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  1. My belief is that China is only doing this to distract it's population from domestic issues. If you're about to invade somewhere you don't advertise your plans through military drills.
  2. Radical feminists can be in many stages really, need to know more about their other traits
  3. @Jannes Nope, I've also done solid research into the nutrition. Painting me as someone that doesn't understand the science is what others here have tried when appealing to authority. It's true it might not be good for everyone, but I don't know anybody who eats red meat who feels bad after eating it. I actually wish it wasn't true that red meat is good for you, it would make things easier regarding the environment and the ethical dilemma. My bias is to say that plant foods are good for you which I tried for several years until I learned about nutrition.
  4. I do the science myself from my own experience. You're right though, I cannot 100% guarantee that I'm not missing something and I won't get some illness related to my red meat consumption. Then I don't think our viewpoints are much apart
  5. I don't think the Chinese would do anything. They understand the US & allies have a superior navy in the Pacific. This looks more like tough saber rattling to draw nationalist public support. The risk is if the CCP are forced to take military action to avoid appearing weak to their own people.
  6. Your appeal to authority is just desperate at this point. I'm not anti science, the science on nutrition is simply poor and littered with biases. Whether you're vegan, carnivore, or in-between you could easily find "science" that fits your narrative. It's a difficult pill for stage green people to swallow; that red meat is good for you, because they desperately don't want it to be true for ethical reasons.
  7. @undeather Your trust in institutions and science is strong I see, I understand I have been there. Consider 1) funding flows for science, and 2) scientists own self biases The evidence that red meat is good for you is not only the fact our ancestors ate it, you just simply need to read the nutritional labels. Don't get caught up in science that fits your bias, just read the damn food labels. Notice how in your own experience you feel better and strong eating meat too.
  8. Listened to that podcast but it seemed like the pro meat guy was just really poor at debating compared to the other guy which made his arguments seem weak 😆 I think what really matters is what personally feels good for you since we're all genetically different. For me I feel really good eating a lot of meat, fish, and liver. Others prefer a vegetarian diet like Sadhguru, others prefer a vegan diet. I still wouldn't recommend a vegan diet for most people though.
  9. If you're taking the vitamins in reaction to a possible recent infection it's too late and this won't help. Better just to follow a healthy diet, scrap the supplements, exercise regularly, and spend plenty of time outdoors. I wouldn't worry about covid, the pandemic is over now.
  10. @Michael569 A lot of the research has their own agenda, especially when it comes from the WHO. It's convenient if red meat is deemed to be bad for you because then pasture land can be converted to more calorie dense grains, at the expense of nutrition. You only need to look at the nutritional content of red meat, and the knowledge that humans have eaten it for hundreds of thousands of years, to know it's really good for you. Seed oils are literally industrial oils that humans are not evolved to digest properly. Their increased use during the 20th century coincided with the worsening health of the western world. Saturated fats are not bad for you if you limit the portions, it's actually the seed oils that the foods are cooked in or added as an ingredient.
  11. I had a similar problem. Tried everything but it turns out certain vegetables like spinach were causing it. I now eat less vegetables and more fish, unprocessed meat, and liver. Problem solved.
  12. Just sounds like you have a cold, flu, or covid. Pretty normal and healthy to get sick occasionally.
  13. I think in the near future these tests will be commonplace but it's early days for now and the research isn't 100% accurate. They can be a useful guide though. Since you're very young and extremely low risk to ailments I'd wait another 10 years when the research will be much better.
  14. Exactly. Common trap that stage green fall into is they believe everyone else is immoral relative to them so they don't see through their own self bias.
  15. The evidence is in your own words. You clearly have your own strong self bias towards veganism and are not prepared to listen to alternative views or recognise the complexity of the situation.