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  1. Hi Nahm, What happened and what did you screw up? There is no need to feel sorry for anything ... . If you recognized anything which was not in your conscious attention before, that is actually a good thing anyway.. I was very busy with many other things including learning Sanskrit, so couldn't spend time in posting anything here in this forum ..But will surely try to be active here as much as possible... Cheers
  2. stop thinking about 'not having thoughts'...
  3. ok good So, are you learning from a guru? What practices are you doing? And what books have you been reading?
  4. Your reply changes every time.. do you notice it? First you said: I'm not really seeking enlightenment. I'm just messing around because I have a lot of free time The second time you said: I'm seeking enlightenment, but I'm not desperate for it. And now, you are saying: I am SERIOUSLY walking the spiritual path. I practice Yoga 24/7. This is the first time you are saying that you are seriously walking on the spiritual path. I was talking about how I was when I was 10 years old. The underlying message here is, you are not conscious of the sub-conscious tendencies of your mind. I can see what level your are at more clearly that how you yourself can see it..Because, I have been on the same road and I have traveled the same road that you are travelling now. There are many things which you can only realize at later point of time, as you progress more in the path. Deep, you have a conceptual understanding of what enlightenment is and you are trying to fit me into your own understanding of enlightenment... I can see this very clearly. But you don't... I can't prove it to you. The only thing that I can suggest is to have some humility... Did you read the excerpt from Osho's talks? What message did you get from that?
  5. @Nahm ... I know @Deep is not ready to listen to what I am saying.. He is actually focused on giving me and everyone else some advice... So I am just quoting another man who taught me; probably, he will listen to him....
  6. Dear @Deep I don't expect you to listen to me; but listen to Osho, will you? This is just a request from a friend.. . Here is an excerpt from one of the talks given by Osho. Read this slowly, open-mindedly and completely: Excerpt from 'The Rebel' by Osho Questioner: MASTER, CAN WE HELP EACH OTHER? CAN I BE HELPFUL TO SOMEONE, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? IS BECOMING AFLAME THE ONLY WAY TO BE REALLY HELPFUL? PLEASE, THROW SOME LIGHT. Osho: Sarjano, the blind cannot help the blind. Those who are groping in darkness cannot lead others to light. Those who don't know immortality cannot help others to drop the fear of death. Those who are not living totally and intensely, whose song is not yet of the heart, whose smile is only a painted smile on the lips, cannot help others to be authentic and sincere. Those who are hypocrites, pretenders, cannot help others to be honest. Those who are not yet themselves, know nothing about themselves, have no idea of their individuality, who are still lost in their personality which is fake and created by the society, cannot help anybody else to attain individuality. Even with all good intentions, it is simply not possible. If your flame of life is not burning, how can you make the unlit lamps of others aflame? You have to be aflame, Sarjano; only then can you put others on fire. This is what I mean by being a rebel: you have to be rebellious, then you can spread rebellion all around you. If you are on fire, aflame, you can create a wildfire which goes faraway beyond your vision. But first you have to be aflame. The blind man leading another blind man... Kabir says both fall into the well. His original words are: ANDHA ANDHAM THELIA DONO KOOP PADANT. "The blind led the blind and both have fallen into the well." You have to have eyes to lead the blind to a physician -- there is no other way. You can only share with others that which you have got: if you are miserable, you will share your misery. When two miserable persons are together the misery is not only doubled, it is multiplied. The same is true about your blissfulness, the same is true about your rebelliousness, the same is true about all experiences. Whatever you want the world to be, you will have to be a model first. You have to pass through a fire test to prove your philosophy of life by your example. You cannot just go on arguing about it. Reasoning and argument will not help; only your experience can give to others the taste of love, of meditation, of silence, of rebelliousness, of religion. Before you have experienced, never try to help anybody -- because you will simply mess up the other person more. They are messed up already. Centuries of heritage have been messing up everybody. It will be very kind of you not to help, because it is going to be dangerous; your help will be very risky for the other person. First travel the path, know perfectly well where it leads -- only then can you hold the hands of others and take them on the path. An American Jewish visitor in Russia says to his guide, "In America I can say that Ronald Reagan is an idiot and nothing would happen to me." The guide says, "You can say that in Russia and they will give you a medal." It is very difficult in this world to communicate. You have to learn how to communicate your experiences so that what reaches others is exactly what you want to say; otherwise you may be thinking of sharing nectar and it may turn into poison in their lives. They are poisoned enough already! It is better to first cleanse yourself, make your eyes more transparent so that you can see better. Perhaps -- then too, perhaps -- you may be able to help others. The desire is good, but good does not happen just from good desires. The ancient saying is that the way to hell is paved with good intentions. There are millions of people who are helping with good intentions, advising others -- not even bothering about the simple fact that they don't follow their own advice. But just the joy of advising is so much... who cares whether I follow my own advice or not? The joy of advising others is a very subtle, egoistic joy. The person you are advising becomes ignorant; you become knowledgeable. Advice is the only thing in the world which everybody gives and nobody takes; and it is good that nobody takes it because it is given by people who know nothing -- although there is no bad intention behind it. You are asking a very compassionate question -- but in the very nature of things, if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first. The revolution must come to you first. Only then can you radiate it into others' hearts. First the dance must happen to you, and then you will see a miracle: that others have started dancing too. The dance is catching; so is love, so is gratitude, so is religiousness, so is rebellion -- they are all contagious. But first you must have the flame that you want to see in others' eyes.
