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  1. New videos becoming a bit demoralizing
    New videos becoming a bit demoralizing
    It's an act, done tongue-in-cheek. Don't take it too seriously.
    I play around to keep myself entertained. What else is there to do? Lecture dead seriously? How boring!
    One of the most important aspects of this work is to be playful and unpredicatable.
    Life is a stage and you are an actor whether you realize it or not. Act consciously.

  2. Why does sales have to be so manipulative?
    Why does sales have to be so manipulative?
    Sales can occur at any stage of the Spiral. If your sales is manipulative, that's because the stage you are at is manipulative.
    Who you are colors everything you do, from sex, to spirituality, to entertainment, to sales.
    Orange people have no problem with sleazy used car salesmen tactics, just like stage Red people have no problem taking a baseball bat to your knee caps.

  3. Leo's contradiction
    Leo's contradiction
    Raising conscious is a broad, general solution. But there is still the issue of:
    How to raise consciousness within a particular domain. There are thousands of domains to develop consciousness in. If you have creative goals, you will need lots of technical how-to information for how to get stuff done (which is independent of consciousness). For example, no amount of consciousness will teach you how to play the piano, solve a calculus problem, or how to speak effectively. When I say something like "All of life boils down to raising consciousness" this is a deliberately over-simplified rule of thumb to make a point. Don't take it too literally.

  4. Is "Letting Go" something you do or something that happens when you become aware?
    Is "Letting Go" something you do or something that happens when you become aware?
    It is something you do.
    Try it right now: just let go of the tension in your right hand.
    Notice you can do it.
    Stop overthinking it.
    With psychological issues, you cannot let go of a thing you are not aware of. So in that case you must become aware of it first, then let it go.
    Letting go of psychological issues requires repeated letting go. Once does not work.

  5. Whats with all this I'm this stage stuff...
    Whats with all this I'm this stage stuff...
    Mental illness can happen at any stage. But more common at lower stages simply because it's hard to get to a high stage with an unresolved mental illness.
    Most mental illness can be healed. It usually requires doing the right inner work which people are not taught how to do.
    It doesn't really make sense to me how a mental illness will survive deep consciousness work unless you got some physical brain injury.

  6. It frustrates me that guys might not want to have sex with me?
    It frustrates me that guys might not want to have sex with me?
    Many women don't know this... especially if they're under the age of 21 or so. And for most women (if not all), there is never a sense that they can get the guy they like to like them back. It's never for certain. This is true of myself included when I was single. If I liked a guy, I'd be terrified he'd reject me or think I'm weird/creepy for liking him. 
    Now, once I turned about 13, I realized that there were guys that existed on the planet who would be interested in me. So, I knew that I wasn't un-datable at that point. Now, when I was 12, that's a different story. But if I hadn't had success of some kind, I could have harbored that belief into adulthood.
    So, she's definitely not trolling. Many women don't realize that most men will be interested in them in some capacity and have a lot of self-esteem issues around their desirability. I feel like a lot of men don't realize that about women though, and tend to think it's a one-sided game where women hold all the cards. 
    I had a friend of mine back when I was 20, and she was like 21. And she was super cute... definitely at least a 6 or a 7 in the looks department. She also was really cool and had a lot going for her intellligence-wise and creativity-wise. But she was also very sheltered. So, she had never had a boyfriend. Then, this guy at a bar kissed her and she was really surprised and elated that he wanted to kiss her.
    I however, was not so surprised. Of course he did. She's a cute girl. I was, however, super surprised that it was her first kiss though.

  7. Jordan Peterson
    Jordan Peterson
    In Zen, they just wack people like JP and Sam Harris across the face.

    You have to appreciate that most nondual teachers are preaching to the choir. They only teach that tiny percentage of the population which is already primed and ripe for the teaching. They make no effort to prime the rest of the population. You either come begging the Zen master for a teaching, or you have no chance to even enter the Zendo.
    It's one game to teach primed people nonduality.
    It's another game entirely to prime the vulgar masses to be receptive to nonduality.
    If you want to make your life easy as a teacher, you only teach students who are Spiral stages Green and above. The really hard work is teaching Orange and below, who are dense, arrogant, and numerous as fuck.

