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  1. Ethereal, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, chakras, trigger etc
  2. Please send that to me as well, tnx
  3. Option 1 is pathetic sorry, but man up Option 2 seems like what you need to do Option 3 is just running away
  4. Have you guys heard of him? What are your thoughts?
  5. Story of my life. Following
  6. In line with this question, is anyone on here good with naming a brand and brand strategy? Any recommendations?
  7. You seem sure you made the right decision. Good for you. My own issue is with finding friends, all I do now is pretend so ppl dont think I'm crazy. I had a bad experience with someone trying to get them to see. Life is just hilarious.
  8. @NatashaI am very curious as to why everyone pegs one party in a divorce a narcissist. It seems like that is the new trendy label. There are two sides to a story and everyone has a side of them that rears its head during a divorce except the person has mastered their emotions or has really matured. I dont get all these videos, if we really understand human behavior then we understand that those labeled narcissists simply need love but it seems everyone on YouTube pegs them as the devil or ppl to stay away from , when all they need is love.
  9. Thanks for this link.
  10. The reviews have been great , if I had the money I'll do it asap. I am currently renting neuroptimal and my mood is so much better. I started using it for insomnia but no improvement there, it has just been 10 sessions so far though , i have 30 to go. I have noticed no procrastination too, if I tell myself I need to do something I go do it, no back and forth like before.
  11. I'll take enlightenment. To me the allure of becoming wealthy is in the process of becoming one. If it is handed to me then i wouldn't have developed the mindset and skills required to become one. If it is given it can be taken, but if you've developed the mindset and skills you can become wealthy several times as it is taken from you. I'm not one to want to win the lottery or inherit money. Maybe a little bit as capital but I'd rather not.
  12. I love to travel and want to start a 15-20 min show of each city I visit. What would you like to see Adventures, historical sites, food, culture etc I love exploring it all but need to narrow it down. Thanks
  13. Machines