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  1. Mehn I love you all on this forum, just such good people/trying to be genuinely better people. This is how the world should be. The comments on this post are just filled with love. @Leo Gura it would be nice to meet everyone at some point. Perhaps an actualized retreat?? You'll provide 5-meo-DMT for those of us that don't have access to it.
  2. Thank you all. I know it's all me because I get this reaction from alot of people. Slowly but surely I will fix this.
  3. I went way overboard too, whenI went through the depression phase of this work my so called friends kept asking if I was going to go to church. Some have started spreading stuff saying i have gone crazy. It is a pretty lonely road. I love @aurum 's post. I will do this and just have fun with it.
  4. Wow, I have overcome my fear of alot of things including death. This is the first time I've actually thought about eternity in this context and i got anxious. So just like a movie getting played over and over with each character playing different roles, born into different families, experiencing life etc FOREVER!!!! So I may take Leo's course again!! Lmao. Whoever set this up has some sense of humor. Goodness.
  5. @MarkusSwedenWell you actually helped in this scenario because I think I should have asked "what do you read? " instead of "do you read?" One comes off condescending.
  6. Life is funny it feels like I am just learning how to socialize at this age. I am realizing my words hurt people or considered inappropriate. I dont know how to stop this and it makes me stay in my head when talking. For example, I asked a neighbor if she reads and she got flustered and another neighbor told her she didnt have to answer. In my head I was just asking a question to see what kind of books she read and make conversation. The reaction felt like I was attacking her as if I was better than her by asking that question. So little things like that, my intentions are pure but my words come out harsh from what I hear. It has been mentioned that I'm forceful too. I think my facial expressions dont help either. Any pointers please?
  7. DaMn so many levels to this ish
  8. I feel I have to do the same thing. This forum is too addicting especially when you've cut off other forms of entertainment. I'm trying not to fall into the victim mindset but this shit is hard as fuck. Too many issues to sort out. Once I'm done with the LP course I'll take a break from it all. Is it weird I envy people that pass away from illness?? I say well no karma from killing yourself.
  9. I am still in the early phases of this work but I've grown so much from who I was last year. Last year I would constantly change my watsapp dp to spiritual quotes. It was such a cry for validation and attention in retrospect. I posted stuff that a regular person wont understand. I felt better than everyone in my circle and kept trying to preach. The more I preached the crazier I seemed to them and ofcourse became known as a debby downer. I have since learned to just be silent and focus on myself. Shit I have so much work to do in my life and my kids lives I simply dont have the time to judge others like I used to. Once I start to live my purpose I know the questions will arise, only then will I "preach".
  10. Thanks, this helps so much.
  11. Why cant you download them yourself? We have to take 100% responsibility doing this work.
  12. I envy you all that found self help in your twenties. What I would give to go back just a year or two.
  13. And this is an conscious forum??