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  1. I just misused this poll. When I read the poll question my mind went to trolling, hating, pushing own's agenda etc. and since I don't do exhibit that kind of behavior here, I pressed no. Immediately I realized that no, I am definitely misusing the forum as I don't take advantage of all that it has to offer. Reading posts only in specific subforums or posts that have a hint of confirmation bias, or rarely posting are some of the misuses of the forum. Thanx for bringing this up. I will try to do better.
  2. There is your answer, you gave it yourself. I an episode of 'Unorthodox', a Netflix mini-series about a girl who escaped from the ultra-orthodox community in the US and went to Berlin to live free, the girl is in a cafe and eats a sandwich which she finds out has pork inside. She immediately rushes out of the cafe and gags as she prepared to vomit. When nothing comes out, she is puzzled because all her life she had been told that pork is forbidden and she would throw up if she ate it. Talk about a rude awakening... From universes' point of view, most spiritual prohibitions and enforcements are nonsense. Mind games, misinterpretations, or had utilitarian-practical reasons at the times they were imposed (1000s of years ago), but not anymore. What you said shows that you have moved vertically a bit and you are able to see the untenable nature of the particular religious prohibition. Ascend on higher levels and you will get free from mind games and limiting beliefs. There are substantial spiritual practices but right now you have to get rid of all of them first, in order to understand the whole game and which of them have meaning. This is the work we are doing here.
  3. The core of the work of self help teaches that one has to find his strengnths and inclinations and follow them. Music apparently is not one of them. Be careful of using your lack of talent as an excuse.
  4. You were sitting on your surf board when suddenly you became aware you cought a wave. Your motor skills do you little good to enjoy the ride. Feels so unstable and scary, nevertheless you managed to lift your head up, looked around and saw others struggling to find balance too. Their whole effort goes to balancing and their eyes are fixed on the board. Their whole world is their board. But if you look further you ll see some few controlling their board beautifully enjoying the ride. They have realized the beauty in instability. They are the wise among us. Waves just come. Keep evovling. Learn to ride, enjoy.
  5. Why do you want To know? What difference would it make in your life if you knew?
  6. If there is hope for you, it's because you found a forum where many of the members see a statement like this and just smile with compassion.
  7. What does the belief of the impossibility to change imply to the woman? What is the actual problem?
  8. what is their reasoning for wanting to prohibit him/her?
  9. In the current situation, with the majority of toilets appointed as women/men, one can use the restroom that makes the others feel OK too. If someone looks like a man, women don't feel ok with him being in their toilet. So, if someone looks like a man but feels like a woman inside, he has to respect the other women that will may feel uncomfortable, and go to the men's toilet. Using the women's toilet and explaining them the situation is not an option because things will go off track very soon (men going to the women's toilet telling lies just to enjoy and take a peek etc.) A couple of times I ve seen unisex toilets where the sink area is common for both sexes and the toilet-seat cabinets are appointed as men/women for obvious hygiene reasons (standing up or sitting down). That's ok too, if most people aggree with it.
  10. Personally I would press the button that would inject 5-MeO-DMT intravenously, several times for each case.
  11. This case seems strange to me. The straight-back, crossed-leg, closed-eyes individual I imagined that would have be been collectively imprinted as a 'meditator' by now. But I guess I am wrong.