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  1. Can you go back to school and complete the 3 courses? Once you are done you can mix it up with sound technician skills and call yourself a sound engineer and have the degree to back it up. I have realized that it's only in America or other advanced countries that the whole "no degree" thing works. If you want to be taken seriously in such a country you have to have a degree.
  2. Traveling with my kids
  3. I sorta did this and grew my instagram following just to prove it to myself. I went back on sm. I did and felt nothing. The likes came in but I didn't feel anything. There was a high I used to feel before I woke up. The funny thing is I started posting deep stuff and the likes disappeared all too funny to watch. Pretty sure they think I'm crazy. I have always been out there and I know why i felt that need to be seen, to be popular , to become somebody etc. I know now that it is all bullshit. Attention seeking. The friends i made being popular were shitty and want you for your status. I am staying away from the lime light and focusing on building real relationships. I noticed that when I have a good friendship going I dont feel the need to post anything. When I became depressed all my so called friends left me and gossiped about me. 2 months prior we were all in Columbia taking pics for the gram, posting I love yous lol. That was a HUGE life lesson for me. So my point is dont do it, its just a waste of energy and time. Find out the root of your longing.
  4. How do you do that in practicality? I face the same issue
  5. Lol dont sleep on @hellspeed. He and @Elysian have helped me ALOT
  6. This is great. I am loving all this , I just saw an old post of mine on facebook stating there has to be more to life. And sure enough.
  7. I was told by an energy healer not to do any spiritual work for more than 20 mins a day to prevent spiritual addiction. Rose tree
  8. Emerald gave a better explanation of my thoughts. I was very orange, I can now see the damage orange values are causing especially when it comes to children. I was so detached, it was all about looking proper, intelligence and manners nothing emotional. From the sterile florescent lit delivery room, the epidurals, the lack of breastfeeding support, the lack of bonding, the haste to loose the baby weight and go back to work. My doctor promoted letting the baby cry to sleep (this particular one hurts me so much when I think of it, how did I let her convince me?). Just so much wrong going on. One of my goals is to create awareness about this. If only I could turn back time. Seems all I am doing now is correcting issues I know for sure stemmed from their first years. If we are not attuned to ourselves how can we become attuned to the needs of children. The ppl I know in stage blue come from a very religious background and say things like "give birth like the Hebrew women" that sentence drives Orange nuts.
  9. I saw pics of him and his girlfriend.....supercars I saw was a tesla
  10. I feel your pain. I ran from my mother all my life.....married now with kids...still running, she wants to live with me. It is really hard to cut off parents. Your mind plays all these games on you.
  11. Read about violent and non violent communication. I'm working on this same issue. If everyone says the same thing about you, then you are giving off a vibe you are unaware of.
  12. Thanks for posting this