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  1. Ayahuasca medicine song sung in Quechua and Spanish.
  2. It sounds like you never actually entered a journey. It could be because of many factors including your body physiology, diet, and quality of ayahauasca. Sometimes it may take several ceremonies for you brain to adjust to the new chemistry. The strengths of different types of ayahuasca can very signficantly. My shaman told me that in Peru they go deep into the jungles to find vines that are over a hundred years old. If you were on a journey, you would have known. In my last trip, it took 30 minutes to work and I had intense visions for five hours.
  3. I hope India remains Hindu for the sake of the planet.
  4. I remember Harris admitting that he is not a very good meditator. That isn’t surprising considering that he is intellectual and thus can’t get out of his head. He actually studied under Papaji, who was an over-the-top mystic. That being said, “materialism”, “atheism”, “spirituality”, “religion”, are just concepts moving around in the intellectual brain and have no bearing on a person's grasp of the truth.
  5. Obviously, but my point is the bulk of his commentary has nothing to do with clinical psychology. He is not functioning as an expert, but as a pundit giving his opinions. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that - just making it clear.
  6. The stuff on the Bible and Jung are speculative and irrelevant to clinical psychology. He is really functioning as a pundit offering his opinions on current concerns. There is nothing wrong with that, but it should be made clear that he is just expressing his opinions and is not an expert providing facts and interpretation on current research in clinical psychology.
  7. I can only suggest what I would do. I would write about the New Animism, Pachamama, and the Andean world view. The indigenous world view has been historically denigrated and considered inferior by Western academics and organized western religion, but in reality is now humanities only hope of survival. The New Animism Latin America - Pachamamism
  8. Millions of people relied on their word and took the J&J vaccine. Do we jump everytime they change their story?
  9. The toxicity is non other then the toxicity of Western civilization – greed and arrogance. There is never enough, you have to keep acquiring more and more, and there is no limit. Then there is the pride of self improvement and the assumption that “self improvement” and “progress” are desirable in themselves. What is the difference between a PUA accumulating lays and Donald Trump accumulating real estate? Perhaps the only good PUA is a dead one.
  10. I have taken so much ayahuasca that I have developed reverse tolerance. The more I take, the less aya I need to go on a journey. I take Bufo Alvarius once a month.
  11. The idea is actually ancient. You have the Cult of Dionysus.
  12. I don't listen to Rogan or any other media figure, but now it makes sense. He has more listeners than CNN. They have to attack the competition.
  13. Why do people take this so seriously? Why can’t people have their own opinions? You now have YouTube commentators in little boxes commenting on YouTube commentators. Social media is pure madness.
  14. Ask a silly question, get a silly answer. But in this case, if Rupert said he doesn’t know, he was being truthful. The intellectual mind compulsively demands that anything formed as a question have an answer. Maybe he doesn’t want to start another religion.