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Mushroom Trip 013 - 3g on The Golf Course.

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This trip report isn't too profound in my opinion. But I am posting it anyways as I love documenting my trips. I get a few half decent insights here and there.


Date: September 8th 2022

Dose: 3 grams of African Transekei. This strain is extremely potent for visuals. My mom is on 2 grams of this as well.

Taken at 12:50pm

Intentions: To have fun getting high with my mom, while also focusing on: What is Actuality?

Bad Idea: Walking outside while high where there is a chance for a bear to kill you.


15 minutes

  • Getting visuals.


50 minutes

  • High visuals. Lots and lots of visuals


What was going on

  • I was walking around on a golf course with my mom being high on 2g, walking the dogs, being pelted by the heat from the sun, getting so much Visuals that I can't even see what's on my phone,while terrified whether there will be a bear to eat us. While listening to this song on dual paired headphones:
  • We were unconsciously being influenced by this song while we were by the "bear hole" on the golf course. Lol.
    • It was a goddamn MISSION to survive that day.
  • It was incredibly beautiful outside that day.
  • All the stupid shit I did today everyone will forget about it tomorrow.
    • >It was very stupid and irresponsible.
  • We made it back home safe.


Insights, Musings, and Thoughts

  • You can't explain what God does because language doesn't process it properly. Language does not process God properly.
    • This is going to make a lot of sense when I'm high right now but it's not going to make too much sense when I'm sober. That's okay.
  • "So like, I've became enlightened today. But I just want to go to sleep. I'm just trying to sleep a bit."
    • >Did not become awake but I definitely hit some sort of peak experience because I was accessing a very different level of consciousness.
  • "I became god today."
    • > I did not. That was fantasy.
  • God coats every object with love to make it work. I could see a cloud of love pushing a hand to make it move.
  • No need to cry about anything. Just chilling.
  • God communicates in a very divine way.
  • Every time you do a psychedelic. Ask, what is God telling me today?
  • God has everything to do with making you feel loved.
  • One day you'll remember that you will live forever.
  • You have to purposely forget about everything to focus on one thing. When it comes to focusing on a task, you have to forget about everything else. THAT'S what focus IS.
  • >Leo says "The Godhead, the substrate of consciousness itself, is the superposition of every possible form. But then that thing polarizes down into the concrete forms that make up your present experience. "
  • You as god literally have to imagine you forgetting everything to imagine yourself learning it again.
    • >In order to understand as much as you do now, you have to purposely forget everything else. That's what God does in order to fool himself that he's not infinitely intelligent.
  • >My mind was so open that I believed I could spawn objects, and that one day I'll become intelligent enough to do that.
    • There's no need to spawn objects. All the ego structures are taking care of themselves.
    • I could spawn objects. But it's a lot more fun to figure out how to do everything with everything having their own ego structures. When you reach that level of intelligence, the ego construct slips away and then there's no need to even try.
    • Why create anything when what you got is right here. Its already created in front of your eyes.
  • I always look for ways to respect my life through my actions.
  • We are intelligent Masters trying to construct the most beautiful life possible.
    • This is the best part of the trip.
  • The gift is in the pain. It makes the distinction between pain and pleasure.


Post Trip Report

  • Going forward, don't go into potentially dangerous places while high. Don't leave the house on anything above 2g.
    • >In general I see no point to do such things. Especially since I'm getting more serious than ever with my psychedelic use. The real fun is at when you're just chillin in your apartment contemplating about reality.
  • Mom had a very good trip, lots of healing and clarity.
  • The visuals were so crazy that my entire field of vision was just a fucking kaleidoscope.

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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