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  1. Yes, a thousand times so. Creation is not something in the past, creation is happening right now. You are the universe creating itself, and this moment that you're witnessing right now is the most important moment in history.
  2. @Jakuchu Leo has a very polished head, makes it easier to use as a radar dish to collect universal truths.
  3. Yeah, that's amazing if it happens to you spontaneously, you have no idea how much effort some people put into it. Just let it happen if it starts happening.
  4. @Leo Gura I agree it's unhealthy for the most part. But if you want to succeed in something, sometimes you have to sacrifice even some of your health. If you're sufficiently excited about something, you can override even the desire to sleep or eat. Not that it's a good idea in most cases.
  5. Not really, it's more like finally getting out of the tutorial level.
  6. As the Buddha taught, suffering is created by attachment. To liberate yourself from attachment is the way to cessation of suffering.
  7. You can only work long hours if you're passionate about your work. Your passion will sustain you. If you feel your work is torture you'll never make it. It will break you mentally. If you feel your work is joy, you will easily work any amount of time. Even cut your sleep short and even wake early just to continue doing it. I've had weeks where I've worked 16 hours a day working on complex programming projects. I know a bunch of programmers who have the same experience. Maybe we're mutants but you can certainly pull it off provided you LOVE your work. If you can play videogames for 16 hours and not get tired, you can also work for 16 hours and not get tired. The trick is in having a good time with it. I guess that's what filters most people. Having a miserable time with your work.
  8. I like how the more abstract the topic, the more the entire thing looks like conversations from the loony bin.
  9. Guess what, everything is oversaturated. The good news is it's oversaturated with garbage. Put out genius works of arts and you will be noticed.
  10. Only by knowing that you don't know can you ultimately know.
  11. In darkness, the sure way to not see anything is to light a torch.
  12. Awesome report. Seems like an atypical psychedelic experience.
  13. The answer is obvious, but you're thinking about it too much.
  14. If you really knew that, then you wouldn't ask such foolish questions.