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  1. Leo, did you see this coming?
    Leo, did you see this coming?
    Not in the slightest.
    But I did have a powerful vision for my life, I was very ambitious, and I was following my heart. Which is really all that matters.
    You are young. You've got many years to put all of those things in place. Obviously don't waste time sitting around on your ass, but don't panic either.
    Right now what you're missing is hope and faith in your vision.
    Vision is useless if you don't have rock-solid faith in it. You need to train yourself to believe in it. Visualize it every day with a hopeful vibe. Do not visualize it pessimistically, negatively, full of fear. That is terrible. That is counter-productive.
    Holding a big vision is not easy. It is scary. Your mind will not believe it is possible. I used all sorts of mind programming techniques to reinforce my vision and overcome various doubts. But the most important thing is HEART! You must have HEART! That is what carries you through everything. Your life purpose must be non-negotiable. You are doing it no matter what. There should be no option for failure because you already know there is nothing else you'd rather do.
    There will hundreds of doubts in this journey. You have to really cultivate hope. Not in luck, but in your hard work. Your vision will get actualized through honest labor.
    And remember, a big vision requires lots of patience. You don't need to be Buddha by next month. Recalibrate your exceptions and split your vision up into smaller chunks, so you are not evaluating your progress based on whether you are like Ralston or Buddha. That may not happen for 40 years. And that's okay, you don't need that to enjoy your life.

  2. Facebook stalking
    Facebook stalking
    This is all a problem of low self-esteem.
    Do 1 year of Nathaniel Branden's self-esteem exercises from his books. That's the solution.
    Also more self-love. Watch some of Matt Kahn's self-love videos. She's all about helping women with low self-esteem. You gotta learn to love yourself.
    Psychedelics can help you realize how beautiful you are. You are literally a Goddess after all! I never love myself more than when I'm on a psychedelic.
    What your ego is trying to get from you bf is pseudo-love. And it will never work. Never! You will always be left feeling incomplete. You must have a spiritual awakening to the fact that YOU ARE LOVE! Give yourself the love you want him to give you. It's very counter-intuitive.
    It's impossible to not be beautiful when you realize you are the whole universe.
    And by completing all the above your bf will respect and love you more. But it won't even matter at that point because you will already have loved yourself.

  3. High consciousness therapist?
    High consciousness therapist?
    There are many different universities and programs. You can certainly find universities which teach positive and transpersonal psychology.
    Life coaching or hypnotherapy is another option.
    Hell, you could become a psychic and get clients through Yelp (assuming you had psychic abilities). I know a psychic couple who charge $200/hr for healing.
    The more woo-woo you get, the more you'll have to run your own shop, which means learning biz and marketing skillz. But that can be super rewarding.

  4. Truth For Truth's Sake Is A Load Of BS
    Truth For Truth's Sake Is A Load Of BS
    @stevegan928 Actually top motivational psychologists have examined the issue and concluded that there is in fact strong evidence for a truth drive distinct from drives for power and pleasure.

  5. A Journey to Anywhere
    A Journey to Anywhere
    I tried this guided meditation after reading this and got a Night Fury!!!!

    In all seriousness though, this was one of the best "fuck it, why not?" experiences I've had recently.

  6. nothing to regret
    nothing to regret
    just dropping it here.

