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  1. @silene Yep, inflation is the hidden tax
  2. Facebook messenger they can, Whatsapp they can't
  3. If the debt is denominated in one's own currency (US debt is) then the country cannot go bankrupt, because the country can simply print more money to pay off its debts.
  4. In order for "you" to have the power to defeat a "country" you're creating a duality, so what you're suggesting is fundamentally flawed.
  5. Depression is sometimes worse at different times of the day. When I experienced depression several years ago it was more pronounced at night time. Try and slowly add things to your routine, like morning exercise, meditation, or cold showers. They will help.
  6. Jordan Peterson means that the values he believes in are declining, whilst new values are rising. It's impossible for societies to have no values, values build societies. Without values, there is no society.
  7. Countries get more complex as they develop, so you would expect bigger governments to manage that. China isn't communist in the way that westerners believe, because few westerners understand China. It's more of a state capitalist system.
  8. No, actually slavery was absolutely correct for that period of time. Remember that period when everyone started tearing down statues? It started in Bristol here in the UK, which is an extremely stage green city. Despite me being a leftie myself, I disagreed with it because you can't judge people by today's moral standards. Just as it would be stupid to judge someone from Zimbabwe for not being vegan. You are missing the complexities of the issues.
  9. @EntheogenTruthSeeker I'm assuming you're American, given your references to Qanon, etc? Firstly, zoom out and realise how easy life is today compared to most of human history. The arc of history is for dramatic improvements over time. Secondly, realise that we've had a period of peace and prosperity from 1945 to now, and we're now entering a period of division, tensions, and revolutions. This is driven by economic cycles, like inequality getting worse, and also a rising power (China) challenging the current global order. We've moved from a period of certainty to uncertainty. Further, realise that the US, in particular, is extremely divided right now and is running through its own social problems. But change can only occur through chaos. When everything is great, sure you have peace and prosperity, but you eventually come to a standstill and don't have the big pushes forward that society needs. Most importantly, remember that these are short-term bumps in the road, eventually, the trends will reverse and things will start improving again. Those who lived through the 2 world wars and the great depression were extremely pessimistic for the future, so they missed out on the post-war boom. The long-term trend is clear, and it's positive.
  10. Just as a thought experiment, let's imagine that anyone at stage orange or below disappeared, so we're just left with green or above. Would the world stay at green and above, or is it possible that as new babies are born some of them will have old values at orange or below? Also, for areas like the middle east, you'll lose almost the entire population. As people start migrating and resettling these locations will they stay at green, or will they begin to regress if the environment is hostile?
  11. Here's a spanner in the works, western cultures are pretty much the only places that are guilt based. The rest of the world is shame based.
  12. @Scholar All you're doing here is trying to project your worldview onto others. You'll never experience any joy in life in this way, because everything will keep pissing you off.