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  1. Use the Pomodoro Technique in the morning before your formal job, problem solved. Start with 2x25min with 15min breaks and grow from there. In my experience i was able to do 3/4hours of deep work constantly for about a year using that technique
  2. But if I exist and I am a pov the one who exist its only me, it is not you, you dont exist.
  3. Which psychedelic do i need to take in order to get the same powers?
  4. I got rid of a big chunk of my OCD
  5. Program a coin flip generator in Python with the strings "Love" and "Hate", flip it 100 times while being on Psychedelics, see the result.
  6. i got the same feelings after my trips but then the Ego always kicks back harder, you dont need to worry
  7. In your place i would do 150ug of LSD first an try to reach No-Self and God awakening that way, it will be less intensive but if you have a good understanding of Non-dual theory you will be able to have it before to let your Ego 100% die using 5-meo.
  8. I recommend you to study non-duality theory and Epistemology, then also take small doses of psychedelics, in my case dosing between 75ug and 150ug of lsd it was enough to get a very good understanding about what spirituality is and it helped me a lot in my daily life. Study the Theory is just as important as taking the psychedelic.
  9. Learn Deep work > Learn High income skill > Learn consulting > Make a low risk investment with you juicy paycheck.
  10. What about a Super Heroic dose of LSD? Like 1000ug. My goal is to get understanding about How I am constructing this reality and maybe put 1.000.000 usd in my bank account.
  11. LSD will be better for that purpose, around 150ug i was able to not let my Ego Die
  12. You need to do at least 10 psychedelic trips in order to grasp where this thing goes
  13. Yes, i've take psycodelics inside my lucid dreams, it helped me to understand what people mean by "no self awakening"