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  1. Not true. Its not about imagining something! Its about how can you get there when you want to? This you must do, then it is clear
  2. Exactly how it is. And despair, disgust, and disregard are the one and only true feelings towards any such person. This is by nature. As faked beauty is no more than true ugly. The self conflicting person is so apparently uncertain that it will start to trouble your mind if you let yourself get sucked into his influence. Be aware
  3. Yes. Interests but also learn the fundamentals of living. Can you cook? can you clean your room? can you hear your body telling you when you can push yourself or when a cold is approaching? can you cure yourself through food, rest and tea and not rely on medications ? do you know what you should eat daily, what are good sources of carbs, proteins, fat; what not, what diets are out there, what works for you? do you have a decent level of fitness, do you have imbalances in your body which can fuck you up later? do you know when you sit to much, do you know how to stretch, do yoga, mediate, do you know how to defend yourself? do you know how to study, how to take notes, how to keep your notes, do you know how to focus? do you know how to talk with a girl you like? do you know how to keep a girl? do you know how to be assertive yet friendly? do you know how to control your emotions (roughly) do you know how to see behind people? do you know your self worth? do you know how to try and fail without putting yourself out of the game completely and learning something from it? have you dealt with all your past traumas, with how you feel about your parents and your ex girlfriend and your insecurities? I could go on and on here All these things need a mixture of study/theory and practical experience to be acquired at a good level of skill. And these are essential for living a great life. Because you need all these! Remember: Learning = behavior change If you don´t apply in real life the theory you took in, you´ve learned nothing As a suggestions for what to do next you might wanna watch leos wage slavery video Start doing Martial Arts Start cold showers Start contemplating your death Start your soul search, find something you can make your cause, and stick to it. Doesnt need to be for ever, but for now. It shouldnt be "because I can make the most money with it" but rather "because I would do it even if I dont get soo much money from it". And this search can take up your next 10 years if it has to, but start now! If you have no purpose for yourself, the system will create one for you. And that purpose will be. Get up - work - go home - dont break the law - pay taxes - get milked - get replaced
  4. @Actualizer777 How old are you? You need to consider how much you gonna change in the next 5 years. I mean literally, you will not even remember your paradigm from before college, once you are in college for a year and after you graduated you are a very different person. If I would go back to pre college, I would take a year off and just follow my interests. If that is working an online business, then go! But youre probably not gonna be financially independent in 6 months youre probably not gonna be so driven doing your business once you start college what would I do? Travel, read books, meet friends, form connection, build fundamental skills, work out, learn cooking, learn cleaning, learn discipline Believe me, you just started. You cant just look beyond your horizon, that doesnt mean there is not a infinite long road ahead. See you got so much time ______________________________________________ and so much things to do and learn and go to and meet and do whatever __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So what´s the secret? You start building fundamentals,you start soul searching, you get discipline and health FIRST Then you start building your life So many people try to live the lush life as long as they are young (which means the time in college basically) and then just get trainwrecked by the system and become drone workers for the rest of the day. Once you get older you will realize that you need to focus on something. That does mean you gotta drop other things and let them go. Because there is just to much to start. Its good to start a lot of things until lets say 25 to find your interests, but then you gotta become a master in a field, or atleast become excellent in 2/3 fields which synergize. If you dont get hired for your value you get hired for your time, and thats the capitalism version of slavery. We are still replaceable machine parts of the overall organization. See, do what no one is doing to get the results no one is getting. I know youre young and it is soo hard to go against the current, but thats the secret. Be smart and stop listening to anyone but your rational reasoning.
  5. Great video, watched it again and I see what you mean. To stick to the metaphor of the scale from the video. You begin the theory with a lot of theory and less practice and should end the journey with a lot of practice and no more theory.
  6. Everyone I meet is a lesson Everything I do is true or false or I trapped. Everything I own is present and actuality
  7. That is such an important lesson, not many people make it, try to go back to this realization in your mind every time you need to !
  8. I´m not saying theory is bad or not worth of studying, no in fact it is absolutely needed to actualize yourself. Why? Because society is so largely dysfunctional that humans growing up in it are largely dysfunctional. But then how can you live and theorize about living at the same time? There is only one. Once you´ve come to a certain point, that´s my believe, you will transcend all theory and bite the bullet of reality and just let loose and go.
  9. love you Nahm, great reply
  10. As the title points out, ALL theory is a trap. It is not actuality, its an escape. Its "Valuetainment". Its procastination. Imagine you are scared of playing soccer. Now what you do? You start investigating the field, study tactics on how to win, and study all your opponents and their history, what is their strong foot, in which corner to they aim most likely and so on. But have you actually played? No. You pet yourself on the head for being such an eager student of the material though. Unfortunately though (if youre name is not Leo Gura and your business is talking about what you´ve learned), then its USELESS. Noone is going to respect you for your knowledge. A leader is respected for the results he generates. When you start playing you´ll discover how hard it actually is. How many variables, how much chance and luck, how many barriers, how enslaved you are. And then it starts.
  11. @Yannik Mediations by Marcus Aurelius Book 1-5 or more
  12. 100%
  13. You didnt judge anyone, if you see because you´ve learned, then you see. But they dont see since they didnt learn. This can lead to evil. Envy or hate can get you in trouble. So the only thing that is the solution here is the following; assure yourself that nothing that ever happens to men is against nature.