  8. Business
    Wage Slavery - Game Dev question for Leo
    @SuperLuigi I can almost guarantee your first game project will fail.
    If only it were as easy as to just sit down and make a game.
    You must be extremely prudent and strategic about testing niches and taking risks in business.
    Starting a successful biz usually requires many years of experience within a certain field. You must know many of the traps of your field.
    The advice is, find your life purpose and master a specific narrow field.

  9. Used to be a word was enough to recognize the self...
    Used to be a word was enough to recognize the self...
    Actually mostly the opposite.
    The percentage of the population who are at a stage of development where they can pursue enlightenment is extremely low.
    Most people will require 10-20 years of ordinary personal dev work before they can seriously pursue enlightenment. Because they are not ripe for it.
    I am not a strict enlightenment teacher, and's goals go way beyond what people like Tolle or Mooji or Ramana taught.
    We have a much broader scope here, attempting to understand all dimensions of life: sexual, political, social, emotional, physical, philosophical, scientific, astral, religious, linguistic, motivational, business, leadership, ecology, art, etc.
    We do not stop or start with nonduality.

  10. Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Examples Mega-Thread
    Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Examples Mega-Thread
    @Revolutionary Think It's shocking how accurate Spiral Dynamics is sometimes. It's like people are just Spiral robots executing the routines of their stage.
    Isn't it so? Yes or no?

  11. What Stage In Spiral Dynamics Do You Peg Yourself On?
    What Stage In Spiral Dynamics Do You Peg Yourself On?
    Here's a really simple rule of thumb test:
    How much do you care about ecology?
    If not, you're below Green.
    How much do you acknowledge that truth, value, and meaning is relative or a mental construction?
    If not, you're below Green.
    How much do you care about all living beings independent of their race, religion, gender, etc?
    If not, you're below Green.
    How clear are you that material success will do nothing for you?
    If so, you're Green and above.
    How much do you think your culture, nation, ethnicity is superior to others?
    If so, you're Blue.
    How much do you care about integration all the perspectives of the world, including all the sciences and all the religions?
    If so, you're at Yellow and above.
    How conscious are you that the entire world and universe is your entire body and you are identical with all sentient beings?
    If so, you're at Turquoise.

  12. Stuck in Life Purpose Course
    Stuck in Life Purpose Course
    @Meretagh If you don't know your life purpose yet, your life purpose should be to find your life purpose.
    Which should be enough to get you seriously interested in reading books about LP and doing research.
    Do you want to live a passionate life?
    Then how can you not be passionate about reading a few books about how to create a passionate life???
    That's like wanting to be a millionaire but then saying, "Oh man... I don't want to read these books about becoming a millionaire."
    Think it through. Connect the dots.
    As I said in the Life Is A Maze video, you're in a maze whether you like it or not. So you might as well get curious and passionate about doing research to figure this maze out. You got something more important to do?
    To be successful at life you gotta love learning about how life works. Why don't you love learning about life?

  13. Me as my Domain of Mastery
    Me as my Domain of Mastery
    @Max_V Sounds like your domain of mastery should be teaching, or spirituality, or writing. At least for now, until you find something better.
    Don't get too cute with stuff like: I'm going to master myself. Yes, of course you will. But you also want some tangible marketable skills which you can use to build a career around.
    When you commit to something like "I will master teaching" or "I will master writing" or "I will master speaking", that is a very powerful and actionable intention. It sets you on a solid and clear career path.
    When you say something like "I will master myself" I picture you 10 years from now living in your mom's basement sniffing your own farts. Because it's such a vague and abstract intention.
    What tangible things are you gonna offer the world once you've mastered you?
    The world is not gonna pay you to sit there basking in your own self-mastery.

  14. I am so tired
    I am so tired
    @Onecirrus Convert that energy into a concrete spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation or self-inquiry.
    It does no good whining aimlessly about one's suffering. You must use it to mobilize yourself into serious practice. As you start taking action your suffering will diminish.
    There can be no awakening without hardcore practice.

