How To Ask High Quality Questions Mega Thread

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Anyone has some good resources on this topic? Books, videos etc. Post them here :) 

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Edit: After watching Life is Maze, Leo notes that asking high quality questions is something extremely significant when done and can change the entire trajectory of your life. 

He even recommends to spend a year asking high quality questions. 

I definitely want to delve into this deeper now. 

Leo's contemplation videos have examples of contemplation topics: 

Contemplation for sages

and how contemplate by using a journal


But I think there's more than this. Life questions such as: 

What do I want from my life? 

How do I live the greatest life? 

What does a great life look like? 

How do I execute to my potential? 


Trying to answer the most big picture questions seems to be very useful. But I would love more insight on this

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Look up Closed vs. Open Questions.

Ask questions like a journalist to get more accurate information. 

No more victim mentality. 

Every single problem in my life is my responsibility no matter how hard it is.

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