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  1. Hi there. My working memory doesn't work well. When I'm trying to articulate my thoughts, I find it very difficult. I just can't think properly. I'm blocked. ADHD is a serious issue because ADHD is correlated with poor working memory. Executive functions just don't work properly in a person with ADHD. When I'm trying to retain information, I find it difficult as well. Is there a cure for ADHD? I struggle every day to develop my social skills. I want to be able to articulate understanding.
  2. Hello. I recently saw this video about infinite love. As I kept watching it, I started to understand the motives behind God's creation. Even if I'm not fully conscious yet, I get the idea of creation itself and why it exists. If any of you watched this video about awareness, do any of you remember when Leo said that 99% of self-actualizing people will forget about awareness? I'm happy to announce that I'm being mindful everyday and I'm still a life-long learner; I will always be. The reason I mention this is because as I practice mindfulness daily and as I meditate every single day, I'm starting to see and understand what awareness is. I'm starting to see the deceiving mechanisms of the mind and how the mind tries to trick you with thoughts & fantasies, just to keep the EGO alive. I'm starting to see the difference between 'mind and consciousness'. Something clicked. I felt it. Anyway, the reason I started this topic is to ask and find out if praying to God works? And I'm not referring to the God of the Bible. What would happen if I close my eyes and start praying to God for wisdom? What would happen if I close my eyes and start praying to God with a extra-powerful belief that He would give me anything I'm asking for? E.g: consciousness, discipline, absolute truth and trust in myself. Would God hear my prayers? Would God respond to me as a smaller, inferior and limited being? I was wondering if it's possible to communicate with God. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Hello. I'm still going through episodes of depression as a result of raising my consciousness by practicing meditation. Some people claim depression is a mental illness. It's hard for me to believe that. Is depression a mental illness? Really? On the other hand, in this video, @Leo Gura mentioned that meditation is not all rainbows and butterflies. He's right. He also mentioned that 'bad moods' as a byproduct of meditation are signs of growth. So... What's the purpose of depression? Why am I depressed? Why am I having feelings of meaninglessness? Am I having all those negative emotions because they were in my psyche and now my own mind is getting purified by meditation? Am I having all those "bad" feelings and negative emotions because the ego is overwhelmed by the process of growing my consciousness? What's actually happening here? I'm still pretty confused.
  4. Hello. Before I start, I want to make it clear that all the information I'll be listing here comes from sources like CNN, Politico, New York Times, The Washington Post, and BBC News. Even though I consider the following news organizations to be legit, I'll avoid posting information from sources like Fox News, New York Post, OANN, and Breitbart because I don't want to be called a far-right conspiracy theorist. I want you to be satisfied with the sources and get to the bottom of this. Beyond that, I don't want you to believe that I'm somehow against the Chinese people. I just wish them well and I want to see the Chinese people living in a free country. Here's some data from a BBC News article on China: I've repeatedly told you folks about the dangers of the Communist Chinese Party. The information above proves that my concerns about the irregularities of the Chinese government are valid. More from BBC News: I would like to know your sincere thoughts on this topic. What can we do to prevent such a powerful state from abusing our God-given human rights? Will we be able to prevent them from imposing their communist system in the Western world? And nonetheless, do you consider the Chinese Communist Party a danger to the free world?
  5. For the crime of having a different opinion, Mike Lindell has just been banned from Twitter. Several retailers have also stopped selling his products today, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls and Kroger. When you support freedom of speech, you are no longer allowed to speak. Those are the new rules now. I can't believe this is happening.
  6. You're just labeling people. Mike Lindell is simply a conservative businessman. Would you like to be censored? Would you like to have your business shut down in an instant? Dennis Prager warned us about the broken moral compass of the Western world, which took place in the last hundred years. I don't see any conservatives asking for censorship or the removal of social media accounts.
  7. @Leo Gura, how about people like Governor Andrew Cuomo, forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes? Do you know anything about his horrific measures in response to COVID? Our elderly were the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and Governor Cuomo did it anyway. It was inhumane. How about the other left-wing governors who did the exact same thing and had to change their trajectory when they finally realized their blunders? I don't believe the Republicans were the ones who killed tens of thousands of people needlessly with "their handling of COVID-19".
