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  1. @LiakosN @SgtPepper i have the same thing more or less but i want to take lsd, is it also recommended you think?
  2. @wakeel55 if you would smoke weed while being "normal" go for it, dont expect it to "cure" you somehow though. what @MikeB said. exercise is extremely good, its so underestimated.
  3. how do i look at my forehead from my neck?
  4. hey i was in the same place recently, after some emotional releases. it passed.
  5. this is completely mental masturbation and doesnt matter, but i guess ill give you my opinion so it wont distract you in meditation. yesterday and today is a duality, while everything is one (including "time" in this case obviously), tada.
  6. @Gligorije do all said above and other than that, enjoy your life. you dont need to do too much beyond that, it might actually be damaging, having fun is the whole point of life, dont be too anal.
  7. is that what you experience on 5 meo?
  8. @d0ornokey no then my question becomes: is that way of approaching those text has some useful concepts one could implement in order to advance spiritually?
  9. did someone here study the kaballah? as i understand it it's kind of an enlightenment guide for jews. is there any stuff thats worth investigating into? like enlightenment practices or stuff like that.
  10. wait wat? im too high energy
  11. im extremely restless. I work out a lot but the energy is still there. i feel a lot of times a need to flex my muscles. I feel a lot of energy in my head and sometimes on the forehead. sometimes that energy becomes pleasant (joy like), but i feel restless and i dont want to do anything and want to do everything at once. i feel the need to eat a lot and it continues after i eat, like im never satisfied. that lack of satisfaction applies to everything.
  12. @Lynnel @Neo looool i guess "dog" is a nickname for a friend.
  13. make humanity woke again you gotta get over that stage too
  14. @Nahm