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  2. You MUST do Magic Mushrooms, they literally do that, and then you can try to map that experience with your lucid state
  3. I want @Leo Gura in the Joe Rogan show
  4. I merged my consciousness with the room, i was the room, the walls and the furniture.
  5. I found that the present moment its far more important that all the bullshit that i was constructicting on my head, its more enjoyable than any life purpose, career or anything than you can imagine. I was very very close to miss this and i am very happy that now i know what is really important.
  6. Keep binging non dual content, Leo gura, alan watts, rupert spira, try to map your direct experience with those teachings
  7. I recomend: What is actuality What is reality? A radical explanation Guided excercises to realizing you are God Ultimate guide to solipsism In that order, with 75-150ug of lsd
  8. Just take it and look at your hands, God will meet you there
  9. I still struggle to understand Infinity, like ok its infinite it was always there and it will always be there but i dont get the point.
  10. Dont do it in public spaces, i've had a bad trip on 3.5g of mushrooms and ended up beaten up by the police.
  11. Bring some videogames, toys, maybe some puzzles, you will need something to do, it Will be useful. Enjoy the trip! Anything will be bad, everything its fine.
  12. 75ug is a perfect starting dose, dont take more than that, take in mind that you've been watching a lot of nondual content for years so your baseline of conciousness is way more up there than the average population, the psycodelics will feel much more stronger because you are more close to God-Realization.
  13. It will raise your conciousness, You will feel like all of reality was your imagination. Dont be scared if you cannot control your typical line of toughts, just take in account that is temporal, it will take 10hrs+ to go away completely. Watch the videos: Life is a Dream, and What is Reality? A radical explanation.