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  1. I've been through an existential crisis before, for 9 months of like horror. I think I get how you're feeling, obv I don't think yours will last that long lol But damn thats wild that a simple video did that
  2. @Blackhawk What happened? was the video that powerful? Just trying to see if its safe to go ahead and watch
  3. @Leo Gura What would be your recommendation to minimize the risk then? I'm assuming if I take it somewhat easy with Andy Cutler's protocols, follow what he says properly, I should be good? Also his new book "cleanse to heal" has 3 levels of detox, one is easy, one is medium, and one is hard, according to him. So idk if it can really be that much of "weak sauce" lol .. atleast the hard one
  4. @Leo Gura Is there any risk with Andy Cutler's detox protocol? Like are you saying there is risk with detoxing heavy metals in general, or by implementing specific heavy metal detox protocols? I consider myself somewhat extra cautious, so if there is risk with any of these people, I was considering the detox protocols from Medical Medium
  5. @Arcangelo Bruh I ain't doin 20 ug again with them ... why would I think of doing 100 lmaoo If I do 100 its prob gonna be when I move out or in the forest
  6. @AdamDiC I never thought about it like that .. But you're so right man even outside of the trip I need to be more and think less I'm practically in my head all day lol .. overthinking hella
  7. @The0Self If you guys say so, I'll really consider 100 then. But say in those preceding steps, if I can't surrender for some reason, even though I try my best with an open heart, will I continue to be in some kind of fear the rest of the trip? I may just be overthinking this lol
  8. @AdamDiC I'm actually going to write this down on a piece of paper lol Def the music and dancing I'm generally not an idiot doing stupid shi lmao But what if ego death comes about, or like sucks me in or something (felt like that before on weed) Is there a way to deal with that? I'll try my best to surrender but what if you can't surrender?
  9. @AdamDiC Wow dude this is solid .. Imma do this .. just completely be with myself. No distractions. But what if that gets a little scary? I doubt it would, but is there a way to kind of deal with that fear if it comes up? And 120? lmao I've done about 100 before but idk if I could do that again. Everything was fine, it just feels scary being at such a high dose. Anything can happen. Not tryna be traumatized or die lol
  10. @AtheisticNonduality Why didn't I think of that loll thats a great idea @Lyubov Yeah I think my whole intention was doing better work, but that just made me more stressed. This time I'll focus on meditation and consciousness so I think I should be fine there. @nitramadas Man weed triggers my OCD, I think Imma stay away from that @DualityHurts I'm actually tempted to take more lol now idk .. I think the problem was I wasn't facing my ego before. Now I know better. Hopefully that would help. @Carl-Richard I'm probably not going to take a risk having dinner with the family loll I like hiking in a forest though
  11. @Carl-Richard @Lazertazer @The0Self Thank you guys! I was considering not experimenting again, but this gave me hope. I will go into future trips with this advice in mind Also kinda random but does anyone have advice on what you guys do when you have parents in the house? I tried it before with them in the house and it was prob not a good idea I could go to a nature spot but considering it lasts 12 hours, idk how I would use the bathroom, or even just stay there for that long.
  12. @Nahm Oh yes, I do that with Sedona method 24/7, feeling into it, allowing it, accepting it, letting it go. Even do nothing has that aspect often. Love doing this. I feel more at peace, more fearless
  13. @PurpleTree Idk every time i do it, it freaks me out. Not necessarily the technique being freaky. Sometimes I like it, but sometimes like my perspective shifts very quickly and it just scares me
  14. I've experimented with tons of techniques, so far this is my current routine daily: wim hof method 10 mins (somewhat powerful) do nothing 25 mins (pretty powerful) sadhguru's kriya yoga and hatha yoga (wouldn't say it is powerful, but I see a difference in the quality of effect compared to the first 2 techniques) This takes about 45 mins to 55 mins per day I don't want to do shamanic breathing every day, because I think that is more of a weekly thing. Kriya yoga I don't want to do from a book (sadhguru says book yoga could be dangerous) What other techniques are worth trying out? I do want to have enlightenment experiences, and all the benefits of real kriya yoga, but also I don't want to have such a shift in my reality that it freaks me out or anything like that, like psychedelics. Any suggestions? I did hear of "zazen" i think @Leo Gura got any suggestions? My friend keeps telling me to place my attention on "I am" .. I think that is freaky too lmao so i'll leave that one out