance. Ignorance is dissolved. Truth is Intelligence. (Or that dissolving of ignorance, leads to the truth of non-ignorance, or unbiased thing. and not intelligence. Why? Because ignorance is part of a surviving sentient being's mind, due to limited intelligence and physical/mental/emotional resources, must be selective in what and where it places attention into, as attention spent is calories spent maintaining focus and awareness into one limited are. This causes a large portion of your field of awareness to only show what's being placed attention into, so that your sense of self isn't overrun by the various objects and people around. Ignorance, then, is a function of the mind to safegaurd you from getting lost in the reeds, lost in the music or crowds and so forth.) After reading and re-reading your entire post, it seems to me you have a love and hate relationship with @Leo Gura. Your talking points are very similar to Buddhism or traditional Advaita Vedanta, and Leo may have said something you simply can't nor won't agree with, due to his different method/approach to practicing spirituality. This entire post is, therefore, you vent your disagreement to Leo, which is fine, but you are being sneaking with how you complain about Leo, and not consider steelmanning his point of view, but rather attack him in an underhanded way with all this.
  15. If you live too far out in the country, you're probably going to have to homeschool. Or at the very least, it's a lot harder for your kids to go over to friend's houses after school. They might be a bit socially stunted and awkward unless you put specific attention in getting them the socialization they need. If you live in the big city, your kids get exposed to a lot of messed up stuff. Walking past homeless people with mental illness or strung out on drugs is traumatizing enough for me as an adult. They'll see a lot more of the degeneracy of modern society in the city. Lot more people in the city, and every extra stranger around you is an increased risk and potential source of trauma. City has higher risk your kid witnesses the aftermath of their home getting broken into and never feels safe again, road rage, getting robbed, seeing people do drugs. Sometimes more life experience isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'd rather my kid be blissfully ignorant about the evils of the world and enjoy their childhood to the max until they're at least a teen. Every extra adult you leave your kid around unsupervised is an increased risk they become verbally/physically/sexually abused. My dream is to live in the country, but atm my options in order of most to least likely are probably: 1. Live in the city, only have 1 kid so I can afford to send them to a private school. (You best believe that even stage green rich parents aren't teaching their kids the stuff in public schools ) 2. Live in the city, have multiple kids, send them to French immersion school (Wife refuses to send them to Catholic school, and from what I've seen it's not exactly based anyway, so French is the next best thing after public school.) 3. Work extremely hard, save up a few hundo thousand in the next 5 years to upgrade to a forever home in the country, send kids to rural school or homeschool. (Or if housing prices tank in the next couple years it might be even easier.) 4. Homeschool in the city. Requires giving up 1 income and convincing my wife to let me do it.
  16. Probably because your mind doesn't want to believe in made up fabricated bullshit like God. Thank "God"... Imagine a person taking the most pristine pane of glass that is reality (turn off your damn screen. See how pristine and unmuddied reality around you is) and forcing contaminants into it. Oh here's this pristine world but there's also God. Oh here's this pristine world but there's also this character me/God intermingled with it. Oh here's this world but it's made OF this character or w.e. Not that it can be contaminated because all of these bullshit completely false delusional drug-addled beliefs are equally appearing. EQUALLY a part of the pristine pane of glass as the clear blue sky which doesn't itself have notions of weird "consciousness" figures in it, or making it, etc... So it may be the human ego interpretation of it. But for sure the more baggage you throw out the more clear it seems. You are surely in a better spot than 90% of alleged gurus.
  17. This is a fascinating subject. I am curious if anyone on the forum has had any success shifting. If in the infinite field every possible version of reality exists as a potential, it's possible we could deliberately shift to a different realty. Bashar says consciousness is already shifting realties but the realties are so similar we don't notice we are shifting. I think it would take tremendous focus to make a bigger shift. This is essentially what Dr Joe Dispenza says is happening when they get miraculous healings with their students. They move their consciousness to a reality where they don't have the condition until it becomes their new reality. There is definitely something to it.
  18. When you say X or Y never actually happens etc, why do you say that? Is this one of those things where people draw the line of "reality" at different polarities? It seems that in fact the moment of total unreality is the exact very moment of the most absolute UNCLOUDED pristine reality there ever is. Believing there is a self character and all of those things, and then any tiny notion or concept of such a thing just outright vanishing. For real. Is sort of like when you have anxious thoughts and kinda get lost in your head then something snaps out of it. And for a moment everything seems so pristine as the crazed thoughts stop.
  19. @OnePointTwo I'd have nothing meaningful to discuss, I mean, you can only just end up rehashing over and over. I am just bored. So. So. So. So. Bored. BORED. Can you believe with a topic so grand, there's nothing to say without being obnoxious?
  20. No schtick, just genuinely extremely high ego. Literally sky high ego. Believes more strongly in the little homunculus I character than anyone on the planet. There's, obviously, no more of an I to become one with everything than there is a cheese sandwich to become one with everything (if the idea of a cheese sandwich is appearing). Appearance of cheese sandwich goes, appearance of I goes. For Leo it is incredibly important that he death grip the narcy ego and not let it go away in the same way the apparently changing world does. Meaning the dude thinks that the fact of isness w.e. that would be called = some omnipresent I character. Even though the idea of the I is of course not any different to the vision of cheese sandwiches or sounds of music. Just extreme ego. Hence "new awakenings" monthly. Now some random Joe "Peter Ralston" is the secretly other enlightened being. You only wake up once from a dream, to the same bed and bedroom. If you have multiple """awakenings""" into different things, then it was all total BULLSHIT. And no don't be bamboozled by idiotic excuses about infinity or use of any other excuse to try to hide the fact.
  21. My advice is to look for communities where everyone has the same mindset. Don't limit yourself to 'spirituality' communities; architecture, music and film hold many insights (as long as you stay away from the pretentious people). Remember that communities consist entirely of individuals. Most of them won't have their thoughts straight and consequently will have nothing meaningful to discuss.
  22. You don't even need to be in the frame at all, and then what is an insight but more random mirages? I've actually wondered briefly, if we even are sentient or intelligent at all. I think I concluded we are but there was genuine grounds to question it. Since we are the ones judging what constitutes intelligence for one, but also because there is nothing to known knowledge but the appearance of that knowledge. I.e. nobody knowing the knowledge. The knowledge is appearing like everything is. So then IS that still intelligence if the knowledge (that we believe is "known" by the fictitious I entity we believe is more than simply more mirages of ideas and stories), is only smoke and mirrors? That's something to ponder in the shower. I'm not certain of that answer.
  23. Appreciate this guys, I think I'm gonna go get some soon and start at tiny doses. So in practical terms, would you recommend just using trauma healing techniques - journaling, contemplation, forgiveness etc. and do them on psychadelics for an enhanced heal? Obviously I would start very small with my doses. Still trying to understand practically how they help me?
  24. From the Wikipedia page for Pythagoreanism: "A dominant symbolism was awarded to the number three, Pythagoreans believed that the whole world and all things in it are summed up in this number, because end, middle and beginning give the number of the whole. The triad had for Pythagoreans an ethical dimension, as the goodness of each person was believed to be threefold: prudence, drive and good fortune." 1 = end + middle + beginning
  25. Where can I find a community that is not just 95% spiritual/religious stories and alleged experiences? Conversations should be stimulating centered round this kind of topic but without walls of religious copers and weird ego/afterlife beliefs. I thought maybe older men, say 50+, on similar communities on Reddit etc. Probably would be good. Is it annoying that there isn't anything to discuss? I'm sure it is. Maybe that's why there aren't any such communities, and why monks don't bother talking. There's nothing to say but the same identical rehashes........
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