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  1. I believed in scientific materialism, until the day I took Bufo Alvarius. When I came down, I instantly realized that scientific materialism is a limited point of view that trapped me in a small box. The change was permanent.
  2. In a Buddhist practice where you are uprooting the three poisons, awakening does lead to happiness.
  3. Most people are traumatized and disconnected from themselves and keep away from their pain with entertainment and endless distractions. They don’t even have the awareness of how lost they are. But, they can still have a life crisis which puts them in a space where they begin the search. Another factor is delivery. People who dismiss Tolle may relate better to one of the God religions, like Christianity. The masses seem to relate better to Bakti Yogi than to Jhana Yoga.
  4. I take 5-meo regularly, but it doesn’t change long term deeply rooted emotional and behavior patterns. To make long term changes requires a yoga and a lot of inner work. The medicines are helpers and allies.
  5. Sadhguru says things that are true (e.g., it doesn’t bring you consciousness) but he is talking about something in which he has limited knowledge. He appears to not have any knowledge of the plant diet, which is the complete practice of which Ayahuasca is only one component. He also doesn’t even mention the use of Soma in the Vedas. He starts out emphasizing the purging of physical parasites. This is true but it’s not the main function of Ayahausca. When I was in the Amazon, I did a two week plant diet. In the beginning of the diet, the Shaman gave me a plant called Huan cahui sacha which makes you throw up continuously for about 6 hours. That’s purging. Aya purging is more psychological. There are dozens of non psychedelic plants and Kambo that are used for physical purging. An experienced Shaman does a 30 day plant diet before taking Ayahausca. He goes into the jungle alone and purges for 30 days while drinking different plant teachers. Thus, what he is doing can be seen as an intensive meditation retreat with the addition of the plant teachers. Sadhguru does believe in meditation? Is it not so? One of the plant teachers the Shaman takes is Chirac Sanango which makes you feel like ants are crawling over your body and makes you uncomfortable no matter what you do. So, your only option to keep your sanity is to be still. In other words, Chirac is teaching you to meditate using discomfort. At the end of the plant diet, Ayahausca is taken. Ayahausca is considered the master teacher and the other plants that were taken into the body are the helper plants. They may all appear in the visions. Ayahuasca has to be properly understood as a practice that originated by people living in the jungle. They had a non modern mindset and a different environment. Treating it as a chemical and using it in a modern Western context changes the experience.
  6. For me: closed eye: mushrooms, ayahuasca open eye: san pedro, peyote
  7. Buddhism follows the doctrine of adhimsa (, i.e. do no harm). Islam recognizes the right of Jihad to fight injustice. They are different beliefs. I hold it as an open question as to which is right, or whether they are both right.
  8. Of course, being nice in a shitty culture is going to be demonized. If you are living with the Pirates of the Caribbean, being honest is considered a laughable offense.
  9. This is an incredible interview from a former Israeli soldier relating her experience. .
  10. The next day it's just a memory. Many of the spiritual teachers today took LSD in the 60s and turned to spiritual practices to find something that would be permanent.
  11. The missionary position still has its supporters
  12. Musk says the earth can handle more people, but he never presents evidence on why this is true. The earth could handle more people if everyone is poor, but not if everyone develops a first world lifestyle. Keep in mind that this Internet only works because thousands of steam engines are pumping out electricity. This Internet is completely dependent on 19th century technology. We aren’t as advanced as we think.
  13. You do have an inner desire for “God” which is actually a search for a connection with your self. Religions externalize it and make it out there calling it “God” in order to keep you from waking up to your power so you can be dominated and controlled in 3-D. Christianity and Judaism in particular are political systems and servants of darkness.
  14. Wonder Woman will tie you up with her lasso of truth - 1975.