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  1. Society has not come to terms with the fact that women are often generally horrible people and as we see in this thread will try to explain it away with new age nonsense. There is always some grand big picture explanation for their crap, you are right OP.
  2. The most powerful thing men could do today collectively is to simple retreat from society. Say nothing, don't lash out just go your own way. There is no honest reciprocation from the other side, you are vilified by default for existing as a man. Let them have this men free, goddess worshipping, don't ask don't tell polygynous society. They will be fine.
  3. Prepare to be invalidated in this very thread. Women have collectively decided they are always right.
  4. Sounds like your gloating. Otherwise I agree with you it's always easier for women, it's a myth that men age like wine. Both can age wonderfully if they take an active role in their growth and development. The nature of the mating game forces men to be realistic about their place in the hierarchy due to constant exposure to rejection. If a man reaches 45+ without having his shit together it's because of apathy and giving up not delusion. Seems women of my generation (Late Millennial) and younger hate most men. If you are not some pretty boy or powerful in a context particular to a woman's areas of interest you are tolerated at best but more likely invisible or hated. Young men are vilified without even being able to get a foot in the door and show their inner qualities and to learn, supposedly the special female intuition allows women to see into the inner contents of a shy young man's soul to know he is truly a horrible person. Yet the same intuition is mysteriously defunct when it comes to the heartbreaking pretty boys, models, athletes, criminals etc they ALL get involved with including the supposedly spiritually evolved stage orange, green and yellow women. The question young men are asking themselves today is the juice worth the squeeze, the balance of the feminine and masculine is changing and the masculine has to make an adjustment but men are collectively deciding the effort is not worth it. Once you see the true nature of females without the innocent idealism or the misleading tent of patriarchy you have to ask yourself do you really want to deal with this? I understand why men in mass joined monasteries in the middle ages or dedicated themselves to science and art during the enlightenment. The task for men today is to ask what do I really want. Not what society wants or need, not what makes me a real man or virtuous gentleman worthy of respect from women(puke). What is good for me putting morality aside, whether that happens to involve contributing to society, relating to women, focusing on yourself as long as it truly comes from that inner voice that exist that hopefully is not corrupted in our chaotic world. Men should not worry about what you wrote because men need to step out of their base instincts and validate themselves, become great for yourself if you care to. Even the best woman is not worth the physical, emotional and psychological toil that men put themselves through.
  5. Men are collectively realizing that being a virtuous, kind, gentleman is a scam. Pursue your desires and interest with no apology.
  6. I'm on day 10 of what I hope will be a long No Fap streak. It's the sedation aspect which is driving me, just feels pathetic to sedate yourself as a way of avoiding your problems. I think some porn watching, drinking can be ok for a more actualized socially and sexually successful guy but for most of us porn, drugs, alcohol and video games are a cope.
  7. Listen to some inspiring speeches. I like to listen to JFK's speech about why we need to go t the moon or Apple's original crazy ones advert.
  8. It's true but your experiences will be invalidated. The more amoral you are as a man the better you do with ALL women not just damaged supposedly bad, low quality women as is the usual retort to your observation.
  9. Six days into a new No Fap effort. Hope to make it to New Years Eve.
  10. Not what I expected when I clicked this post. LOL.
  11. @MsNobody Women like yourself speak with such self righteousness, as if you have everything figured out as if males drop from space fully formed with the views they have. There is an outcry for men to speak up and be more open, as soon as we do are experiences are invalidated. Before I logged onto a forum, before a subreddit existed my experiences showed me who women are. From childhood I have not seen anything to suggest are the fairer sex and more evolved, even from my own mother. Harsh rejection and abuse is what I have experienced, power corrupts absolutely but society does not want to admit to the shadow of female nature. A man never hit me, touched me inappropriately as a minor, spread rumours about me. Most men have experienced this truth but fear to speak up about it, female nature is very twisted that is the harsh truth. If the men struggling with women and struggling in general with their own turmoil were actually as horrible as women like to make them seem, they would have zero issues with women. Throughout my life I have noticed the less moral a man is, the more of a drain he is to society the better he does with women. So save your good lord, it is women who hate men. Men especially men from my generation (late millennials/gen z) have done nothing but adapt to women constantly with ZERO reciprocation. So I will say it openly women are not special. There is not a single advancement that I would roll back if I had the power they deserve their right to education, control over their bodies and financial independence. What I will not accept anymore is gaslighting about how terrible we are and the need to make women feel safe when the guys you all actually sleep with are not kind, gentle, enlightened, patient or trauma free. Men should collectively cultivate themselves without any expectation or even real care for women beyond basic day to day respect. It is ALL women not some or just damaged ones. My perception is clear, I have observed enough.
  12. OP is right, my natural childhood/teenage self only had positive intentions, I was kind and patient without expectations but you get taken advantage of. I've trained myself to be amoral, the world does not deserve kind, enlightened men. Once you understand female nature, I don't see how you can love them.
  13. Love exist in may forms but life is not fair and not everyone will experience it, there is no metaphysical balance to the universe where everyone gets a chance to experience everything. You often hear the advice given to suicidal people, "you are loved", "someone cares"....er no not everyone is loved, not everyone has family there are billions of people on earth and tragedy beyond your comfortable narrow experience that you can't imagine. I don't believe in a deterministic point of view of reality i.e everything is planned when you are born but I believe individual has particular patterns and rhythms specific to their life path and the free will to respond to those patterns. Some would respond to a lack of love with great determination and focus to achieve something, some would fall into the most abject despair. Some lucky are born into great families and situations and never even have to think about these things.