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  1. Jordan's grift level is sometimes top high. It is ridiculous when he talk about Islam for example. He says he does not know much about it. What kind of an intellectual are you then? If you are not informed about Islam you are not an intellectual period.
  2. https://apnews.com/article/joker-movie-protests-new-york-trump-9342fb0b1d1a3a4be645e85a715c1b61
  3. It is not about TYT. I could have used any progressive channel like Vaush etc. Almost all progressives share their view on this Vaush etc. CNN is actually hurting their cause because they make progressives look crazy. Thus helping actually the conservatives.
  4. Actually yes because people waste so much time with games and movies. Listening to Destiny is a high level class in rhetoric. Rhetoric is a field where people are really bad but it is very important to be able to communicate at a higher level. Specially for autistic people this is extremely important because nobody understands them.
  5. If you find yourself in one of them in a room. Somebody locked you both up there. Who would you rather have as a room partner?
  7. Btw this is CNN. Seems their fan numbers are going down. Even lefties can not defend them anymore.
  8. What do you think about these questions? What are your arguments and sources? Shure I would listen to your diss track if I was 13 years old
  9. They cover it sometimes but then they hide it. Try to find that story youtube on the CNN channel. I guess they do the plausible deniality thing. Hey we covered it but it is impossible to find.
  10. Yes that is what DAN does. No I am not a fan of Joe Rogan but couple years ago I used to watch quite a bit as there was not much out there. Now there is so much more. Lex Friedman is doing a better job anyway. Joe is a rich man and thinks like a rich man so too much bias there. Russel Brand I can't listen to him at all. He is like on cocaine in a bad way. I don't like his overkill conspiracy theories.
  11. If I could not handle meta I would not be on the forum where people talk they are God. People were fine with Mr. Girl and his Meta stuff before he went full Psycho.