  15. I have a crippling fear of failure that ironically leads me to fail
    I have a crippling fear of failure that ironically leads me to fail
    Sit down with a journal and dig into why you procrastinate. What is really going on there?
    Don't speculate. Sit down and contemplate it seriously. You might be surprised what you discover. The root causes are not always what they first appear.
    Keep probing this question day after day for at least a week. Get deep with it. Explore your true psyche. Ask yourself why you are doing all this. If it's fear, what do you really fear and why is it so bad?

  16. Oh shit. Visualization is really powerful.
    Oh shit. Visualization is really powerful.
    After watching Leo's video about visualization, I tried imagining myself working in a particular sequence for 10 minutes. After doing that, resistance to working decreased a lot. I started working like a crazy monkey.
    It also helps to visualize for 10 ~ 20 seconds several times a day because visualizing once a day is not enough.
    In retrospect, I frequently had 10-second visualization sessions when I got results. When I stopped visualizing, I stopped getting results.
    When I didn't take conscious control of my visualization, I subconsciously visualized YouTube videos and went to YouTube to piss my life away.
    After watching `How to Get Shit Done`, I realized why I resisted hard work. I resisted success because I subconsciously knew that to get excellent results, I had to hold my feet to the fire of reality and align myself with truths. Aligning myself with truths means shattering my belief system and lowering my expectations, which is very painful. I didn't want to admit that I had to expect less results and more work, so I avoided hard work and success. Changing my belief system and my expectations feels like death to me. I will have to accept killing a portion of myself to succeed.
    I was motivated to see how leo's life purpose course will take me to the next levels.

  17. Jordan Peterson
    Jordan Peterson
    @CreamCat Ideally Green transcends and includes Orange, Blue, etc.
    Every stage is supposed to build on top of the ones before it.
    Pathology occurs when a new stage emerges and tries to suppress the lower stages. Which, of course, every stage tries to do.
    The key evolutionary developments of stage Green are acknowledgement of relativism, the impulse towards universal equality, and environmental consciousness. These are all good things which are necessary to soften Orange's cut-throat individualism and blind materialistic ambition. This is a much needed solution to Orange chaos.
    Each stage creates it own kind of chaos which the next stage then evolves to resolve.
    The solution to Blue chaos was Orange. The solution Orange chaos is Green. The solution to Green chaos is Yellow.

  18. Jordan Peterson
    Jordan Peterson
    Yes, that's one of the problems with his whole system. Same with Sam Harris.
    For JP, that comes from his Blue traditionalist Christian values. Christianity is traditionally very moralistic, which is a classic case of shooting their followers in the foot.
    Someone like JP cannot accept the deeper truth that all morality is a human invention and that to be truly Good you must abandon all moral ideologies. A truly conscious person does not moralize because he's conscious that evil literally does not exist and that ALL is Good so there is nothing to moralize about. Moralization is something the ego does. And you can clearly see Peterson falling into this trap with respect to the post-modernism, socialism, and stage Green as a whole.
    A classic Christian, stage Blue, conservative trap.
    The very reason that JP is fighting against post-modernism is because stage Green's relativism undermines all transitional notions of good vs evil. Which is correct! Those notions are human inventions! But JP does not want to bite that bullet and pass through post-modern nihilism to more advanced stages of morality, which are based on consciousness, not human ideas of good vs evil. JP feels that to admit to relativity is to open Pandora's box of chaos. Stage Blue fears chaos (stage Red). Which is why the subtitle of his book literally expresses his fear:
    But this fear must be surrendered to, not fought against. Stage Green is not chaos, it's just a new, higher kind of order.
    Stage Blue creates rules to keep itself from sliding into chaos. Stage Blue becomes the anal-retentive rulekeeper stereotype, which leads to all sorts of neuroses (which are well-hidden from public view through suppression).
    JP has created a public identity out of fighting against chaos. Which is precisely just his own shadow.
    The profound irony is that JP hasn't cleaned his own room. Which is why he's acting out in public.
    The mind is a tricky beast. Especially the mind of an intellectual.
    "The better the model, the bigger the problem."
    Everything that's happening to JP is predicted by Spiral Dynamics, if one would just bother to study it closely. When it comes to people's behaviors and ideological positions, there's little new under the sun. There's nothing original about how conservatives behave or think. It's very robotic. Predictable like clockwork. In fact, they pride themselves on that.

