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  1. In India, people are not in a position to understand spirituality, but they think they already understand. Right now, West is getting spirituality faster and Indians are sleeping more and more.. So in many places, especially in places which are neither cities nor villages, people are in a social confusion. There is no proper social order In India and I clearly see this problem way more than I did. So, talking spirituality in India now is like talking to the wall. They think they understand; but they understand nothing... You people are very fortunate to be on this forum; that is all I can say. This seems to be one of the few sane places in this world.
  2. no.. I am currently suspecting something totally different. My suspiciousness is this: Both Sadhguru and Nithyananda might be completely genuine but they are pressurized by the government of India; so these people choose to act like conmen. Something fishy is happening in India. And these two people, Sadhguru and Nithyananda may have a master plan to come out of this situation. But don't believe it yet.. It may not be true. I only suspect.. But in general, a drama is happening in India and people are believing it is true, thats for sure. That is worse than not being enlightened!
  3. @Shin Read this recent post of mine, you will find it interesting:
  4. Ok.. then I will keep this thread alive and post whenever I find time to narrate the story: Let me make the first post but the screenplay is going to be not in the Chronological order; I will make the order so that you see the links between the events more clearly: Scene 1: Two Osho sannyasins from Germany wanted me to meet me when they visit India. They emailed me 2-3 months before. I interact with them on whatsapp about their travel plan. He tells me he would visit me on Nov 23rd. But on November 6th of this month, I tell him that 26th is better because it is on a Sunday. I will be free on Sundays... Scene 2: On November 9th, I send him a reply to a previous conversation asking me to remind me two days before their arrival. On the same day, I write the above poem and slept; I was woken up by the death news; It was a big death in our entire family and it was totally unexpected. Scene 3: Problems start between me and my father. My father gets offended by me and starts to point out how worthless my life is. I challenge my father and there is a cold war. Scene 4 - Nov 22 - It has been one year since I published my first book. I remembered how amazing it was...There is a lot to say regarding this one year, which I will write about in a different post in the same thread. Scene 5: Usually, after a death in South India, there is a celebration again after two weeks when all the relatives gather together. On Nove 23rd, my wife reminds me that it was going to be on November 26th on sunday.. But I totally forgot that the German sannyasins were coming that date. On the evening, I got a reminder from the Osho sannyasin. Scene 6: On Nov 25th, my whole family with all my relatives think that I am crazy and worthless. Lots of things happened on that day which led my relatives to get convinced that I am someone who needs a lots of advice. Scene 7: On Nov 26th, the German sannyasins come to my home town with my book and I became the center of attraction of my whole town. Everyone starts praising me. That is when all of my relatives came to know that I had written a book. My dad feels totally embarassed. We ended up taking a lot of pics: Scene 8: I also meet an old friend who I saw about 16 years before...It was another turning point in the story. Scene 9: Until last year, all of my relatives thought that I am the most useless guy among the relatives. But they now have the totally opposite idea.. And when I posted the following post today in Facebook, it brought me smile. 10) When I look at the whole thing today, I see how karma works very clearly. I see why things happened in my life the way they did. At every moment, trillions of karmic action is going on and interacting with us, creating many deep links among people. I also discovered that there are secret keys which lie behind the names of people who have been close with me the whole life. The whole discovery was amazing .. One 28th Nov, in the morning, as my face was drenched with tears of bliss and wonder, I was explaining how the whole thing was a Eureka moment to my wife; that is when I also remembered that the old friend that I met recently actually worked with me in a company for two months.. It was my first job and the name of the company was 'Eureka Forbes'.. By the way, the name of the german Sannyasini (the women) is Vedanta Kabiro! (to be continued)
  5. @Shin After I wrote the above poem and slept, I was woken up by my wife on the afternoon with the phone call that claimed that my uncle was dead. What happened after that can be made into a blockbuster movie.. But the story is too long with a lot of amazing, mind blowing revelations! I can't write it down.. May be one day I will speak about them..
  6. exactly.. this is the greatest drama I have ever seen.. All the dramas, plays and movies are derived from the ultimate drama that existence is playing. The happy endings in the stories are nothing when compared to the happy ending of the ignorance..Then there is a journey in a different dimension, the timeless dimension which unravels many mysteries as you go on to live. When you watch a movie, you know why director decided to have certain scenes in certain order at the end of the movie. But at the end of the movie that runs a fake show of a limited identity, what you eventually get to know is trillion times more amazing than that... I recommend reading 'Turiya - The God State: Beyond Kundalini, Kriya Yoga & all Spirituality' by Santatagamana. It is his latest book.
