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  1. @see_on_see thats the most useful answer i got, thank you
  2. i revisited this topic because i didnt solve the problem. so what youre saying is that in order to do something without resistance i have to be enlightened??? i really really desire reading books but it a lot of the time i just dont feel like it
  3. i tried it during the vipassana retreat and it kinda worked, but it became insanely hard as the resistance continued to reappear
  4. im planning tomorrow to do a 2 day meditation retreat. im not sure how to go about doing it, i did a 10 day vipassana course but i dont want to do vipassana. i also dont have goals for this meditation retreat, is it ok? can i just meditate? i also want to add some contemplation and journaling time as i also want to use the clarity that meditation gives to get insights about myself. im not sure what kind of meditation i should do, and whether i should stick to a single meditation technique or go with a few different ones. what has worked for you and how should i go about this? edit: i guess the reason for my asking is that i fear i will get insanely bored and start getting restless, which will probably happen, and i dont know how to deal with that. i fear ill stop the retreat in the middle and start watching Netflix
  5. I want to start drinking a cup of coffee every day, once a day in the morning. I heared it can boost dopamine and serotonin and im slightly depressed so that might help. also heared though that coffee damages teeth, makes the mouth smell bad, and eventually my body will just get used to the coffee and it wont have any effect. im not sure though if my body will get used to the coffee if i drink just once a day. what are your thoughts?
  6. This topic is about making yourself pursue the things you want to pursue. Whether it's going to the gym, reading books, doing self development generally, any stuff that generally requires you getting out of your comfort zone, investing emotional labor. The question is: Does creating goals and going towards them really has to take willpower and forcing yourself? it seems to me like there's a more wise way, but im not sure. If resistance arises couldnt you just be mindful of that resistance, let go, and just do what needs to be done? without any motivation or balls to the wall, willpower approach? Most Orange success oriented self help advice says to force yourself, I think the pinnacle of that is Mel Robbins, like in this video : "Just 5 4 3 2 1 suck it up and do it". I cant pinpoint what's wrong with it, but it feels unnatural and like there's a better way. Also this advice doesnt always work with me, they say that "if you start in 10 minutes you suddenly do feel like it" but sometimes even a few hours of work later i feel like i have to push myself all the time and its just miserable. I dont want to live my life in misery, why would I try to improve myself constantly if the process is miserable. the process is my whole life, and its the good life im after. Maybe the solution to this problem is that yes, there will always be misery when pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, but you could embrace the suffering, I guess that takes enlightenment though, idk. what do you think? Do you feel resistance and suffering always when pursuing goals or grinding?
  7. the statement "the kitchen doesnt exist when you dont experience it" and the statement "the kitchen exists when you dont experience it" are dependent on your definition of "exists". For the practical definition of "exists", yeah, the kitchen exists because you know from previous experiences its there, you can go there, cook some stuff... For the experiential definition of "exists", as in, "something exists only if i have it in my direct experience", yeah, the kitchen doesnt exist. For the definition of "exists" which says that something is a part of an objective external reality, you cant know and you will never be able to know, because you cant experience objective external reality, you can only experience your direct experience. In truth, if we're talking about reality here, talking about objectivity, from the absolute perspective, there is no meaning to your question, there is no such thing as the word "exists", there are no questions, questions are the imagination of the mind, so there is no answer to your question because your question doesnt exist.
  8. I show my appreciation out of guilt that if i wont show it they would feel bad. didnt understand that one
  9. actually i played dark souls with a guide and it was very fun. @alankrillin wait, so what you're saying is that i shouldnt look at perspectives other than my own? i shouldnt try to discover new things? ok, so ill just sit in my room and watch tv until the end of my life, bye.
  10. ive seen that video, but he also said in the video that you have to develop a taste for these things. i dont understand them yet. i tried to do a gratitude practice but it became hellish. for appreciating being i guess you would have to eat tons of mushrooms and have like 700 enlightenment experiences and im not in that realm of development yet.
  11. it happens automatically, why do i need to focus on it? so you want me to just believe everybody who tells me to do something and do what he tells me to? opportunities for what? that was what the topic was about. i wanted to ask people here what they see valuable in the world because i dont see much value except the things i listed. maybe if they showed me some valuable sides of life i would also see it as valuable and i would have another thing which has value.
  12. i guess then food and tv bring me to a place where i enjoy things.
  13. great, im glad to hear you at least will try something. let me know how it goes
  14. consider for a moment that you havent experienced a billionth of what the world has to offer, all you have experienced in your life is a tiny fraction of reality. there is so much you dont know. one of those things you dont know could be the possibility of you having friends and love life. maybe you dont know that you could actually get it. maybe its just a limiting belief, see for yourself. how much times did you try to get it? or you didnt try and just believe you cant? I totally get you man, i also dont have friends and i barely even talk to girls, it just doesnt seem to be possible, but i assure you, we are not the only people with this problem so there's tons of books and youtube videos on that stuff. you can try and learn by yourself. if you feel like you need someone to push you or if you need help you could go to a therapist about that! not necessarily all the psychological stuff, but to go to a therapist on how to get friends, there are group therapies that people share and talk. you can do it if you try. just have that little first effort and when you have a supporting back you can snowball. also you could change your job, that isnt impossible, you could take Leo's life purpose course, its very good.