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  1. maybe that means if someone believe that chakras are affected somehow externally and not fully internal, they may also believe some entity might control them, so they might actually act in such a way.
  2. @okulele @flowboy lol i dont believe i have free will
  3. the thing is that im so lazy during meditation that i dont even try to see myself wondering sometimes, im just keeping on thinking things without an intention to come back to the breath
  4. lol my mind doesnt want to do more than 10 min so much but i guess that's the problem, thanks im also checking out the book
  5. im doing 10 minutes almost every day for amount a month or two but im still getting distracted and restless before the alarm goes off. im trying to be aware of breath but maybe im not trying good enough? i feel like im not committing to the meditation, so i cant focus on the breath.
  6. lol im too lazy for that i dont wana suffer
  7. i am so confused regarding my life purpose. i have a physics degree which i finished 2 months ago and in 2 months ill join the army as an engineer sorta. right now im on a break. my problem is that i have nothing meaningful to do. i can do a lot of things, but i dont have any goal with those things, therefore i dont feel like those things are worth doing. for example, i made youtube videos, which a lot of people liked, but because i didnt see a point in doing them and didnt see myself as being a youtuber ever, i stopped making them. also i play the piano and i draw, but i never put full effort in it and i dont put a lot of time in it because i dont see a point in doing so. i can also program but i dont see a point in doing it, so i get bored when i try to start. what happens is that i just slide into doing things that im used to, like playing videogames and watching youtube videos. i tried to do Leo's life purpose course but i just couldnt get my values straight. i feel like im too young to have any solid values and i dont have enough reference experiences to know what i truly value. i spent months trying to figure them out but at the end the result wasnt satisfactory. before i used to rationalize it is so because im low at maslow's heirarchy, i have no connection with people and no close friends, so im not motivated to do that "higher" stuff like hobbies but i doubt now that this is the case, because i do have a desire to do SOMETHING but i have nothing specific that seems to be worth it, because i have no specific direction in life or life purpose. all of that aside, i do have other goals which some of them are more abstract, like finding friends, gaining knowledge and wisdom, gaining emotional maturity and stuff like that, but as far as life purpose im zero.
  8. i see, that's actually very important, thank you. there go all the people who are constantly "busy" and wonder why they cant sleep what do you recommend to do in that downtime though? just nothing? meditate? meditation isnt really about that, its more about not focusing on thoughts and putting awareness on something. maybe journaling?
  9. what do uean by distraction?
  10. am i the only one feeling weird when people laugh too much?
  11. what helped me sometimes was being super weird. i would come up to people and say something like "do you like bananas?" and if they were weird people as well, usually they would laugh and flow with me, if they werent, they would laugh awkwardly, but still in a good way, if they were people i wouldnt want to have anything to do with in the first place they would say some thing like "wtf?" with a bad intonation. edit- of course for me it felt natural, do whatever feels natural for u
  12. Often times when I go to sleep I start thinking, and sometimes that prevents me from sleeping. What I usually do is try to let it be, because trying to stop it will only make it worse, but still it reduces the amount of time I sleep, which is very bad for my mental health the next day. How do I go about preventing this in the first place?
  13. @see_on_see in maslows hierarchy theres the "self transcendence stage", where motivation for it arises after your basic needs are met. im just way too low in the needs. of course when my basic needs will be fulfilled (girlfriends, sex, accomplishments, whatever) i wont be satisfied and will want more. thats the whole reason im pursuing girlfriends right now, because i want to want higher quality problems, not really because i want girlfriends as an end goal i wasnt like that before. before i knew that girlfriends wouldnt fulfill me and i would just want other things after them so i just didnt pursue them. that was a mistake because all my taste for life disappeared. now when i started to follow my desires the taste comes back. i am doing spirituality, i am meditating and journaling, just not that much because its not a top priority. also adding a heavy practice like self inquiry on top sounds too much also. also as @Nahm said, i can advance spiritually just by pursuing my desires mindfully and dealing with my limiting beliefs. no need for fancy techniques.
  14. @Nahm cool thats the path i feel is more realistic and sounds more fun than to do self inquiry for decades. also im already on that path so yay
  15. haha okay @Mulky sounds interesting. Ill try