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  1. I do not understand how this related to the topic of benefits received from the usage of Kambo + Hapéh? 0. To answer your take, there are those with higher I.Q's that are bartenders... Give me a break. 1. This morning I am so awake I don't need my Adderall or modafinil. I haven't even touched those yet. 2. Contemplation will not lead to a heighened sense of wakefullness. 3. I only know it's first principles. This aided in my understanding of the various routes of administration kambo has available. 4. Intoxicated speech has less of a threshold on what is or is not spoken. Be gentle to me in that regard. Apologies, if I upset or offended you, my friend. 5. I am a true seeker. I go deeper. Kambo is a great substance that many turn their noses to. My goal was to share my experience with others in relation to my values. Give it a try someday if your health allows for it. Whatever you take away from it is what you take away from it. 6. I portray myself as a silhouette, painted by Picasso. We all have mixed expressions of what is inside. Just move on to other posts unless you are serious about giving kambo a try + Testimony. 7. §adhguru took snake venom. That is up next on the list after Plugging #God§peed
  2. When I re-read what I wrote after reading what you wrote, I just died laughing ???
  3. Don't ejaculate for 7+ days, in Ketosis, using kambo after chelating #MentalAlchemy
  4. Same lol, from Jason capital's sexual tension course. He mentioned oshos stare and I fell down a steep rabbit hole!
  5. There were too many words my friend, and speaking less comes in handy. Don't hold high standards for me.
  6. ? relative to you, my friend. You are a walking, talking habit.
  7. I am at my house, keys inside the house, inside a push start vehicle, loll. I am not tripping since it is not a psychedelic!!! Dude, Stay mindful I was on kambo during my replies. Notice how different they are from my other posts on this forum lol.
  8. Already killed 'The "self"'!
  9. Still tweaking off it ! *Update: got 13 numbers last night. Updated my attire, have 7 insta dates lined up with beautiful women. My fucking verbal were so incredible. I was making jokes and saying the right thing every time. Girls were crowding around me everywhere I went. I would just do indirect approaches and get people nearby involved until I had a Group of people talking. Kambo is a tool I love and reccomened. I did 1 dot this time. The dot was powerful... I had no anxiety.
  10. Loll you are a comedian.
  11. HahahahahhHHHH
  12. I did 2 dots and then administered kambo nasally and this vibe was the result!
  13. I am not sniffing it... Just rubbing it. They do have kambo powder snuff which is done by taking the kambo stick and turning the gel into a powdered form. I have insane amounts of wakefullness. I never do large doses and I perform sapo because the 2L of water is what makes you sick. It's stupid to drink that much water in my opinion. Just blinds you to its consciousness inducing abilities. This guy is an idiot. They are all being stupid. Don't promote ignorant people. I have done many dots without puking. Rapé is not used for purging. It is a shamanic tobacco snuff. Has high amounts of nicotine in it. It gives you a crazy nic buzz grounding you even further. It is amazing bc I get zero withdrawls from Rapé! I am doing it often. I must understand these profound claims. Hamilton morris was a fool for doing it only once. In the video he even mentions "I should have done it nasally" : AT **9:10** HAMILTON MORRIS EVEN SAYS IT SO NO IT IS NOT JUST ME LOL! I prefer it over alcohol anyday!
  14. Only if you take large doses the very first time. Like nicotine sickness. People have a mindset that it is a psychedelic and take more than they can tolerate, then complain after the fact.
  15. I am definitely making that as my number one priority for tomorrow. It would probably be ridiculous since it can be absorbed by nasal it must rectally. Would you ever have an interest in trying kambo?