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  1. so what i would do is stop self inquiry and restart it after a few months. But i think it depends on the level one is at, because at the same time it could kill one's "catching on fire" as shinzen young said. or maybe not, i dont know. i know im not at that level so it doesnt matter for me.
  2. Recently ive stopped filling my mind with spirituality and self development. By that i mean i stopped using the forum, stopped watching spiritual videos, stopped reading books, stopped journaling, didn't stop meditating however. Counterintuitively, I noticed that my understanding of spirituality and self development has increased dramatically compared to to when i was studying this stuff. The reason for that I think is that i got out of the thinking patterns i was stuck in when studying spirituality and self development, so i was sensitive enough to look at life from different perspectives, so the knowledge i gained from studying integrated better. this is not like "Theory vs practice" that Leo has made a video on, the point of which was to study theoretical concepts and then practice them in daily life. here im talking about abandoning completely self development thinking patterns, during the "practice period" too.
  3. it has been scientifically proven that when you force a smile you feel better.
  4. would you say to start the theory videos from scratch too? or just the exercises?
  5. i bought the course about a year and a half ago, but dropped it because it was too hard and time consuming. on the values alone ive spent a few weeks of daily contemplation. and they got out to be very messy and inaccurate. i will continue it once i have time (in a few months when ill finish the degree)
  6. i guess youre right in some places. i do have some victim thinking due to past experiences, ill watch the video. but in some places the reasons i gave are more reasons why i dont want something rather than why i cant. like i could get a girlfriend probably, but it would take a lot of effort and time which i would rather invest in my studies.
  7. ive done that plenty of times, but i guess not in a daily fashion. ill try, thanks. do you have any tips? i noticed its very hard for me because i got led to believe that happiness is about not wanting anything etc. also i basically just want good vibes, but i dont know what causes them. and all i really want right now is a girlfriend because i never had one, but its impossible due to men rich environment and lack of time. also i heared i should spend my 20s on my career and not women
  8. drive i think is not something i could gain by insights or watching some motivational video. i think its something that builds over long years or months of action, which has to be directed towards something, but im way too young to know what to look for. also im a student so my only goal is to finish the degree (so im in a bubble)which im about to do, and then ill be able to find drive, when ill have more experience of whats possible. im afraid in the moment its not possible because as i said im in a bubble, with a very limited amount of people i can talk to, with whom i dont connect, because of age difference. edit: please correct me if you think anything is wrong
  9. haha, i tried it, but i just stop the alarm and go back to bed. and i do have a routine, i just dont. overall i think the solution is to go to sleep earlier.
  10. if i had any friends or interesting things to do i wouldnt sleep that much
  11. but i sleep 10 hours
  12. for the last few months ive been sleeping for around 10 hours a day, because i cant force myself to wake up. i dont want to wake up in the morning because sleeping is much better than living. my daily life is not suffering though, its just kinda lame. i dont have to wake up at 7am or 8am because my classes start at 10am or 12am. i wake up leaving just enough time to eat breakfast, sometimes i dont have time for that and then i need to buy food during the day. i want to meditate too but i dont manage to wake up early enough for that, every day i somehow manage to convince myself not to wake up. i also need to run in the morning for health and dont have time for that too. how do i make myself wake up?
  13. by nature i mean evolution. sure it's not accurate 100% but it explains a lot of things. it's not accidental that the brain is in the way it is right now. it's true that it has great elasticity, but that elasticity is limited in time. if too much change occurs in a too short period of time, it might damage it. also it's important what the status quo is, because you originate from that status quo, and if something radical happens to you, of course it would scare the shit out of you and you wont be able to handle it well.