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  1. You only need to learn how to focus and how to iterate on failures
  2. Very dangerous, i would take 20 trips on shrooms before an heroic dose
  3. Yes, always, before God awakening when reality disolving is at the peak of i feel like there is some truth revealed in a form of a Text or a written mesagge that i feel inside my head, its like the end barrier for the language, beyond that there might be the "incompresable" or "knowladge after language"
  4. Last time i took 5 grams of Mushrooms i got beaten by 5 coops and got my clavicle broken
  5. Put some videos of andrew tate, dan peña, scroll shopping and ways to make money, get in that mood, your masculine drive will never go away. I can go for John Lennon Hippie Stage to Donald Trump in a single week.
  6. Read a lot about doses, trips and the effects. Self inquery after the trip.
  7. After taking a lot of lsd, mushroms, benzos and dmt i can get close to that outgoing happy mood that i got from benzos while Sober. Its difficult but possible. Fasting, no fap and hard excersise help a lot Direct experience of happyness from drugs + self inquery is key
  8. On modafinil you will feel more positive and happy, see, i think the main reason that we do not socialoze enough is becouse we are so much on our heads, like having ocd thoughts. Modafinil temporary erease that thoghts and you will not care about anything, just to be present and happy
  9. Modafinil Lsd below 75ug Mushrooms under 2g DMT N.N Pregabalin
  10. I had a terrible trip on 4Grams of Mushroms, i solve the trauma by watching a ton of content about non-duality, understanding the mind and taking small doses of lsd while gradually increase the dosing
  11. In MY experience with LSD and ketamine, beign fasted (+4hs) increase the trip potency by about 60%
  12. I feel like the EGO is a giant OCD disorder and what LSD does its triggering you to the point to surrender and breakthrough to see reality as it is.
  13. Reallity its pure imagination
  14. I had no self awakening, god awakening, understanding and experiencing almost 90% of what Leo/ alan watts an others teachers teach on only 150ug of Lsd You just need more theory and contemplate more
  15. Around 15 between lsd, mushrooms and ketamine, highest doses were 150ug lsd and 4g of mushrooms