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  1. You made some good points, but overall you seem to care too much about what others will think. The best answer is your truth, in the best possible way the questioner can understand, given that you care enough to explain. What they'll think, is their problem. If your answer puzzles the others, then use the argument Feynman uses here (6:43 - end) Jung was bold enough to give this answer in an interview. It was his truth and it raised a lot of controversy (1:00 - end).
  2. Examine each sport for which values it promotes and enhances in people. Knocking the opponent to the floor and then starting punching his head, what kind of values promotes?
  3. This. Furthermore, the election of yellow+ politicians is an issue of each own. The distance between Tier 1 and 2, would require a large portion of the electoral body to be very advanced, almost yellow, in order to have Yellow politicians elected. At the moment, people are too self-interest driven to elect someone who is selfless. It will take centuries until the electoral body will be developed enough to reach a collective far-green early-yellow stage. This will require the work you mentioned. Current democracy could not result in yellow politicians. Only in a society like Plato's Republic would yellows be in charge.
  4. Putin's urine and stools are collected by his agents and sent to Moscow so nobody can check his health.
  5. Take it step by step. Start from his earliest videos and besides the content, watch his evolution. Get to know his worldview, and see how it resonates with you. Follow the content that is as above your level as you can intuitively understand it and feels challenging. It's essential to develop high-grade critical thinking while being very open-minded. Don't get stuck in theory. For example, when he says in the "positive affirmations" video, "do your affirmations for two months", do them! Meditate daily and wait for psychedelics till your 20s.
  6. The way to learn what love is, is by giving it (when you don t have it)
  7. The hypocricy of the potentiality arguers is more than obvious in the case of artificial insemination. In clinics were IVF is done, thousands of fertilized embryos are being killed all the time, or donated for various scopes. Nobody bothers to say something about that. As an example I will bring up a story of a friendly couple. They did artificial insemination and many fertilized eggs were put into the woman s body. After a month or so, i called my friend to ask how is it going and he told me lauging "i have triplets". Three of the eggs put inside her started developing. As they wanted just to have one child, afterwards, the doctor aborted two of them randomly and they kept one. They have a happy family with their one kid now. The woman, for some days, had three potenialities in her uterus, that would develop to human beings but aborted two of them. And this is happening all the fucking time, in clinics all around the world. It is standard procedure. How Come and they are not assaulted for multiple murders? It s simple. IVF patients make less-attractive targets because we don’t challenge the expectation that women want to be mothers. Abortion, on the other hand, thwarts conservative ideals about a woman’s proper role as a wife and mother. This may be why, counterintuitively, women have greater freedom to decide what to do with an embryo in a petri dish or an excessive number of embryos inside them, than a single pregnancy in their own bodies. Edit: There are people moving against IVF but it is done in a small scale. In any case it is excempted from abortion prohibition in a connive way.
  8. Today I was on a flight and I browsed the magazine there is in every seat's pocket. All the advertisements are marketed like the ultimate (material) goals, the high achievements of life, most of them with no real value. The lifestyle it promotes is the most orange I can imagine.
  9. Testimonies from NDEs and mystical experiences on powerful psychedelics converge. Many people see the infamous white light on 5-Meo (I did too). Is there a record of someone who had a NDE and a psychedelic breakthrough to tell us if there are similarities in the experience?
  10. Happy birthday Leo! Χρονια σου πολλά!
  11. What if scientists found a way to work with the DMN chemically? Meditation has certain measurable effects on the brain. We know the regions affected. If science starts to take metaphysics seriously, wouldn't it be possible to develop medication that after a period of usage, brought the brain's chemistry to the same level as that of an enlightened yogi? Even having the effects of a permanently weakened ego, like on shrooms, but being 100% sober and functional, would be amazing.
  12. There are supplements that help with memory functions. For example, Lion's mane mushrooms trigger neurogenesis and give focus and clarity (and they are cheap). Look memory supplements up, be responsible in their usage, check Leo's videos on nootropics, and, as others said, get out of the depression asap.
  13. 'Golden teacher' are great for philosophical thinking and contemplation.