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  1. I also regret that. That is why now I do set project: a goal with a more or less clear finish line. For example I learnt to play guitar then I stoped. Somehow nothing is left of this experience. However I learnt Russian language by myself and I did record 3 videos and shared them on YouTube. Now I have got some unexpected success - 50.000 views. That is motivating. The same for travelling during holidays - now I try to write a small blog for my family and build a nice Facebook album of pictures (I learnt some photography skills for that). So I can totally relate to your vision of life. Start small things and make them visible is my current moto. That is so much fun and I encourage you to do so.
  2. I am a doer but what you described often made me giving up projects half the way. It's hard to make changes in life. Especially when society makes you believe you are just a diploma or a part of one social group. I think it's always good to start change quietly, just for youself. But it's hard to keep motivated if you are absolutely alone. That is why I am creating a community for goal sharing and finding patners. We can discuss about it in private messages if you want
  3. I did not think of it. It looks like I am way more down to earth. Let's say that will be my level 2 in PD.
  4. I like your journal. You defined your favorite topics, and you simply write what you think and feel, and you set actions. It's simple and efficient. Totally understand your feeling. Speaking in public of your self development would be strange, especially in the workplace. The only thing we can do is to show our attitude and actions (smile more, be happy). We are not freaks. I am a cool guy. I had tons of social interactions and many friends. I just got into PD to think more about myself, my projects and my future. The real risk would be to not question life. PD is like answering important questions such as "Do I want to raise a baby now?" or "Does this job fulfill me? Would the title of manager bring me more satisfaction". It is somehow scaring because you ask yourself real questions. However I am sure that many people don't know why they do make children. I don't want to question them on that, I am too afraid to hear they never thought life could be something else. Well you get my point I can't resist but: intellectual masturbation However I like it. The graphs are neat.
  5. I was a contemplative / artist guy before. Thinking too much, acting too little. I changed that. I started personal development from scratch some months ago. No mentor(*), no coach, just reading random articles on the internet. I did projects. Many are gone. Very fews tangible things are left behind. Does it make my life meaningless? Hell, no. I realized that doing projects / changing small meaningless stuff in my life makes me happy. I feel like living. Now I am never thinking too much. You can do the same. Don't allow negative emotions. I am telling you about me because as I said I also was kind of contemplative taking few actions. I was scared/protecting myself from others judgment. You can change that. A good way? Find happy and motivated people. They are the best. Whatever you say, they understand and push you to changes. (*) I still want to discover Leo's content once I will be more mature with myself. I feel that I will get the most of it then.
  6. I read all the previous messages. I am amazed by all the wise advices people told you. Take actions. even if they seem meaningless, or not aligned with your purpose. Subscribe to a Facebook group to do sport every week Think what you can improve in your life. Small stuff. Sleep/wake up earlier. Get a temporary job to restore your self-esteem. Write a daily journal, write what you will do next day. On your path, you will change yourself, increase your confidence, find a purpose. We are all with you @Socrates Now let us know the actions you have defined for this week.
  7. I am strongly on the side of the side Yes, read news. The World is full of great minds that have delightful insights. Here are the good habits are Choose your topic: you may want to know what is going on in financial world but not in technology, or the opposite. Choose your sources: never pick news randomly on a website (that looks like procrastination). My way of doing so: follow people and brands I trust on Twitter. I also select emissions on the radio when I am commuting. Filter and keep only the one you believe to produce or share quality content. Devote time for news. For example 30 minutes in the morning, or once a week, every Tuesday evening.
  8. Sometimes the real meaning lay in the details. For instance if you are listening to a course of mathematics, you might be tempted to jump directly to the formulas. However the trivial examples are necessary to "get a first feeling" of an object or a theory. Also I find it difficult for the brain to be 100% active when watching a video. You might miss important information. I understand people saying that they play with different speed to judge if the information is vital or not. I do that also. But not for the first time listening. The "calm" period with no vital explanation let me think and understand about what I heard before. To conclude, watching/listening too fast seems (to me) like searching to write down the only and one truth / secret formula. However the real meaning would be the questions that arise when you take time to understand.
