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  1. It is Total enlinghtenmment what I am challenging here not partial or some feelings or awareness. Intelegi Codrina ?
  2. This video explains better, you can just have glimpses, not total enligtenment. That brings up the question if otman is brahman, or we are God . Are we ? We cannnot know that because in the moment we know we are not existing anymore. So if we are not exisiting then there is not a WE who is presumend to be God. In the sentence "I am God" the words "I" and "God" are mutualy exclusive. They can't be put in the same sentence. "I am made of God" or "I am a son of God" or "God made me" are more accurate. If I were God and tried to tell people this , I would literally say just "I am". This if fucking creepy since I dont buy Christianity.
  3. If some individual claims that he has been subject to a total enlightenment, like Buddha claimed, then how come that he remembers ? If total enlightenmnet assume ego death, then who has been the subject of that experience ? How come that the same person can say anything when he was not even in existence during the experience ? Why he remembers something from a time in which he was not existing at all ?
  4. Hi, I wonder if anybody here managed to complete the exercises in the book Course in Miracles. It is on Leo's list with 5 stars of 5. My question is , is it worthy? How you feel aboutt the book? Is it genuinly inspired by God? Does it make you do some progress? I am asking because I am having some doubts, maybe ego backlash, so the community's opinion might help me trust more this book. On the other hand, I am asking because it is written there that the answer will come from Holly Spirit.
  5. What's that a "pokemon" ? and "hp" ? I know what a "sadghuru" is.
  6. This is not materialism as it is understood hereabout. Materialism goes much more deep than this. What you experience is a very common weakness that every human being has. I have it, and it has manifested as me willing to posses from phones to cars, motorcycles , clothes and even big house. Useless to say that I am not happier than before anything of those. By contrary, I want more or bigger everything. In my opinion there is just one solution to it. KNOW about it. Be aware that what is happening is just your delusion. You know it, but you will still can't stop going for it. Simply put, go and experience this weakness of yourself, buy things, but know that they are only delusions, accept them and, why not, have fun with them. God wants you to experience whatever you can. He needs that experience. Why would He spent a lot of effort in creating this world of abundant opportunities if "we" wouldn't benefit from them ? Because "we" are "He".
  7. @Aquarius I am replying to this thread
  8. @Leo, what is this video about?
  9. you wait for God ? Really ? Wait to do what ? Or in what sense ?
  10. You are saying that God is trying to make a better existence ? Have I understood right ?
  11. Sorry, I don't understand what you said. Must be my limited experience in English. Make what better ?
  12. Meaning that before even the boots were made, there had been existing the idea of walking. What idea existed before world came into existence ? None, because that idea would have been a world. But there was never "before" anyway. That's why intelligence is a no no. It implies the existence of a prior thought of God at least. A thought is a world, or a dream if you want. It is a catch 22. Have you ever come across the Zen ideas that this world has no purpose, or intention ? It just is.
  13. @now is forever See ? We tend to attribute God (or infinity, or consciousness <-- @Joseph Maynor) with human understandable concepts. If some of concepts like love, care, goodness might have some sense, intelligence is out of order. In my opinion the single most appropriate human term attributable to God is "will".
  14. Still you used human terms to describe God. Why? You sound like a Christian reciting the creed. No ofense.