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  1. such as eating unhealthy food, watching tv series, youtube, etc. what will one gain from abstaining completely from that if he will at all gain something? or do you think one should allow oneself enjoy that stuff in limited amounts? or should one work on his understanding that there are better things to do with that time gradually?
  2. I recently watched Leo's latest vid on things going full circle and the part about hedonism vs asceticism just blew my mind. I realize I sometimes allow myself to be a little hedonistic and I usually feel bad after it, but I mask it as something good because of the label I put on it. So my question is how far should one go about being ascetic in order to have the best results, after all, not everything is practical, im not gonna go live in a cave right now. so for example I allow myself to watch random youtube videos for enjoyment purely, to eat rarely sugary foods, to procrastinate and so on. I realize that stuff doesnt benefit me much but the positive label on them is very strong. when I think about eating a doughnut for example my mind is just rushed with dopamine and tells me its good, though after the doughnut I feel a bit uncomfortable in the stomach. should I just cold turkey cut out all of that stuff? due to my personality if I really decide to do something its pretty easy to keep up with it so I wont suffer much dropping everything at once. I notice that I allow myself all of that stuff because I have a belief that comes from my parents that at least a little bit of comfort is necessary, without it people just suffer, thats my belief. To what extent is that belief true? is it true at all? to what areas of life is it proper to apply asceticism and to what areas is it not? for example doing stuff you really enjoy like life purpose I guess you shouldnt deny the pleasure from.
  3. you were clearly not ready. in my opinion dont do psychedelics for another few years. you have serious work, practice meditation and learn sober. you have to learn how to surrender.
  4. I want to try some psychedelic in the future and Im thinking about substances and ways to do the trip. I did psychedelics a total of 2 times. One of the options are shrooms, in which one option would be to be in an empty house, and the other option would be to close the curtains and be in darkness. should I try a lower dose first and then dive into a bigger one? (thinking about 1 gram then 3 or something like that) and if so, should I do it in the darkness? im thinking to do the first small dose in the light and the second one in darkness, though it could be also reversed. what are your recommendations? it would be my first "strong" or "traditional" psychedelic, I survived one pretty harsh trip though before. another option is LSD. im thinking about AL-LAD since leo advocates this one so much but on the other hand I want to be mindfucked and from my understanding AL-LAD is better for contemplating things that you kind of know about. what other options are there for LSD? Thanks. p.s. My reason to try psychedelics is to expand my bubble and to grow as much as possible, what psychedelic generally I should do for that? Im also pretty sure I have a lot of hidden insecurities and fears that im not aware of, which might limit my everyday life, I would like to discover them and deal with them. I say that because I dont have any big fears in my everyday life but my life is pretty mediocre so far. I also want to break that mediocrity.
  5. @Ether its like coming to a gym and asking :"can I lift 500 pounds just this time?" This work is so fucking tricky anytime you want something you get the opposite.
  6. are you sure it's kundalini? i've had the exact same but im nowhere near kundalini. it improved since I changed my diet.
  7. careful with the science there, people a lot of the time dont truly understand whats happening. "observation" is a very tricky thing to define in physics experiments. science journalism always overhypes stuff. just so you know. thanks for the share though
  8. @ProblemSolving how does nofap help? I dont have problems with any of the things you suggested. one thing i do want to work on though is enlightenment. you have any idea how nofap may help?
  9. @Samurai Y and how much time do you think that it will take you? how are you planning to do it? what if spirituality Is the solution to these problems?
  10. @Samurai Y what do you mean by "dive"? do you think you can make a shitton of progress in a day? this process takes years, you already started it by being curious.
  11. I think that's the whole point of books and outside information. Though sometimes reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. balance is key
  12. @Max_V are you sure theres such a thing as a 'stuck' emotion? if so, why exactly? where did you learn this? im interested. are you saying that without any mental trigger you have sudden strokes of body emotion?
  13. Lol, funny, I am since recently almost exactly the same, fear/anxiety in body and negative thoughts arise, though it's all just is there and there's no attachment to it. I think it's not yoga that gets rid of the body feelings, but wisdom. Emotions arise out of beliefs, and beliefs are changed doing shadow work, understanding the root of the beliefs, increasing clarity, and changing them. A lot of these beliefs dissipate with spiritual work also, enlightenment, because higher wisdom is obtained. take this with a grain of salt, just using logic here.
  14. @Soulbass @Ether I didnt even mention change. I asked how can I affect my parents for the better. I love them as they are, I just want some tips on how to make their lives better.
  15. At first glance and in my parents' perspective (I think) it seems like my parents are having an alright life, more or less financially stable, more or less happy, but it's very "shaky". I notice my mom being regularly anxious about everything and my dad having anger issues. They're drinking every week, and while I dont judge them for doing so, I feel like their life could be much better than it currently is. I cant help but want to do something to improve it at least by a little bit. I dont try to convince them of meditating or doing anything, but I do talk about it sometimes just so they know that it exists. They are pretty closed minded and judgmental about me meditating. Lol if they would know what I read about I think they would send me to an insane asylum. nontheless, is there something I could do to make them less anxious or angry? maybe casually talk about some stuff they might not know about and might help them? maybe doing nothing at all and letting them see how I grow, which will motivate them somehow (thought I dont think it will work, they believe in people with "talent", they are not really the growth mindset type). thanks p.s. I focus on helping them currently and not really "the world" because im a very isolated person and they're mainly the only people I interact with. Also Im doing the life purpose course so im getting "the world" handled. Also from my current paradigm family is more important than other people, I cant lie to myself.