  7. 2017 in review, or why I no longer need
    2017 in review, or why I no longer need
    To understand 2017, you must understand the years before that.
    2014 - SURVIVE
    It was the year that I had athletics ripped away from my life
    It was the year that I saw my parents get divorced
    It was the year that I had my grades plummet, at the time ruining what I thought were my chances for a good career
    It was the year that I broke up with, at the time, the love of my life
    It was the year that I thought life was meaningless, the world was meaningless, and that I was meaningless
    It was the year I almost killed myself 
    2015 - WAKE UP 
    It was the year that I began following
    It was the year that I invested in the reading list
    It was the year that I invested in the life purpose course
    It was the year that I began  to watch every single video I could.
    It was the year that I was getting ready to finish college and began experimenting with my own business ideas
    It was the year that I was just beginning to wake up to a better life.
    It was the year that I truly began to explore the nature of consciousness.
    It was the year that I experimented with psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and several monster doses of 5-meo DMT
    It was the year that I created a 5-meo-DMT neurofeedback protocol 
    It was the year that I studied under zen masters like Brad Warner, Doshin Roshi, and Peter Ralston
    It was the year that I discovered who I really was on an existential level (THAT)
    It was the year that I recognized the importance of personal values. 
    It was the year that I began to understand the nature of true contemplation.
    It was the year that I began to figure out a real vision for my life beyond just money or power
    It was the year that I began writing my thoughts down religiously
    It was the year that I began to realize that its possible to have abiding, joy and love for oneself -- and truly grasp what that feels like. 
    2017 - PLANT THE SEEDS
    It was the year that I earned better life by embodying my self-derived philosophies
    It was the year that I got comfortable with Not Knowing. 
    It was the year that I doubled down on the importance of taking 100% responsibility 
    It was the year that I got a perfect score on the MCAT after 550 hours of study
    It was the year that I competed on American Ninja Warrior and Broken Skull Challenge
    It was the year that I worked as a photographer then a cognitive neuroscientist and now a professional videographer 
    It was the year that I began seeing out of the eyes of yellow, then turquoise, and now Coral
    It was the year that I cleaned my room each morning, slayed my dragons each night, and saved the girl in the long run.
    It was the year that I began dating a turquoise woman (and my fucking god it's so much better than dating someone at lower level.)
    It was the year that I began waking up everyday excited to know that I could die that day
    It was the year that I realized that life = happiness
    It was the year that I realized that love = a behavioral commitment to raising the quality of a being, no matter what and for no particular reason
    It was the year that I quit sugar
    It was the year that I quit the porn, masturbation, orgasm cycle
    It was the year that I quit sleeping in
    It was the year that I  finally understood what 'take 100% responsibility' meant on an existential level.
    It was the year that I finally became 100% financially independent.
    It was the year that I realized that ultimately everything we do is an attempt to recreate joy in our lives as an expression of love for our life, the people around us, and the world itself.
    It was the year that I realized that all work, all development, all things come down to simply loving oneself unconditionally and seeing yourself, the world, and everyone as perfect yet still able to get better. Perfection is a process of improvement, not an end goal.
    It was the year that I realized that there's no proof, no contemplation, no lover, no teacher, no exercise, no psychedelic, no practice, no accomplishment, no thing at all that can make you love yourself or show you why you love yourself because unconditional love is unconditional.
    It was the year that I realized that nothing can take away the fire of unconditional love that lies at my very core because everything that would try to take away that fire would just be more of that fire itself.
    It was the year that I realized that this is not some teaching and that any explanation of the above is useless, as seeing, feeling, and being the fire that burns is an experiential thing that goes beyond all talk and all philosophy yet is available at all times.
    It was the year that I realized that that is enlightenment. That conscious existentence is itself just a ride meant to show you the strength of that fire and that such existence is enlightenment thus everything you have ever consciously experienced is itself enlightenment and the entire universal consciousness of all things possible in all times in all possible realms is enlightenment.
    It was the year where I stopped trying to become enlightened because I AM. (Then again, if you're on this forum I can basically guarantee that you're not mentally ready enough to appreciate what it means to stop trying. So don't listen to 99.999% of the fools who parrot the words 'stop trying to become enlightened' --- It's only through all of the trying and all of the struggle that you'll even begin appreciate why it is that there's nothing to try for when it comes to loving yourself and the world for being perfect yet capable of getting better. So give it your best, do absolutely everything you can, and then you'll get that all you have to do is see that you've been perfect this whole time. To skip straight to the end ruins the fun; there's no shortcuts when there is no path.)
    It was the year that it became normal for me to cry out of pure joy while living everyday life. 
    It was the year that I could truly say I no longer need although its nice to visit every once in a while.
    What about 2018?
    The theme for this new year:
    So thanks, @Leo Gura
    I'd like to chat with you about some very interesting ideas I had regarding spiral dynamics levels past turquoise. I genuinely believe I can help you with the new level, as its part of my own life purpose to get a minimum of 100 men and women to Coral before I die. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet who could help you with this, as no one else understands enough about spiral dynamics and is high enough to help you. 
    P.P.S. for anyone else curious
    The difference between Turquoise and Coral has a lot to do with facing death everyday through some form of BODYMIND practice like martial arts, big wave surfing, or extreme hiking, That is, whereas Turquoise faces death form the perspective of the MIND BODY as by psychedelics or meditation, coral level people face it in a "physical" sense from the perspective of the BODYMIND. So whereas I might place Ramana Maharshi at Turquoise, I would place Bruce Lee at Coral because Bruce Lee can understand everything RM is talking about regarding consciousness, but RM won't recognize everything Bruce Lee might talk about regarding moving his body toward an opponent. Both have experienced death from the MINDBODY perspective (deep meditation), but Bruce practices death from the BODYMIND perspective (a rear-naked chokehold, for example) and thus Bruce is at a higher level. 
    Moreover, the levels past Coral are bad ass versions of the lower tier levels, but they can only be accessed once one gets down to the physical embodiment of one's philosophy as by Coral level thinking. I know you know that, but the actual vision of what it looks like is the key here and that is what I'd like to talk to you about over Skype (there are body language nuances that I won't be able to convey through text). 