  8. Helle. I've stumbled upon a great column published in the Reason newspaper. It's an interview with Glenn Greenwald, a left-wing journalist who wanted to sound an alarm on the Bush-Cheney administration and the Obama administration. Here's an excerpt from the story. I would like to know your thoughts on Glenn's opinions and what can we do about those irregularities. I believe he's pointing out the facts.
  9. According to The Week: The Western world is so prosperous precisely because of the family unit. I wish it weren't true but it is in fact true, and reality doesn't tell me otherwise. There are problems in marriage, of course, but those problems have everything to do with human nature and the character of a person. You can't blame a concept like marriage or external circumstances for your problems. "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it." ― Eckhart Tolle Tolle is right. When I speak with people who have successful marriages, they always tell me that a marriage must be balanced with space. They get involved in making the marriage work. There's no such thing as a successful marriage without input from both partners. Marriage is a noble sacrifice for the purpose of raising children and the perpetuation of your civilization. If it crumbles, social stability is impossible. Although I pretty much value the concept of marriage, I respect the right of every individual when he chooses not to get married.
  10. Because it resonates with them? I wouldn't assume that they're objectively right just because the majority here chooses to listen more to left-wing journalists. The many answers on the topics of this great forum.
  11. Reality. Because they can. Because they want? It's their choice, obviously. I respect their choices.
  12. I have a lot of respect for people who love liberty. I also have a lot of respect for those who embrace the family unit. There's nothing wrong with embracing those values. You're not evil if you build your own family. You're not a bad person if you believe in freedom of speech. In terms of Spiral Dynamics, you can be at the highest level and still have your own family and believe in freedom of speech.
  13. With all due respect, it's useless to give you an answer as long as you truly believe what CNN and MSNBC tell you. On the other hand, I highly recommend you to read the article I mentioned above, the interview with Glenn Greenwald, A LEFT-WING JOURNALIST who tells us openly about the dangers of the Biden administration. You might wanna listen to a wise, left-wing journalist since you dismiss everything I'm saying. I gave up arguing with you guys; it's simply counterproductive.
  14. From my understanding, your question insinuates that I'm disturbed by the left or something like that. Perhaps you could ask it differently, without implying something that's not actually true. I'm conscious of the fact that there are many good people on the left. As a classical liberal, do I like seeing the left lambasting the conservative side, projecting all their hate and neurosis 24/7 on CNN or MSNBC?
  15. I'm horrified when I see how broken the moral compass of the Western world is. This video tells everything and it's FASCINATING: Conservatives are never the enemy. They never were. They aren't racists or authoritarians. It's simply not true what you see on CNN or MSNBC. Most people who own businesses in America are conservatives. They are also the ones who have families and children and take part in the middle class. I was stunned when I found out that most businesses in America are owned by traditionalists, also known as conservatives. These are hard-working people. America is doing so well precisely because of the right side. They are the building-block of American society. I believe in freedom, having a family, a business, and faith in God; the cornerstone of civilization. Without those values, everything crumbles. I know it because I've been reading history books and comprehended what happens in communism or nazism. Or what happens in societies that never seek to build moral civilizations. It's not bad to be a moral individual as long as you understand your dark side, also known as your shadow. "There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them." ― George Orwell We should be proud of Western civilization, the only civilization in the world that abolished slavery. Ludwig van Beethoven tells us that we are unique. We should cherish everything good about the West and the progress it has made.
