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  1. Book titles
    If you want to learn the spiritual path, read the ancient texts!
    Ashtavakra -- I'd go with Bart Marshall at first
    CYV -- yes
    Ribhu Gita - yes
    Upanishads -- yes, fine
    Zhuangzi - Ziporyn
    Tao te Ching - Tolbert McCarroll
    Bodhidharma - Red Pine 

  2. Fallen down the spiral
    Fallen down the spiral
    The ego loves to assume it is already fully developed. That conveniently means no more work is required. The ego loves to live in the world of ideals, abstractions, intellectualizations, and soothing fantasies.
    You constantly have to give yourself reality-checks in this work. You must be brutally honest with yourself about your deficiencies, limitations, and lack of development. As a rule of thumb you are never as developed or as conscious as you think you are.
    It's very easy to listen to advanced stages like Yellow and Turquoise and to assume you're already there just because you intellectually understand those stages or you can picture them in your mind's eye. But that's just imagination. That's not the actual level you're acting from on a daily basis. Most of your daily actions probably stem from much lower levels like Red, Blue, Orange.
    A very helpful exercise is to monitor all of your thoughts on any given day and analyze what percentage of your thoughts are stemming from which color stage? How much time do you spend thinking about money, sex, power, fear, selfish needs, dogma, judgment, anger, etc? Probably 90%+ How much time do you spend in systems thinking, metaphysical contemplation, unconditional love, or solving global problems? Probably less than 1%.

  3. Paintings soul progress
    [Gallery] Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul
    I have this..spiritual practice of just browsing this gallery. Thought some of you might like it as well .

  4. Evolving into a single entity
    I wish Jordan Peterson wasn't such a pussy sometimes lol
    High quality science-based regulation is exactly the solution. We regulate those parts of society which behave too egotistically and are hurting the whole.
    Government is an agreement between people to regulate each other for the good of all. That's what government is! The answer to bad government is always better, more scientific, more precise government. Not less government. Government must grow as the complexity of the human super-organism grows.
    You cannot have a highly complex organism (human society) without strict rules and regulations. Regulations actually enable high degrees of complexity. You cannot have a human body if each cell says "Fuck you, regulation is bad, freedom!" Then you have chaos.
    Freedom IS chaos! Order is regulation.
    What people do not understand is that humans are not individuals, we are a hive mind and all future forms of the human super-organism will involve higher and higher degrees of integration until eventually there will not be human individuals are all! It will be one collective mind integrating human brains with super AI and all kinds of other technology into one giant mega-conscious integral super-organism. For that to happen, you gotta get over yourself.
    This is not about you. This is about YOU!
    In the end, you will be assimilated, over your cold body if necessary. Because that is what evolution is. It integrates, then sub-framents, then integrates, then sub-fragments like a fractual to infinity.
    You have no choice about any of this. It will happen whether you resist it or not. The ego always loses.
    JP and his egotistical followers will all be integrated in the end.

  5. Truth
    The mechanism of creating distinctions
    Distinction is a very tricky issue because distinction is the very nature of being.
    If you fully understood what a distinction was, you would understand the ultimate nature of reality, and you would be deeply enlightened.
    Distinction is NOT a concept!
    Distinction is the "substance" of reality. And what then is the nature of a distinction? Nothing!
    Yes, paradox here is not a mistake. What you're starting to intuit is that reality has no substance. It's a set of distinct appearances which are actually just a hallucination.
    Reality is not made out of matter or atoms or energy. Reality is made out of distinctions!
    Creation is distinction. Without distinction you have pure formless Infinity. And with distinction, you also have pure Infinity! The formed side of Infinity.
    Form is formlessness. Formlessness is form.
    Duality is none other than nonduality.
    Infinity contains an infinite number of distinctions.
    It's highly worthwhile to contemplate: What is a distinction?
    Mind vs not-mind = a distinction
    Automatic vs not automatic = a distinction
    Consciousness vs unconsciousness = a distinction
    Real vs unreal = a distinction
    Subjective vs objective = a distinction
    Truth vs falsehood = a distinction
    Creation vs destruction = a distinction
    The universe vs me = a distinction
    Consciousness is the substanceless substance within which all of these distinctions occur. Like an LCD screen on which images are rendered.
    Everything you've ever seen or thought or experienced is a distinction. Including existence itself.

  6. Inquiry
    Multiverse and enlightenment
    The illusion has one singular function - illusion.
    An illusion, is when something appears to be what it in actuality is not. (...more on that down the road)
    Every thing, everyone, every thought, every event, every word, every molecule & cell, every star and planet, the entire “past”, your past, the entire “past” of the human race —-  is an illusion, and it is perpetual, infinite, and spontaneous, inseparable from Now - not Elkhart Tolle’s now, your  Now. For as long as you look to the illusion for what you are, it will continue to do the only thing it does. 
    You must look at direct experience. 
    You must make the distinction between direct experience of NOW, and a thought. 
    You must acknowledge, with incredible honesty & openmindedness, - your assumptions - and label them “assumptions”.
    Discover assumptions by asking yourself “did I directly experience that, or have I come to believe that?”
    When you have rooted out thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions, what remains is Truth.
    How long will this take you? 
    Not nearly as long as it is taking you to start. 
    It could be done with a pencil and a pad of paper, in one day. 
    If you can’t do it now, just pick a day. Write it on a post it note, write it on a calendar. But decide to do the inquiry, the work. 
    You will be so glad you did. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear, is illusory. 
    Experience the You-inverse. 
    “Multiverse” is an assumption. Leave it for Sean Carroll. He prefers it. 