  8. TJ Reeves talks about how to embody stages of spiral dynamics.
    TJ Reeves talks about how to embody stages of spiral dynamics.
    In the latest video of TJ Reeves, he talks about how to embody stages of spiral dynamics. I will start again with embodying Beige because I suck at managing my body and mind. I didn't even properly embody Red and Blue, either. I suck at Orange and Green, too! Start over from the beginning again. I'll master each stage before moving up.
    Beige // Survival Sleep for 7~8 hours a day Exercise for 30 minutes at least 4-5 times a week. Otherwise, your body will shut down, and you become depressed Eat right // Cut sugar out of your diet. Your liver cannot process a lot of sugar. NoFap // NoFap increases the level of testosterone which is needed for accomplishments Breathing // Mouth breathing can lead to bad sleep and dementia and low intelligence Meditation // You need to warm up your mind with meditation in the morning before you start work Purple // Magical thinking, tribalistic thinking It occurs while you rely as a toddler on your family and traditions in order to survive. You need good relationships with your mother and your father. You need a minimum of 5 friends who meet the following 3 criteria They must support you when you are doing well They must be able to listen to you when you are doing poorly They must be able to understand you. If they cannot understand you, they are not appropriately your friend. They are nice to have around, but they are not friends. Without appropriate traditions, appropriate schedules, and appropriate rituals, you will be living in a lot of chaos. Red People are afraid of unhealthy aspects of Red, but healthy red is essential. Red is heroic. Without healthy red, you cannot become a world leader or the person you can be. Without red, you will be a weakling. Red is where we get heroic gods and people who go for more and those individuals who are crazy enough to test the limits at all times. A red person doesn't care at all about varying from one's values and principles. One sticks to them. If you are passive, you will allow bullshits in our society to run rampant. Red is focused on aligning the course it want to be with the course it is on until there is no gap between the two. Red works toward the ability to create what it wants to create without having it backfire. Blue Blue is most about having principles and values for the greater whole. It is a code of ethics for how you work and act. 5 principles and values that will not fail you, no matter the context Love // Love is empowerment through connection to God. if you are not operating out of love, you are probably not taking the right action Love is infinitely powerful. Yet, the limitations we place on ourselves are also infinitely powerful. We need to eliminate limitations one by one. Honesty and truth // Truth will set you free and help you. Speak truth at all times. It takes healthy red because it takes saying some mean things sometimes. A sense of groundedness It is a principle on having principles. Groundedness means you are operating from a place where no outside factors will be changing your overall mindset. It is also about establishing and sticking to disciplines and practices for yourself to be the best version of yourself. You take them seriously to take advantage of your time, energy, mind, and all these different habits that allow you to build up skillsets neccesary to become a master in your own life. Openness One sticks to one's principles at all time such that one is open-minded. True skepticism is being skeptical of one's own skepticism. True openmindedness seeks greater knowledge and greater awareness at all times. Never numb yourself in any way, shape, or form. No numbing with drugs, sex, relationships, TV, books, and so on. Orange Orange is a rational-based mindset. When you unlock Orange, you unlock the ability to see things through cold pure observational calculation which is a great ability to unlock. If you don't have the other levels in a healthy way, then you are only going to see things through a rational mindset. You're going to end up as an athiest and with stupid issue of free will. We need healthy Orange because healthy Orange is able to operate within Blue-level rulesets to carry out Red-level power. Money is fucking important. It's your fucking obligation to make as much money as possible. Create your own business, master skillsets, go after achivements and wins, be proud of achivements, and strive for progress and betterment. Healthy Orange can create so many win-win situations. To deny it is simply ridiculous. To deny it is to leave yourself in a place of waiting around in misery. Green Green is more relativist. Green