Mushroom Trip Report 019 - 5g - God is PLANNING Your Life To Be Beautiful!

By ZenSwift in Psychedelics,
January 3rd 2023 Core Intention: What is Consciousness? Later intention: How do I optimize what action I'm doing such that I'm taking the right action every single time? How do I prioritize my actions such that I am doing the best thing in every single moment? >I've found that setting 2 intentions is a really good way to utilize the different states of consciousness you experience on your trips. The First Intention is the deep metaphysical truth you are trying to access that is only accessible when you are at the peak of a psychedelic trip. The Second intention is when you're still pretty high, where your creativity is high and you are still getting massively bombarded with one insight after another. This is where you can utilize this state of consciousness for working out very practical matters towards your life purpose. Dose: 5g = (1.49g Mazatapec + 3.52g Amazonian) (Grinded up into powder. Lemon Tek Tea for 69 minutes) I set an explicit time to start the trip. As that cut down procrastination time. Taken at 12:14PM I'm ready to go to war. >Every 5g trip is brutal Every time I go into these trips, it's a suicide mission. I'm like the joker jumping into a bottomless pit of monsters and demons with a gun pointed at my head and bombs strapped to my chest. NOOB psychonaughts listen to music when they're tripping. As you gain strength, you will learn to trip without any music. 15 minutes in... Starting to get really fuckin high while I'm on the the toilet lol. I always get the nervous shits before I blast off into my trips. Noticing visuals in the floor Amazonian mushrooms kick in way harder and way faster. I get a different flavor of visuals with every single strain. These are of course way more pronounced on the higher doses. Getting visuals of points in my visual field squeezing. For about the past 8 minutes I've noticed that I've been shivering a lot. Amazonian strain makes me shiver like crazy on the comeup.   Insights, Observations and Musings Psych yourself out to learn better. Work out like crazy says that you're ready to learn WHAT THE FUCK the book is ready to tell to you. Do several burpees throughout the day to have your consciousnesses perpetually ZONKED and ready to get the knowledge in the book that you are studying. Have your state of consciousness zonked all the time by doing push-ups and burpees throughout the entire day. The best trips are always the hardest ones... Because that is where you grow the most. This is where the insights you get are hard-won. I continue to think about my death to release my fear that I was experiencing. I was naturally drawn to contemplate and think about my death. So I did. Fast forward to me lying down in my bed... For about 10 minutes I was in a daze thinking and visualizing about war. I was started to get convinced that Putin was going to come and kill me. After I snapped out of it, I was just in awe and went: "Wow, now THAT'S the power of consciousness!" The intelligence that we are creating is a power we can't stop. The evolution of God manifesting its physical expression of divine intelligence is a force we cannot stop. It's an overwhelming force. The universe will continue to become more and more interconnected and intelligent. When you think about how you are not separate from your environment, you start to realize just how much you are controlled by it. You are literally controlled by the physical objects in your environment. Objects are commanding you to live exactly how you are. All figments of consciousness is commanding you to be exactly the way you are. And you are a part of it. You are conforming to your environment in the same way that the shape of your toes conform to the shape of the shoes you wear. The ultimate accountability Partner: Hire an assassin to kill you in a year from now if you are a loser. The more I reflect, the more I notice that life is put together as a perfect poem just for you. I love being free. I am a Free spirit. When you're inspired by Death you will command yourself to live the best life possible. This is why we need to constantly reconnect with the reality of our mortality. God's Absolute Authority God needs no reason to decide what is sexy or not. When you have the authority, you can just decide, and then that's it. No need for a reason behind it. It just is. As god, I command what exists and what doesn't. When you made a decision, you don't need any explanation behind it because you're God. > I am still aware that I don't have any actual God Realization yet. Intelligence of God's Plan God has so much fucking intelligence he's planning your entire life. That mother fucker is planning your entire life to be fucking beautiful. God is PLANNING your life to be beautiful. Why the fuck don't you see that? When you do see that, you need to show your respect for him with every fucking moment, through your actions! God is giving you The Ultimate Gift by designing your life perfectly for you. God is saying: "You are the most intelligent motherfucker on the planet. Just you wait. I'm going to make a genius out of you. It's my master plan." God is TELLING ME how to be intelligent today! There are intelligent motherfuckers walking amongst me. Writing shit down forces you to explicitize it. That's the structure of writing. Structure commands you to have form. Imagine every single Concept in your mind as a person that perfectly embodies that concept. e.g. "Structure" is a person. Construct your entire mind as an army of different people. Design a tribe of people in your mind that perfectly defines every single concept in your mind. You can go and talk to these people in your mind to contemplate specifically about an idea. For example: Go and check up on the person that is "confidence". Have Concepts in your mind as different people. Create Tulpas that your can ask for knowledge on that concept. When I am Contemplating that concept, I am having a personal conversation with the person that is the full embodiment of that concept. Death is to bury you with diamonds. You should be proud to die when your day comes, as it is the capstone of all of your proud accomplishments of all the life you lived. Be proud to die one day. That will be the mark of your greatest achievement of living the life of a winner. Dying is just a temporary state of consciousness. God will help you die when it's your time. God will put you in a stage of consciousness to help you die when it's your time to die.   