Mushroom Trip 020 - 5g - It Felt Like Avatar 2

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January 10th 2023

So in this trip, both my mother and I did 5g. I was upstairs listening to Leo getting my mind blown left and right, while occasionally checking on my mother that starts channelling like crazy on these mushroom doses. Unlike the last time we tripped together, we were both tripping safely at home.


Mom took her dose at  12:48pm.

  • (2.8g Golden Teacher + 2.2g Blue Meanies) = 5g

My dose was taken at 1:20pm

  • (1.05g Blue Meanies + 3.95g Amazonian) = 5g


We started to get high at about the same time.


My Main Intentions

  • What is Consciousness?
    • What is Love? What is Relationship?

Secondary Intention For Later

  • How can I Focus Even more?

>Never got to it.


Listened to this:



10 minutes in

  • Noticing my body shaking like before.
    • Amazonian strain does this for me.

20 minutes

  • High
  • Shit moving.


33 minutes in.

  • A new level of high kicked in.
  • Noticing a subtle ear ringing.
  • This trip feels like Avatar.
    • I feel like I am one of the Na'vi People.
    • I recently watched Avatar 1&2 and this trip felt like Avatar 2. This was beyond awesome.
      • Insight: If you watch movies before your trip, your trip will start to feel like the mind-space of that movie. 

Insights and Musings

  • We are part of one Divine mind. I can see that now, that is a fucking rough one to swallow
  • Start writing your proud story.
    • When it comes to life purpose, think about having such an awesome life that when it comes time for someone to write a biography on you, it will be a fucking amazing read
    • Attachment so fucking deep. The love that you get from a mother is what motivates you to be the proud protector of the tribe.
    • You need to have a fucking story always inspiring you. Periodically watch movies to inspire you.
  • Use the minds of other people to bring wisdom to me.
    • Powerful people have the luxury to use other minds to do thinking for them.
    • Have other Minds working for you to give you the best insights.
  • ZONK yourself with powerful catalyst experiences to get yourself in the zone of becoming who you want to become.
  • I noticed in my life that there were moments before going to bed where I would look at the ceiling and I chose to love my life. I said, "Even in this moment, I am happy".
    • I need you to choose to love your life. This is a decision that you make.
  • One thing that's very remarkable about psychedelics is how much it interconnects all your memories such that there is an easy flow between several memories at once.
    • There is a memory that popped up in my consciousness Where I remembered when I won the gold medal for a soccer game when I was a child and after I won the soccer coach told me I was a warrior. Good times. 
    • I demand Warriors out of my people.
  • I am very surprised how little visuals I got with this strain.
  • I was very surprised with how much I was grounded this entire trip. I didn't allow myself to get whisked away nearly as much. Even though this was one of my most potent doses.
    • Perhaps it was because of the lack of visuals?
    • In future trips, I will really focus on grounding myself much more because this helped a whole lot with producing great insights.
  • It was incredible to notice how my mind had this remarkable ability to have several trains of thought at once. It's like my mind was able to segment itself into its own subdivisions. Definitely alien level thinking.
  • Leo says: "Why can't they're universe just choose to exist?"
  • Makes sense to me.
  • How to give a wicked compliment: Give people compliments to stay in their consciousness for a while. Where your compliment gets into the minds of other people. "I want you to think about this compliment for the rest of your night".
  • Your life is a maze, Welcome. Welcome to the puzzle that is your life.
  • When you become the physical embodiment of the man that you want to become people have to rise up to your level or they can fuck off.
    • Become so based that people TREMBLE in your presence because you make them feel so inadequate by just existing.
    • This is why becoming the ultimate embodiment is the ultimate power
  • Self-Actualization and Shadow work especially is crawling out of the contexts that you have trapped yourself in.
    • It's like finding your way out of a house that is completely hoarded to the ceiling.
    • One needs to crawl out of the paradigm locks they've unconsciously put themselves in.
    • Crawl yourself out of the fucked family you're in and the fucked up friend group you are attached to.
    • Crawl yourself out of your shitty wage-slave job that is forcing you to live paycheck by paycheck.
    • Crawl yourself out of your own limiting beliefs that is preventing you from making steps.
    • Crawl yourself out of all the anxieties and neurotic OCD tenancies you have.
    • Crawl out of a rats nest of bad habits you have developed over years of being mediocre.
  • I respect those that have the courage to live another day. Especially when life starts to really suck.
  • I'm noticing that when teaching people you need to give them plenty of contexts for their mind to think about in order to grasp the nature of what you are talking about.
    • Steelman your arguments with layers upon layers of context to deconstruct.
      • Construct and deconstruct. That is how you teach.
  • I started to really notice that I will use my language in an intelligent way to bake in contexts and metaphysical assumptions.
    • A wise teacher understands how to do this intentionally.
  • I will be teaching people how to understand a specific concept, and I'll intentionally layer it with additional contexts in mind.
    • I'll layer it with the context of a positive mindset
    • I'll layer it by speaking in a certain way that is accurate to my metaphysical contemplations.
    • I'll layer it in the context of it being empowering/ ego boosting.
    • I'll layer it under a context of using specific beliefs that I know that the student is attached to. So I will intentionally hook them in that way.
  • I'm noticing that we will rationalize our indoctrinations that made us go through pain and suffering. These rationalizations will massively influence our relationships with our decisions that we make today.
    • For example, all the pain you went through being an ADHD child, not being able to focus. To the point where you actually started to believe that you are an actual loser without this medication. Where you believe that you are an unfocused mess. But then you grow older, you start eating clean, you start having 8 hours of quality sleep every night, you eat super healthy, you do a heavy metal detox, you're actually fine to focus without it. THAT plus eliminating all of your distractions and actually sitting down and training yourself to focus.
    • This is at least the story I had. Where I realized that the ADHD medication I had was doing me no favors. The only time it did me favors was when I had to sit in a boring lecture at school that was DESIGNED to bore you to death. Because I suffered so much to take that medication, I unconsciously constructed a story as to why I was a loser without it.
  • When your life becomes more abundant, you will naturally grow outside of the life that you're in.
    • You grow outside of the environment that you are in.
  • Subconscious patterns are constantly governing our decisions all the time. This is why you have to be incredibly strong-willed to cultivate enough awareness to break these old patterns.
    • I believe that men have an easier time doing this than women because women are influenced by their emotions a whole lot more.
  • The difference between a human and an animal is that a human can make a choice to not be influenced by their desires. We will naturally become a loser if we just listen to our crybaby attitudes to take the path of least resistance. We will NATURALLY become a bitch if we are not intentional about always doing the emotionally difficult thing.
  • It wouldn't be a story worth having if there wasn't conflict. Conflicts in every single moment unlocks the beauty and intelligence of life. It is through the exchange of conflict does intelligence allow itself to be birthed.
  • The physical objects around you bake in meaning. So design your physical environment intelligently.
  • Invest money to personalize gifts for your people to strengthen your relationships.
    • Nothing is more special than a well thought out, personalized gift.
    • Meaning = Personalization.
  • You need to earn today.
    • Every single day needs to be earned.
  • Have a thing with fighting for.
  • You're either a king or a loser, there's no in-between.
  • Being an amazing director of movies demands a massive understanding of people's lives, psychology, stages of development, all of it. Plus all of the nitty gritty details of understanding complex politics to construct all these deep storylines and narratives.
  • Eat salty chips to control the bladder so you don't have to go pee as much from drinking all this water to avoid the shroom hangover. Drink lots and eat chips.


