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  1. It is probably a well-known problem for new moms.. .. It is called as 'postpartum sleep deprivation'. I have a 1-year-old kid and my wife has also been saying the same thing for the last one year when it comes to sleep. This article has may help: Sleep deprivation can certainly make people more nervous and angry. You can also try mindfulness meditation.
  2. Great! If you go to this link, you will find the complete timeline of his talks and you will also find the name of the books: You can just copy the name of the book and search in google by adding the word 'pdf'. You can also read all his books for free in this online library: . You would need to register for free there if you want to read more pages. It is free registration. Read his books casually, as if you are listening to your friend gossiping. If he sounds like a jerk, don't mind and treat him like one of your close friends who always talks like a jerk. He lies a lot and he admits it. He didn't care about factual accuracy and he admits it too. His main intention was to crack the hard nut that surrounds people's minds. That hard nut is made up of years and years of conditioning. You can enjoy many adult jokes and interesting stories.
  3. LISTEN ATTENTIVELY I know you are absolutely in a drunken state. Everything is upside down in you, everything is in a mess. You don't know what you are doing, why you are doing it. You don't know why you are here in the first place! But I know perfectly well why I am here and what I am doing. I am trying to wake you up - you are fast asleep. Just take one thing seriously and that is to become more and more alert of your sleepiness. And all my efforts here, sutras or jokes, are nothing but means to wake you. Sometimes a joke can wake you up more easily than a serious sutra because listening to a serious sutra you tend to fall deeper into sleep; it is so serious that you can't be awakened by it. But a joke is so light that you don't want to miss it; you listen attentively. - Osho
  4. @egoless thank you, my friend, .. Leave your review in if you could..
  5. I have interacted with the author in the email and I have also read this book. I can sense the authenticity in his writing and he indeed conveys what needs to be conveyed.. I got the same feeling when I read his free pdf that he has available in his website.. That is why I chose to contact him via email. Not only that, this book is a must-read for kriya yogis because he says in that book about things which are often overlooked in kriya yoga taught by many organizations. I will tell you about one myth when it comes to Kriya yoga.. People usually think that Kundalini reaching the crown chakra is enlightenment. But it is not. After reaching the crown chakra, it has to come down to the spiritual heart via amrita nadi. He has mentioned this in his book. There are already so many fake ones when it comes to Kriya yoga. The real ones like him are actually very rare. Writing a book and selling it is not really a big business when it comes to spirituality. A person who wants to scam doesn't rely on writing books. . There are better ways to scam people. Books on spirituality usually get only less number of sales when compared to books on other niches.
  6. I see that from your profile pic.. .. You will find the book very useful..
  7. @JustinS Just looked up Nancy Neithercut.. Love this video.. And this one as well:
  8. Dear all, I know there are many people in this forum who are interested in Kriya Yoga. I usually don't recommend Kriya yoga because of certain pitfalls. But I recently came across an author, who prefers to stay anonymous about his identity. We exchanged a few emails and also our books. I already opened a thread regarding that author in this forum before: I didn't want to recommend the book before actually reading it. Just now I finished reading his book and I must say that this book is a must-read for anyone who is into Kriya yoga. It certainly busts a lot of myths regarding kriya yoga. As the author has stated in his book, many people are stuck with the techniques and they don't really let go of those techniques. I really like the story of kriya yogi that the book ends with; it illustrates the point of the book very well. I will certainly recommend this book to anyone who is into yoga. The book is clear, easy to understand, less complicated than many other books regarding Yoga and puts a lot of emphases on the After-Effect-Poise of Kriya, which is pretty similar to the 'witnessing' practice that I was doing; in fact, it is essentially the same thing: staying as the witness! A couple of quotes from his book: The author has recommended many free resources where you can learn authentic kriya yoga as taught by Lahiri Mahasaya. He has reviewed and even exposed many organizations which teach kriya yoga. So, if you are seriously into kriya yoga, then don't miss this book. Here is the link to the book:
  9. That's good. I have a one year old boy.. I have printed my selfie with him in the backcover of my book.
  10. That is a quote by Osho by the way. I received it today in the email and I just pasted it here.. . Will be using this thread to post only the quotes of Osho.
  11. That's good. Because, the unlearning part or emptying the cup takes a large part of someone's progress in the beginning. A person whose mind is not so conditioned by, exposed to and identified with religion, culture, race, language, nationality etc has an advantage when it comes to seeking..
  12. @Faceless Thank you for sharing all this.. That was an excellent and interesting narrative. It sounds very honest. I can relate with everything that you went through! It is also written with good clarity and certainly something useful for everyone to read.. You have been so fortunate that you didn't have to go through some teaching; I know they create a lot of confusions. Sometimes, people have to unlearn what they have already learned and un-condition themselves from what they have been conditioned to, before they can really understand non-dual teaching. Which country are you from and which religious/cultural background you grew up in?