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  1. Now we know why science is so strict in its methodology. People will believe in all kinds of silly things. Conspiracy theories reside in the hell realm of lower consciousness.
  2. By getting caught up in the story, aren’t we missing the deeper dynamics at work? America is an alienating country full of millions of lonely people and the standard of living is declining. Twenty five million Americans take antidepressants. The Trump followers see themselves as failures in the economic system and identify with Trump who plays the winner. He identifies foreigners as the problem (the wall), to deflect from the real problem, that the country at stage orange has turned into a pitiless machine over which they have no control. That’s why logic is useless and large numbers will continue to become radicalized and listen to someone that they see as their only hope. The right wing ideology deflects from the real problem which is internal and blames it on outsiders. In America it’s a blue revolt against the orange tyrants who strip away dignity and meaning and a return to religion and authoritarianism. What we are witnessing is just the beginning of the disintegration of America. This is real.
  3. If you want to know the real conspiracy theory, google "Koch brothers politics".
  4. I took the two online classes on IFS taught by Jay Early. After some practice, I believe that it is the correct model of the mind. At a superficial level, we experience ourselves as one personality, but it is an illusion. We have multiple personalities that weave together in real time and come to consciousness depending on the situation. We are unaware and experience them as a single “I”. The more trauma we had in our life, the more fragmented we are. It shouldn’t be surprising that personality is modular. We already know that modularity is a basic feature of the brain – vision and speech in distinct areas, etc. Multiple personalities appear throughout psychology: Carl Jung talked about complexes, Freud had the ego, id, superego.
  5. I have been keeping a dream journal for years. The one thing that stands out for me is that the dreams are coming from a consciousness that it clearly separate from my everyday consciousness. The dreams are of things my everyday consciousness would never think of in a million years and they are far more creative. Freud said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. Dreams are the best way to track your unconscious mind. This is the best book I have found on dream analysis.
  6. Trump is where he is because what he did worked in the capitalist system. Trump isn’t red. He is orange. It’s evidence that in a capitalist system, psychopaths tend to rise to the top. In this case he almost cornered the entire market. Why not? That’s what you do in Monopoly. Maybe this is what Marx meant by a self-contradictory system destroying itself.
  7. The solution is to make it illegal to intentionally spread false information. You don’t try to convince murderers to be nice. You isolate them from society. The con men who created QAnon did a brilliant job of constructing a myth that people are willing to die for. Adding the “pedophile” narrative gives it an emotional charge so it can spread at the speed of light. Where was the FBI? Why do they know so little about this? Under cover of “freedom of speech” dangerous lies can propagate. Lies are more powerful than the truth in a low consciousness population. It’s interesting that “freedom of speech” is presently being forced on the tribes of Afghanistan at the end of the barrels of American guns. As if this is the solution to any problem they have. One silver lining to this situation, is that the era of American cultural imperialism has come to an end.
  8. Alex Jones is the one most responsible for Qanon, because Jones was the first to show that peddling conspiracy theories is a successful business model. Now he complains about the monster he created. America worships at the alter of the false god of free speech and is now paying for it. The train has left the track and there is no turning back. If the country devolves into violence, then the state will adopt authoritarianism – which is the proper model of governance for a low consciousness population. Be assured that these events are having a huge affect on China and Russia.
  9. Brand suggests that the rioters were really motivated by wealth inequality and the rule of the rich in America, and he downplays the racial motivation. But Trump’s message is simple and clear. The touchstone of his campaign was “the wall” to keep out Mexicans. Confederate flags and white supremacist symbols were seen at the capital insurrection. Brand’s ramblings tend towards gaslighting and diverting from the truth.
  10. In my opinion, most of these people are stage orange. These conspiracy theories are hugely profitable for the conmen who create and peddle them. It is a profitable business model.
  11. If someone libels or slanders another on public ground or anywhere else, it is not protected speech. If you falsely cry fire in a building, it is not protected. False speech can be regulated.
  12. Trump has been fabricating facts for 4 years ultimately producing his biggest fabrication of a stolen election. Truth is important, and ignoring the truth leads to violence. In the 1960s, the Supreme Court was dominated by free speech absolutists and they went too far in opening the range of permitted speech to include freedom for irresponsible and false speech. There was no social media in the 1960s, and the laws have to be adjusted to take into account the new technology. Truth is more important than freedom of speech. False speech is not protected. You can still be sued for defamation of character if the facts are false. Social media actors who fabricate false information to destabilize the government and incite violence should be criminalized. Banning them from social media won’t work because the Internet is a distributed architecture that can't be controlled and they can just create new platforms.
  13. One of the core systemic problems that is developing is that the 1st Amendment laws are not keeping up with the evolving technology. False speech is not protected speech. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. You tube is a perfect vehicle for scam artists. They construct elaborate conspiracy theories loaded with made up details and then present a false narrative using emotional imagery and sounds. Keep in mind that David Icke has convinced millions of people that the Queen of England is a shape-shifting reptile. Constructing a site like Alex Jones to create an illusion of credibility and fabricating facts in order to incite violence should be criminalized. This is well within the bounds of the 1st Amendment. False speech is not protected speech. Many of these people in the riots were white collar professionals who were persuaded by the fabricated QAnon conspiracy theory. Critical thinking skills aren’t taught in American schools.
  14. Trump now condemns the rioters who he clearly provoked while wearing his little black gloves. Ironically, they could get 10 years under an executive order signed by Trump for damaging federal property. He encouraged them and then threw them under the bus. They will now learn a lesson about the treachery of politicians. The news media in America is non stop 24/7 noise. In order to attract eyeballs, there needs to be at least one crisis every day. The show never ends. This turns attention away from inner work. I think one of the first steps to self realization has to be to stop watching the news, which is nothing but distracting idol chatter.
  15. The discussion so far has been America centric. The United States is in a blue/green culture war, but green has taken root in Western Europe. I lived in Europe for several years, and found it far more peaceful and enjoyable. America has millions of gun owners and members of authoritarian Christian cults. If Europe can establish a European Union, progress can start from there while the US weakens from division and becomes irrelevant.