loves calming down the most pissed off and people who are the most in pain. If we are going to lead a revolution in humanity, we are going to have to do it with compassion. Green is where we see the importance of making sure that people at the bottom level are given the appropriate toolset to go out and do what they need to do. Green is not about becoming a useless freaking dirty hippie. It is not about talking about what gender identity you have. Green without all the other stages properly integrated is unhealthy Green. Unhealthy Green is about making an identity out of every single minority, apologizing to that, and making it so that everyone has to waste their time in order to fit these people who are on the extreme ends that really don't make up too much of the population. There are lots of Green pseudo-spiritualists who think they are the most highly spiritual but have all other stages incredibly weakly developed. Green properly done is like calculus. It is very difficult. What unlocks with Green is the fact that you realize that one of the biggest issues with people is that they are not experiencing the appropriate level of love they could have experienced. It's love in actual interpersonal relations and behavioral love in getting the resources they need. Yellow It is a baby just as beige is a baby. It understands the world doesn't operate on black and white thinking. Yellow understands the value of life and all the different perspectives that exist. Yellow balances perspectives. It is balancing and recognition of all the different perspectives that exist. It is recognition that they must work together in a nice calculating manner to see the different systems and different chaotic variables that must be taken into account. You are not going to graduate with healthy Yellow unless you understand things like bayesian reasoning and three body problem and feedback loop and how to build a system that exists without you. If you can't build or observe a system that exists without you, you are not appropriately graudating from Yellow. For the first time in Spiral Dynamics, it thinks problems cannot be solved in the same consciousness that created that problem. Yellow doesn't take this idea to its extreme. So, it looks at every other variable except for consciousness itself. When people reach yellow, they become more individual because they realize how held back everybody else is and go off on their own to do things. What's missing people from Yellow is mystical aspects. You haven't graduated properly until you learn and master systems theory, examine all other systems, and then exit when you recognize that the final system to work on is consciousness and the self. When a person examines truth of questions, they all lead the same path back to love, consciousness, and truth. It's when you recognize it that you can become turquoise. Turquoise It recognizes that there are other realms to thought than everyday life. Turquoise is an enlightened version of purple. It is the recognition that absolutely everything is consciousness and that you are every single person you've talked to and met. It is the recognition that everything is absolutely perfect. It is the recognition that the universe looks through your eyes and the universe is within you. It is the recognition that every single person and thing is made out of you. It travels to new realms and open up to other possibilities that exist. There are realms you can dive into to observe and obtain answers. This is collective consciousness. You can access collective consciousness through meditation, psychedelics, near-death experiences, sky-diving, and so on. When you reach the appropriate state, you get into the place called the STER state. Selfless, timeless, effortless, and full of richness This state basically occurs between theta and alpha states of the brain. It's in this state that you can have some of the deepest answers in the universe. You can just have universal downloads. There are other states we can dial into It's important to develop into healthy Turquoise and then dial into other realms. Coral When you recognize that you are not just universe but also responsibility, you move to Coral. It takes full responsibility for this universe. It would take full responsibility for prevention of extinction-level events. An example of this is Thanos. Thanos killed half of all life forms in the universe to save itself from malthusian disasters. If Thanos fought the right fight, the universe would become better. Teal It recognizes abilities and powers of people and slot them in appropriately It has connection to cosmic awareness which gives awareness of impending threats and allows one to issue out energy and absorb energy.

