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  1. or Which of Leo's Videos I should Watch? I think I should just watch whatever, I need, in the Present Moment. Thats How Growth Happens Thanks
  3. never mind I got it.. thanks for the energy.
  4. Impress me, and tell me what You Know.. Really..
  5. If You Think, you wanna 'escape' this forum.. Chances are, you are addicted.. from what I know.. the thing you're addicted to satisfies, 3 or more of your Needs.. So Identify those Needs.. and Let them Go, or Fix them.
  6. @Eternal Unity No, Don't Offer Advice, Just Shut Up, and Listen. Acceptance, is key. Watch Leo's Old Videos.
  7. Hey Oranges How are you? So as the title suggest, I will give a couple, only a couple, of FREE, Advice. What Do You Really Want? Let me guess.. Ahaaaa You Really Just Want Money, isn't it? okay.. Why Do You Want it?
  8. Leo! Is It Safe to talk about my superhuman abilities??
  9. Yeah, I figured out what I need to do, thanks to "our" ferrari Mind.. I just gotta do Stage Turquoise shit, to install the wisdom from Mind to Body. If you really want that, go study something called quantum linguistics. it's the same thing that they use in hypnotherapy.. --- @UDT Thanks! Yeah, I'm Doing Transformation Coaching.
  10. What I Love the Most about Stage Yellow is my Ability to Learn Extremely Fast, it's just a matter of "what do I really want" to learn Now.. So Feel Free to Tell me Anything You Would like me to Learn,, perhaps Teach you it after..
  11. How old are you? I heard a Turquoise Guru saying there happens a transformation for someone, every around 20 years or something like that.. I was born Green, at 21y.o. I reached Yellow,, what I mean is, you'll reach yellow really easy, don't worry about it, Just keep doing what your doing! I love that. <3
  12. there is a course in Dubai, I find Really Powerful in turning Green to Yellow DM me for its Name..
  13. I recently Realized I Reached Stage Yellow I'm wondering how many Yellows are in this Forum? and How Do You Think I Could Utilize My Ability to the Best? Thanks!
  14. I think Solipsism Shouldn't be talked about.. Its true, but it shouldn't be talked about.. It just ruins "The Show".. So.. If you Get it (Solipsim).. Keep it to yourself, or go to a hypnotherapist to make you forget it
  15. Music. Songs do it for me Guys if you're reading this. I am only here for you to see that I had a problem and I'm solving it by myself in no time. I'm replying to myself, and you might think I'm crazy . Crazy Solved his problem tho . Done. If I can do it. You can too. Do it. Now. Solve that shit you want to solve.. Thats Right. Admins, Feel Free to Close/Lock this topic.