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  1. I think this stuff is not for normal people. Most people want some fake meaning for their life something like religion or something else that sounds good. Schopenhauer would say people are motivated by the will to live. This, one could assume comes from the animal self. The spiritual self can not be motivated by the animal self. That is why Schopenhauer says only few people can create a meaning through art and science. So it might be dangerous to teach normal people non dual stuff that may weaken their animal will and they are left with nothing.
  2. You mean let's cherry pick history. You either dominate or get dominated that was the history of the world. Who wants to gamble and be peace loving?
  3. The games I mentioned are I think memory tests a bit like an IQ test. That is why I think the package of these tests are called 'The human benchmark' though I could be wrong about it. I will check wiki about. So basically these tests would measure how good the Dual N Back training worked. The human benchmark does not have professional recognition but it seems the most popular one. Has a big reddit. Btw I was always interested in the memory techniques like the memory palace but it is too boring and exhausting for me but I will try it but first I want to try the dominiv system that seems to give faster results though it needs a lot of traing too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominic_system
  4. Even we would say officially there is NO proof that it raises IQ it would still be very good to have better memory. Carl did you test yourself with the human benchmark? There are some online but you can also get apps. Some influencers did the test some were extremely good, I try to do dual n back and human benchmark every 3 days or so. I do quad n back at the moment and it gets better. Btw with human benchmark I only mean the chimp test and the grid memory test. With human benchmark it seems I slowly get better. Ok on thinking about it I should do the third one too the remembering number test. When I first made the tests I was in the lowest 3 percent. That sounds pretty low. I might post some results later.
  5. Back in the time poor people wanted to make kids because they could use them for labour. Nowaday even natalists say don't make kids if you are poor. So a kind of soft antinatalism is there. One wants to have happy children not workers. Making children happy is difficult. Additionally most people are distracted from hedonism so they can't concentrate on their children much.
  6. The OP failed to make it more dramatic by inserting conspiracies. Golf courses are basically hiking places for the rich where poor people can not go there or something like that. One could argue that it is the most capitalistic flexing sport.
  7. Actually I never thought about it till I saw that video. There malcolm says that the antinatalists are the majority. I guess he should know because they are his "enemies" From my intuition it may be true. In general I feel like I am in my thinking ahead of the society but eventually society catches up. Finally people came to a point where they can not deny some realitites like evolution, no free will, no god. Modern technology gave us the freedom to watch at things without being pressured by society. People realize life makes no sense. Also there is not much hope that we can build something much better than what we have. For most people it is just too much effort. Btw it is interesting that also Elon Musk sees the antinatalists as the biggest thread.
  8. Most fans are annoying. They use celebrities for their pleasure. As a cult leader you are the king you have real power and your folks are slaves.