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  1. 1. Talking on the phone during trips, saying things my normal ego cannot support the next day. 2. Dumb: I Called a facilitator to give me Rapé, just after the ayahuasca kicked in really strong. Being on my knees, I felt like a channel opened along my spine and an immense amount of energy passed through. Sounds fascinating, but I felt like I was hit by lightning. (Rapé is amazing when the trip has reached a plateau after a couple of hours) 3. Dumber: During having ayahuasca with a sitter at home, I told him my shoulder hurts, and he thought acupuncture would be a good idea. He started inserting the needles and suddenly I felt an unbearable rush of energy between the needles. One of the strangest, sharpest, and most uncomfortable feelings I've experienced in my life. 4. Ultra dumb: Took 6.5 grams of McKenaii shrooms having eaten nothing for about 16 hours, after sitting under the summer sun for hours, feeling already exhausted before the trip. They slapped me hard. I paid dearly for that irresponsibility.
  2. Cool, I would definitely try the pill to see how it compares to the actual thing, but in my experience, it's not always ony harmala and DMT. Shamans put extra ingridients in the maoi-dmt brew creating their own recipes. In a ceremony I was given a 'special' ayahuasca once (called ayahuasca colibri), and although I had drunk 20 times before, I was blown away. It was a different level of experience. Another time, a shaman gave us a brew that brought a magical feeling to the whole experience. We were looking at each other amazed and had no words to describe it. Everyone was saying "It's like Magic" . The canadians can try to talk with shamans to learn about the variations, even though I think shamans won't be open to it. What are your experiences with your pills? Have you tried to put more ingridients to them?
  3. Judging by your first post, it's obvious that you would choose the right. The fact that you value more the conservative moral compass and value system, indicates that you need to get more perspectives on things. Conservatives are people who have specific limitations that do not allow them to be liberal (those limitations are well described in Leo's video). From a healthy liberal standpoint, seeing someone who is trapped in a very conservative mindset makes you feel compassionate. What we need is a well-balanced conscious combination of liberal and conservative views that do not derive from fear and insecurity.
  4. If you had been raised in a prosperous society with a high-quality value system, given the love you needed, non biased education and had no insecurities and fears, what would you choose from the following?
  5. Watch 'Playtest' It s one of 'Black mirror' series episodes. It s a whole story by itself. It left me with a bad stomach-churning depressing mood, for hours.
  6. Great work. Very inspiring. Thank you
  7. Yes, yes, and yes. And this is only the first step. Your wildest imagination cannot reach the depth of the experience of a strong psychedelic trip.
  8. I think a long lasting trip is better than a crazy-paced very intense one. 5-meo-dmt is no joke. The best begginer's psychedelic in my experience is San Pedro (huachuma). It is mild and has an easy going vibe, but lasts long and, boy, that taste... LSD is the most balanced one (always test it). Mushrooms are more playful but can be tricksters. Ayahuasca is on a level by itself and it is by far the best of all the long lasting experiences.
  9. Actualized Clips youtube channel is amazing but difficult to navigate, especially for first-timers. Create thematic playlists like in the main channel, and playlists that will remain always at the beginning with introduction-to-your-work videos Revisit and improve Actualized channel playlists (re-sort etc.)
  10. Let's entertain the thought that the pyramid has the ability to give a man a profound mystical experience via an unknown metaphysical mechanism. The question is, which psychedelic gives the most similar experience to the pyramid?
  11. Be careful with MDMA, as it should not be mixed with Ayahuasca (MAOI) or SSRIs because it can become lethal. Not ego-death, the regular one
  12. @Leo Gura please help me understand if the following analogy somehow explain alien consciousness: Let s say we have a vivid dream at night, and in that dream we are living in an imaginary town with people passing by and everything, like non player characters. That dream world is something we created in the astral realm and it s complete by any aspect a world can have, following the basic rules of our world. A character in that dream has his own consciousness and he may expand it with Psychedelics as we do. Is there a way for that dream character to awake so much that not only understands that he is in a dream but to connect to the consciousness of the person having the dream? And if yes, is this what alien consciousness is? Thanx
  13. Let's assume it's not alien. If a secret laboratory had the technology to build such a thing, should they inform humanity about the achievement? Not necessarily.
  14. Everyone can evolve horizontally on their level, but the goal is to evolve vertically, and this is what this forum is about. Surely, compared to someone on his level who does no self-development work, he has a better everyday experience in life that you may call happiness but it's a house of cards. It would crumble on a big hit like a disease. People like Tate can get humbled by life easily. And then, their actual path begins. It's what is happening inside, not outside, that matters. Real happiness is peace of mind and Tate does not seem to have much of it.