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  1. I just finished the Jordan Peterson video and I have to say that this may be your most complete video ever. As you said, it explains all life in 2.5 hours. One point I have to mention though is that the title doesn't do it justice. It's so much more than a critique on JP and gives a kind of negative first impression. A title like "What is Jordan Peterson missing" would sound less aggressive IMO. Overall it's a true representation of the Truth about him, but when you point out the ways he could step out of his paradigm lock, you don't mention psychedelics. He has tried shrooms I and he has made lectures on them despite his lack of experience (I think he got scared from the potential he experienced in his trip). Furthermore, when you compare your level to his and you state that he hasn't directly experienced what religions talk about, you don't mention that your direct experiences were greatly aided by 5-MeO-DMT. It's known that he had a serious problem with benzos recently and maybe he can't do 5-MeO-DMT, nevertheless you could mention psychedelics.
  2. In your opinion, does your post give an answer to the question?
  3. This simplified non-metaphysical example might be easier to understand. Your body has several functions, and several organs to serve them. The pancreas produces enzymes. The liver produces bile. The glands produce several hormones. These chemical substances are exuded in your system and serve a specific purpose that has been developed by millions of years of evolution. The organs do what they are designed to do and as you know, you have no direct control over them. And then there is the ego. 'Produced' by the Default Mode Network, although not tangible, it acts like a real entity inside you, like another organ. Its role is to give you a sense of self because evolution-wise this helped for survival. How does it fulfill this funtion? By producing thoughts. And it's doing a damn good job at it, as all the other organs. (The complicated way thoughts work to develop the ego it's not the point here) So, like you cannot voluntarily stop your liver from producing bile, you cannot stop your ego from producing thoughts. As you may interfere with your organ's functions by taking a supplement or a drug or by doing a special practice, likewise you can interfere with the ego's function with meditation, yoga, and of course, psychedelics. When you experience an ego-death your sense of self is lost and thoughts seize. It's completely controlable, but... In order to take control, a disidentification with the thoughts is needed. Then, you realize that the thoughts are not your own, you don't have control over them, and that there is something inside you that is not you, that is producing them.
  4. How did you feel when you achieved the 1 million subscribers milestone? Did you manage to calm your ego down?
  5. How much time do you spend on the forum?
  6. Have you travelled the world? To which countries/continents have you been?
  7. what were your thoughts and how did you feel when some forum members claimed they achieved enlightenment? how about for those that seems to be true enlightenment?
  8. Are you still meditating one hour per day? If yes, Have you missed a day? Are you doing kriya yoga daily? You did you get any benefits or experiences from it?
  9. During one of my trips, Ayahuasca told me that Leo will one day make a video titled "Ayahuasca"... I understand the importance of a solo experience, and additionally, I've seen that the setting that is presented usually, in a dark, humid maloka in the jungle, doesn't seem very appealing for some, and I don't blame them. In Europe though, as long as you can find the right ones, ceremonies conducted by certain shamans coming from Latin America are big celebrations of light, done in decent environments with live music and all the ceremonial hocus-pocus. It may sound like a modernized and civilized way to sell healing to the westerners, but really, they are unforgettable experiences. You will also meet some amazing people in the...bunch of tourists.
  10. Blue reactions to pakistani model's death in recent plane crash
  11. Soundproof windows and ear-plugs.
  12. Do a check-up on your vitamin D and B12 levels. Vitamin D levels has to do with sunlight, Espaim mentioned it above. About supplements, 5-HTP and SAMe have substantial positive effects on depression. Make your research and use them responsibly.