  7. I am joking.. You didn't get it? In India, we mix water and brandy when we drink.
  8. @Shin I can turn water into brandy though.. All I have to do to change a half a cup of water to brandy is to pour some brandy in it.
  9. yeah we are.. not sure when they are going to screw us, but hopefully, we'll be back up on the third day like the last time..
  10. I have no idea what you said.. I am not good at understanding slang expressions..
  11. Karma works in miraculous ways and Karma is real. Everything happens only according to it. It is because of karma you registered in this forum and it is because of karma this post is getting written right now. It is true that there is no inherent purpose to life. But inside life, in relative reality, you have a purpose. You will eventually find it..
  12. Miracles are happening right now as you are reading this answer. The only thing that can stop you from listening to what the existence is saying is the meaning that you attribute to the word 'miracle' itself. People tend to think that a miracle is something that happens against the laws of nature. But that is impossible! Even if a unicorn jumps out of the screen that you are looking at right now, eats your loved ones and run away, it cannot be against the laws of nature; because it is the law of nature which creates miracles in the first place! For the past one or two months, I am witnessing a lot of things that existence is trying to tell me. Something has finally opened me up to the world of extrasensory perception, but it is not something that I can manipulate. It happens all by itself! I just go with the flow! There are many miracles which are waiting for you. The fact that you are reading this in itself is a miracle... And there is a secret path that you will discover which lies deep inside your heart and once that door opens it will blow your mind!!! I only have to give you a few warnings: 1) The journey to spiritual enlightenment is not for faint-hearted! It is ok if you don't feel attracted towards the spiritual path but don't force yourself into it. You will come back later when you are ready. 2) You need extraordinary patience and open-mindedness.
  13. @MiracleMan I choose titles according to what people search for. It is called Search Engine Optimization. I don't care what kind of connotation the title gives; I just want the message to reach many people. My actions usually do not reflect my intentions. Four years after realization, I learnt that the world is thousand times crazier than I thought,., Remember, the number of silent readers of a forum is a lot more than the number of active and registered members.. When I look at the condition in India, it looks very scary. I feel like I live in a madhouse where everyone is suffering around me but wants to pretend that he is not! But grace seems to work mysteriously and I see miracles happening around me every day. So, I am pretty sure that there is going to be a major change in the world. Last morning, I was full of tears seeing how all the suffering I went through were blessing in disguise.. Even my prayers were answered and there is a strong scent of gratitude in my experience. I am about to cry at any moment. Anyway, Here is a Facebook post that I made today. It is a riddle: He sees through the eyes of every being, knows through the awareness of every manifest organism and walks using the legs of every piece of life. As an Octopus he has eight legs; as the son of Man, he has two legs; as the son of God, he is the inner light of every little thing that eats, procreates and decomposes! He is beyond time and space. He exists as the love of every mother, as the care of every father, as the company of every brother, as the support of every sister, as the closeness of every wife and as the convenience of every servant. He shakes hands with you through every friend you see and he pays your wages as every boss you work for. He is the one who eats and he is the one who gets eaten, yet he neither eats; nor gets eaten. He is the essence of every word, every sound, every sentence, every contradiction, every confusion, everything that is good and bad; NOT EVEN AN ATOM MOVES WITHOUT HIS WILL... He is the one who robs, which gets robbed and the act of robbing; yet he neither robs nor gets robbed. He is beyond the limits of human intellect even though intellect itself is a manifestation of him; he is beyond the power of human vision, even though human vision itself is one of his manifestations!. He is beyond the power of human ears and yet he is everything that you hear... He is She; She is it, and it is You! 😍 ... His kingdom is within you and He is closer than the mane behind your neck! All praise ultimately goes to him and no one else.. He is the good shepherd and the sheep, he is the Gopalan and the Gomata; he is the Pashu and he is the Pathi! He is the Kartha, the doer; every biochemical living piece on planet earth is just a puppet; this puppet show is going on for aeons as a holy game of God.... you suffer, you laugh, you enjoy, you grow, you sin and someday you may even become a saint.. but you know, it is all in the game... in the eyes of God, there is no discrimination! He is the sweetness of the milk and the sourness of the toddy; He is the intoxication and he is the clarity.. everything happens to according to His will and His will alone.. He is both the uppercase and the lower case letters and the one who is beyond, before, beneath, below and in the middle of all the letters.. He is the first and he is the last, yet He has no beginning and no end! He expands through and from you in all directions and pervades everything, including every single stone pillar on earth, every single speck of dust and every heart that beats... He is every mistake and he is every correction 🙏... He is... Only He is... He is the one truth which is known, spoken, and understood by various means, forms, names and practices by wise people... Who is He? Clue: The answer is inside you, within you and lies very close to you; close your eyes and keep looking until you find it...