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  1. The things that happen are the cause of the things that happen
  2. The endless (2017)
  3. That's true but It's an experience that can be lived as a human being and with a certain kind of consciousness, maybe the ultimate experience. He didn't lived through it as Alan Watts.
  4. When I read that Alan Watts died in his sleep, I thought that that was the biggest possible bummer for him. From his speeches one realizes that he had a very deep understanding of life, the ego, spirituality, God etc. He lost the chance to experience death coming, not painfully, let's say from natural causes in old age, lying on his bed. He didn't have the chance to stand there and respond, not react, and go through the whole process, like Socrates did.
  5. The noble way to voluntarilly "die" is mahasamadhi, everything else is just the ego acting 'smart' (... or stupid).
  6. It's funny that he says that he doesn't want to try psychedelics but he is thiking of maybe take them on his deathbed. Imagine if he did that and had a mystical experience. He would scream inside: "NOOOOOO!!!!!"
  7. 5-MeO-DMT is not advised for beginners. You could start with something like magic mushrooms in low doses following (at least) all the instructions and precautions Leo is giving in his video. IMO, 5-Meo-DMT readiness is not about having a lot of experiences with psychedelics. When you are about to climb to that top, you have to have a certain level consciousness, with adequate theoretical knowledge about the ego, oneness, non duality etc. 5-MeO-DMT is not to play with.
  8. 'Complete beginner' you mean you never had a psychedelic before?
  9. What difference would it make to you if Leo told you that they are real? There are countless descriptions out there. The thing is to directly experience them yourself
  10. I 've brewed it once myself mixing Banisteriopsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis. The result was very good and I had a wonderful experience at home, with an experienced sitter. Ceremonies have a different feeling though. Try both.
  11. So, in your opinion, is there 'healthy' and true channeling ? Do you have any examples that you consider legit channeling?
  12. Sorry, a typo, I meant to write "don't take IT (the rapé) in less than 90 minutes", The rapé is to be taken before drinking or during the process. About the dose, the people who give the ayahuasca know when more is to be given. The booster is usually half of the initial dose and to first-timers they give half dose anyway. Second night will be deeper for you. As for the trip going dark, it doesn't depend on the dose.
  13. If they offer rapé snuff before drinking, it is recommended as it has a grounding effect and calms the mind while awaiting for the ayahuasca to kick-in and leads you gradually into the process. Rapé is also great during the ceremony because sometimes the thoughts get all around on non substantial things. Rapé grounds you and gets you back to the...main road. Don't take in less than 90 minutes after you drink. Wear comfortable clothes. If the music inspires you, get up and dance. Earplugs and an eye-mask are recommended, and a bottle of water. Finally, surrender to the process and when the shaman offers a "booster" dose, take it. Have a wonderful experience!
  14. Here are some examples with interesting background stories. Some are controversial