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  1. @molosku I've experienced Gore visuals about cannibalism, torture, rape , cruelty done to my family and me by me ... Have you experienced these stuff ? They looked like monsters they would bite and torture one another , it wasn't fun at all I felt lost to my wild dark senses I had no control over any damn thing , the world would span around my head , repeated gore thought loops were insane I thought I lost my mind , when you even forget that you took any psychedelics and anything is just hallucinations ..than it would be very difficult to surrender isn't it ? And I mean how can I surrender in such situations, thought loops are be good don't do bad things to people be human don't turn into a monster ... This was my phrase most of the time or it was this Oh nononono noooo If you have a way please share
  2. @Bluebird did you experience dark gore stuff ? Cause I did , it wasn't fun to do cannibalism, torture, rape , and cruelty to my own family , feeling like a devil trapped in my own mind which repeated forever I gazed into their eyes ... they were empty black ... I was alone and the only being there ! It Drove me nuts , I think couldn't let go and fought the experience to the end , my ego was ready to go to hell just not to give up ! It's was a 15g potent magic mushrooms trip lemon Tekked , lol !
  3. @Forza21 have you seen gore stuff , evil feeling ,rape , torture , cannibalism, basically nasty shit on shrooms or other psychedelic high dose trips ???? because I've experienced them on 15g magic mushrooms trip , the sad part was I did those things to my family .... It kept on forever... I was alone and destroyed the reality .. I lost my shit it was eternity of madness and lonelyness , I'm glad I didn't end up in psychic hospital!
  4. @Eternal Unity have you seen gore stuff , evil feeling ,rape , torture , cannibalism, basically nasty shit on shrooms or other psychedelic high dose trips ???? because I've experienced them on 15g magic mushrooms trip , the sad part was I did those things to my family .... It kept on forever .. I lost my shit it was eternity, I'm glad I didn't end up in psychic hospital!
  5. You had many ego deaths but I wonder one thing which is consuming me from inside... Did you see rape torture and cruelty, cannibalism on those insanity trips ? Or is it just my fucked up mind ?
  6. This is science stuff about ((interestingly science is an idea just like we are )) nothing can describe conciseness.....what happens when we take drugs? Who knows ... I do know this we choose to forget everything , it seems okey when you didn't do the drug (idea again!) but when you are in it , you don't think it's a trip , or remembering that you have taken like shrooms or dmt , it literally becomes the reality. A reality which stretches to eons... It could be frightening or loveable , I think it's random but from what I remember it was 50 50 , if it was total terror trip I would lost it forever , laying down in a insane asylum with my scared psyche . waiting for my death The problem is in the trip when I killed myself , it didn't work I was alive again feeling torture and agony , feeling hunger for darkness, never being able to feel complete , like it was a black hole in my heart ... It is frightening to me
  7. @RamPhoenix it was a high dose so ego loss will happen, what you experience on these substances are closes things to what you experience after the idea of you dies but I think the gore part is gone when you get there , cuz there is no fear when there is nothing to protect .... What you mean is the real death(we know it's another idea ) , you don't have memories when you die ... This world is a game as I experienced it , but for some reason in high dose shroom trips , I have those gore visions repeated for eternity which are insane , and when I see them I become judgemental saying omg WTF I've done ... Maybe I'll try tripping in the nature next time ... Home isn't a nice place to surrender all control, specially when the family is home making noises which make you paranoid & hallucinate dark stuff on high doses
  8. Hi , my native language is not English so I apologize before getting started on what I experienced.... I've tripped 100+ trips or more by now most of them were under 4g But I decided to try a huge dose like 15g potent albino a+ mushrooms lemon Tekked ... The thing I saw and experienced was very much hellish like ...lemme explain what it was , at first I felt I was hit by a train or being shot into space by a catapult or smt ... Anyways the trip started with a heavy body load the I that I thought I am started to become multiple people, I heard some voice insulting me ... Than I saw myself in a cosmic sex reaching orgasms which will never end ..things became more and more aggressive , people in the orgy started to hurt one another ripping the others body eating them , I heard a dog bark outside , some man ate the dog , bite it's head off , I heard people getting tortured , beheaded , burnt to death , crucified etc ... , I felt that time stretched , it was infinity hell infinity , I had sex with my mother wtf I fucked my both sisters , tortured my family, I was in my dad's body , after I was done with them I killed them eating their flash and organs ... I smelt shit and blood everywhere like I was an out of control animal , I yelled , laughed like a Maniac. It was pure evil laugher... I felt it ! I didn't resist the urges and it became my downfall , after gaining some sense back realizing wtf I've done, I have seen the severed body parts of my family , I tasted human flesh in my teeth, but I wasn't a human anymore and mostly didn't care but when I remembered , I felt extreme guilt , the world was destroyed because of what I've done , I had insanity loops ... Trapped for eternity , I had no memory of taking any drug ... Being dark and evil was delicious... At the end of the trip I yelled screamed about what I've done I yelled god please stop it , this is hell this is what I done to myself ... After like it seemed an eternity of hellish loops ... I felt a warm loving forgiving energy , and I pissed myself twice , my body was dead meat , not being able to move one muscle , I watched my family members became alive again , forgetting anything that happened to them , I saw my father as the devil's tool and after killing my I became my dad .. before that I became every human every idea no matter how dark it was ..., what a twisted fucked up thing ... I cannot describe WTF was that I had no morality whatsoever , the sad part was that I'd done all of those awful things to my family I believed that I gone insane ruined my life for good , and there's no coming back I deserve hell ... I had the same experience another year on another high dose 6 g ... One thing added I heard a voice saying you humans don't learn even after being punished by your own actions . Btw lemme add this , I saw something like Fibonacci spiral thingy which memories and other light stuff was shining through it , my whole life flashed before my eyes... I felt great hunger , being alone in nothingness sad and broken for eternity.... I cried , yelled .. none stop the whole trip I wonder if Leo or others who took high doses of psychedelics experienced this or am I the only one ? Dear Leo please respond to this I don't know what's going on , what's this , I'm confused, you surely gone into insane mind loops before... please if you can explain what to do when I face these situations in my ego death experiences @Leo Gura