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  1. I am mainly talking about visual arts, as I don't know much about other fields. There are couple of stages to becoming a master at a craft : learning the fundamentals, practising the techniques , Copying masters and various styles, and becoming a Master. And repeat. Creativity starts showing up sometime in the middle of copying. There is a point when you observe a lot and practice delegintly, your ability to transfer what is in your head to paper becomes easier and easier. Creativity comes when you go very deep and get lost in the creation. When you get envolved and lose the track of time and space. When you become selfless. But in order to go there, you need to master the techniques to a certain level. Until then, patiently practise and copy the best
  2. My boyfriend is in love with JP and he refuses to listen to any of Leo's videos. I'm trying to keep an open mind, since I don't mind JP. But I'm more annoyed that he doesn't listen to any of Leo's videos. He reads the books though. Relationships were already hardwork . And now JP had made it even harder )))) but I guess this is all part of progress.
  3. How do we know that we get smarter on psychedelics? I feel more open. More observant. hyper sensitive. More clear. But these are just my feelings while I'm online. After that, I really don't know if I'm smarter than before. Also what is smart in this context. To me that doesn't happen on a glimpse. It gradually improves over time. I have not felt instant improvement with any insights. It only gets the ball rolling. Is this my limiting belief? Have you really felt an instant improvement?
  4. I had never realized this. Of course it does. It makes a lot of sense now.
  5. I'm in the same boat as you. I live in UK currently. One way or another I'm sure you will figure it out. best of luck on any paths you take
  6. @SuperLuigi I say before deciding on any specific project, first learn the skills, or at least get a sense for it. For instance, music is world apart from 2D art. 2D art is world apart from 3D art. Concept art is world apart from production art. Programming is a whole different language. That being said, you could still do all of them , not at a fantastic level, but a good enough level. For instance, my partner, a 3D artist by trade, doesn't know deep programming, but he knows how to use game dev software's. He is also a good designer, and concept artist. All of this skills has taken him 10 years to develop. So maybe get to work, realize what's what, where you at. Go to couple of classes. Participate in couple of game jams. Hang out with game nerds like us. Scope. Experiment. Practise. Learn. And then maybe think about starting a project. You know, by the time you are ready, your idea might have evolved and change 1000 times.
  7. @SuperLuigi me and my partner each have 6 years of game dev experience. My suggestion to you is the suggestion to us. Start small. 3 - 5 years is no good if you have not done any independent projects before. It will fail. You need to be your own producer. Give yourself very short time limits, with proper deadlines and sprints. Start with 1 month project, then 3 month, the 5 months. Like anything else in life, built up to it. Try and collaborate when you can. Realistically, You cannot learn every single thing. I also agree with What Leo suggests. Specialise! From personal experience, I switched from a very generic role to a highly specialised role. First it seemed scary and foolish since the demand was much lower. But the pay off proved the opposite. Take the road less taken. Work on your career and your Life purpose side by side. It is not easy. You cannot burn out, so be mindful. Try and align them as much as you can. But make that career count. And have fun!
  8. Marriage is not about love. It's about finding a fantastic teammate. Unfortunately I cannot explain to you what that means unless you already have experienced that. When two people are on the same page for most things, and are able to push each other forward, a perfect marriage happens. It can also be platonic. Love for your teammate that you trust and support with all your heart is very spiritual.
  9. What is the difference between Ocean Breath and Fire Breath? To me they seem the same, except Ocean is Slow and Fire us rapid. Or are there different muscles one needs to use in the throat area? Thank you *
  10. Yes. The most confusing thing with passion is when resistance and grind appear. And they will appear over and over again. That's when you're passion and character gets tested. Are you passionate enough, strong enough, patient enough, to surpass the learning curve?
  11. Oh yeah. We are mostly doing monologues :))) but I think that's just human nature.
  12. I say neither. Desire comes from the feeling of lacking, or incompleteness. Only ego has the feelings of wanting. Truth has no desire. Truth needs nothing. Truth is what it is, and has no good or bad quality to it. I am not saying desire is bad in any way. I like desire, and am okay with desire. I am also okay with no desire. But I can see that my desires can cause me some trouble. I take responsibility for that.
  13. It seems that there is no desire in truth. Only ego desires. One may think not all desires are negative or bad, and some are quite necessary and fundamental. Nevertheless they all come the ego.
  14. @Serotoninluv aaaaaaaah! I think i have had a small glimpse of that state. probably distracted myself from going there because of fear. Thank you so much for explaining it to me