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  1. This part made me understand. I am fully you reading this, and fully me writing this. Simultaneously. That's insane, but it makes perfect sense. It can't be any other way!
  2. @Preety_India heya Up to last year, I used to recommend taking aya and psychedelics to most people. Now I am more cautious. It is a strong psychedelic , and a strong experience. If you are fine mentally, and you have a healthy gut system, you should be fine. It will open up some doors. And once you know something, you cannot unlearn it. So the question is how curious are you. You basically will be forced to face yourself, and that can be unpleasant at times. How do you react to getting high on weed for instance? How stress are you in your life at the moment? How brave are you?
  3. Dance a lot like no one is watching.
  4. Would a Zen master even have a trip? The mind would be so present that even the trip become ordinary. Maybe ?
  5. That's always a tough question for a woman of our generation. I am getting close to mid 30's, and I also have the same dilemma. I have bunch of other girlfriends my age who don't have children either. My sister who is 3 years older than me had her first child this December. The first time I locked eyes with my niece, I understood the love of a child for the first time. It's beyond any other love, and highly addictive. Also, you fear for their life and safety. The sacrifice is great, but the love is even greater. I can tell you this. No one can answer this question for you. Only you can. Everybody have their own opinion, but as you get older, and as you find the right partner (or not) you will know if you want to have children. Either way, you will be fine. <3
  6. @Charlotte I'm happy these touchscreen grown so much stronger in the last year!,please do let me know how it went<3
  7. @Charlotte how are you doing recently? I am not worried about this anxiety. I have been expecting for something to surface. This too shall pass, cause that's the only option that being said, it is always good to have tools in your toolbox, like a pro.
  8. Dedicate your life to art. It's a act of surrendering, without knowing if it will work. It probably won't, but you do it anyways, cause there is no better thing to do.
  9. That's good to know! Thanks for sharing. The thing is, you need different tools. For yourself and people you may sit with. Even when doing Ayahuasca, the shaman has some tools to calm you down and bring you back. For instance, there is a powder they blow in to your nose at the beginning that calms you down. Also, they can give you some tobacco to sober you up if needed. So if CBD is a tool in your toolkit, then it's good to be prepared. I just need to find out how and if it works well.
  10. The dose is super low. 2,75. Basically the price of becoming more aware has been increase in anxiety. Basically, I had never had anxiety attacks in my life before. This is totally a new thing. I had anxiety attack on weed the other night. That has never happened before. So I guess something has woken up, and it's starting to take shape. I have been taking CBD to control these random attacks. But I know I need to conquer my fear. There are no excuses. I never had a trauma in my life, so this is all made up.
  11. I know I have to face my anxiety when dealing with deep work and psychedelics , so I can have a breakthrough. But the last time I had mushrooms, my heartbeat was out of control and I couldn't handle the anxiety. Since then, I've been having random anxiety attacks here and there. I still want to keep working with psychedelics. So I was wondering if I can use CBD oil while on Psilocybin? Would it calm me down a little? It would it be a bad mix? Thank you,
  12. Anything that the "I" can perceive, is not the true being. So where do I look? If anything that is perceived is eliminated (neti neti) , then there is no where to look. The perceiver cannot perceive itself. The knife cannot cut itself. The eye cannot see itself. But how do I leave the "I" behind? How can I undone being the perceiver? I know there is an infinite possibilities opening up from realising that anything perceived is not me, but I still can't take the leap.