  16. "Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it." - Thomas Sowell "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." - Thomas Sowell My theory on "why are people craving Socialism" is the following: those who can't take care of themselves will always rely on someone else's money. They might be having a mental health issue, health problems, or be physically incapacitated. I believe in Socialism only if you're not able to work, in the sense that you're in a wheelchair or fighting a deadly disease. You get what I'm saying. On the other hand, if you're truly capable of changing yourself to be able to work, you shouldn't be qualified to receive money from the government. You might be an old man, over 70 years old. I'm in favor of pensions. Other than that, don't give healthy people money; it will be their most powerful addiction. It will make them lazy and unproductive. It's addictive to get a government check, or better said, the money you haven't earned. It's not that important but I'll say it. Before embarking on the self-actualization journey, I remember having not only mental health issues but physical health problems as well. I didn't have enough energy for life's daily tasks. Just to brush my teeth or wash my dishes seemed an impossibility, compared to an effort like having to climb the Everest mountain. I was so discouraged, telling myself often: "You're a disgusting human being. You're not capable of anything. Why is it that so many people are in shape while you can't even give up on sugar?" I hated myself. I wanted to get support (correctly) from the government because I wasn't able to deal with the challenges of daily life. I believed in Socialism. And all of that because of my problematic childhood. I grew up in an environment with a depressed, emotionally distant, cold mother in combination with an alcoholic, extremely violent father. Imagine what I was going through as a child. I grew up being moderately depressed without even knowing it. It's ironic, isn't it? After studying @Leo Gura's work (I'm grateful to Leo) and implementing a daily meditation habit, I got temporarily worse. It was a painful purification process. But eventually, I overcame my depression and I started to eat healthier, increasing my energy levels substantially. Now I'm better than ever, having a great job, being present, diligent, and productive. I'm no longer in favor of Socialism because I know what it does to people. I know the impact Socialism has on their lives. It's no joke! People should be liberated through self-actualization, as a government check will make their situation worse and perpetuate their own problems. A government check can stifle your development as a human being. I'm glad I didn't take money from the government.
  17. Candace Owens announced she is filing a lawsuit against Facebook fact-checkers who flagged one of her posts as "misinformation": "It is time to fact-check the fact-checkers,” Owens said in a video posted to her Twitter account. “I’m going to put these suckers through discovery and figure out what the relationship it is that they have with Facebook." Here's a video she just posted on Twitter: What is going on here?
  18. I'm not against vaccines, but I'm afraid to take this one.
  19. For those on the left, Big Tech is not your friend. They might project the illusion that they're on your side when in fact, they're not. Big Tech only cares about power. Their goal is to become much powerful than the government. In some sense, Big Tech is much powerful than the government itself. Big Tech must be regulated by the government. What they did to President Trump is simply unacceptable. It doesn't matter if you're a conservative or a leftist. We have to agree on certain principles.
  20. Hello. I would like to know your thoughts on this topic. It's a really interesting conversation since Glenn Greenwald is a leftist and stands up for free speech.
  21. It's a free society. In a free society people take risks. Just like you leave your house; you could be hit by a car or a terrible earthquake could happen and die as a result. Life is seriously not safe. Just make sure you're not driven by hate when you make a point against Capitalism. Try to understand why you're against Capitalism. I was against Capitalism as well. I hated those who have lots of money. I thought that society was so unfair and that the game was rigged by those at the top. Then I took responsibility for my own life and embarked on the self-actualization journey. I got a job and I saw how hard it is for my boss to maintain the business. He was constantly stressed, constantly working. Non-stop, dude. When I saw what's behind a business, I started to have respect for those who own a business. They work even harder than an employee. Believe me. I just observed this by myself. I'm not embracing Capitalism through ideological theories but by my own remarks and observations. You should judge objectively, not through Karl Marx or other people that have no practical skills in the real world. You might be inteligent and capable of thought abstraction but that doesn't really matter in a practical world. Wisdom matters more.
  22. Do you know what I'm completely driven by? @Leo Gura's way of writing. I'm imitating him a lot. I'm developing my communication skills properly and hopefully, someday I'll surpass Leo regarding this matter. That's why I'm driven by, not political ideology or a toxic life purpose. I'm about to go to work now and I'll put myself in the present moment all day. I'll observe my own mind consistently; when it'll wander, I'll pull my attention back and continue to observe it. Have a wonderful day guys! We'll talk tomorrow. God bless you!