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  1. who speaks to me teal swan project life mastery leo gura brian johnson
  2. tbh i would do a serious self reflection to see if you're a white knight yourself i used to hate on white knights after getting indoctrinated into RSD only to realize later my game style was fucking white knight style what a mind fuck also i know you don't like emerald, and are triggered by her posts and her posts are def a bit aggressive(maybe), but i would def read the posts she made. i'm not saying to just believe her but to take her philosophies and try to understand them in the name of TRUTH! the integration of the feminine side of you is extremely important and realize that women are JUST like you, just with a somewhat diff psychology. they're insecure, they just want to be happy, they love men, they want and crave authenticity and connection. i've found amazing, such kind, loving and beautiful girls in my time here on earth so far. develop a very deep understanding of their psyche. they aren't evil like how mgtow preaches and the picture is MUCH more deeper than LMS as red pill preaches. I went through the SAME path as you bro. The SAME one. I went from mgtow, to red pill.... thank god it wasn't incel. i probably wouldn't have been able to dig myself out if that was the case.
  3. in my experience, i've found girls want intimacy. i think you just need to go out more. it's not nearly as low as you think
  4. study business and how to run a business the book lean startup answers this question you have
  5. im d, gimme those digits ( im j k )
  6. @Leo Gura which was crazy because I asked Owen in a livestream a long time ago and he said he wanted to work with you. this was over a year ago tho
  7. whats wrong w porn? is it the fake, unrealistic stuff that causes problems?
  8. There is a brain, but there is no brain. It's a paradox
  9. @Elisabeth good list let me add some more: - feel connected to your partner - feeling authentic, and self-expression - greatly increased mood - joy when you're having fun being silly (you said this) - increased mood and happiness which will positively affect and improve other areas of life - leave the interaction happier, confident and energized (can last days)
  10. @Leo Gura what other lives are available besides a passionate one? is a passionate life the best kind of life?
  11. How amazing can a relationship get? Where can I read about the max potentials of a relationship. I love girls. I want to know how deeply intimate and amazing I can get with one
  12. @pluto +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Me too as well. Saved my life. Showed me a path to happiness. Made me love life so much more. It's the #1 thing i'm grateful for. thank you leo
  14. thank you everyone for your responses @Jack River thank you. what will happen once i sit with the pain? my desire for love will dissipate? I really want to be loved. @Feel Good thank you for this strategy. I will try this. I have the same question that i had with Jack with you. When I sit through the pain how will I get friendship afterward? I will be alone if I'm okay without friendship also, suppose I repeat to myself: I hate you, you are worthless. Should I change this to: I love you, you are worthy? Or should I allow it and just observe?
  15. Help me. Every time I can sense from someone that I feel undesired, I feel unworthy, not good enough and go down a negative tailspin of me feeling like I don't even deserve life. Help me, I wish to overturn this belief system, manage my emotions in a healthy way and heal. How do I go about this?