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  1. 1) SCREAM 2) Imagine your parents sitting next to you and tell them everything, all the shit they caused, all the trauma, tell them how you felt, cry, say fuck you and move on. If you feel like it, call them and say everything you just said to the imaginative person to the real one! 3) RUN, Start doing martial arts, start feeling your body. 4) Really look at your pathetic self in the mirror. If you are fat, say "Im fucking fat. Im a fucking pathetic fat fuck." See it! Stop hiding! Btw psychedelics are a great mirror 5) Realize that there is only one way you gonna start progressing. And that´s by pathetically trying. And when it doesnt work, find a way! Try something else or try it another way. There is no comfort and there is no one, no not your parents, not your boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/hamster whose gonna solve your problems. Why? Because the price of feeling good is to get problems solved. But I´m sick and ill... Yes you are! From fucking eating garbage and not moving for years. No matter what it is, better start trying to work on it now than later. There is no guarantee, but trying is your best bet.
  2. YES!! There is a saying in Russia " If 3rd husband hits face, its not husband, its face". You're have the doormat syndrome, so you attract abusers. If that´s the case, please read: Peace at any Price by Deborah Day Poor. Its gonna change your life. Here´s my alink to it https://amzn.to/2REoClN
  3. Yea I too think Dalio is quite developed. I mean being a hedge fund head for over 20 years makes you think doesnt it. Good book, youre on the right track. Why? Because you analyze yourself, you are not afraid of self reflection, thats very important.
  4. Daffico! 1. Nice move of you to call your friend, good job! 2. Congratulations! That is a chance to grow. How? Well 1) You gonna use alcohol more wisely from now on 2) you have a funny story to tell 2b. Judgements from your friends are tests if you are a man and can stand up for yourself. A good response to judgements would be something like: " Haha yes I know man I fucked myself up at that party, man I couldnt even remember half of that night, what a blow out. I´m not gonna do that again I can tell you." 3. Don´t think this is going to matter 6 months from now, so don´t worry. Your perspective is to narrow at the moment, but that is natural. Your friends are the most important things in your life at that age. Normal! Don´t let them bully you, show you are a man, that you have the balls to openly talk about your mistakes and move on. 4. You don´t stop feeling the bad emotions. Because the bad emotions are there for a reason! Use them to change your behavior for the better. Growth = Pain. Good Luck! If you want to talk about it more , write me a message.
  5. Its the same. How about you start changing yourself before changing the world
  6. If you Meal Prep healthy, have style, wake up early, work out, study hard, clean ýour stuff, read... you keep that going for half a year and you rocket science out of space. But honestly the meme should be named " Boys trying to please their parents by being successful in life, postponing midlife crisis until 30s". Man I found enlightenment in a club full of half naked people, because that´s where true wisdom is
  7. youre just some woke dude who took it to the next level and build himself
  8. lmao it becomes a trap if you stay to long!
  9. No offense but Joseph Maynor is the archetype of the trapped PD person,
  10. Update: Man what a ride. Im changing like crazy. Thanks for the advice given, "You wanna zoom out" is exactly what it is. See the systems in the world. Basically 2 Words of Advice I can give right now. (Perspective you speaking to yourself) 1. You have no idea what your potential is. 2. Don´t question me, Don´t write it down, Just do it. 3. Have fun
  11. feel you, love Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Personality psychology -- Question is, is it a trade which brings you do self actualization or is self actualization a interest which brings you towards psychology.
  12. The Psychological Significance of the Bible for free on Youtube by Jordan Peterson
  13. Jordan Peterson is one of the outstanding thinkers of our time. He is not misunderstood, it is the curse of our time that a thinker get spawned into the "public" eye and torn apart since "views" became ridiculous moneymakers with the internet age. This whole development has put a giant smokescreen burying his actual deep teaching. To be really honest with you, he derived freaking deep wisdom from the rationality which probably causes 90% of today's peoples rational atheism. He is Post-Nietzsche, and Post the Rationalismtrap and Post the wishywashy Post-Modernism. He is Post- "I couldnt stand my rational nihilism so I now do "spirituality" to not progress, but actually regress to a sort of "no-attachemet blue dogma spirituality". He is of deep wisdom about the truth. And he is so packed with actual practical logic, its outstanding. But again, being able to understand him takes consistent practice. Why people don´t do it? Because it takes consistent practice. Yes but of course it does! If you fly over random bit sized 5 min cut-offs you can forget understanding! How to do it properly: I recommend starting with his course "2017 - Psychology and its Transformations". Great course for students at all levels of their development. It is important that you now sit with your laptop or notebook and follow all the lectures! This takes time, each lecture is about 2 hours long and you might want to pause, and in some cases rewind a little too! Write down the most well articulated Note sheet you are able to. Taking Notes is a so much blindsided skill! You do not have to ever look at your Notes again, but maybe you will want to, if they are actually good! And that has a lot to do with making it in your unique and personal style. This course will be great for any human being who wants to understand more about himself and the world around him. Then do the same study practice for 2) 2017 - Maps of Meaning and 3) The Psychological Significance of the Bible. However, learning is not a 1 month mega monster JOJO diet. Because it is a lot, really a lot of input. Nevertheless, always stay consistent and relaxed. Do not rush into it trying to do everything in a month, or in three months. Consistence is the key. You will also understand this more when you start watching his second half of the course, which is about the Big5 Model of Personal Psychology. It helps you a lot if you have understanding of Joseph Cambell´s "The heroes journey", Maslows "Toward a psychology of being" and understand the rough direction of Freud, and Carl Jung. For Nietzsche, read him and then listen to what Jordan Peterson extracts out of his work. That alone will give you a hint of his mastery. I don´t want anything from you. We are fucking one, if you get this, you will know why I want to help you. Best, UDT
  14. 10/10 most yellow arse in the u.s
  15. Hey Maslow pyramid crawlers, Any resources to integrate yellow? I lived through green, now I party like green but re-organize my Journal and create systems for further development like yellow. Nah jokes aside, I am at this point where I need novelty, feel stuck, I have tier 2 thinking long time already, but instead of merely valueing excellence, I want to become a master.