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  1. To be fair, that blog post doesn’t say anything untrue. There is a dangerous level of stupidity coming from MAGA republicans.
  2. Another thing I know for certain: Endless existential confusion is the inevitable result of not being awake.
  3. That leprechauns are real. I caught one and chained it up in my basement. I’m currently torturing him for the whereabouts of his pot of gold. He still insists that he’s just an Irish midget with no gold, but I know better. The gold will be revealed soon enough!
  4. That’s amazing! Straight up trolling on top of trolling on top of more trolling. Pure perfection! 🤩🤩🤩
  5. The difference is that the women in polygamous relationships generally don’t get a choice in the matter. Yes, it’s easy to make any relationship work when one party doesn’t have autonomy in their own life.
  6. Fair enough. Would you be open to being in a relationship of the latter case? Like, how would you feel about staying committed to a woman who sees other guys but doesn’t let you see other girls?
  7. @KH2 By “One-sided open relationships” do you mean she can only see you, but you can see as many women as you want, or do you mean the other way around, that you can only see her, but she can see as many people as she wants?
  8. Lol. Yeah, that basically encapsulates all that need to be said.
  9. @trenton That makes sense. I have family from the UK and I can at least see how they perceive the royals. It also seems like Charles is a lot less popular and it makes sense why. The racism doesn't do him any favors...