More insights on how to improve yourself fast.

  • Go to WAR on your Life.
    • Declare WAR on your Life.
  • You need to be hyper vigilant to constantly notice all the patterns you've unconsciously indoctrinated yourself with.
  • Build awareness as fast as you can.
    • Psychedelics
    • Meditation
    • Meditative yoga
    • Journalling
    • Contemplation
    • Visualization
    • Solo retreats
  • Crawl yourself out of the perceived contexts that you are in. Train mega awareness.
  • Cultivate Strong relationships to facilitate your growth.
  • Allocate resources towards yourself. Spend money. At least 10% of your total income needs to be spent towards yourself
    • Buy life coaching.
    • Invest in physical infrastructure
      • Laptops
      • Heavy Metal Detox Supplies
      • Get your own place / Move out
  • Nothing is more powerful than making an intelligently placed investment in yourself.
  • Get rid of all the addictions
  • Get rid of all the toxic people.
  • Treat every day as day one. The worst day.
  • The most valuable resource you can leverage is your time.
    • Have the courage to live way below your means such that you have much more time to work on yourself.
    • Focus on taking away the distractions, and learn how to focus properly with discipline. Both of these need to be combined together for maximum result.
    • Find your focus style. Use the Kolbe A Index.
      • Separate tasks dependant on their cognitive difficulty. Then do the most cognitively difficult activities first, and move down the list as the day goes on and your energy drains.
  • Constantly ask yourself: Am I going to show up for today? I asked this question every time I stepped into a cold shower or started a brutal workout.
  • Start making plans as to how you're going to use all the money you're going to make to build a case as to why you're going to need it.


Random Thoughts

One day directors are going to use AI to fix movie mistakes and cinema sins.

A meaningless tattoo is a sign that you are meaningless.


Post Trip Report

  • Very fun trip, was very confident throughout.
  • Had lots of connecting moments with my mother.
    • My mom got massive clarity on her trip.
  • I need to study more about 5meo more so I can get myself ready for it!
  • I am slowly building more and more understandings of deep metaphysical insights.


I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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Great work!

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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"God is not a conclusion, it is a sudden revelation. When you see a rose it is not that you go through a logical solipsism, "This is a rose, and roses are beautiful, so this must be beautiful." The moment you see it, the head stops spinning thoughts. On the contrary, your heart starts beating faster. It is something totally different from the idea of truth." -Osho

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Golden Teacher is my favorite. Its like downloading knowledge from the source.

That's why its called Golden Teacher.

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Great practical, life-changing insights. Good work!

6 hours ago, ZenSwift said:
  • Use the minds of other people to bring wisdom to me.
    • Powerful people have the luxury to use other minds to do thinking for them.
    • Have other Minds working for you to give you the best insights.

Right now I'm using your mind, thinking about your deepest insights from this trip which are inspiring me and making sense to me. Thanks for bringing your wisdom here my man! ;)

Other people's trip reports are fucking goldmines of insight and wisdom, of both practical and existential nature.

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