  9. How To Ask High Quality Questions Mega Thread
    How To Ask High Quality Questions Mega Thread

  10. BANNED Ted Talks
    BANNED Ted Talks
    Check this out. Found a play list on YouTube with banned Ted talks in it. Look at the videos. It’s all high level self actualisation topics!

  11. No time/energy to do self actualizing work?
    No time/energy to do self actualizing work?
    Why do you work 10 hours a day? Do you have to sustain a family or does it simply costs so much to survive? If you are working 10 hours a day in order to save some chunk of money that could be needed in the future to start a bussiness, then you are doing good.
    If you are not then consider changing a career. You can for example invest in a camera/drone and start recording stuff during the weekends. Or buy a bunch of cleaning chemicals, a professional vaccum cleaner and start cleaning people's carpets in your garage. These kinds of bussinesses are easy to start and can turn out to be very profitable. Just start doing what most people don't want to do, but they have to or really like to have it done. Search craigslist for ideas.
    If you are more of a creative type of person/know a foreign language then freelancing might be a path for you. By freelancing you could lower the time you work from 10 hours to 6 and still earn the same. You can use Udemy, Envato or YouTube video courses to learn skills needed and market your services on websites like UpWork or Fiverr, or search for gigs on Craigslist.
    Some links on freelancing, if you have a time to read:

  12. Spirituality Starter Kit, Everyone SHOULD watch these!
    Spirituality Starter Kit, Everyone SHOULD watch these!
    I know most of you know about these movies but seriously, everyone needs to watch them!
    They are very concise, packed with very good information and provide the best inspiration for spiritual journey (as far as my opinion goes).
    They are also very easy to understand, beautiful and entertaining, and all for FREE!
    I recommend watching them in the order I put them.
    1 - Samahdi Movie:
    2 - Inner Worlds Outer Worlds.
    3 - Guided Meditation sessions.

  13. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    For those of you into Kriya, I would highly recommend that in addition to reading the original Kriya book I suggested, you also read the books of Santata Gamana. I now prefer his more simplified techniques. It's a much more streamlined version of Kriya which I think will be even more effective. I found too much needless complexity and variety in the other way.
    Right now my technique stack is very simple:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x24 Kriya Supreme Fire x3 One-pointed Concentration for 5 mins Eventually, with lots of practice, you should aim for something like the following stack:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x36-x72 Kriya Supreme Fire for 10-20 mins One-pointed Concentration for 10-20 mins (Bonus: Yoni Mudra x3) (Bonus: Kechari mudra) EDIT: ideally, do this stack twice per day. But if you don't have that much time, at least once per day.
    Don't attempt to do this second stack right off the bat. It will not be sustainable. You need to gradually build up to it, like with heavy weightlifting.
    I think the original book I recommended is still very good as an introduction and foundation because Gamana's books are so short and thin that they do not provide enough information about Kriya to a total newbie. They are aimed at people who have already been initiated in one school or another.
    If you are strictly following the original book, that is okay. You can keep doing that if you want. Or you could switch to this more streamlined version like I decided to do. I don't like learning too many complicated techniques. But that's just me. Both ways should work in the end. It's mostly a matter of style. Although I actually think the streamlined version will end up to be more effective because it concentrates your limited time on the most powerful techniques, and less time is wasted on learning new complex techniques.

  14. Share With Us Your Art!
    Share With Us Your Art!
    Above clip: Well, that's not my art. It's just something that inspires me.

