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  1. I recommend @BipolarGrowth for moderator
  2. I've had a bad trip on 4g of mushrooms a year ago and still dont get over, i've only tripped with 150ug lsd since then and i dont imagine myself being able to let the ego die now
  3. i dont know what you mean by infinity, can you explain it? it is possible too experience it without let my Ego die?
  4. Never, at least at the level where marihuana is now, there is too much potential to bad trips and society is very stupid they will reject any increase in consciousness
  5. recommend the best videos to watch while tripping
  6. Yes, it increase the potency of the pyschedelic(lsd) and Lucid Dreaming is 100 % guaranteed. Amazing.
  7. I really appreciate that @Leo Gura is still spending time here in the forum answering questions from spiritually newbies, it looks like he really wants to embody the last picture of the Zen Ox Herding Pictures
  8. Do NOT let her go, she will cheat on you or at least lose respect for you,
  10. You MUST do Magic Mushrooms, they literally do that, and then you can try to map that experience with your lucid state
  11. I want @Leo Gura in the Joe Rogan show
  12. I merged my consciousness with the room, i was the room, the walls and the furniture.
  13. I found that the present moment its far more important that all the bullshit that i was constructicting on my head, its more enjoyable than any life purpose, career or anything than you can imagine. I was very very close to miss this and i am very happy that now i know what is really important.