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  1. lame, heared of the sum of the infinite series 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16....? it's finite. besides, the universe could loop and after say 10000 stars the arrow would hit the first star.
  2. you use alcohol because it makes you feel good. you want to feel good because you dont already feel good. spirituality makes you feel good, much more than alcohol, though it takes work. so conclusion: you can get to a state where you dont need alcohol, though right now going the middle path is best choice in my opinion. so right now alcohol in moderation (you decide what moderation is for you)
  3. if youre asking, you probably don't know too well how to do it, so in your place i'd give some videos or books to read. prefferably videos
  4. for me gratitude turns into rotten fruit after a few days
  5. just a speculation, i dont know shit about yoga and i doubt the shit i say is close to the truth: maybe you have too much blockages and so the energy you're trying to stream through your body isnt going through very well so it creates these side effects. in other words, your body is not strong enough for this practice. Maybe read some books on emotional mastery and try to implement them. do some shadow work. do regular meditations. only then when you resist your emotions (energy) less, you can try and do yoga. a 10 day vipassana course would help a lot with that.
  6. @Faceless so what am i supposed to do? not think and not plan anything?
  7. 1. keep meditating 2. dont see them as something bad. i also realized a lot about my shadow recently and i just had to accept it. how did i do it? without judging. it is what it is, its part of me and thats ok. smile at those parts of you and be greatful theyre there, without them, what fun would it be getting freed from them ? a poem by rumi that might help you: The Guest House This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes. because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. — Jellaludin Rumi
  8. im on a break now, so i have 2 conflicting sides: 1. i want to do the life purpose course, read books, meditate and eat good food because it will benefit me in the future and it makes me feel good physically and mentally. i dont like doing it. 2. i want to eat shit food that in the end makes me feel shitty, i want to watch movies, i want to masturbate 2 times a day or more- which makes me feel shitty. when i do option 1, i suffer. when i do option 2, i like doing it but i know i gotta do more of 1, because long term option 2 will make me miserable. i want to slowly transition to option 1, but with least amount of suffering. is there a way i can change my beliefs regarding option 2 in order to do more of 1? this state that im in right now is just for a few days, but i keep falling into it. for example when i radically change my environment and go volunteer someplace for a few days when i come back doing option 1 is not so painful and is actually nice, but slowly i slide into option 2 and option 1 becomes untenable. how do i not let this happen again? and should i change my environment again to get out of the place im in now? should i force option 1? for now i dont do any of it.
  9. is that a book or something? how do i learn that? can you give sources please? like videos, pdfs, articles..
  10. I tried to read Heidegger's "being and time" and I was lost in the first paragraph. each sentence was so packed and there are so much sentences, there is too much "stuff" to remember and hold in mind in order to understand what's the point. Also say im starting the next chapter, I cant remember anything that i've read the previous one and cant see the connection of the present chapter to the previous one. how am i supposed to go about this? spend hours on a paragraph to try to understand what's happening? in how much time then would I be able to finish the book?
  11. personally I dont believe in psychosis as a "disorder", that's black and white thinking, and many psychologists agree with this viewpoint. See for yourself, I dont know if anyone here can give you a fulfilling answer. I would recommend though starting from emotional mastery then moving on to shadow work. Learning techniques to cope with strong emotions, for example the book "the sedona method", you could start there. if you know how to deal with that stuff, even if a painful memory comes that might trigger a psychotic episode, it would be no big deal. IMO emotional mastery is the basis for all spiritual and personal development.
  12. thanks for your reply, so my guess is that i shouldnt repress it, it should drop off by itself.
  13. im putting this question in this section because I want a more spiritual perspective on this. (kundalini, what have you) im a 20 year old virgin and I noticed that this topic intrudes my awareness very often. I noticed a lot of my motivations to be around people are purely to get attention from girls. This stuff was subconscious but now I notice it more. it messes up my higher self motivations. because of this craving for connection with women, I masturbate very often to calm it down. I said in my previous post about my vipassana retreat that I experienced some kundalini awakening type experience and this craving became more severe. I also said that i'd quit porn, but it turns out not to be so easy. my "masturbation sessions" feel extremely good and fulfilling for some reason, also my appreciation of music is sometimes enhanced hundredfold, especially after a meditation. actually, after my vipassana retreat im experiencing right now a very deep low, an ego backlash I guess. My craving for food and masturbation is extremely strong and so I give in. When I tried not to give in the craving would creep into my mind and wouldnt go away, not letting me do anything. should I fight if any craving creeps in? should I do some practice that might manage my cravings? I heared an acquaintance of my saying he had done 90 days of nofap combined with osho kundalini meditation every day. he says his craving disappeared completely.
  14. the only thing thats stopping me is fear