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  1. People's thoughts on China get clouded because they feel threatened by it. There's nothing to fear because the degree to which China becomes authoritarian the weaker they become due to inefficiencies in its economy.
  2. If China invades the US should the US concede half its territory to China?
  3. With every new advance in technology predictions are made about how it will replace all human jobs, yet it never happens. Automated farming, the assembly line, computers, and the internet are just some examples. Assuming this time is different is a low probability prediction.
  4. It's funny because Leo literally says the same shit in his videos that he does here but it comes across 10x worse here because it's in written form. Perhaps some feedback for Leo would be to be more mindful of how written communication comes across.
  5. It's not surprising really. His followers think it would be a mistake because everyone would riot but I think they overestimate his level of support.
  6. My understanding is that time cannot exist because that would limit god. A limitless, infinite intelligence cannot be passing through time because that would suggest it is moving in a linear direction. If god is going somewhere then it cannot be infinite. However, something that is infinite must be forever changing. If it was static then it wouldn't be infinite as it would be stuck in one experience for all eternity.
  7. The Tories are tearing themselves apart due to their own selfishness and corruption. I'm hoping a Labour government will provide a solid middle-ground type of government that puts us back on track. Austerity must be stopped to prevent further decline in the country. I was a remain voter but I do think the costs of Brexit are overexaggerated due to bias. There are actually many long-term benefits of Brexit such as getting closer to the US and other Anglo-Saxon countries.
  8. The reason you feel this way is because the US is effectively an empire with east Asia and western Europe as it's colonies, amongst others. You would have thought the same about the British 100-200 years ago.
  9. Best to drink as little as possible, if at all. There are some studies that suggest that red wine in moderation can have positive health affects but this is far from certain.
  10. Suffering: I've had various instances in my own life where getting myself into a heightened state of consciousness has put me into a flow state where I was able to transcend suffering. A good example is completing a 5k run on a treadmill. If you keep thinking about it and wishing it to stop you will suffer a hell of a lot more than if you get into the present moment and surrender.
  11. @UnbornTao Yeah I agree. Cutting out meat requires special attention so your body maintains adequate nutrition & protein but few vegans are willing to put in the work.
  12. I do observe, however, that vegans, or those who eat little meat, tend to have significantly lower muscle mass than those who eat a lot of meat. Generally it's because they're deficient in protein, key nutrients and vitamins.
  13. Yeah unprocessed red meat is some of the best food on the planet. Fish is really good too.
  14. @StarStruck The crux of this issue is you're putting toxic stage green types in the same bucket as well developed women. You do not need to date naive stage blue 20 year olds to avoid toxic women. There's nothing sustainable about this because she will one day grow older and leave you. You either want a real relationship or not. I point you to your own advice.