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  1. Hey, what exercises are there to practice mindfulness at work?
  2. Can you save multiple alarms with the watch? Do you have a link for this product?
  3. I am born with a high vulnerability and an accident, mobbing and overall negative self-talk and blame have lead to deep depression and a manic phase/psychotic break. Since then I carry a heavy emotion inside my chest most of the time. I‘m less expressive and it‘s too hard to show facial expressions. There‘s an overall tendency of sadness, but I wasn‘t able to really cry and process it. Been meditating for two years and have done a retreat recently. Helped to get more in touch with the emotion, but it‘s still very suppressed. Has anybody successfully (maybe with a condition like mine) achieved more happiness and a release of this heavy energy?
  4. @Wekz How did you find out these causes?
  5. @Sunny J Gupta Which yoga routine did you use?
  6. Day5: 2h Too lazy to read, so just a lot of sitting around going on Using the opportunity to watch the breath instead of getting lost in thoughts Feel more connected to reality
  7. Starting today I will post my screen time for the next 90 days. It must be less than 2 hours (exceptions are possible, depending on what it’s used for). I will also take notes on the effects this will have. Last weeks average: 5:23 h
  8. @Gladius Nice! Day4: 2:00h didn‘t use it for any entertaining purposes, still two hours passed a few times I just sat on the couch and stared through the room😐 Couldn‘t sleep again so now I‘m using it after midnight
  9. @Ry4n do you think that’s a good idea for someone who had a psychosis in the past? @laptophaver thank you
  10. Day3: 2:00h couldn‘t fall asleep last night (without the phone) after midnight I knew I could use it again😄 So that‘s what I did for 1:30h because I only had 30 min left for the day I went to the library to read Would have never done that if I had the phone to distract myself just used the phone for urgent organization today, no entertainment
  11. Day2: 1:55h Used my time partially for stupid stuff, but doesn‘t matter as long as I‘m in the range😊 It helped to turn off all internet connections Had to plan out how to use the phone and leave some room for the evening now I gotta go to bed reading some old book...
  12. @lennart We did it bro! Let‘s pop some bottles 🍾 rubby bubble
  13. Day90: crazy beat this is the last day of our experiment, we will soon continue with something else
  14. Day1: 1:29h used the phone more than that, but for a skype session and the muse headband Two hours already seem too low, as there‘s stuff I have to do on a daily basis and useful things I want to read, but I‘ll try to fit it into those two hours and be more strategic about my use When I looked something up it was done with urgency
  15. Day89: Nice energy to start the day
  16. @Keyhole Due to the manic phase I had I am cautious with taking any drugs. But nevertheless I‘m curious to know how it will work out for you and someday I might try it.
  17. What is perception in that case?
  18. @Nahm Do you have any advice on how to do that?
  19. @Toby Ok thanks. @Nahm Why can‘t I do nothing?
  20. I want to invest a few minutes in the morning to open the heart. Has anybody benefited from doing that on a long term basis? Which guided meditations or techniques do you prefer?
  21. @okulele Thanks!❤️
  22. @Nahm Thank you, looking forward to try that. Do I have to make up the whole scenario or is it enough to imagine the reaction of the person feeling supported?
  23. Day88: sample is flipped nicely, like how they used the filter on one part of it
  24. Day87: there‘s a part at 2:32 that would make a good sample for a rap instrumental