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  1. Absolutely 100 percent accurate. I would bet my life savings on the result of a magic 8 ball. You think they are called magic for no reason?
  2. eating ass
  3. Yeah, I once did DMT after eating pizza. It was horrible. never do that
  4. I get that trans people feel like they’re in the wrong body, but is it really the ONLY explanation to say they chose wrong before birth? Really?? There really aren’t ANY other explanations? come on, you’re killing me. 😂
  5. @Kksd74628 If you try to act as if you don’t care when in reality you do, it will come across as fake.
  6. Sadhguru is gangsta af! I struggle with the idea of reincarnation because it feels like adopting a belief system that I don’t know how to verify.
  7. I had guessed as much. If it pleases you to kiss my feet, I will graciously allow you to do so. ❤️
  8. Pretty much. You can’t fake it. I mean, they can’t literally smell it, lol. It’s just a matter of being socially attuned. Women are typically better than men in that regard.
  9. I agree with the reasoning of this, but it doesn’t satisfy me as an answer. It feels more like being clever with words. Like saying “I’m in this body because I’m in this body no matter what body I’m in.” @Roy I read your comment in the voice of Yoda: “is or is not, there is no why” 😂
  10. I’m mostly just interested to hear what people say to this. Not really expecting to understand the answer. And I suppose this will be perceived as a stupid question, but I’m guessing most of you have wondered the same thing. I think it’s one of those things we just take for granted as being the way that it is because we don’t even know where to begin with answering it. But I imagine there must be an answer…??
  11. I sure hope so. The agony I feel from constantly steeping in my own immature pettiness is truly akin to carrying the weight of the sky. I am Atlas.