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  1. @thehero i hope so , and thank u give me so much confidence and self proven examples and i will do this , thanks again, my friend.
  2. @Prabhaker @Prabhaker thanks for ur advice , i would apply this on a daily basis , hope it will work on me ??
  3. @MarkusSweden @MarkusSweden @MarkusSweden @MarkusSweden glad to meet u , i found this on youtube.
  4. @Colin thanks so much for the info u shared with me , i am learning and getting better now , hope everything goes fine with u too.
  5. Actually my problem is a little triky , i had been diagnosed as sch for hallucination at the age of 14 , and since then began to take meds , but years later , i have been diagnosed as bipolar disorder for impulsive behavior as well as shopping addiction , then 2 years later i was diagnosed as OCD due to repeated unwilling action and intrusive thinking all the time and perfectionism , and then when i graduated from college , a best group of doctors here thought i am not a psycho but just with personality issures when i started to dig into my emotional part of myself and my subconcious mindset where i found i was extremely addicted to the validation of other people even chasing praise from others to a crazy extent . Now i have been working on this and constantly chanting this to myself - i am completely independ of any good or bad judgement of others - on a daily basis , so that i feel a little better now , but apparently far from enough , so i beg friends and dear teacher Leo show me more ways to overcome my problems . Thanks and feel lucky to find such a good website miles away from my home.