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  1. Entry 1 10/26/21 My first attempt: This was a trial run to get myself acquainted with Robert Monroe’s method. I did not succeed at having an OBE, just went through the motions to familiarize myself with what I’m doing. I have several pages of notes from Robert Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body. I’ll probably post them here soon, but I’ll need to type them up first. The gist of it is to get into a relaxed state laying down with your head pointed North. I have no idea why the head pointed North part is significant, but I figure I shouldn’t ignore it. If anybody knows, please inform me. Next it involves some visualization techniques and “reaching out with your mind” to points outside the body. These points outside the body are supposedly vibrational energy centers that you need to reach for. I’ll need to put in more work to understand what exactly that means. Overall, a good first attempt.
  2. Oh, and on the point about measurement being imaginary, (and I know I'm about to sound like a raving lunatic), but if measurement being imaginary sounds trivial, I urge you to try to understand the depth of this, because this realization has implications so profound that it'll break everything.
  3. @PepperBlossoms Quoted "Can you elaborate on this? I'd be interested in hearing what you have experienced." Yeah, thanks for asking. Let me be clear. Most of my professors were amazing people. They were down to earth, encouraging, and intelligent. They helped me a lot, and inspired me in many regards. I could speak positively about them all day and I do not want to paint the academic community in a bad light. When I say many of them were thick, I’m referring to a minority of people, but still a large enough group for it to be noticeable. These few were incredibly arrogant with extremely high opinions of their own intelligence. They would position themselves as superior to students and expect the students to just “listen and understand”. They were also very dogmatic and didn’t respond well to questions which they didn’t like. I’m definitely not some Einstein asking key questions with the potential to shift paradigms. I was asking pretty surface level stuff and got shut down for it by these people. Now, the field of physics has a certain reputation among many as being an “ultimate” field with the potential to figure everything out given enough time. Actually, a lot of fields believe that about themselves, but I got the impression that this is particularly bad within physics. It’s even characterized as the field concerned with understanding the universe or nature of reality. When I started university, I was a materialistic reductionist, and was bought into this idea hard. I was seriously considering becoming a research physicist for a while. About halfway through my sophomore year, I started to lose faith in the idea that physics was actually capable of finding the ultimate nature of reality. This came after I had spent some time learning about the hard problem of consciousness. That lead me to the idea of panpsychism, as a way of reconciling this problem, and that lead me to the work of Donald Hoffman which was an intro to a new way of thinking for me and breaking out of materialism. Another mindfuck for me was when I started contemplating the idea of measurement. What I ultimately realized is that all measurement is contrived and imaginary. And that’s a totally groundbreaking realization. We’re given all these units of measurement like grams and kilometers and seconds, and we combine them to make other units like force and energy, (Newtons and Joules). We can do amazing things with all of this, but at no point does anybody tell you that none of this is real. So, I started asking around about these problems that I was noticing, and a big red flag hit when nobody was able to help me. Ultimately the illusion that “science is perusing truth” was totally shattered for me, and that was hard, because I’d been motivated by that belief for years. Anyway though, the problem here is much bigger than “people misunderstand what science is doing”, in actuality, many scientists misunderstand what science is doing. It’s also totally unethical how a bunch of starry eyed freshen are swooned in under the delusion that the work they’re doing is true when in reality it’s not. And it bothers me a lot that the scientific community does absolutely nothing to break people out of this delusion, probably because most of them are bought into it as well. And in conclusion, I absolutely cannot say these things out loud. Part of it is that criticizing science generally is a very bad look. A shocking number of people just dislike science because they think it goes against their god or something. We certainly don’t want to appear to be giving these people any validity. Also though, I’m still trying to pursue work within science, and the ability to criticize science is something that needs to be earned. Neediness to say I haven’t earned that ability. I’m not some respected university scientist with tenure, I’m a grunt by anybody’s standards, and if I say what I want, I’ll be given an undesirable label and barred out of job opportunities. It’s not a game for me, nor is it just an intellectual exercise. The only place I can say what I want is anonymously on an internet forum and that’s a little sad.
