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  1. Blue reactions to pakistani model's death in recent plane crash
  2. Soundproof windows and ear-plugs.
  3. Do a check-up on your vitamin D and B12 levels. Vitamin D levels has to do with sunlight, Espaim mentioned it above. About supplements, 5-HTP and SAMe have substantial positive effects on depression. Make your research and use them responsibly.
  4. An example of how a man stuck in orange, defies and refuses later stages
  5. Bluest thing I 've seen in a long time. The whole mini-series is a depiction of an ultra-blue way of thinking. It's really happening.
  6. An amazing documentary on mushrooms in general, with very good references on their psychedelic and healing nature A must watch.
  7. As a general idea, my own experience coincides to what Leo described it in his "How psychedelics work" video. The brain functions as a radio receiver of an incomprehensible complexity, and psychedelics tune it to different "frequencies" by adjusting several of its buttons, by althering the biochemistry of specific brain circuits What you perceive as reality is fabricated when the biological circuits of your brain are put in a vast field of intelligent consciousness, so that they are tuned and interpret the "laws" of the field in a specific way. What is your experience on these matters?
  8. Borrowing wisdom from the Kybalion, when he began his channel, he posted his (half) truth. Now he posted this (half) truth. He is right on several of his points , but from a broader perspective there is that substantial half part missing. As I sense it, this video is his ego reacting due to his inability to comprehend what more advanced seekers say about these matters. When the light bulb lights-up over his head, a new video will be posted.
  9. You are doing well my friend. Continue your practice and keep asking these questions and you 'll get the answers.
  10. Egotistical? Not at all. It seems there is a Kundalini movement between your chakras. I 've had 3-4 similar spontaneous experiences in the past, like the opening of the heart chakra, flooding with Love, and to the third-eye, having hyper consciousness for a brief time, like one minute or so. Your experiences seem to be stronger and frequent. I think you have to ask for directions from an experienced Kundalini teacher, in order to ground it or something like that.
  11. What's the problem with that? If you incarnate in a fetus that gets aborted, you go and incarnate to another. If, as they say, we choose where we incarnate in order to have a life experience that suits our spitir's growth, in the same way you 'll choose the next one. Some woman somewhere in the world has to have an abortion as a life experience in order for it to become a step for her development, so she maybe bceomes a better person for the child she will bring in the world later, or by aborting the fetus because she does not want it to come in certain really bad situations could create good Karma for her. Maybe the universe's infinite plan is that you get incarnated in her womb only for her to experience an abortion. Why would you deny her that?
  12. If one reaches such levels of consciousness that automaticaly makes him being able to see the truth and he would never create conspiracy theories. To put it in a perspective, take the Plato's cave allegory. To do things out of true love and compassion it means that you have gotten out of the cave and you want to help your friends who struggle inside it. Conpiracy theories are created in the cave out of fear. People see the shadows on the wall and make stories out of them.
  13. It depends on the background story too. If Alex Jones at some point finds something legit and points it out, people will dismiss it because he has created a certain non-credible image of himself. And of course it's based on fear. Where else could it be based?
  14. IMO it's not the abortions where the ego is dominant. Aside the reproduction instinct, it's very common for a woman to have a baby driven by her ego. Most parents are unconsious of what is to bring a child into the world, and have children just to serve their egoic agenda (instictual or not, it doesn't matter). I 'd say that it is births where a ego is put in front of life, not abortions.