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  1. Hey, My friend @lennart and I will document our no fap journey for the next 30 days. We will give points from 1-10 to display how difficult it was and take notes if something special happened. Day1: 2/10
  2. @oMarcos Why don‘t you open up a new one and mention us so we can continue there?
  3. Day3: 2/10
  4. my energy was low and I had to convince myself to fap, it helped to shift my state without much of a negative impact Day1: 3/10
  5. @oMarcos Have you tried hatha yoga? It helps me a lot to get rid of tension and anxiety
  6. I have started to work since august and am now confronted with my ability to communicate and work. During work I zone out often and think about my emotional state and problems. When I talk to people, eye-contact and listening just overwhelms me and I can‘t do both, even though it‘s required sometimes. I work in e-commerce and all the others in my small team can talk fluently about what they do, I just feel like my inner state is taking up too much space so that there‘s no room for being fully into the work I do. Had a severe accident and many operations on my leg a few years ago, was in deep depression and mania afterwards. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, but my mood has been pretty stable without medication for a year now. Have been meditating for almost three years now, 4 years of cognitive therapy, 1 year of bioenergetics, many different diets (currently keto as it brings the most stability). I have not found a way yet to release the blockage in my chest and feel more emotional capacity. What could be a good next step?
  7. @Proactive You‘re doing great! Keep going and see if there are even more benefits Day2+3: 2/10
  8. Day1: 2/10 Woke up in the middle of the night, couldn‘t sleep for a few hours and only after I fapped I could sleep I feel pretty unsatisfied in the last few days, I‘ve observed this during my last keto diet too the need for material possessions and pleasure is immense, could be dopamine connected I now understand addicts more... I Just didn‘t care about the outcome anymore
  9. Day2+3: 2/10
  10. Day1: 2/10 missing the times where I was really hyped to watch porn😄 @oMarcos Any ideas what you can do creatively or as a sport to use the energy? @lennart It will😊 @dimitri Thanks, will watch it! @Proactive Keep going! When I had trouble sleeping after a week or so, I also felt very aggressive, it‘s just the lack of rest, no toxic masculinity👍🏼
  11. Day14: 8/10 had a lot of success with moving the energy by edging but then I reached the point of no return...😄 So, starting from scratch
  12. Day13: 3/10 it seems like the full moon yesterday also influenced my energy less horny today, but still watching porn every now and then to activate energy
  13. @oMarcos I do it intuitively, no special rule about how long or whatever else. Google "multiple orgasms men" and you‘ll find good info on how to exercise that. @Raptorsin7 Thanks! @Proactive Use that energy! Do some research on how to use it for spiritual purposes or go workout, but don‘t just stay in your room passively. The energy is the best part about it @dvdas Welcome😊 Day12: 7/10 crazy how the attraction to women has increased, it should always be like that I had the best boxing training yet, less crippling fear watched porn and moved the energy through my body by visualizing it flowing into my head and going back down I felt very clear and awake in my mind after that
  14. @oMarcos No, just like you would during sex, up and down. Day10: 7/10 self confidence and emotional stability is higher Having the luxurious problem of feeling too good, so there‘s anxiety of falling down again😄 Will try to make it a nightly ritual to watch spicy videos and move the energy
  15. Day9: 7/10 watched porn before going to sleep and moved my pelvis without touching myself to let the energy move woke up the next morning feeling pretty good I did nofap once for 90 days and didn‘t let the energy flow, not ideal when it‘s stuck in the lower body
  16. Day8: 6/10 had a few urges because I was watching a movie with sexual content (porn!)😊 balls hurt
  17. @Proactive good job! Day7: 5/10 Much more awake at night
  18. Day7: 5/10 increased and stable mood
  19. Day6: 3/10
  20. Day5: 4/10 feeling sexual energy but no danger yet
  21. Day4: 1/10
  22. @Proactive @oMarcos The more the better! Day3: 2/10 Winter depression making it easy😄
  23. Day2: 2/10
  24. Hey, as I‘m almost at zero medication to treat my anxiety, I‘d like to supplement. I‘m already meditating for a year now, eating healthy (I‘d say it’s 80% healthy), doing yoga and doing intense cycling every other day. Sleep could be a bit more regular, but I‘m workung on it. No alcohol, not smoking. I already use Omega 3 and Vitamin D regularly (for several months now). I tried curcumin pills for the last month, maybe it helped, but still had anxiety. My anxiety (if strong, it leads to temporary depression - heart/emotions fully closed) manifests as tingling in my chest and the fear to look at people and have eye contact. I‘ve had eye contact problem for years, now I know that this is an indicator for how anxious/depressed I am. Also relaxing into it and letting my eyes open instead of pinching together won‘t help, as it‘s not the root problem. If you can, attach studies to the supplements you recommend. Thanks ya‘ll😊 (saved the two previous comments, thank you)
  25. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj That resonates with me, because I had knee pain that has decreased a lot already. Ok the omad advice sounds good, thanks