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  1. Can someone put here resource of turqoise view on creativity and productivity
  2. yeah what i described above is my friends result . he is doing it for 7 years.i did vipasana for only 1.5 years and then moved to yoga. the system followed is oshos it for first 1-1.5 years i focused on the breath. i witness the breath. after 1.5 years i strated witnessing on thoughts directly. because at that time i will have developed sufficient awareness to witness the breath. but if i started using the breath then it would be difficult to witness the breath
  3. @Max8 if u do vipasana for 2 hours ,your kundalini will rise to higher chakras and u will be in thoughtless state which produce an extremely pleasurable state.but this state quickly disdipate and u will be back to 30 or 20% in 45 min.yeah this stage doesnot last a lot.but it is far more pleasurable than sex and u will be in it for 45 min
  4. If u r doing vipasana and if u stick on doing meditation for 4 or 6 years u will reach a thoughtless stage and u will get kundalini awaikening and it will be the most plesurable thing of your entire life
  5. @impulse9 i agree i was enjoying leo for years until he started getting his ass into he looks like he is into delusional territory.his claims like he is the most conscious being to ever exist etc are super delusional he releases few videos on creativity and productivity which are my favaourate topic.i enjoyed pre psychidelic delusional leo .i wish he was not this delusional and produced more practical topics on creativity
  6. @GreenWoods As far as i understand psychidelics is temporary 15 min drug experience and i will need 30-40 years of meditation to reach enlightment.both has pros and cons But when someone say meditators are deluded,daniel ingram frank yang is not enlightened and i am above them , then it is a juvenile claim .and that person has very high narcissistic and spiritual ego
  7. @GreenWoods @GreenWoods what u r describing is a psychidelic paradigm.all paradigms are 50%true and 50% false.psychidelic paradigm is no exception
  8. high spiritual narcissam and high spiritual ego detected. U said that we should not judge something which we have no experience of.well u have not reached enlightment through how can u judge frank yang.
  9. if u really understand george leonard u realize that working happy and loving what u do is more important and better than do not work hard but love what u do,love your practice etc Also i would stay away from cause concussion and it will .surely cause brain damage.judo or bjj is the next best thing after boxinf for self defence .for me judo>bjj as a throw from judoka to the concrete is a fight ender.also do martial art at the final hours before going to sleep as by that time all your creative powers will be near 0
  10. 27,000 posts already Damn u r an celebrity
  11. I am a hsp and i have very low tolerence to stress and negetive emotions.i went through enormous suffering before i found meditation.i will get depressed and very bad if do not meditate and hence i meditate.society has not been kind to me.i cant remeber a phase where i am at stage red.i went through stage red quickly hence i do not have that foundation which create a lot of problem since many people in society are stage red.
  12. @GreenWoods yeah i yogic tradition emptiness or enlightened state = god and budhist tradition it is nothingness
  13. If u call frank yang a bullshitter then u might wanna call leo also a bullshitter because i first heard the idea "everything is an illusion" from leo He reached arhant and said 5meo has no affect on him while most of us here are depressed and would all go crazy if we take 5 he is not some average joe
  14. But frank yang said that there is a stage above god realization where u realize that god is an illusion and your realization that "i am god" is also an illusion What are your thoughts on that
  15. @Harikrishnan man shanmugan is struggling .he has very few like below 10k views.if u wanna make money out of youtube u will have to put click bait low conscious videos .no one will be intrested in the niche creative no where discussed topics. I recommend u get a proper job and do youtube videos in the spare that way u will have a source of income and u will be able to make youtube videos without getting influenced by "which topic will make me more money" or "damm if i do not get lot of clicks from this video i will be dead.let me just manipulate my viewers" etc