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  1. . . . because you have not the slightest idea how much pain and sacrifice lies on the road less traveled which you will need to step on in order to progress with your soul search
  2. Im in a similar situation, the reality is, there is no guarantee so you better move man. Life can be rough sometimes, but it can make you grow. Try to centre yourself as much as possible on who you are and what your goals are
  3. Im negotiating a new job / needing to look for a new job / besides trying to work on my passion on excercise nutrition health and movement / need to find a new place to live in the next moth because of a attention seeking crazy landlord /flatmate women. And without a job I cannot find a decent place, and without neither of these two, I cannot further work on my passion ofc. so its intermingled like a house of cards ready to fall. And that house just was built over the last year. Its like I made it out of level 0, 1 and 2, but now level 3 brings it all back and just smashes me constantly. Im trying to hold it all up but it feels a lot like a water pipe leaking out of more holes than I have fingers to put in... Question to you: What do you guys do who seriously strive for financial and spiritual freedom and total independence, to ride rough sea? For me the exercise and WHM breathing is key but it is still difficult, and the biggest problem is, it feels out of my control so often because decisions depend on other people perceiving me e.g. "how much value do I bring?" and I need to convey that without begging or marketing my self like a lunatic, even though that would be my mode atm.
  4. pushing because answers are needed
  5. Yes treadmills are like office jobs FUUUCKKK
  6. Lmao man you gonna eat soooo much more dirt get used to it how bad do you want it? this post should make you ashamed in a year because of your pussymode atm
  7. But you earned 1,1M $ and youre left with 100K . . . and youre happy with that ? Seems nonsense
  8. I currently work in a country where even with low pay you pay min 37% taxes. I find it ridiculous, especially looking at the current political climate, the fake democracy, and all the waste of money. Of course complaining about taxes is probably as old as taxes themselves. What do you think about it? How much taxes do you pay p.m.?
  9. @Mart you dont know until you started. Push if you want to let god speak trough you. Stop comparing yourself to "peers" or the cultural story of what youre supposed to do at what age, total class-trap programming. Peak of the pyramid doesnt want you to wake up, become stromg. Just go, if youre priorities change, then change your circumstances.
  10. @Bill W its in reference to Leo's 2 videos on survival where he also explains the terms Survival is what you do, Being is who you are
  11. Yes, to accept survival, be in it, accept it, do not get depressed by the harsh truth it is, and finding a way of life with everything. And second yes, that's exactly why a philosophy to live by (like a honor codex) might be a good tool to navigate these waters.
  12. How? 1. Existential needs 2. Security (roof, food, financials, health) 3. Freedom (body & mind, health, liberation from toxins) 4. Love (growing, finding striving for community and relationships, "the tribe") 5. Purpose & Passion (vocation, alignment between money and soul) 5. Living environmentally and action=consequence aware 6. Giving back to your family, loved ones, community 7. Giving back to society and working towards raising the conciousness of human kind While going from 1-7 * Finding balance in everyday life between work and leisure, pleasure and pain, work and silence * Systemic thinking, making an effort to see different perspectives as your own, forgiving, being humble, taking hits from unconscious people, being an example *Apologizing for mistakes, striving to be good every day to your own definition (because that's all you got) * Practice and diligence Thoughts?
  13. @Emerald Not at all, For example? That you have your own interests ? So first of all no one is angry, were just observing reality. Jealousy is isnt either. The "imaginary pedestal" is not imaginary, it is very real programming / education / culture men grow up in. Open your eyes to what goes on in the world culturally. Just go out. Educate yourself. Read Sex at Dawn to see human sexual roots. What triggers me is when they feminize boys and do not let them play rough and tumble, and then drug them with adhd pills to sooze their spirit. Besides this, every adult can educate himself and start looking. The rest of the comment I leave, judge for yourself.
  14. Exactly. Unfortunately a the majority of young people are not educated and raised to see reciprocity and humbleness as the foundation ones character. Then we get a culture of failing and abusing men who think just because they bump into a girl and say hi hottie she will start making him breakfast beautiful put. Thats what done right PU is. Its building a young guys character. You decide if you use your knowledge for evil. Thats why you have free will, thats why it is a test for you And what do you do? You play the white knight role and save the girl of your dreams from all the other evil men out there . . . ? See how you play the devil The girls play games too, more than guys, girls are made for having a lot of sexual partners, read Sex at Dawn . Guys putting girls on a pedestole are as lost as guys writing down how many girls they "approached" last week and what went wrong, like it is age of empires peace