  4. I’ve decided to dedicate myself to mastering out of body states. My plan is to attempt to go out of body every day until I can reliably do it at will and control the experiences. I’ll try to write a short entry about my attempt here every day. This journal is intended partly to keep me motivated, but I also welcome others to give feedback and advise. If you’re a long time OBEer, please share your experiences or point me to any resources you find helpful. Prior experience, I’ve had one OBE in my life that I would consider significant. It happened randomly while I was taking a nap on a couch. Basically, I found myself standing over my body looking down on it, and then it turned into lucid dreaming. I’ve been a lucid dreamer pretty much since I was a kid, but I would consider that to be different from a true OBE, (just based on what I’ve read). I also have experiences sometimes where I’ll be taking a nap or relaxing and it’s like I “open my spiritual eyes” and I can see even though my eyes are closed. This has happened to me a lot more since I started meditating and doing spirituality, and I assume it’s related to having OBE’s. Method, I’m starting by using the method Robert Monroe talks about in his book. I’ll do that for a while and if I have no success with it, I’ll start trying other methods.
  5. 1: Hitler Reacts To Nonduality 2: What Is Truth? - The Definitive Answer 3: What Is Reality? - A Radical Explanation 4: Deconstructing The Myth Of Science 5: How To Make A Girl Squirt - Give Your Girl An Explosive Orgasm (especially timestamp 20:53)
  6. I agree. Why do you think there exists such a stark contrast between the general publics perception of science, and the actuality of science? A lot of us (myself included) initially found interest in science through public figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, etc.. They promote science in this grandiose way that makes us feel like perusing it puts us on the forefront of truth-seeking. That's not only a naïve view, but a wrong view. I think these false notions are the source of a lot of peoples frustration. It's the source of my frustration. I cant help but to feel duped. And just so you're clear about where I'm coming from, I have a degree in science and I'm planning on perusing it as a career.
  7. And I can’t even voice my real opinion on this in almost any circle because I know people will misunderstand. That’s also quite frustrating. Anyway, Pardon me for turning this thread into a platform for venting.
  8. @Johnny Galt It’s genuinely disheartening though. That moment when you fully realize this supposed “institution of truth seeking” won’t go nearly deep enough and is also consumed by dogma. Not so different from a religion. I guess I feel something similar to what an ex-Christian feels when they finally leave the church. I wont bash science too hard though. I can’t argue with its usefulness.
  9. When I was at university and acutely sat down and talked to scientists and picked their brains, I was surprised to find that many of them are honestly a bit thick, lol. Ask them deeper questions about their metaphysical assumptions and they’ll look at you funny. It’s honestly a little sad. I appreciate Leos videos on deconstructing science so much because it’s like, finally people are calling this out.
  10. @Gregory1 Thanks for the detailed response. I'm always interested to know how these realizations affect people in their normal lives, and your theories seem reasonable to me. I read your other two trip reports. good stuff. It's crazy that you got all this in just three LSD trips. Props.
  11. @Nahm Is it normal for this stuff to happen naturally and unconsciously? Like with a long-term girlfriend once, we started reading each other’s minds. For example, one of us would randomly bring up a topic that the other had been thinking about. She would respond to something I was going to say before I said it. Stuff like that.. Is what you’re referring to essentially the same thing, or something different?
  12. Astrology is extremely complicated. When I tried to learn it, I quickly realized that it would take years of study to even get a basic understanding. Is there truth to it? Yeah, probably, but you'll likely have to put in at least a decade of research first.
  13. @Gregory1 Hey man, thanks for sharing! I'd be interested to read your other two trip reports. Question: you paint all this in a very positive light and it's awesome that you seem to have experienced it that way, but I'm curious, have you experienced any darker feelings of emptiness/meaninglessness as a result of these realizations? Any difficulty getting back into ordinary life after a God realization? You don't have to answer, just interested. Cool music channel by the way!
  14. @Godishere Ah, but we're all together in being alone. Are we not?
  15. @Godishere Fair enough man, and I get it. Last time I had an intense ego dissolution I was ready to totally give up spiritual work and just go for the simple life. In the days after I was getting an intense visceral void-like feeling in my chest that got highly painful. When I was able to accept it and be present with the pain, it lead to a blissful heart chakra experience that totally shifted my perspective. It can be extremely powerful to be present with whatever you're feeling.