  19. Wtf is this?
    Wtf is this?
    Clearly deciding what you want is half the battle to getting it.
    This is where visualization and honing intent comes into play.

  20. How could something emerge out of nothing?
    How could something emerge out of nothing?
    Something didn't emerge out of nothing. Rather, something and nothing are identical and indistinguishable.
    0 vs 1 is a distinction or a difference you're latching onto.
    Consider the possibility that there is no difference between 0 and 1. Or in other words, there is only a difference between 0 and 1 if you say that there is, otherwise there isn't.
    Pause, look around the room, and notice that everything you see is nothing.
    Your entire life has been nothing, only you had mistaken it for something.
    All this time your mistake has been thinking that everything around you is something when it is in fact nothing.
    Nothing looks precisely like the "physical universe". Nothing is NOT an empty hole like you have always imagined.

  21. I don't get the point of life
    I don't get the point of life
    @Hearteker You’ll never get a point, as in no one’s ever going to give you a point. What a wonderful thing that is, because if someone did give you the point, your entire life would be enslaved to that point. The only point, is that there is no point, you’re free. You’re the MotherF’N creator of the point. 

  22. Knowing Metaphysical Truths is Irrelevant/Tangential to the Path to Enlightenment.
    Knowing Metaphysical Truths is Irrelevant/Tangential to the Path to Enlightenment.
    Not quite. To become conscious of:
    What am I? What is another? What is love? What is God? What is existence? What is reality? What is consciousness? What is language? What is a distinction? What is intelligence? What is ego? What is suffering? What is happiness? What is a thought? What is emotion? This is the essence of enlightenment work. And all of those are metaphysical questions. And they certainly CAN be answered (not necessarily verbally or intellectually).
    The biggest problem for most people is that they don't take such questions seriously. They are not genuinely curious about them. They do not seriously wonder. Which is why I shoot videos like What Is Consciousness, Understanding Absolute Infinity, What Is Intelligence, etc. Those videos are my attempts to get people to start wondering about these questions.
    Enlightenment is purely a metaphysical pursuit. Just not in an intellectual or belief-based way. True metaphysical understanding comes through expanded consciousness, mindfulness, holistic thinking, and hyper-intuition.
    That Buddha quote is being misapplied here. When we talk about metaphysics, we are not talking about petty questions like whether the bow string is made of of fiber or bamboo thread. Just the opposite. To wonder about any of the questions I listed above is to leave aside all the petty human questions related to survival and to follow the path of the Buddha.
    The Buddha was a metaphysician of the highest order.
    Of course, it's very important that you avoid idle speculation on the above questions or grand theory-building. Your contemplation must be grounded in direct experience.
    It does no good to sit around speculating about what God is. You must seek God directly in your experience.
    And all of these questions become super-important inside psychedelic trips. They are like keys that unlock the various doors of divine wisdom.
    The answers to the above questions are the MOST relevant to your liberation and happiness.

  23. Somebody on this forum...
    Somebody on this forum...
    There is somebody on this forum at the moment that needs our help. This person just needs some love from us all, they are going through an incredibly tough time at the moment and I was wondering if you could all pitch in and leave a picture/comment to support this person through their darkest hour. (they don't post threads).
    ? Thank you so much ?
    I'll start... 

  24. Is Breaking Bad an example of Orange turning Red?
    Is Breaking Bad an example of Orange turning Red?
    I would say it's Blue/Orange going into Orange but in a neurotic, unhealthy way. Maybe it devolves into Red too.
    The whole show is basically about Walter gaining his independence from society and personal power (which is Blue --> Orange), just in an unhealthy way.
    It reminds me of the standard PUA arch: lame anti-social guy learns to pick up girls and devolves into a manwhore, corrupted by excessive ego and power.

  25. Chakras: Real or not? Testimonials please
    Chakras: Real or not? Testimonials please
    The similarities are too close not to question