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  1. It's an impressive experience when it is happening, but the next day it becomes a memory which fades over time. It doesn't seem to even change long term patterns. It's not a substitute for a long term yoga path.
  2. This is a good site if you want to get educated on the dog issue.
  3. The Brave browser blocks all ads on Youtube. And Firefox has addons to download videos.
  4. She was an ex prosecutor so they can do the "Prosecutor vs. Felon" angle. But she still seems like a lightweight and not up to the job. If the democratic party would try democracy just as an experiment, they would get better candidates.
  5. Jerry Brown's father developed the California University and Community College system which use to be affordable until more recently. The education was important to the high tech industry.
  6. Robert Kennedy is the only one talking about the real issue. In this case, the banksters who have bought up all the market now buying up all the single family homes. You can't really be free if you are an economic slave. The Republican vs Democrat clown show is a deflection of how wealth is being concentrated by a parasitic class that games the system and doesn't provide real productive value.
  7. Hearing this hyperbole about “fascism” makes me distrust anything these political pundits say. Trump was already president and actually was the only president in recent times that didn’t get the US into a war. What will actually happen from a practical standpoint if Trump is elected is that the Supreme Court will become even more conservative. I doubt that Trump can even stop illegal immigration. All this rhetoric is smoke and mirrors. The real issue is the massive inequality of wealth, with the rich getting richer and the middle class shrinking. This is the real issue and the uniparty doesn’t address it because the US is really an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy.
  8. I have heard rumors that Michelle Obama would have the best chance of being elected. The problem is that the Democratic party is an authoritarian top down system that filters candidates that are acceptable to the elites. Instead of democracy which is bottom up and allows qualified candidates to emerge. The last emperor of Rome was a boy. Do you think that Rome had no other more qualified candidates? Or was the problem the system for selection?
  9. Robert Kennedy is the best option. Nobody is even close. Maybe this will give him a chance.
  10. This reminds me of the last days of the great Roman Empire where the last emperor was a boy with his mother behind the throne. We now have a situation where the sitting president is a senile old man who poops in his pants and his rival is a convicted felon. This indicates that America is actually an empire run from the top down by elites who have chocked off the democratic process. Just imagine what it should be like. In a powerful country like America you should have at least 100 fully qualified people in their 40s with incredible resumes running for president. They would go all over the country debating each other and talking to groups and crowds. Out of the healthy competition, an incredible vigorous leader would emerge to run the country. Instead we have the pathetic choices given to us by a professional class serving money and power. They are obsessed with control so cut off all possibilities and this is what we are left with.
  11. A mentally impaired old man running for president is just irresponsible. If the democrats can’t deal with this situation then why should we trust them with the country? They could still have an open convention and get someone who can actually win and lead the country. Chaos is good.
  12. People can become megalomaniacs. You are underestimating the power of the ego. 5meo isn't an automatic door to the truth.
  13. But why not have a chaotic primary? A leader could emerge that people are really excited about, which would be the best advantage to have. It shows that the strategists don’t have much faith in a democratic process, that they would rather stick with a senile old man who can barely walk. So they organize things from the top down which isn’t democratic.