  7. Deep, I am not a guru... I am just pointing out your tendency to advice everyone and tell them what they should do, when you yourself haven't seriously considered walking on the spiritual path. I repeat, you only know what you read in some books... And you just told me what I should do. I don't need somebody else's certificate for my transformation. Whether someone believes in what I say or not, whether someone disagrees with me or not doesn't really matter. I am only interested in communicating the truth and I will be harsh if I think that it is really needed. And I remind you what I said in another post: The first step in the spiritual path is realizing that you don't know. (remember, you might have read books and understood what is said there; that doesn't mean you know)... I was exactly like you when I was 10 years old. I had read everything about enlightenment that I can lay my hands on. I used to impress people by talking about ashtanga yoga and samadhi etc when I was only 10 years old... that was in 1993.And I was full of myself . But only in 2002, I realized that I knew nothing.. And only in 2014, there was actually a transformation. Your argument sounds like a blindman arguing about colors with someone who is not blind. Once, I was a blind man too.. You are not realizing that you are arguing with a mask or a persona that is reflected in your mind..
  8. Yeah.. the sentence has to end with "It amounts to nothing"... Otherwise it won't sound like you are talking non-duality..
  9. Do you even know the definition of a cult? What @egoless said is totally anticult! He is saying not to blindly repeat what other teachers say, speak from your own experience, be a real seeker and admit 'I don't know' if you don't know something.. Does that sound like cult to you? It is the total opposite of the word 'cult'...
  10. That's the only possible way you can reply now.. I expected this.. "If I can't afford to be wrong, if I don't want to accept that I am wrong, then I can bring in the classic non-duality statement and say 'after all everything is a dream'".... That's a good idea man
  11. Have you actually read Buddha or Osho.. Mahavira was contemporary of Buddha. Buddha criticised him and even made fun of him, because Mahavira was advocating extreme asceticism... And Osho has harshly criticized all the fake ones claiming to be gurus.. Have you read the Bible story of Jesus beating people in the temple? Sorry.. These people do not work according to your expectations or imaginations. In fact, one advantage of enlightenment is that you can put any kind of mask you want.. You can even wear a mask of conman. I am just saying the plain truth I have seen. It may appear like a war or argument to you, but this is how I speak when people distort the truth in front me.. I don't expect you to believe in any shit.. But be open minded and just consider the possibility that the people that I am replying to can be wrong. I will repeat what I have been saying here: enlightenment is end of seeking and suffering; so there cannot be any seeking for a higher level after enlightenment.. Period.. Whether you believe me or not, whether you agree or disagree with me, whether you make fun of it or criticize it doesn't matter. It will not change what is true... And I still stand by what I said..this forum is turning into a cult..
  12. Yes.. I had quoted from Ashtavakra Gita in this same thread. Those verses closely reflect what it is: 17.17 The liberated one neither avoids experience nor craves it. He enjoys what comes and what does not. 18.56 Though pleased he is not pleasured; though pained he does not suffer. This wonderful state is understood only by those like him.
  13. Actually, I agree that there should not be a dependency to a guru. But people need guidance anyway. It doesn't have to be an infallible and the only guru's guidance. It is just a guidance that a person can get from other spiritual friends who are far ahead in the path. This understanding is exactly what is missing in some people here... They don't think that it is possible to be completely free from psychological time. In fact, enlightenment has been redefined here into the exact opposite of what it actually is.. A typical human being's thought process is always regarding a journey from 'A' to 'B'.. A spiritual path also begins this way. But they have concluded that this is all enlightenment is all about... For them, it is a never ending journey from 'A' to 'B'... Dear friends, please wake up.. Enlightenment is completely breaking out of the psychological movement from A to B; It is totally opposite of what you have been thinking...