  9. @Spry I set too many goals for each day in the past. It was hardcore. I did not feel myself enjoying the present time but always thinking to be 100% productive. Now I do things in a different way: I do set goals every week. It helps me define what is important on every Sunday. This list is very important so I write no more than 2 or 3 goals with a time measure, like "Create this website for 5 hours" and "Write a texte for a YouTube video for 5 hours". But those goals - I do achieve them. I do also write some checklists for the next day. However it's not a big deal if I don't achieve it on that day. It's more a list of "do it if you have time/no other priority/keep it in mind" I hope it helps you
  10. Graduate from applied maths & computing. I work as a web developer in a company for now. I am on my way to discover my purpose. For now I do work on side projects including programming a purpose-discovering / goal-sharing community and mobile application. In addition I am learning Russian for 3 years and I recorded some videos on YouTube in Russian (for fun and learning). And last thing: I am building a small investment portfolio to increase a little my income in order to earn more free time.
  11. I did those exercices in order to exercice myself for a fire-pitch (in a startup weekend) of 60 seconds. That really helped me: For a special speech: Prepare the speech if you are not yet confortable with public speaking For a special speech: Speak in front of mirror as if you really want to convince For all kind of public speaking: Do some exercices with your mouth before going to a bar to meet friends, going to a date, presenting your week schedule at your workplace. I found a short video with 5 mouth exercices / breathing exercices on YouTube. That was great. In life: try to inject humor and "plot" whenever you are speaking about something. Master the silence. I heard it is important. You will catch people's attention. Think, try, adapt for your case
  12. I don't know if it's possible to write in someone's journal. If I can't I will just delete my message or ask a moderator to delete it. I did not read all your pages. Just your last 3 posts. I have the feeling to see myself when I was still stuying (I got a diploma in applied maths & computing / I was fed up of it at the time / I was loving to travel and do arts and painting). I will follow your journey, Dude! Never stop to think, write your feeling, and set goals. You are on the good tracks. If I understand well, you are studying computing. For now I want to give you a piece of advice (take it or throw it) Do your diploma, that field is awesome. Few people have the chance to be so highly employable (it's good to feel secure in life, even if you don't "love") and you might even decide to work as a freelance to give more time for your passion
  13. Respect for your product. I went to your YouTube channel and watched your other video. I really like your idea and its realization of creating a symbol of friendship. The package and the wall are great!
  14. It's a very good question Joseph. At the current stage of my life, I am definitevely thinking for myself first, then others. (However I do consider my family to be part of myself too.) It was not easy to start because I was raised in a old-school family with heavy etiquettes, the French "bonnes manières". But .. It's such a relief to say no. At the beginning it annoyed/shocked some of my colleagues when I declined to go to restaurant for lunch(Welcome to France). Too expensive, too long and more importantly, I consider that "group talking with all colleagues" is 80% BS because you can't speak so freely with your manager next to you. Am I selfish or egocentric? No. I just prefer quality relation. If I want to know someone, I get in touch at the coffee machine, I understand his taste and what he does in his paste time. Then I offer him (or he offers me) to join me for sports / hike / teather / concert / party outside the work. This is where the real talk happens. Finally my colleagues got used to my behavior. I think they like it now. I am no more hesitating to say no. It's better for everyone. I bet some (especially managers with who I don't go out) think that I don't put effort to make the workplace a "fun/good place to stay". I don't care. I know that I had the priviledge to go out (on regular basis with some of them) with more a lot of my colleagues. So I am indeed the opposite of a monster. I actually love getting to know with people. That is why I do prefer "intimate" relation with a real interaction than étiquette stuff. This is actually something I miss in my current job: the lack of wide human interactions.
  15. I love to read all your different points of view. They make me think. Concerning Elon Musk I guess he has a vision that he actually wants to touch. He knows that it is something he can build. So spending so much time a day simply makes him happy. He is living in the present enjoying the day knowing that he is part of his creation. Such a state of mind does not need to contemplate so much but want to act a lot. I think this is how I feel right now. I clearly want to work more, for a "job" that is more aligned with my values.