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4 months in a psychiatric hospital after Seeing The Ox

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1 minute ago, eaaaeaeae said:

reading stuff like that make me realise that if I ever get in front of some difficult true, I probably should make anything not to get locked to these hell psych wards. Normal people are scary and barbarians in my humble opinion after all

Yes, to me that is the most dangerous of all spiritual dangers. Get locked into mental hospital and forced medication. This can ruine your whole life. This can let permanent dysfonction on your consciousness. And the people that will lock you in won’t let you rest without forcing you to take pills(which is really what you need after a breakthrough experience where you are flirting with madness) they will get you in your moment of weakness and trap you there. I would suggest to be extremely extremely careful the weak or even the month after a great breakthrough experience. Never do psychedelics when you don’t feel perfectly stabilize. And always keep some benzos (xanax, lexomil..) in case you’re really falling into madness. You should not take this regularly as it will fry your brain but once in a while won’t hurt you. That is for sure. But forced antipsychotic will for sure fuck your mind so if you feel very vulnerable, if you find yourself in a situation where you have not slept for 5days(already happened to me) just relax, pop one benzo and sleep. Cause this moments when you are very vulnerable are the moments you’ll be likely to do stupid things and if you get caught doing stupid things. The people who caught you don’t know anything about spirituality. They’ll label you as a crazy person and when you’re label as a crazy person. You can tell all the truth you want. You’re fucked, at least, that is how it is in France..

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