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  1. Heyhey! Since Leo conversed to the pharma lobby I wanted to share some footage coming out of Pfizer sharing how the booster vaxx is neither a cure nor a vaccine, just a little antibody spiking experience against one protein of a virus But its billions of USD my ladies and gents. This video features hidden camera of Pfizer employees talking - very entertaining
  2. @Emerald what are you talking about? What a bizzare reply 😄
  3. @UNZARI Only way is to get metabolically healthy. Fatigue is fixable.
  4. -not medical advice- 1) If you can remove it surgically without losing organ function, I would do it (but this wont fix the problem, just help ) 2) Search cancer clinics in latin america 3) Read books on how cancer develops, what oxygen, & sugar have to do with it, how fasting and sugar deprivation can shrink tumors etc. (careful graphic) Check this liver metastasis, cancer is no joke
  5. I think it is about MASTERY Now, the definition of mastery will depend a little upon your SD stage / how you think. For me ,Mastery e.g. means the mastering of skills which bring me closer to God But I agree with you, I dont think a fortune 500 CEO in 2021 can be above yellow, as the contradictions between his values and the impact of his business diverges a lot. But as you grow in consciousness - it will be harder and harder to find something "clean". Should watch the society is a large abusive family video at the channel
  6. Tripping changes your consciousness permanently. BUT What you are experiencing is most likely your psyche trying to find back to homeostasis. Takes a while. From 2g mushrooms, you almost certainly did not shoot yourself out of here. So don´t worry, eat clean, stay healthy, excercise, journal. What you should do is take the time to properly integrate what you did experience and not rush back into "normalcy" Edit: Assuming you do not take any medication prior or post tripping such as SSRIs
  7. Lectins and tons of poly unsaturated fatty acid which go rancid under the heat of "making" the peanut butter + storage time. Causes inflammation and oxidative damage in the body, esp. in the gut. Should not turn your urine purple though, thats rather unusual
  8. When confronted by a pandemic of a painful, often injurious (long haul syndrome), and potentially deadly disease for which there is no existing early treatment, the responsible policy for a Public Health Agency is to issue an emergency use authorization for any promising drug with a good safety record, along with appropriate tentative cautions, and initially only to providers who participate in an effect-monitoring program. If positive results come in, the cautions can be relaxed and participation in the program can be expanded, along with hints about the best protocols. Any degree of effectiveness is a reason for expansion of the program; statistical proof of efficacy beyond a reasonable doubt is not needed at an early stage, but will come in time, given even slight effectiveness. Even inconclusive initial results justify continuing the program, as effectiveness may depend on the discovery, in practice, of the proper protocol. Only if no effective protocol eventually emerges should the program be terminated. It is an irresponsible policy that demands certainly before an EUA, because its delay condemns multitudes to certain discomfort, disability, and death in the interim. And also because even the supposedly best-run RCTs are fallible, due to their narrowness. The only downside of an authorize-and-observe policy is the potential embarrassment of the drug not working. But that loss of face comes with the territory of “battlefield medicine,” which encompasses Covid-medicine, where doing nothing is not an option. So the way this commentator frames the issue is all wrong. Given that none of the studies so far have found significant adverse effects, there is no justification for delaying an EUA for ivermectin. The downside of delay is disability and death. That ought to weigh more than the loss of a public health authority’s infallible social status. Who cares about that but the hubristic—who deserve above all to lose it. Quote from RogerKnights
  9. @integral Well, first of all kudos to you sir, hugely appreciate that you are helping her and below are just my suggestions written down in one go; Youre focusing her on the past which sucked, or the present which sucks. Do the whole Jordan Peterson Shenanigans. https://selfauthoring.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/Pdf/WritingBenefits.pdf She needs 1) a compelling vision for her future (age 20-25 where am I, what am I doing, how awesome can life be? How do I GET THERE NOW?) 2) What if I stay where I am? Stuck there? Get her motivated, make her strong instead of how sorry you feel for her horrible life. Thats not helpful. Buy her a diary book and let her write Get her school tutoring Find out if shes passionate about sports or drawing --> foster that ! It doesnt help her nickles when she "resolves all her trauma" but ends up like her mom with no job bcs no one told her she needs to do sh1t to improve. All the best dude!
  10. Btw I think were this post goes wrong is the age gap of participants. Your view on "dating" and the opposite sex etc. changes so dramatically between 16 to 30 that you´d laugh at your self two years ago and so it goes. So really when ppl argue here and one dude is 14 the other 22, it makes no sense, because the experience is so vastly different
  11. Lol Do you wear a collar too? Ridiculous statement. But a good laugh thanks
  12. @Zigzag Idiot Sure, that´s why scientists undertake control group studies in which under random selection, participants of the study either receive a sugar pill, or the medicine (Ivermectin) - and then the outcome for the patients is compared against the ones who were given the "placebo". In other words, If the medicine does not work, scientist see no clear difference in healing between the sugar pill and the medicine. Participants of course do not know if they were given the drug or a sugar pill. Over 32 such studies have been conducted on ivermectin, as you can see on the website Ive posted or the screenshot. Basically we both see in vitro (so ivermectin vs. virus in the lab) and in vivo (ivermectin vs. virus in a human) results indicating great benefits of early stage ivermectin treatment. Late stage results are poorer because c19 causes massive inflammation, which ivermectin can only partially does help with. Hope that cleared some of your questions up !
  13. @Anastas Sia Of course. But what I see happening is people who share medical, scientific or other information are getting banned from platforms under the veil of it being "hate speech and misinformation". (said it already, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine getting banned off linkedIn for sharing pubmed study). What I´m saying is, if everything can become mis-information or hate speech, because we do not clearly define, what it is or what it is not - we leave the door open for agencies to censor what they dont want out there, just using "oh it was hate speech and fake news" as the argument - and no one can really see if it was true or not. Clearly a pubmed study has nothing to do with gender rights. But today it is enough for major platforms to ban, email you "this was taken down because it violates mis-information policy" and that´s it. This is what I am not happy with, and neither should anyone - who does want to preserve a healthy freedom of information and free speech, which is essential for a healthy society imo.
  14. @Extreme Z7 lol what? So in no way ever did I say that - your accusation is groundless.. See what I did say was this: Its not my job to quote myself, could you read what I wrote before commenting on what I wrote? Makes sense right. Nice, next time say what you bet so I can give you my paypal. You really did not say anything new and every of the points you made could have been answered by reading what I, or others, wrote already. I already did say everything what I wanted to say so please is it possible you respect that I said Im not replying anymore? You only made me reply because you said I want people to yell "burn the gays" which is a horrible accusation, not in the slightest the truth, so I had to respond to this. Thank you for understanding.
  15. @FoolsGold A Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” An American proverb says: “The best time to buy Raytheon stock was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”