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Sadhguru's Religious And Cultural Bias

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@impulse9 I did not get the point you're trying to convey, but I guess that is a part of this work

On 9/17/2021 at 9:58 PM, impulse9 said:

And why time can't help you? Because time doesn't exist. It's imaginary. If you think time's gonna help you, then you're putting your faith into something that doesn't exist. It's like trying to eat stars from the night sky. It makes no sense.

Sure. But are we not trapped in the samsara? And time is a part of that samsara. It's like when Neo needs to escape the Matrix and has to swallow the red pill. The 'red pill' doesn't actually exist, but he still has to swallow 'it' to escape. Until we can escape we are forced to use the mechanisms of the Illusion, at least that is my understanding. 

Release me.

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