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  1. Yes. Youtube compress audio and crucial audio frequencies can be lost in the process.
  2. @Princess Arabia I see. If you want the audio files Google " the gateway experience internet archive" It is a 5GB zip file with the original audios that has not been altered.
  3. @Princess Arabia That is just CIA doc. But You can buy the program or download it somwhere, cant link here because of forum rules i assume. In short: the program consist of one specific audio frequency that plays on your right ear and another different frequency on your left ear. When played at the same time, it creates a perfect symphony and both of your brain halves are in sync. It takes time but the effects are real. Otherwise, why would also the army use it.
  4. Check out the gateway program that the CIA has been using and approved. I have the program and it works. Youtube audio dont work because of audio compression. You need wav or flac audio. These are raw audio. CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5 (1).pdf Also, your brain must vibrate on the alpha state. Alpha state is when the gate to your subcon is open. L theanine has been shown to increase alpha waves in the brain and can be used as a tool. Meditation is also a must. Subliminal audio wont work otherwise. Mushrooms are also great to influence your ability to reprogram your subcon. Buy headhphones music producers use because these can pickup all audio frequencies necessary
  5. The image below and other old photos has been analyzed by professionals. No signs of alteration has been found. This was years before Photoshop and other similar softwares was invented.
  6. Pickup daytime is the best and will give you the experience you need. At clubs it doesn't count because it is dark and people are hiding behind alcohol.
  7. The dynamite was invented in Sweden and it was crucial for America later in WW1. America and Sweden shares research on defense technology today. Scandinavia also has a much better education system than America. And it shows.
  8. This is a decade old conflict. Not a new war. Was taught about the Gaza Strip in elementary school 18 years go.
  9. Show them this. There is a huge chance your friends have this. Hit them where it hurts.
  10. @Danioover9000 I had a pic of a historical warrior that meant a lot for a country. Dont worry about my kid. He is more healthy than you will ever be. Get laid or something. Curb down the salt. So bitter, relax?
  11. I have been approached by Bossy girls a lot when I went out. Girls will also pickup guys and buy them drinks. Bossy girls like this I dont mind at all.
  12. Show us a vaccination proof people who praise it. Otherwise you are all antivaxers. Take a picture of your certificate next to a paper with your forum name on it.
  13. @Danioover9000 @VictorB02 Before you guys exchange proof. One must upload a vaccination proof as well.
  14. For me it took 3 days. I felt tired and took 1 paracetamol to combat the fatigue. Went outdoors for walks during my 3 day "sickness" of covid. The term "anti-vaxx" has no weight on it anymore. In my city in Sweden, if you wore a mask, people would look at you like you were stupid. My dads doctor told him not to take the vaccine because so many people got issues after it. My mom and brother works at the hospital. During the covid era, there was tons of people who got there just because they took the vaccine. People have probably their world-view based on TV and news alone. Never listen to people ranting out of fear.
  15. If it comes I'll be in Sweden anyway. No lockdown like the last time. Must be boring for the people who are forced to stay inside.