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  1. yup. the general public is kept unaware of these situations. they think"oh india is the most peaceful country in the world. the safest country". in the past when i was posessed by upsc ghost , i read a 1400 page history book . and the only communal violence mentioned in that book was punjab situation and gujarath situation.the rest are hidden. as always its the people on the bottom who will suffer the most. people like me will flew the country but people who are poor will suffer. you are from punjab right. what is your view on " the butcher of panjab" , kps gill.he is portayed as hero in history book. of course he made punjab insurgancy under control . but he killed a lot of innocent civilians in the process. when gujarath riot happened he was assigned there and he restored law and order in gujarath.if he was given the job of solving the solving the issues on kashmir, he might have solved kashmir situation under control.he is very ruthless. but congress see muslims as vote bank and they will not touch kashmir as they might lose muslim votes
  2. @aklacor727 if u meet people with similar intrest, u do not need sd imo
  3. struggling to get a decent government job
  4. look for people with your similar intrest .do not over specialize in sd
  5. do not go into military. u will be a pawn of a general. the people at the top are corrupt. when a situation comes, u will be sacrifised like a lamp. read 33 strategies of war to get an idea of how a general think.there is a huge propoganda to hype army that is happening in movies.u r seduced to think there is something greate in army,
  6. @Chew211 which is the most advanced or hardcore dating forum on internet
  7. a friend of mine is working in middle east, and there there are lot of kashmir people working and all of them hate india
  8. @Preety_India @Preety_India if u say that then u do not know them or never met them in person or they never shared their honest opinon to you
  9. @Preety_India i like to keep my wharebouts anonymous.
  10. @Derek White all kashmir people are anti india. why did congress did nothing to stop opression of armies in kashmir? i know they do not give a shit and care only about power, but why do they stood there and watched alll these cruelty?
  11. @Knowledge Hoarder @Knowledge Hoarder peoplel have unconsciously used the principles of that book on me and i became loyal to them
  12. i highly recommend everyone to read illimitable men's content and take his audio book. u can defend yourself against machiavellianism if u consume all his content
  13. develop lot of skills and have a lot mastery and u will be in flow state in and u will love yourself. if u work on self help for 7 years ,u will love yourself
  14. my state is very peaceful.hindus and muslims co exist in equilibrium. if someone start communal tension he will be immediately neutralised. bjp was not able to win a single seat in 2 fact in my generation majority of hindus are atheist mindset and majority of muslims are also atheist mindset.majority of people do not have time for double standards and other shits . we have other problem to take care of.its also because my state is a stage orange state.but bjp is spending millions of dollars for their propoganda. massively using money for propoganda. i have a fear that within 5 years people might like bjp. i have a fear hindus can be won over by bjp. but the situation is worse in north india. people there are blue and have relegious sentiments islamaphobia is increasing day by day.muslims are having tough times. when there was a very big communal riot in gujarath modi was the chief minister. he is no stranger to communal riot and violence against muslims. all of this is solved if i can leave the country . but the problem is , i want to learn about sufism and islam and it is my life purpose to be a sufi and an islamic scholar .all of the muslim countries are in big trouble. wahabism is the satanic version of islam. and wahabism is highly funded by petro dollar. all middle east countries are highly influenced by wahabism.wahabism corrupted islam in middle i cannot go there. pakistan is a failed state . terrorism is a common occarance so i cannot go there. india is atm very safe and india has a lot of sufi mystics and islamic scholars. india can protect itself against corruption of islam by usa and western countries if it was ruled by congress.india can defend to a some extent against western powers. but islam can be corrupted by modi.. malaysia is a good option. i have to research about malaysia. i know some popular muslims who got kicked out from the country because they stood for what is right. all of them went to malaysia .prophet muhammed pbuh in a hadees prophesised current situation and told us that we should go to syria. but u know the situation in syria. wahabism has not entered syria . syria has lot of sufi saints.but iran is anti sunni. and syrian president has close ties with iran. life condition will be extremly tought.syria is not internalising stoicism i can thrive in tough conditions and maybe i might go to syria.
  15. the entire life is a test