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  1. I think i found my life purpose but it's just so out there and i don't know if i was being authentic with myself while taking the course. I am considering taking it again and seeing what else I can get. The life purpose/vision i originally had was creating book animation videos and eventually doing conferences or talks, but I don't even know where to go and feel like i was a bit delusional. I've been dabbling in ecommerce and investing but unsure if that would just be a distraction. I feel like getting out of wage slavery and working for myself would free up my time to pursue enlightenment and do all of the other things i'm inclined to do but I'm unsure of what direction I need to take. If any of you are experienced with ecommerce, do you think the space is over saturated? I am considering dedicating my year to learning forex since I could possibly earn some money through that, but I feel like both of those are a distraction and would take away from the life purpose i found in the course.
  2. Do you have any social media pages or websites which we can find more of your work?
  3. Girlfriend is overseas for the next few months so I might begin dating different people, in the middle of deciding whether i should move out of my parents house (24 y/o with a decent job and savings but nothing too impressive since everything is expensive in NYC), fear i'm slipping back into depression, In need of getting new friends. Overall pretty good though.
  4. Thank You so much for the resources guys that's way more than i hoped for.
  5. I've been following Leo's videos for a while and never posted but this weeks video about health really struck a chord with me. I am a competitive power lifter and know that eating a whole food plant based diet is the best for your health, but how does one balance being an athlete with it? I was especially taken aback when Leo mentioned he hasn't been in the gym in over a year and it made me realize that a lot of his audience isn't into fitness other than basic weight loss. Pretty much I would like to know if anyone has any tips or information concerning a high calorie diet that's needed for strength training while remaining plant-based and healthy. It feels like I either have to choose being strong against being healthy. Thanks, and forgive me if i broke any rules, this is my first post.