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  1. Do I smell a new course in the making? 😱 The first one is why i am a nomad and soon a record deal will hit my blue ink signature from the pen.
  2. Some mates tried to make fun of me when I showed leos meditation videos. "Oh so you are a buddhist now" My sarcastic response: I have always been buddhist They laugh like chikens because they thought i would care about their feedback and quit.
  3. Cheers 🙂 Will work great live.
  4. Yes, I collected emails throughout the years. I use the swedish postal service, I just post a package in a yellow box. If you want ship international and have grown a large audience you can use DHL and stuff. UPS has a thing also:https://www.theupsstore.com/pack-ship/packing-services Maybe there's a local shop that sells cosmetics in your area. You can introduce your product and make some deal with them.
  5. There are many ways. I prefer writing copy sales on my mailing list and to other companies. SEO on the blog. And you can buy shea butter cheaply in Africa and sell it in EU or USA more expensive. That's how. Kratom you can get from Indonesia from farmers and then sell it. Shopify sounds interesting, will check that out.
  6. I've been doing some research and marketing. Found these niches to be the most lucrative right now. I am in some of these already. Kratom A lot of money can be made. Kratom is a natural pain killer. I've made 200,000 USD in 1 year just by affiliate marketing. You can easy find a source in Indonesia and sell it in USA. Mushroom Tinctures This niche will grow over the years I believe because there's already vendors selling tinctures. Lions mane, chaga and more. Tinctures make effects stronger. Mandelic Acid Mandelic acid is skincare regime. I have stepped inside this niche. Good for acne and dark spots. Shea Butter I am in this niche. It is natura skincare regime from africa. Good for haircare aswell. This niche will stay. I have a friend who travels to africa to bring shea butter then sells it online. Crystal Candle Candle and candle making is also luctrative now. People are making candles with crystal for new age people. I am in this niche aswell. Make your own candle and sell it. Aquascape This niche is very good right now because low competition. People like aquariums. Can sell cleaning stuff and decorations. DIgital Detox People are looking for ways to detox from social media and such. (understandable) Alternative forms of therapy (e.g. psychedelic therapy) People want therapy that works. Some are already looking into ketamine assisted therapy. Healing from toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse People want to be healed from toxic relationships, and there's a lot of narcs in our world of social media. Niacinamide-based skincare products Skincare substance. I will tap into this niche this year. Skin brightening Products Good niche right now. Mandelic acid is one of the products that can do this.
  7. Nothing is wierd unless you make it so. Wierd is to look from a distance, you don't know she might think it's kidnap time. Hide in a bush far away and use binoculars so she can't spot you with a notepad.
  8. Depends on how she is as a person. I said once I want to know if you're a good girl or a bad girl, tonight. One time I wanted to sound like a total cliche. I said in a sarcastic way that I'm the perfect guy, I will bring breakfast to your bed and bring you flowers every Friday. More importantly is tone of voice. I think how you say is more important than what you say.
  9. Make her comfortable. I winged once and my friend was a total wrreck with women, I made her feel comfortable when he made awkward situations. Squats followed by bent-over row.
  10. By not having any intentions to get her naked I probably come across as non-needy in my spech and vibe. And I can just talk like she's a close friend. Conversation flows naturally.
  11. Most of you guys dont even know that Leo has another profile that sometimes post here on the forum. It is secret. Only php 5.0 "hackers" can see traces 😇
  12. Banning it for the neurological damage it has shown to cause. That way she can indulge in interests like football and not fry dopamine on tiktok.
  13. Not porn but still a dopamine depleter, which is bad business for a young brain. Everyone can survive a chimp app with degenerate content, but it leaves a mark on a brain just like porn does to a young boy. It leaves trails when the kid grows up. A study on tiktok and sm: Our series suggests that social media may contribute to the spread of functional neurologic symptom disorder, in a way previously requiring physical proximity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8564820/ Study was on 14 year old. Imagine a 6 year old, with a brain still being wired. Its not a topic of parenting 🙆
  14. @Devin they dont need an app made for stupid chimps to explore 😆 Would you show porn to a kid under 6 years old? Why not? Let them explore. Porn is now proven by neuroscience in lab that it lights up same areas in the brain as heroin. Wonder what areas tiktok beams up 😉 Being arm-chair philosophers aint working in tech.