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  1. Love it. I am going to naturopathic med school too.
  2. Your name is powerful. It is your NAME . What you call yourself . It is VERY important. Words have power. If you don't resonate with it anymore CHANGE it. My aunts name means money when translated. This is what she has been called since birth. People treated her like "money" growing up, she carried herself like she had it too. Sure enough now she has it....loads of it.
  3. Is there anyone on this forum currently located in South Korea? Please send a PM . Thanks
  4. This thread is beautiful
  5. Lol in the north in Nigeria we took ice cold baths everyday in boarding school. You literally had to break the ice on the surface in the bucket. So funny how this is a thing over here.
  6. If someone said this to me I would end the convo right there. Am I supposed to blush or what? Compared to the other girls? Jesus.
  7. This sent shivers through me . Thank you I needed this confirmation.
  8. This is one of the most relatable thread I've read on this platform in a while. Did something cosmic happen in 2017? Your timeline is very similar to mine.
  9. Awww how cute , ill go buy a cute apron and heels.
  10. Can you go back to school and complete the 3 courses? Once you are done you can mix it up with sound technician skills and call yourself a sound engineer and have the degree to back it up. I have realized that it's only in America or other advanced countries that the whole "no degree" thing works. If you want to be taken seriously in such a country you have to have a degree.
  11. I sorta did this and grew my instagram following just to prove it to myself. I went back on sm. I did and felt nothing. The likes came in but I didn't feel anything. There was a high I used to feel before I woke up. The funny thing is I started posting deep stuff and the likes disappeared all too funny to watch. Pretty sure they think I'm crazy. I have always been out there and I know why i felt that need to be seen, to be popular , to become somebody etc. I know now that it is all bullshit. Attention seeking. The friends i made being popular were shitty and want you for your status. I am staying away from the lime light and focusing on building real relationships. I noticed that when I have a good friendship going I dont feel the need to post anything. When I became depressed all my so called friends left me and gossiped about me. 2 months prior we were all in Columbia taking pics for the gram, posting I love yous lol. That was a HUGE life lesson for me. So my point is dont do it, its just a waste of energy and time. Find out the root of your longing.
  12. Lol dont sleep on @hellspeed. He and @Elysian have helped me ALOT
  13. This is great. I am loving all this , I just saw an old post of mine on facebook stating there has to be more to life. And sure enough.