    I'm a bilingual teacher. I posted these before. I donated these canvas paintings that I did for the school I work for - not ready to show my website yet, so I covered them with hearts.

    Activities that I did with my students.

    Most recent ones.


    Framed and delivered...finally. Done. 
    This is where I'm at on my journey so far:
    My Journey
    Bilingual education / language arts is a very interesting and marketable study. You could get creative on this in so many ways and express yourself.
    Here are more interesting info on different languages. The info could be subjective. You may learn the language of your choice. Ivanka Trump's daughter could speak Mandarin with a native tongue. (So cute...)
    If you like to add comments or insights that will help me go further into my journey, please feel free to let me know. Thanks. ☺ 

  15. Awareness Is A Problem. I Am Weak, I Must Stay Plugged Into the Matrix
    Awareness Is A Problem. I Am Weak, I Must Stay Plugged Into the Matrix
    I had a similar situation in college. I didn't have the strength to say "fuck it" either until a couple years after I graduated.
    It may be part of your journey that you actually have to be in the Matrix for a bit longer. You may still have some lessons to learn or skills to gain before breaking out.
    Or, you could double down on your resolve to break out. Read books like Toxic Parents by Susan Forward and If You Had Controlling Parents by Dan Neuharth. Realize that what they are doing is ultimately selfish and not about you at all. And of course, keep up the spiritual work.

  16. Why is there no alternative spiritual narrative?
    Why is there no alternative spiritual narrative?
    Not true. Watch this:

  17. The work of Byron Katie: Turning this world into heaven
    The work of Byron Katie: Turning this world into heaven
    Read the book ‘one thousand names for joy’ to know what it feels like to complete the work. 

  18. The work of Byron Katie: Turning this world into heaven
    The work of Byron Katie: Turning this world into heaven
    @egoless This is literally what the people who did ‘The work’ said. But this technique is little known about. If more people knew it, emotional mastery would be a very common thing. 
    Check out Byron Katie’s YouTube channel or website for more info. Also her book ‘Loving What Is’.

  19. Help For Ultimate Life Purpose Course Values Assessment?
    Help For Ultimate Life Purpose Course Values Assessment?
    I took some action steps (baby steps) to figure this one out. For example, I love art, but it's not so easy to market art all by itself. I love making things, so I made these colorful, decorative, small baskets wrapped with chocolates inside and sold them as birthday return gifts (goody bags) at children's birthday parties. Of course, sweethearts also bought them to give to their bf/gf. The demand grew, and I couldn't keep up with the demand. I was making at least 30 baskets a day and staying up till 3 AM sometimes to meet those demands. It wasn't working out - too exhausting.
    I had to change this art path slightly. After much thinking, I decided to incorporate language into my art. So, I decided to learn Mandarin, a pictorial language. I made a website and wrote a book in both English & Mandarin and did some networking. I met the founder of a school, who was also an investor and my mentor and he hired me as a bilingual teacher. I teach children in crafty ways. That's my career, but I'm still working on my life purpose which will also involve non-duality in both languages. This will be expressed in my website and book. It's a journey. 
    In other words, my value is to teach language and non-duality in fun, creative, and easy to learn ways.
    Additional recommended readings:

