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  1. @MrMog Was joking a bit since in Sweden it is well-known that many women have falsely accused men of rape and sent them to prison. German women are easy in my experience living in Mallorca. Swedish women are way hotter than Germans. Just because you are a go-getter doesn't mean all hot women will be attracted to you. Your words don't mean shit to her. You need proof that you are go-getter, not just by kissing her, which anybody can do. Go get a record deal and get your song played on radio and night clubs, that's a go-getter. Not just by kissing a girl, which billions of people have already done.
  2. After you wake up, put on a pair of swim shorts and jump into the sea. You will feel like king Attila.
  3. Perhaps he says some good things. My grandfather has said smarter things so for me, Andrew Tate is just an average dude on the internet praising money and fame like tony robbins and those. I would rather do things that I enjoy and makes my life fulfilled rather than what other people are talking about
  4. Experienced that with pure THC oil.
  5. Try doing that in Sweden and you will be sent to prison for rape.
  6. @Leo GuraSome people get paranoid when taking psychedelics. Do you think paranoia and insanity are linked? Like I've seen people become insane after a bad paranoid trip.
  7. Microdosing mushrooms and sitting for 1 hour meditating is meaningful.
  8. @ThePoint Eat magic mushrooms and dive into the sea. It is really good for depression and anxiety. Or go to a SPA and use the cold water there if you don't have balls enough for the sea. Or start microdosing mushrooms. I've read that depression can alter your brain structure so be kind to yourself and start using psychedelics.
  9. I read that in China the algorithm is different so people don't get brainless content.
  10. Young people have the digital world as their primary reality. The real outdoor world is like a playground for them. Even kids at 5-6 are using Tik Tok. There's a great book:
  11. Video about neurosis and signs of neurotic mind. Came back for more due to rich and meaningful in-depth content.
  12. Women want men that other women want. Any guy who has been single and then get a girlfriend has probably noticed that.
  13. Pedophiles get beaten to death and analed in prison. Hats off to Leo and bless your scull.