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  1. Does anyone have an idea how i can overcome the need to swallow when im nervous or anxious? It happens to me when im around people whom i care what they think of me, or when i feel intimidated by high value people or attractiv women. Any idea?
  2. Wow very interesting. Thanks Actually when i think about it, i also experienced getting mocked by men, not because i was attracted to them, but because i think they didnt like to witness my weak spots as if they were afraid to be associated with that.
  3. Hey guys i often get mocked by women who feel that im kinda attracted to them, while i feel insecure and not very confident, or more like when im just trapped thinking about how to behave or what to say in order to get liked. The mocking shows itself in very subtle passive aggressive attacks, such as apeing what i say for example. I dont know if this is a real thing that women do. I wonder if it is them just reacting to that uptight vibe, or if they want to shame me because they feel dishonored, that such a cheap looser thinks he could get her.?? or am i just psychotic and my mind makes this all up, because im in a very poor state, that goes hand in hand with self-sabotaging patterns? Does anyone experience that too? Thanks
  4. i have gone through dark times like u explain them too. i didnt have to go to the psychiatry. im really glad, i was horrified of the psychiatrists......
  5. Wow this is truely moving!!! Thanks for sharing
  6. A clown can call out a kings bullshit, because he is not being taken serious. I used to be the clown in my high school years, it was funny but in the end i often felt shallow and sad. But i guess as long as u can maintain a healty balance it is very freeing and healthy. This phenomena has been known for a long time.
  7. Lately I’ve been going out sometimes. I notice often that girls are interested/attracted to me, but then as soon as I somehow start talking to them they lose interest. I think it is because, my confidence drops as soon as I interact with them, because I really feel how my energy gets stuck and I move into my head. In these situations I than stop investing to much effort in her and continue dancing, which than makes me feel more lose and confident again, leading to that I somehow feel or notice, that she’s getting interested again. Once I was out with a group of people and I notice one girl being attracted to me, we went on from one place to another until everyone except us left. Then in the end when I tried to get closer to here and kiss here she resisted and didn’t want to kiss, so I finally said “well then I guess I leave” which made her curious that she asked me where I would go. It felt like she was asking because she wanted to find out if she would miss out on me, if I would be focusing myself on other girls. I told her that I would go home, she then said ok and we separated. Am I conceit or is this common? My question now is if anyone here experienced something like that too. Also im not sure if I overestimate the extent of my own perception about her being attracted or not…