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  1. I wanted to share this video with you, especially if you dont know what to do with your life, are feeling low and stuck. Its not motivational in any sense, its just a perspective you might enjoy.
  2. Next to the environmental issues, we by the way constantly poison ourselves with pesticides, herbicides and more. There is serious work to be done, one Elon Musk will not be enough to save earth it seems..
  3. In my view, LP is the only way. I might have some isssues Im unaware of, but when I picture 2/3s of my life in a cubicle doing meaningless work I think about living in a van or suicide. @Nahm Im not sure I understand what you mean with "isness" and, yes, I know what I desire but it seems unreachable.. Thats what kills my soul a little.. Question is, why do I have visions which are very unreachable, is it to have an unreachable carrot in front of my face, is it some type of shadow ?
  4. @John Mitchell Go to therapy and start working out. If youre 32, you are making a big mistake if you move back with your parents. Im telling you straight up. You can get rid of your anxiety and social problems in a year or two with adequate help. If you have time and resources, get yourself a coach, heck I can help you, to build your social life. You dont need your parents, you need a few friends and a girl. Moving back maybe is what your parents want, but thats very questionable. Are they lonely and need you? Think about that, why would they not encourage you to go out in the world. See most people are stuck because they have dreams but no skills and no money. You seem to be stuck because of your mind, but you have skills and money. Way better situation to be in.
  5. Yes but its with everything, you can lay the ground work (same as leo does it for spiral dynamics growth) but the click happens by itself. Iยดm basically teaching people about health education, thats what I found very meaningful. Because once youre healthy, creativity and expression flows way better.
  6. @Javfly33 Do you want to freelance to get some money and grow your portfolio? I'm looking for a dev (mostly back end stuff). Drop me a pn
  7. @bejapuskas Well creativity is in almost everything! There a dude who paints pictures in Excel. @SirVladimir I understand what youre saying but I don't get it! ๐Ÿ˜… See I know myself, I love moving, medicine, and music. And philosophy ofc. Getting deep insights. Going meta. But I need a job which doesn't kill my soul and brings some money. You know? If I had 100M$$ I would study medicine just out of interest, do martial arts every day and educate people on the internet about health or have my own gym/ wellness facility. But right now Im thinking about business strategic design jobs, because it's not so try and it would make money.. I mean Leo did performance marketing from his parents house in like 2008 that's his goldmine. We're not so fortunate here. I know the core concept never work for money again, and I quit a job because of that ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ But it's not easier.. I'd basically need money to just focus on studying like a monk and educating people for free, so that they are more healthy and make better life choices, buy better food, help themselves and help the planet.
  8. Im pondering the LP question for a long time since taking LP Course. For me it comes down to a) Understanding reality on its deepest levels, and especially understanding medicine, biology, chemistry and natural science basically. b) Creating things like music or businesses or designs for the sake of creation. Creation is like making love with god together if you know what I mean c) Exploring the capabilities of my phsyical body. Would you have a suggestion what careers make sense for this to master? @Leo Gura @Nahm Because my deep concern here is, that this is too wishy washy and not concrete enough. And I dont want to make the mistake to dabble. I also know its my job to find it, so I did. At this moment, Im kind of thinking about doing a job with business and design so I can explore medicine and my body on my spare time. But thats not really LP go for it, sounds more like a conservative choice. Thanks!
  9. Dude do your work out? Get into Muay Thai Classes, it will change your life.
  10. Sounds like a low metabolism to me. Especially when you got to sleep after carbs.
  11. @Raptorsin7 This is the craziest shit Ive heard Please hit me up when you publish
  12. I had this thought how spiral dynamics correlates with immigration, comfort and basically success in our orange society. Without going on a rant now, its basically 1st and 2nd generation immigrants chase the orange dream, become successful. Thats why all tech giants are full of indians (no racism intended) The Western World kids of middle class wealth then grow up with the comfort and it kills them from achieving independence from the system. Its about distraction with comfort until you are old and have no real skill and thus get stuck in the system. The hypothesis is really that early adversity is actually the key to success (and with success I mean happiness). The system tries to keep you sheeple for as long as possible, its a game against time. Keep them blind, let them waste their youth and adolescence and bam there you go, more factory workers. Do you agree?
  13. Haha Thanks I thought the same, left the whole scene in and got a copyright claim x)