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  1. Correct. But the ancient knowledge was mostly forgotten. Timothy Leary flew down to Mexico after reading about Maria Sabina and mushrooms were his first psychedelic experience.
  2. They are doing well in Latin America, which has a history of using these substances, and where they have not been criminalized. Nobody knew about mushrooms until they were revealed by Maria Sabina in the 1950s. Ayahuasca comes from Peru. Bufo Alvarius is from Mexico. There is a better wealth of knowledge in Spanish that doesn’t seem to make it to the American scene.
  3. In the last two videos, the vegan commentator didn’t like Sadhguru’s responses because they contradicted his vegan beliefs. Anyone who contradicts a vegan belief will be judged equally harshly by him. Thus, I don’t see this as a persuasive example of Sadhguru behaving badly. Even though I am not a fan of Sadhguru and his willigness to pretend to be an expert on virtually any subject.
  4. But then modern society defines the extroverts doing dumb things on tik tok as functional. Are the introverts dysfunction or is it the society?
  5. I have heard testimonies from people who credit Ibogaine for breaking their addiction. But it isn’t a magic pill. It requires effort after the treatment. Psychiatrists are the clowns who make a living by prescribing antidepressants that make life worst for so many people. Their psychological theories are even more useless.
  6. People want to awaken once they realise that being asleep is killing them. A shaman in Mexico told me that he has had both police and criminals come to him for a bufo ceremony. You only have a limited time on earth and it goes by quickly. Most people die without ever knowing who they are. They weren’t ready.
  7. I just finished a Bufo Alvarius ceremony, and what I experienced was an alive beingness beyond the mind and concepts. Arguments don’t capture this. It must be experienced.
  8. I have been able to still feel cold while sleeping in a cold room. But, I don’t know if that applies to general anesthesia. What if there is a consciousness so deep that you can’t remember it? That seems to be suggested by the reincarnation model, in that, we can’t remember our consciousness in a past life or before we were born, but advanced Buddhist monks can access these experiences through meditation.
  9. Spreading the blackpill on every conceivable subject is a preoccupation of some on the Internet, which results in low quality information and pointless tit for tat arguments. If you listen to your body, you know what is right for you.
  10. Introverted men have to learn to approach women because if they don’t they will die alone. Now do you understand?
  11. You are not required to be needy because you are approaching a woman. You have made up that rule in your mind. Approach her without being needy. Be curious and playful. Approach to amuse yourself.
  12. A con man understands more about the human mind than a psychologist burdened with useless theories.
  13. The Ayahuasca ceremony was outside on a grass field surrounded by majestic trees. We brought sleeping bags and the ceremony lasted all night under the stars. After taking the first cup, nothing happened for about 1 ½ hours. I then took a second cup. After 10 minutes, I started to feel something. The shaman placed his hand on my forehead and I instantly entered the journey. I was looking up at the stars and a large tree with many branches which was above me. Suddenly, I could see a serpent in the tree. It was staring at me and was coiled around a branch. It was large and beautiful. It was light green but then would open its scales and flash bright red geometric patterns. An image started drawing on the sky above me in white smoke. Something told me that it was an image of god. I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes again and the serpent’s face was the image. It was telling me that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was god. I then saw myself standing and holding a spear next to other Indian warriors. In front of us was our kingdom which was multicolored geometric patterns stretching out to infinity. In the background, sacred drums were beating. The drums had a beautiful rich tonality and rhythm which drove me deeper into trance. In Shamanism, the serpent takes you on the journey to the underworld which is your past, your unconscious, your true self. I was brought back to my childhood and shown that the source of trauma wasn’t what happened but that I was not understood and had no one to talk to. My parents who were also traumatized denied my reality. The medicine showed me that I have continued this pattern and have tended to seek out equally unconscious people to deny me again. It’s interesting that in the Abrahamic religions, the serpent is characterized as evil. We are still under the influence of desert dwellers who explained their world by what was around them. They saw snakes as bad. The Jungle dwellers see snakes as neighbors. In India, snakes are charmed. They are respected. Nature is respected. Could it be that the purpose of characterizing the serpent as evil is to block us from understanding ourselves and reclaiming our power, since it is the serpent that guides us to or true self. The power then goes to the corrupt priests and politicians, who are in lower consciousness, so the power goes to a mindless machine. The medicine seemed to be conveying this message to me since I was raised in a christian background that crushes the true self and replaces it with a false self that propagates the virus. In the morning, it was cold and I could see how nature starts to awaken with the rising sun. The animals would start speaking and the woodpeckers flew to the palm trees. Waking up outside, I felt a close connection to nature that reinforced my nightime visions.
  14. That’s the way you will see it if you aren’t being guided by a shaman. The medicines are just a tool. It is like saying a hammer is useless because it just hammers one nail after another without any end, and not getting the wider view of a carpenter.
  15. The US media depends on government access for their “news”. So they end up being a mouthpiece for the government’s point of view. This is all explained in Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”.