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  1. Still it is not so much compared to infinity. It is basically chimps stuff. I think with the help of AI we will get much more of it.
  2. If the human mind is so creative I must say I am not impressed
  3. Like with most habits I would start very small. Do little things where you fail at them. It could be like you have a journal. You give yourself 1 minute or more to do an action. When you fail at it you make a note. This way you are collecting failures and you get used to it. So you become good at failing and the emotions that come with it. On another perspective you might have unresolved issues. That needs reflexing. That might be a long process. For that you might have to build habits like meditation.
  4. Bring alot of value. So the leeches will hang to you.
  5. Depending on your situation your default when you wake up can be NPC or not. If I am not proactive and lazy I generally am by default NPC. That means I can not think properly in my head. I can not form sentences in my mind. So I am basically dependent on my subconsciousness to solve problems. So I can only handle simple problems. On the other hand if I do a lot of reading and communication training in the morning my mind is more ready to form sentences in my mind though that is still not enough to go deeper. For that I have to put energy in solving real problems. This way my mind is really going deeper. I guess most or at least some of us are both depending on the situation. For example in vacation people become more like NPC that basically means less intelligent. On the other hand when you have to argue with somebody and you come home your mind is still arguing and creating arguments. Being stupid is not always bad as you might feel happier as you don't feel like having to chase problems. On the other hand being stupid can mean you make irreversible and painful mistakes.
  6. There are no illogical emotions. The motivation comes from and is emotion. These emotions can not work outside of logic. You don't even need motivation. Just random environment will influence your emotions.
  7. @Gesundheit One could argue that emotions follow scientific laws that is logic. You can manipulate and control emotions with certain tools to some degree.
  8. @Gesundheit I liked the fresh new angle here in order to represent the problems of ethics. Ethics could be seen as a mathematical problem. Once we have the right algorithm that maybe the AI will create for us things will go smooth. This movie could be seen as a way to put the problem in a lab and try to find the algorithm.