How To Improve Yourself The Fastest: When it comes to self-improvement, there is so much shit to do, the question becomes, "Where do I start to give me the most leverage?" Key Insight: Upgrade your Hardware as fast as possible. Getting your mind right. Study Metaphysics, Epistemology and consciousness to give yourself a strong foundation for your understanding to be built upon. Study the mind Learn how to think. (Leo I really could use that video right about now. We all need it! What do you mean it is too perfect?) Learn how to use your thoughts. Give yourself tons of tools and models to put on several lenses of looking reality through Positive self talk. Train this. Learn how to Contemplate from scratch and derive knowledge for yourself. In other words, learn REAL PHILOSOPHY, as Leo explains it in his video. Rid yourself of Ideologies and Paradigm locks. Rid every single assumption about reality that your mind is attached to. Utilize psychedelics to have Psychedelic breakthroughs. Do Shadow Work - - Ridding all of the traumas that create a cloud of doom and gloom in your every day state of consciousness. Getting the machine of your body running properly Nutrition with your body Eating the proper Foods to get the nutrition you need avoid brain fog, among other problems. Supplementation can not replace a good diet. Heavy Metal detox. Sleep - You're fucked if you cannot give your body enough sleep. Sleep is the bedrock of a solid life. Exercise - You need to jumpstart the biological processes in your body to get everything working at an optimal level. Work out hard several times throughout the day, as then you will always be operating at a higher level. Wes Watson will have routines where he will do 60 minutes of cognitively demanding tasks, 40 minutes of monotonous tasks, and 20 minutes of working out HARD! That is a structure put in place to make sure you're running your hardware at an optimal capacity. Create systems that will facilitate your growth Create protocols and contingencies for when you start to backslide Being able to identify the expansion phase and contraction phase. Have a commonplace book Take tons of notes on everything. Document your behaviours. Study deeply on all the topics you need to understand. Create Self-Reflection Systems Journaling Vlogging Writing down and Dumping Your Thoughts Self-Reflection In your mind, See Leo Guras Video on Self Reflection, Contemplation, How to Do Real philosophy Talk To Other People, in person or on the Phone Etc. Write Manifestos and take on each endeavor as its own Project. This way you are cultivating the maximum amount of intent. Schedule in and plan everything like crazy. Schedule in an uncomfortable amount of structure to get as much done as possible. The more intelligently you try to keep your schedule FILLED, the more productive you'll be. Routines Routinely ZONK yourself into more powerful states of consciousness. Constantly put yourself into positive states of mind of gratitude where negativity is absent. Intense workouts several times throughout the day. Ice baths. Cold showers. Meditation. Kriya Yoga. Gratitude Practices within all these emotionally difficult tasks. Learn Positive self talk. Explicitize routines to the point where a single decision lasts way longer. Wear the same outfit. Eat the same breakfast. Have the same Morning Routine. Have the same Bedtime Routine. Focus on the activities that control your actions and direct experience the most.     Two Great Ways to Prevent Shroom Hangovers As you do psychedelics more often, you train your brain to handle it better which leads to less hangovers. Hydrate like crazy. If you're not peeing every 10-20 minutes, you're not drinking enough. You should be drinking at a rate where the headache you feel afterwards never occurs. Put salt, lemon juice and a bit of sugar to supplement electrolytes. Eat salty chips to make you go pee less often. Random Thoughts Put Here Experience teaches people so much. It's the ultimate teacher. This is why an enlightenment intensive or a seminar can be the catalyst experience you needed. Imagine hiring David Goggins for a month and the experience that it would give you. You would learn so much! Study the structure of language more. You have to selflessly surrender your perspective to come to an agreement. Tattoos are a beautiful way to express your devotion to living a better life if you frame it that way. If you get a tattoo under the context that you got it as a symbol of living a better life, this can be a great catalyst of a totem. Enlightenment is way better than you can imagine. If you can imagine "a size" to enlightenment. God has made it bigger. When setting boundaries You need to have the courage to be an asshole to demand people to be better. For those that are struggling to find reasons to stay alive. I RESPECT you for a living another day.   Post Trip Report Very crazy trip, but when I just lean in, I generate so many amazing insights.
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