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  1. Reminds me of chess masters saying chess computers will never beat human chess masters.
  2. Try the finnish way. They say the reason that finnish people are so content is because they have low expectations. Most of the time it may be enough to have a roof and stuff to eat. Regarding education I feel like one should create space in order to have fun to explore stuff rather than just for competition. In life and self improvement the most important thing is: Calm down. Then you can function properly. That is why when I feel bad I give me this task: Create time with meditation or activities which are similar. You will feel rich and free when you have time.
  3. English has a lot of vocabulary because of the latin and germanic past. Fun fact: Arabic language seems to have the most vocabulary. Over 1 million it is estimated.
  4. How often do men think about the Third Reich?
  5. True it is invasion season Turkey launches airstrikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq and Syria | World DNA | WION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZrJRrINqFE&pp=ygUYdHVya2V5IGlyYWsga3VyZHMgYXR0YWNr
  6. You have to check this one out:
  7. @Rafael Thundercat Actually the German school system has a bit of a system like that where kids go to different schools depending how good their test results are.
  8. Check out project Gladio at minute 11.
  9. @Carl-Richard I will try to train a bit of math to make my brain going besides dual n back Seems to work for some boxers: