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  1. thanks for the tips everyone. she just cancelled plans w me to hang out w a diff friend of ours. she doesnt seem to value my time much ✂️✂️✂️
  2. Leo says acceptance of the feminine parts of you is green and trying hard to be alpha is orange
  3. Is this his Spiral Dynamics course
  4. wow awesome. i'll probably try this out . does it get to turquoise?
  5. also removed a tony robbins book & mindset by carol dweck He mentions that they're still in the source code if you want them. not sure how to do that tho
  6. @Joseph Maynor thanks for your work man if you're right that leo is green/yellow, im wondering how he could do a video on turquoise without having experienced it yet Perhaps there's such a bad reaction because you failed to meet people at their stage. But i guess that's hard to do considering everyone is on their own stage Also, I look forward to your work in Coral in the years to come. i'm excited for that
  7. @MECT Yep Read a lot. And take action a lot. And when you fall down, don't lose hope keep picking back up. You will make it
  8. I can attest that affirmations work beautifully well. I can attest to Leo's how to stop being a victim. Sit, watch and deeply contemplate for a long time (perhaps weeks). You have to get to the point of epiphany Make small changes to grow. Look at which habit you think will give you the most return on time and implement that one. Make it small, and doable. And after 30 days, build another one and another one, until you've built many positive healthy habits and your life is going in a super direction! I can literally promise you that you can get better. Like if I did it, anyone can.
  9. Hahaha same! I had an ex do this as well I tried to get her to meditate with me, eat healthy, go to the gym, etc. She tried them all like once, because it ended up just being for me because she loved me She literally did not care. She just wanted to get fucked up, eat junk food and watch TV How deeply I did not resonate with her habits... Thank god that ended. She found a nice boyfriend who resonates with such things lol.
  10. I've made an insight recently to stop suffering, all I have to do is let go and feel the emotion I now have been doing this automatically, as it feels much better to feel the body sensations of an emotion rather than suffer in my mind (10000x) This has occurred because suffering in my mind actually leads to even more suffering than if I just felt the body sensations that are in the present moment I'm wondering if any bad things can happen here? Is it possible to avoid problems by feeling?
  11. dont go you fuck as always, haters are always much more outspoken
  12. i think ive conquered my arguments and conflicts with people. too much turmoil, no benefit, weakened relationships... whats the point of arguing?
  13. @Outer You forgot status