  20. A little secret about the universe :) As a goodbye gift <3
    A little secret about the universe :) As a goodbye gift <3
    I think most of my work here on actualized is done. Enough seeds were planted for now as it is time to grow and expand further beyond the barriers of this forums mindsets and limitations. I am really proud of many of you, i was surprised when i first came here how many had a general idea of who and what they are and what life is really about which made me feel like home for a while as there wasn't many other places out there people agreed with me for several years besides E.T knowledge-based forums and individuals that understood higher consciousness and how Energy, Frequency and Vibration works or how things work on a Quantum level. For me this was all understood in my Re-Activation to source-self. The more in embodiment self-expression of source energy the more whole i became.
    I was initially lead here because i started messing around with DMT and psychedelics and at that time Leo had made a few videos on DMT, 5-meo and general psychedelic use and Enlightenment and in all honesty i didn't ever feel the need to watch or subscribe to his videos(Although i have a few times) because after watching a few over the years and skimming through several both old and new i saw my younger self that had already awakened (as i agreed with 99% what he said) but still far from Enlightenment but i knew due to my Enlightenment he was definitely on the path but it is going to be far more difficult with constant use of social media, making videos and forum use as from experience i know to truly experience a most pure Enlightenment you must LET GO OF EVERYTHING and dissolve yourself in nature and the natural harmonic flow of creation. You only really find all by losing all and letting go of all including any subscription or nourishment whatsoever which is where most people get to then due to hard-wired conditions they cannot go further and they come back with an aligned consciousness mistaken for True/Absolute Enlightenment.
    So i came to the forums to plant seeds of truth/light help bring a more authentic universal understanding of what Leo was growing into because i believed there needed to be a balance or this will backfire for Leo and all his followers (especially the Leo-Everything ones) because it was too mentally driven and not enough emotionally understood. (As it already semi-backfired for me in the past so i was already one step ahead and came to save the world v2)
    If you know the Buddha and Jesus and many other as i would call Truly Enlightened Beings pretty much went completely naked of all desires, needs, wants, thoughts, conditions, ect.. Its a simple secret of the universe one must be ready to trust and completely surrender and even to die "physically" in order to reach.
    The secret is you don't really die(in the way that you think) Its sort of like you have to accept actual physical death and surrender to complete universal trust in order to achieve Immortality but are you willing to throw your whole physical life away from Absolute Enlightenment is the question? I am one of the very few that i know that have chosen and managed to actually come back to this reality.
    Now due to the Psychedelic use, interacting with others, relationships, toxins, and re-integrating myself into 3rd Dimensional Reality again i was driven to sacrifice absolute for semi-enlightenment(So to speak)-(As energy exchange and communication would be incomprehensible)-Thus why there are Universal-laws/dimensions/densities ect.. and experience both sides of the spectrum out of creative curiosity so see if i can lead both to the same light. I knew i had to forget in order to learn again because i knew i was putting myself in a place that i had already mastered through energy work and within but i wanted an external mastery, i wanted to master through limitation and see if one can be source-expression through 3rd dimensional experiencing.(This started 1-2 years before
    What i came to realize is that it is possible but non-sustainable, out of vibrational laws you cannot maintain a 5th or higher dimensional consciousness residing in 3D existence for long(as you cant 9th-11th > 5th-6th ect..) you can only access parts at a time. You'd literally go mad if you tried to which is almost what happened to me because i was beyond this world(Not to say i was better) I just knew who i really was with more authenticity than others all the time even since a child(which naturally shifts you're vibration to a reality with more harmonic resonance) but i had somehow created a glitch and blinded myself to continue to stay here and try help everyone else rise up which only backfired and lead to a big crash and ups and downs finally coming back to how it all started with complete focus and knowing on source-self no ego-self but absolute true source self how we come into this world but forget soon after. The glitch from my understanding was a combination of things but psychedelics did play a role which force unnatural energetic vibrations/shifts and when abused or used too often as ended up doing it ends up depleting spiritual awareness/purity of self. As Alan Watts would say: If you get the message, Hang up the phone.
    The more you are really you, the more it will appear to others that you are ego. Now there is ego and there is pure ego. The secret is pure ego and pure source are one and the same thus leading to the realization there is no ego and never was but another distraction to keep you away from self. We create the illusion to begin with. - A good example was Osho he knew self with such direct authenticity that to others that do not "Know" on the same frequency as he did one would appear to them as pure ego.
    Now through "The other side of the spectrum"(as i stated above) I was only confirmed what i already always knew and understood it was just more of a physical experience in a short burst which was all fun and games at the start but i realized and remembered you can expand to far greater levels without physical ways or substances because they are only limited by "physical dimensions". Yes mentally you can go far even so far that you believe or know sometimes that you are absolute but you only get so far to how far your "knowing" goes.
    By Universal Law you cannot experience something you are not ready for but then one may think then how does one experience the absolute by taking 5-Meo or other ways sometimes regardless of universal knowing/understanding ect.. Yes but that is source-self that experiences absolute, now how much can you actually understand and remember now that you are back in the limitation? You see, you can only get what you believe and know you are worthy of or you simply will not/cannot comprehend when you shift back into a more limited dimension of consciousness.
    Although for now it seems even being here is limiting my full potential and starting to become a loop which does no longer serve me and as i could only share so much until it becomes too deep and turns into a form of attack or backfire due to misunderstanding from hard-wiring since birth. I have learned over the years to observe and maintain how far i can express what i know and understand based on the collective consciousness/awareness and universal knowledge of the group/individuals present.
    So i think its now time to allow others to rise from the ashes and continue my path elsewhere where i can have more of a global or universal impact because i feel it is my path to do so and there is a higher calling or divine order re-arising from within. I may still pop around once in a while if there is a vibrational match to do so and drop some seeds of light but if i do not know its for the greater good and i am proud of what most of you are doing just remember to not take it all too seriously as we make it here on, we know better to let loose a bit and have a bit of fun, keep a balance, don't subscribe to anything, be formless, be free and loopless and be wise I hope the absolute best for you and will leave you with a little video sharing the a secret of how the universe works. Most Importantly, Be Love <3
    Remember Do not judge, instead> Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not. Create what is uniquely your own As you are creators, so do not subscribe to the limitation that you are not or you will be limiting your whole potential.
    Infinite Love & Light & Wholeness <3
    Gratitude & Bless