  7. Bussiness
    Leo, how have you done it?
    You can make a copy-cat business but it's a bad strategy. It will be hard to market and eventually you will go out of business unless you bring something new to the table.
    A Seth Godin says, you must create a Purple Cow.
    The bigger picture of business that people fail to see is that marketplaces are constantly evolving and self-optimizing. If you offer something of genuine value, then you will be optimized out of the marketplace by evolutionary forces.
    You cannot go copy Bill Gates or Elon Musk. You must bring something new to the table.
    Practically what this means is, you cannot create a good business using a cookie-cutter business-in-a-box plan. This is why get-rich-quick-schemes and multi-level-marketing schemes fail. What you cannot do is follow a 1-2-3 step formula for creating wealth, because if you could, everyone could do it, but that cannot happen by definition because wealth depends on a disparity between you and other people in society. So you must offer more genuine value than other people offer. You must differentiate yourself from the poor and maintain that differentiation.
    I say this specifically because there are a lot of tempting business-in-a-box plans out there. But the ones who get rich off those are the ones selling the plans, not the ones buying the plans.
    No one can sell you a plan for how to create something like, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Uber, Ebay, Tesla, Amazon, SpaceX, etc. Because the plan itself is the whole value of the company. And the plan is always time-sensitive. You cannot create another Amazon today. That ship has sailed.
    The more original your plan, the more money you stand to make, the greater your competitive advantage.
    Of course you can still study all these great companies and learn lessons and gain inspiration for building your own.

  8. Words don’t help
    Words don’t help
    Kirya yoga Psychedelics Solo retreats That is the killer combo right there.
    Getting magically enlightened at the hands of some guru is extremely rare and it's a super disempowering attitude to have. You might as well be hoping to win the lottery.
    Take your awakening into your own hands. No one will do it for you.
    If you are feeling stuck, go do a Bufo 5-MeO retreat with Octavio. You'll experience infinity in 5 minutes. It's worth the travel.

  9. Maslow _ Definition of Self Actualising
    What Is Self-Actualization?
    The concept of self-actualization comes to us from the humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow. Maslow defined the self-actualizing human being as follows.
    Self-actualization is the expression of your true self, your fullest potential, and your great capacities. Self-actualizing people exhibit the following traits:
    Have a superior perception of reality — they see things in an objective, accepting way without intruding themselves upon what is being perceived. Have an increased acceptance of self, others, and nature. Have increased spontaneity in behavior — they can be unpredictable and outrageous. Are more focused on the problem than themselves. Have increased detachment and desire for privacy. Have increased autonomy and sense of individuality — take full responsibility for how their lives unfold. Are resistant to social conditioning. World-citizens not beholden to any one culture. Pick and choose what they like from culture. Are comfortable being themselves even if that means being unpopular. Have a good sense of what is real and unreal. Value truth and facts over beliefs. Have great freshness of appreciation and richness of emotional reaction. Have higher frequency of peak experiences. Being in flow state more often. Have an increased identification with the human species. Have improved interpersonal relationships. Have a more democratic character structure. Have greatly increased creativeness. Have a deep knowledge of themselves. Are constantly moving toward unity and integration of their personality and world view. Are actively nurturing their talents. Place great value on truth, beauty, goodness, uniqueness, wholeness, justice, simplicity, richness, effortlessness, and playfulness. Are driven by positive, intrinsic motivation, not by lack. Generally enjoy most aspects of life, not just achievement, triumph, or peak experiences. Take pleasure in functioning at their prime. Take a non-valuing, non-judging, non-interfering, non-condemning attitude towards others. Are more loving. They need love less but are able to give love more. Embrace conceptual dichotomies, polarities, and conflicts by fusing, transcending, or resolving. Are comfortable with paradox, contradiction, and not knowing. Have desires and impulses that correlate with what's good for them. Have solid psychological health. Live on purpose with a sense of mission. Work is a precious cause. Involved in improving the world. Willing to admit and correct mistakes. Have an easy self-discipline which comes hard to average people. Duty and pleasure are the same. Gratify themselves moderately rather than abstaining through harsh self-discipline. Express impulses more yet use less control. Controls are less rigid or anxiety-driven. Are able to express their aggression in a healthier way, as a sort of righteous indignation rather than a lashing out. Have a different, new set of concerns: being-challenges vs needs-challenges. Live to experience joy rather than avoid pain. Live in the present moment. Make more conscious decisions.  
    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: