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  1. im 22yo for the past few years my desire to masturbate and do sexual stuff declined drastically. i have some sexual fantasies but they're very mild and i masturbate maybe once a week. i quit porn completely since it doesnt arouse me anymore. didnt watch it for about 3 months and i dont want to. i work out often and eat healthy. maybe it has to do with being denied of my fantasies for so long that i just lost them. i have my first girlfriend for a month or so and i do get aroused, but mostly mildly and i dont enjoy sex (possibly because i was a virgin until now and i still dont know how to). sometimes i get aroused a lot but it's rare. how do i bring that intense sexual desire back?
  2. no, actually i tell her everything and maybe even too much
  3. yes i feel not myself when im with her. a completely different person, and it scares the shit out of me because everything feels so foregin and i fear everything
  4. i havent been interacting with people for a long time. nevertheless i went on a few dates with a girl. (this is pretty much my first interacrion with a girl on this level) the problem is that my mind always questions "do i like her" and it tries to force to like her (i felt emotions out of her without forcing it but now my mind subconsciously does this). i often get into my head and cant be present in the date, which ruins everything and makes me anxious. it also tries to see things in the ugliest way possible and tries to sabotage my view of her. how do i deal with this, i have such an opportunity and i dont want to lose it
  5. sometimes im being aware of what can be described as "flow of life". aware of how things fit perfectly together and how everything is so "obvious". this awareness comes when im flowing and tuned with my intuition i think, and dont think too much. this awareness itself sometimes confuses me because im kind of scared because it feels weird. i get stuck in my mind a little because of this awareness. i dont even know if what im saying is bullshit does anybody else experience this?
  6. ohh i see. i guess cuz i didnt experience much traumas the term "trauma" is too abstract for me so i dont kno what im talking about hahaha thanks
  7. thanks, but i dont avoid suffering when jm sure 100% it's necessary i just go into it what i am trying to avoid is unnecessary suffering
  8. @IJB063 obvious advice but i think it inspired me a lot upon thinking about it more. i think the reason im timid is because im afraid to fuck up my psyche or create traumas but i guess there's no way to avoid that and live a life at the same time
  9. im having trouble making decisions. i have no life experience. every decision i make i can look at so many perspectives and possibilities but none of them have any weight so i just dont know what to do and im afraid to make wrong decisions. usually i choose the thing that sounds most rational and "safe" what should i do?
  10. i think by doing so you will improve in the wrong direction you need to ask yourself what do you want from the girl and lead there i dont think your real desire is to improve texting skills, too mind oriented it could be intimacy, sexual stuff (nudes, phone sex... [though be sure the girl is open to that before going there]), exploring what girls are like, politics, philosophy (if they're into that), just like a real conversation but without the touch/smell/see elements which make it feel simply less real
  11. that's what i always try to do and very often succeed, but it hurts me emotionally a lot and i feel down so i wonder whether to end the relationship and simply find a woman who is more conscious. i also feel like im afraid to say what i think but i say it nontheless and it creates more suffering for me. can you tell me what exactly is analyzing? because im so used to it i dont notice anymore when i do it. i think i have a severe addiction to it haha @The observer yea that's what i do more or less, but my communication skills arent so good so sometimes i find it hard to find the right words.
  12. as a super rational person when im talking to girls who can get angry easily and just follow their emotions and not rationality im starting to be stressed when talking to them. i try to find the thing that is most rational to say, considering their emotionality. i dont just talk with facts or whatever like most people who are considered "rational" do. i try to understand what's the best thing to say considering everything. that approach works for me but it makes me stressed and somewhat afraid of saying the wrong thing. obviously im not always like that. i try to think as little as possible, the stress comes only when tough situations come up, when the girl is moody and things like that. am i doing something wrong?
  13. games that required thinking @DrewNows ill try to do that, thanks. just let go of the resistance. i feel even though i have all those negative emotions im almost as aware of my emotions as on a meditation retreat, so ill just try to let go of the resistance.
  14. i always loved videogames and tv shows. last few years it just stopped feeling as good. hmm that could be the reason for my lack if interest, as im 8 months already in almost isolation. socialize maybe once a few weeks