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  1. @Nahm Hey thanks for reconnecting with me - appreciate it. I have been doing the leo meditation you've linked 1x/day as well as a teal swan heart meditation 1x day. i havent experienced such love for myself forever. i noticed that i still have low self-esteem and that it won't go away after just one meditation session lol. i've been helping my parents around the house also and i've never done this before and forgiving myself when i fuck up but the biggest thing is when i dont feel love, undesired or unworthy i connect with my heart and love myself fully and completely. all parts of it, without desiring change am i doing it right? would you add / change anything?
  2. which pokemon? is the new one? i really want to play the new one. i found a PC emulator so i can get it for free. im just going to observe the urge lol cuz im going to binge it <3
  3. @Rebec this one is great!
  4. There are different lines of development, because Green is caring and loving to their children. So my guess is that in that aspect, they are not Green
  5. okay this is silly... you need relationship consciousness
  6. @RichardY I think so too... psychopaths have a fixed level of empathy, so I'm assuming that this applies to everyone
  7. I'm with you brother. Same boat I'm going to check out those two videos, I avoided them because I thought they were enlightenment related but now I have more juicy videos to check out In today's video Leo said that I can charge $100k for my videos but I put it out for free. I think that's a nice insight to have. I notice that when I see things cost a lot of money, I tend to take it a lot more seriously. Like Leo's videos I don't take seriously sometimes but I might take a $100 course super seriously just because I paid for it
  8. we need a thread with all the "featured" threads
  9. Self-love, radical acceptance, being forgiving towards self, healing wounds, that kind of stuff?
  10. @LessonsSavesLifes to add on, RSDJulien also has healthy PUA his last pua course tengame, is about human connection, authenticity, real confidence and not manipulating the girl. at the time, i didn't get why he did that shit but i still practiced it. now i actually care about these values lol
  11. I'm contemplating becoming a lone wolf. this way i won't be needy and i can just focus on myself and no longer depend on people people are fickle also this feels more like a diary than a journal? a public personal diary? lol. im thinking about just taking this back into private i'm grateful for my therapist, i'm grateful for my parents, i'm grateful for not being brought up in a 3rd world or 2nd world country, i'm grateful for my parents for supporting & funding me, i'm grateful for Leo, i'm grateful for my good health, i'm grateful for being brought up in a safe neighborhood in north america, i'm grateful for my mother and her deep love and passion for me, i'm grateful to be pseudo-supported by my friends, i'm grateful for my business, i'm grateful for knowledge, i'm grateful for learning, i'm grateful for the mastery process, i'm grateful for mediation, i'm grateful for books, i'm grateful for the internet, i'm grateful for finding personal development at the age of 20, i'm grateful that i will be more developed than Leo than his age due to his sharing of his insights (thank you leo), i'm grateful for the abundance of water i have, i'm grateful for my parents for surviving to give me a good life to allow me to thrive, i'm grateful for having my best friend in personal development, i'm grateful for having friends around me that hang out with me, i'm grateful for my mom cleaning my room, i'm grateful for...
  12. yeah i realized this too. i am in the process of buckling down and focusing right now. i think it happens because Leo's expertise is very broad @Sockrattes i think that's an orange foundational idea, not a limitation. that applies to all stages j my intuition