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  1. Here is an informative video on the ban.
  2. A deity isn’t predictable. I recently went to a ceremony where I took 1 cup of San Pedro, which for me would be a light to moderate dose. Instead, it took me on a deep 16 hour journey where I experienced both heaven and hell. I was way over my head and went to the brink of insanity. And that was on a moderate dose. The reasoned, well-ordered mind raised in a safe middle class environment with a scientific rationalist point of view says “well it’s been positive so far, I have got this figured out”.
  3. Read “Faust”. It takes your power. In the Amazon, they treat these plants as deities. You approach a deity with humility and offer it a sacrifice. There are strings attached.
  4. The problem is that people believe that they are getting knowledge for free. Nothing is for free. You are always paying a price.
  5. It's one of these things where you think you can get away with it. But you will pay for it. It's guaranteed.
  6. Suffering is the doorway to liberation. That's the way of the Four Noble Truths.
  7. I have done Bufo Alvarius right after a mushroom ceremony, and the mushrooms didn’t affect the journey. Another good combination is to do Kambo followed by Bufo Alvarius. I have also done Bufo with cannabis, which seem to work well together. The cannabis greatly magnifies the affect of the Bufo so you should start out with a small dose if you haven’t done it before. I waited until the peak of the cannabis trip had passed and I was coming down to do the Bufo.
  8. @Pudgey @Pudgey Stop spreading misinformation. Ayahausca has been widely used to heal physical illnesses.
  9. An important part of life is developing a good Bullshit detector. Crash and Burn. But learn from each experience. You have a limited amount of time on earth.
  10. The ceremonies in Latin America focus on healing: “sana, sana, sana, cura, cura, cura”. But, separating healing and spirituality into two categories is an artificial left brain construct.
  11. The noise is a distraction in a group. That is true. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone go in a room with more than 15 people max. In an outdoor ceremony, you can have more people and the noise isn’t as much of a bother. The purpose of the group is to have a group healing. There is a group energy and you affect each other. The individualism in America isn’t good and we need each other. That’s why I do everything in Latin America, mostly Mexico, because they are still community oriented societies.
  12. Actually, these practices are completely consistent with “set and setting” which has been widely accepted by psychedelic therapy. The context is important. The really futile thing to do is pop pills solo with no context and pretend you are a psychonaut. Westerners who free themselves from the mind prison of ethnocentrism are discovering that other cultures have developed sophisticated practices for using these substances over the course of hundreds of years of experience.
  13. They have more tools than we do and a much longer history of use. Ayahuasca is considered the master plant, but there are hundreds of other plant medicines that the West has never heard of. The Shipibo tribe have developed sophisticated psychologies and methods. Psychedelics are still illegal in most of the Western world. Until recently, there has been very little interest or research. Where does their claim to unearned knowledge come from? Or is it just ethnocentrism?– What is Master Plant Dieta,of a master healing plant.
  14. Vomiting or purging is a common indigenous health practice in the Amazon for good reasons. They give purgative plants to their children to vomit up parasites and worms. Purging is a big part of Kambo practice. Huancahui sacha makes you vomit for about 6 hours. Since their culture is not reductive, they consider purging of toxins to be both physical and psychological. The old reductive sciences can’t make sense of this. But maybe the new systems thinking will.
  15. Anyone can call themselves a “shaman” even though he knows nothing. I would be very careful about anyone in America you meet who makes this claim. In Mexico, I have gone to ceremonies which charge about $100. In Peru, the shaman I went to grew up in the jungle and was trained by indigenous shamen deep in the Amazon. If anyone is interested in the Plant Diet, I have provided a link below which gives some explanation.