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  1. @Pernani Thank you! I will try that. @Elysian Thanks for explaining the mechanism in depth. @Gabriel Antonio Are you able to reconnect with that emotion after the trip? Did you also feel like you were more “in your body“ when being connected to the child? @kieranperez Which mental approaches do you mean? @Hellspeed First off, I gotta research where all the body parts are😄 What‘s the basis of this approach? Any sources? @MM1988 I feel like that too, meditation helped to become more aware of subtle reactions in the body and how to release the tension in them. It feels like I‘m close to being able to consciously relax the blockages to the point that it will pour out of me, but it still needs some time. Thanks anyways! @Elisabeth Dancing is a good idea, especially slowly and consciously. Thanks!
  2. @Pat Pagano I forgot to mention that I tried that and yes that did something for me. Not many tears but I started to sob. I‘ll do that more often in the future. And I think you‘re right with the last part, I also feel attacked quite easily and angry because of that. @kieranperez I‘ll try some of these, thank you! Do you think that certain psychedelics tend to make a person cry?
  3. Now that I‘m off of my meds and more connected to myself through meditation, I can sense that the pressure and pain I have around my shoulder, neck and all the way up to my eye brows is a blockage that wants to be released through tears. If I really focus on the upcoming tear it builds up but won‘t come out. Sometimes I remember to check in with how I really feel and am able to get one tear out, that‘s it, the “door“ closes. Any advice on how to progress?
  4. @Ampresus First off: You‘re doing great man, already doing so many things to calm you down and help you distance from all the emotional chaos you have. I had these arguments mostly with my dad back then, on a daily basis, sometimes for hours. And they still happen, 10 years later, but much less and if they happen, I handle them very differently, which is the key. You can influence the situation, anger cannot persist if you anchor yourself in acceptance. If you get into an argument next time, breath deeply into your belly and notice your breath throughout the whole situation. That’s really important! Don‘t get lost too much into the conversation. If she shouts at you, ask her why she is doing that. Try to be curious about it, do NOT believe that you deserve it, because you don‘t. It will also help you to understand the situation. You can also set boundaries and say that you don‘t think these arguments help either of you and that you respectfully want to end the discussion. If it still overcomes both of you to a certain degree, wait for it to be over and express all the anger immediately after that by throwing or punching your cushion. Lay on the mattress and kick with your legs, make fists and punch at the same time. Try to get it out of your system ASAP. Being 14 is really hard and I‘m proud of how you handle the situation, if there‘s anything you need DM me!
  5. @electroBeam What career do you aim for? Did you do Leo‘s course?
  6. @Michael569 Fruits in the morning sound like a good idea as it‘s also much easier and faster to make. Being aware of salt intake below 1g will be hard though, I‘ll try to keep an eye on it. Thank you!
  7. @kieranperez I mostly have a drive towards the absolute instead of running away from the environment I live in, but I will look into that more deeply. The last deep experience is years away and I can just assume the worth this work has, so there‘s still a feeling of freedom when i think of buying healthy food in the store, going out with friends, making music and so on. @Strikr Hard for me to see what would not be egoic, can you tell me? @Matt23 Who is that adressed to?
  8. @InfinitePotential Thank you! I will research more of these foods
  9. Hey, it‘s gotten better now that I‘m off of benzos, but there‘s still a tendency to high blood pressure. I was at a cardiologist and he diagnosed a light thickening of the heart wall, which is common with people who do marathons and so on, but I didn‘t, it might be solely due to stress and depression I had for a few years. I also feel a certain tightness in my chest and back, like an emotional corset. I can also hear and feel my heart more than I like to. I‘m eating healthy, exercising and meditating to be as restful as possible. But are there more ways to improve the condition? I heard that the heart chakra can close so much, that it leads to high blood pressure. Is that possible and might that be the case?
  10. @Leo Gura What do you think is the best approach to delete viruses? Do they all have the same root cause and by that is there a general solution for all? Or is it more complicated than that?
  11. @winterknight Why aren‘t there any glitches in this life in comparison to dreams?
  12. @winterknight How did you build up the necessary focus/alertness for self-enquiry? Certain diets, supplements, meditation techniques?
  13. @winterknight Ramana Maharshi says: “Everything is predetermined.“ Why is your answer different?