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  1. Ayahusaca is one of the strongest forms of psychedelics. I have not done any other forms besides Aya , but my friend who has done many forms and has confirmed that also. I had good trips and bad trips, and I am fine. I love having shamans around. But there is always a risk. I recommend starting with something easier like mushroom or LSD as well. Xx it's all up to you and your calling. See if you have it in you. There is always next year.
  2. @kieranperez must have been frustrating. But how do you know he is wrong and you are right? How do you know if either of you are right? Maybe that's not the point. We all trying to point to something. And you can use different fingers to point, or a pencil. The point is not pointer. It's the moon.
  3. I'm very uncomfortable on the so called day of my "birthday" . I have tried to hide it as much as possible, but some people still know. I have to pretend that I'm very happy and appreciative, but I ain't really. I'm annoyed , dissapointed and a little bit gloomy inside. The next day I feel great though
  4. @MM1988 thanks for the honest answer. I think you are not too far off. You might have become too bitter. Maybe you are in love with one of these girls , and the rejection is hard. Treat women with love and respect, and show them your are trustworthy. The JP stuff are not all good. Follow your own natural manly gut. Forget about the bullshit on the internet. I will step out of this thread cause it's just weird. But I wish for you a nice romantic love soon.
  5. @MM1988 why you hit on your friends? Are you guys really friends , or you have ulterior motives? If you do have other motives, would you ultimately call that a friendship? Can your "friend" trust you , or you are not trustworthy?
  6. @MM1988 do you have any girl friends? Just friends
  7. This thread gives me the chills though. I agree and resonate with @Emerald on this issue. You guys need to hang out with women just to make some friendships first. I knew all of my boyfriends before I dated any of them, either from work, school, classes or friend of a friend , or even my friend! I was friend with my partner for one year before we really went for it. You never know. I have never dated a stranger. You guys talk about women as if we are not human. We are not that different. Maybe try and get to know us first a little bit so you can see for yourself. You wanna be with someone who you can hang out with first. Make real connections , and sexual relationships will happen naturally.
  8. If you don't mind, I'll add something to this. The truth you are talking about is subjective, which comes from the perspective of an ego , and it's an illusion. If you were another human being, or another animal, your truth would have been different. And that is the proof that this truth is subjective. I know , this sounds wrong and horrible at first. If you go beyond this point, the truth of suffering, your love and compassion will come from an even deeper, calmer more accepting place, and real change can happen. See ugliness as beauty. Accept the imperfection as perfection. You don't need to change your moral, but you need to grow your acceptance to be inclusive. Don't take sides in this game of survival and suffering.
  9. @Preetom Thank you ,will do. I am not concerned with enlightenment though. Its not on top of my list. Im just curious.
  10. @metwinn yes i guess so! So Alien is the the other I that you cannot switch roles with it. So the question is, can I switch my role with an existence such as a microbe? I think so. @Preetom Thank you! But i need to contemplate on this more. I want to be skeptical about this. I want to be 100 percent sure, that there is no other type of "I". "The fool who persists in his folly will become wise." World is a mysterious place. You can't find something you are not looking for. @Highest Physical world is not a certainty, but awareness is a certainty? how you know awareness is a certainty? I'd like to know. @Danelius Thanks for the reply. I need to think more about what you say.
  11. Switching your identity with theirs briefly. Imagination and role playing.
  12. Oh man. I'm trying, but I'm not very good at explaining. There is only one type of "I" . Even a mosquito is the same "I". Have you ever experienced any other type? No! An alien "I"? And I don't mean alien not from earth. I mean like mother Ayahusaca alien. A completely different entity that you cannot comprehend as your own "I". It doesn't exist. There is only one type of exsistance than I know of.
  13. I hope I can put this understanding into words. I have intuitively known that all beings are "I" s. So when I look or think of another person, I right away become them. And this is beyond just empathy. But there is something else (or isn't in better words). There is no other type of "I", that i know of. I don't know any aliens. This is a big revelation for me. Has anyone ever experienced or encountered another type of "I", unknown to their nature of "I"? There is none. There is only one I. How can there be any other type of I ? Maybe in another realm?
  14. Ram Dass had a lot of issues with his father and his family after he left his old life. Listen to some of his recordings on YouTube. They are lovely. There is one that he has a family reunion right after a night of LSD. It's quite nice and funny.
  15. @lmfao thanks for sharing. Once I read your post, I realize I'm in a very predicament as you. I don't understand love the way most people do , and that's my biggest challenge. My mother was not abusive, but she had extreme depression and didn't want to interact with me. I have an amazing father, and so I'm independent and financially successful. Too independent. Most relationships of mine ended with "I can't be someone who doesn't love me." So you are not alone on this journey. That doesn't make the spiral dynamics inapplicable for us, it just shows the work we need to do. Everyone's work is different. Some need to work on discipline, some on their addiction, some need to understand love and compassion. The fact that you are here and sharing this means that you are already half way there.