  21. I Came Up With A Test For High-Consciousness Meat Eating; We Massively Lack Awareness On This Issue
    I Came Up With A Test For High-Consciousness Meat Eating; We Massively Lack Awareness On This Issue
    @Quader if I can add my 2 cents. 
    What convinced me the most was a document called Eartlings - Land of Hope. I would encourage you to watch it full and formulate your opinion on that. This is what it takes to develop the awareness, this is the movie that woke me up.

  22. I really don't know what I want to do for a living
    I really don't know what I want to do for a living
    @Hardkill try to realize how easy it is to make $250. This is a a few days of cutting grass, shoveling snow, collecting bottles, holding a sign on the side of the road, writing a letter asking someone for help, Uber or lift driving, creating a go fund me, collecting metal on garbage day and taking it to the scrap yard, selling some of your old stuff on EBay, filling in as a waiter / waitress for a weekend, baby sitting, etc. There is no shortage. Open your mind. You are in a masters of teaching program, and you can’t produce $250? THAT must be quite a splinter. You can do anything you believe you can do, evidenced by everything & nothing around you always. 

  23. Is Becoming A Scientist In Conflict With Getting Enlightened??
    Is Becoming A Scientist In Conflict With Getting Enlightened??
    Here are a few of my favorite physicists that have a deep interest in raising consciousness and combining the two quite well. We really need more open minded physicists like them to advance our civilization through the marriage of physics and consciousness. If you look at the history of physicists, you will be surprised at how open minded they really were. They all had very deep insights into the true nature of reality on all levels. The seen, and the unseen. Proving that to skeptical colleagues on paper was a different story though. Einstein was quoted as saying "I'm not interested in the details, I want to know the mind of god".

  24. Women and enlightenment
    Women and enlightenment
    While studying enlightenment over the past 4 years, I have come to realize that a woman's point of view is markedly underrepresented. As a woman navigating this journey, I would love to find this perspective. Does anyone know of any female enlightened masters, sages, or gurus out there that I could research or contact? 

  25. Why Is It So Easy For Some Guys To Get Laid?
    Why Is It So Easy For Some Guys To Get Laid?
    Good luck waiting.
    But beware, you're playing with fire here. Refusing to surrender can be lethal.
    The universe will keep brutally fucking you in the ass until you'll finally decide to surrender to its mighty dick.