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  1. Are you a creative, curious, spontaneous and passionate person who is often misunderstood as being lazy, irresponsible and careless? Maybe you have VAST or Variable Attention Stimulus Trait, a trait with unique features that about 5-10% of the people in the global population have. It has a negative side which is usually identified as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. But the positive aspects of the same traits are unrecognized, underrated, untapped or not properly channeled. This video may explain why you have been struggling all your life because of a difference that you can’t explain; this video may explain why others don’t understand you; this video may explain your life and show you your true potential. This video may even change your life. ADHD is a lot different than the common perception and stereotype associated with it. It is more to do with a certain personality type. Adults with ADHD have challenging lives and often don’t even know that their unexplainable problem has a name. If you or someone you know have been already diagnosed with ADHD, this video can help you to understand what it actually is. This will make you think that it is more about your uniqueness rather than your defects. But since modern society, its education system and work ethics are designed without considering the neurodiversity and uniqueness of people, the negative side of VAST tends to get highlighted more than its positive aspects. In this video, I have explained in detail about the recent research on ADHD by Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr.William Dodson, unrecognized traits of ADHD such as emotional hyper arousal, rejection sensitive dysphoria, recognition responsive euphoria etc and the interest-based nervous system that people with ADHD have.
  2. Here is a man who can talk to crows. Watch at 1 minutes 30 seconds. He makes a sound to call thousands of crows to gather at a beach. Then he makes another sound to make the crows to disperse. The video is in Tamil but you can watch his demo: I know this is not directly related to consciousness work but it is certainly a fruit of conscious observation of the birds. He can also communicate with other animals like dogs and cat.
  3. Has anyone tried Finders course or '45 days to awakening challenge' course by Jeffery Martin from What are your experiences? I am curious to hear you as the course is very expensive. I recently finished reading Dr. Jeffery Martin’s book ‘The Finders’, which is about finders, or the people who have access to what he calls as ‘fundamental well being’. Those finders also include the category of people who have found what I often write about – the spiritual enlightenment. The academic name for fundamental well being is ‘persistent non-symbolic experience (PSNE)’. The book is based on the research and interviews conducted on nearly a thousand people who claim to be finders – or experiencing the states which are often referred to using words like Nondual awareness, Plateau experiences, Unity consciousness, Deautomatization, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Transcendental experiences, Flow experience, Mystical experiences, Satori Cosmic Consciousness, The peace of God, Peak experiences, Silence beyond sound, Numinous experiences, Shamanic ecstasy etc. (This list of words is taken from the website for his own research project : Regardless of the quality of the research and the accuracy of his conclusions, this book is extremely useful for people who have reached these states of consciousness. Most importantly, it is pretty interesting and useful for people like me who have gone beyond the sense of agency or experiencing oneself as the ‘doer’. Because, this book has documented many things based on the inputs shared by many people who are awake (and possibly many people who have glimpses and have non-abiding awakening). I liked the articulation and simplicity where he has explained the features of narrative self and challenges that a finder faces, especially in relationships. I have gone through a divorce after becoming a ‘finder’ and I can relate to it a lot. The book is overall wonderful but many facts that are presented can be challenged. As the author himself says, the findings need a lot of refinement and I would consider the research as being in an initial stage. We need input from other researchers and further experiments of similar nature from others to take this forward. From my perspective, I find the concept of continuum a little problematic. May be it makes certain things easier from an academic point of view. But it is misleading to a seeker, in my opinion. I am also skeptical about many other things said in the book, like the possibility of losing one’s fundamental wellbeing. I have discussed more in this video: I heard that the cost for Finders course was about $3000, which is a lot of money. And the claim that majority of the attendees reached fundamental well being is indeed extra-ordinary. Currently, the finders course is not available but he has a program called ’45 Days to Awakening Challenge’ which costs about $500. Because of the huge claim that is being made and a very high cost, many people ask if it is a scam. So, If you have completed any of the above mentioned programs, comment your experiences below.
  4. @Ananta Wow, are you? I remember you very well.. Just recently I was wondering where and how you might be... thanks for the feedback...
  5. In this video you will find some practical instructions on the spiritual path and spiritual awakening. This is fully animated to make you engaged and offer you good clarity on the subject.
  6. I have also felt that I wasn't fully valued at home.. And I agree with your logic here.. As I left the school where I was bullied, I could find some good friends in other locations where I lived and I somehow felt I was important. I was introduced to serious spirituality in the mean time when I was 18; I had a life changing epiphany, something that I could reproduce again and again with meditation. I did a lot of mindfulness and witnessing meditation.. I had to wait for a spiritual transformation that happened in 2014 for my social awkwardness and feeling of not being good enough socially to fully disappear..
  7. Thanks for sharing.. You wrote 'I've noticed that a lot of my social anxiety and self-worth issues stem from these experiences'.. It was same for me too... Bullying I faced in school led to a lot of humiliation and it affected my self-esteem in the worst possible way....
  8. Trying not to try is what spirituality is all about...
  9. “I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.” ― G.I. Gurdjieff, Views from the Real World: Early Talks Moscow Essentuki Tiflis Berlin London Paris NY Chicago as Recollecte. George Gurdjieff was a Russian Mystic and spiritual teacher. Gurdjieff called his method the Fourth Way. Osho spoke about him a lot in his speeches. In this video I have given his brief biography, and have talked about his quotes, methods, teachings, controversies and negative criticism.
  10. Hello friends, Were you or any one of your friends got bullied in school? I am from India and I went through it a lot in school. Share your experiences.. I have shared mine here:
  11. Yes... I know he didn't actually own them... But didn't know that they were sold for profit later... Thats good to know.
  12. Many people wonder about the behavior of the spiritually enlightened people and ask why do they behave the way they do. Sometimes what they do is against the conventional beliefs about spiritual enlightenment and creates a controversy. For example, people ask why the controversial guru Osho or Rajneesh owned 93 Rolls-Royces. People have been judgmental about J.Krishnamurti and Papaji. The behavior that is judged often stands in the way of trusting them or their teachings. In this video, I have explored this subject and have also talked about attribution bias, a cognitive bias that often makes us to commit errors in the judgment.