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  1. In the interaction with the pink-haired man, Tate ridicules his physical weakness and emphasizes the need for physical strength and the ability to fight. However, practically speaking, fighting in our society is a losing strategy. Tate is himself an example of this. His success comes from his gift for gab and not fighting. Or look at someone like Trump. Trump would lose a fight to a teenage girl he is so out of shape. But he managed to become president of the United States. The lesson learned from both is that teaching men to speak well is more likely to contribute to success. In Tate’s Hustler University, he promotes losing strategies for success like stock trading and options, providing worthless advise in these money losing areas. “The highly-skilled trades professor, supposedly hand-picked by Tate because of his knowledge, ability, and expertise, is an idiot. If you try to follow his weekly recommendations, you’ll most likely go broke within a month or two. For every ten recommendations, he makes, only one comes out the way it is supposed to. It seemed to me that he was clueless about what’s happening worldwide and how that affects the market. I’m not a great trader myself, but even I know there’s a vast difference between bull and bear markets. I think the guy was just used to trading in a bull market and forgot that we live in times when the economy is receding and where most, if not all, of the stocks are declining in value. “ If Tate is really pro male, why doesn’t he promote the dignity of a man having a trade, like auto mechanics or plumbing? His emphasis is holding out the promise of easy money through internet scams or stock trading. Tate appeals to heterosexual young men who have grown up in an era of angry feminism promoted by toxic progressives, particularly in America. Many of these men grew up with single mothers. They feel that they are marginalized by a progressive ideology that puts them down for being men and wanting to be masculine. Heterosexual men are made to feel shame or guilt for being who they are. Tate’s solution to the toxic form of feminism promoted in the United States is to be a hustler and a high roller. There is another alternative. Walk through life as a man without apology. Be a leader guided by your own intuition and not triggered by the worthless opinions of the surrounding toxic culture.
  2. I only watched the first 20 minutes, but he does a pretty good job of going through JP sentence by sentence and showing that his “profound” arguments are nothing more than twaddle. JP talks about climate science, of which he knows nothing, and uses the word “everything” as a rhetorical distraction. This is why Plato hated the sophists. The fact that it takes hours to deconstruct is the reason why verbal hucksters are so successful. They have the verbal ability to sound erudite in real time without having said anything significant, when you look at it more closely.
  3. I do a full dose every month. I have a guide and she takes the bufo after me and she guide’s me on the journey. She helps me to release and connect with my heart. If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend having a guide or facilator that knows what they are doing and have seen a few worst case scenarios. Some guides have shamanic powers that can direct your trip to a healing intention.
  4. I have found that mushrooms and ayahuasca produce intense visions and stories. This can give useful information and trauma release but it keeps me stuck in my mind. The bufo goes beyond the mind to the present moment. It’s a practice of surrendering to yourself.
  5. In Shamanism, they are medicines. The distinction between “consciousness expansion” and “medicine/therapy” is artificial. If you still have trauma, the visions will be distorted and the product of imagination. Clearing your trauma purifies your visions. Purifying your heart expands your mind. I have gone through intense trauma release with Bufo Alvarius where there is mind expansion without visions and without stories. The release happens automatically without effort or remembering the past.
  6. I first came across this on an ayahuasca journey where I was traveling through the veils to God. At the time, I didn't know what this meant. After the journey, I did some research and found it is in the Quran . "Between God (mighty and sublime) and creation are 70,000 veils.” “God has seventy thousand veils of light and darkness; if He were to remove them, the radiant splendors of His Face would burn up whoever (or ‘whatever creature’) was reached by His Gaze.” of the Veils&text=The nearest of creatures to,and a veil of water."
  7. I agree that if you are determined to do something then don’t ask anybody’s opinion. Be decisive and just do it. You will either get scammed or not. Either way it’s ok. Reality is your friend. I basically offered information for other members reading this thread who haven’t committed to anything and are still open to other opinions. I don't like to see people deceived.
  8. This link is an interesting read. The Internet is becoming a cesspool of scams and bad information along with the popup ads.
  9. Reality will just keep hitting you over the head until you learn the lesson. It is always easier to see it in someone else. This motivates me to let go of some of my own delusions.
  10. Nuestro Mundo - Puentes Spanish lyrics Our World (English Translation) Our world Divine world I love you so much With your rivers And your forests I become more aware And with my eyes I can see Your beauty With your marvellous Plants and animals In your mountains And your crystalline waters Pachamama Mother Earth Mother of all Forgive me And your children Who have done you harm Heal me And your children Who love you so much Spirit Of life Help us To heal And restore Our hearts May each and every one Live In the light To live in peace And love It is the way
  11. Here is an interesting model: “spiritual cross training”. The approach is to combine several methods in order to dissolve the ego. That includes focused styles of meditation, self inquiry, Bhakti, psychedelics, and others. The medicines are a tool to be used in context with other practices. They aren’t sufficient by themselves. I practice shamanism. The shamans have a word for those who make it up as they go: “curioso”.
  12. There is a reason to withhold information from someone who doesn’t yet have the maturity or inner work to understand it. Otherwise it just turns into another silly word game.
  13. Here is some background information.
  14. In drinking San Pedro, it helps to eat an orange slice after to cover up the taste. The last time, I felt sick for 3 1/2 hours, but then the sickness lifted and I was in a space of peace and love.
  15. Here is an interview where Mike Tyson talks about psychedelics and the toad. The discussion of the toad starts at 9:24. At 13:05 he says that he has a shaman.