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  1. He already lost Cherson back to Ukraine which is the largest and most important region of the four so far annexed.
  2. Yes, The aid that Ukraine receives is carefully calculated from each country to optimize their own position in this.
  3. The outcome of this war will most likely be decided on the battlefield. It is unlikely that the Russian public will stop the war as Putin primarily recruits minorities far from Moscow and even if discontent grows, it will take a long time in authoritarian Russia to form an organized public opinion which would have such great influence.
  4. @Hello from Russia You belong to those who are not at risk of being mobilized?
  5. Why this conflict is so large and risks continuing for the foreseeable future is largely due to Putin's misjudgments, like Bush In Iraq but the US would probably not be willing, as Russia is now doing, to throw in another 300,000 soldiers for cannon fodder after just losing (estimated) 50,000+ soldiers. Most Americans were in favor of the war in Iraq, most Russians probably don't care about Putin's dream of Mother Russia. Also hard to see that the US would violate as many laws of war as Russia have already done. The brutality of this war is more reminiscent of a civil war in Africa than the Iraq war.
  6. Many knew that Putin was gradually being pushed into a corner, however, he lowered the threshold for brutality in a way that not many leaders in Europe thought possible.
  7. That is exactly his aim! This is a war strategy foremost. 100+ medical facilities bombed in Ukraine is a strategy not a consequence. The better the war goes for Putin, the bigger the target will be, his goal in march was to take over all of Ukraine, things didn't go his way and THEN he said our main goal is Donbas and Crimea.
  8. Massmurders of civilians and children, attack on hospitals, torture, rape etc. were before this war not considered as a rebalancing move by many leaders in the west.
  9. A favorite interpretation of a favorite piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp_h649sZ9A
  10. Could be really good with a real interviewer. This guy sucks.
  11. @Preety_India Lol! Putins image!? 95% of Europe and probably 70% of the world is comparing him with Hitler right now!
  12. Putin raises the stakes and the fact that he pulls out such a card points to that he is VERY desperate and do not really understand the consequences of such a rhetoric. It is very unlikely that the west would make a nuclear move first and off course Putin also knows that. But If worst comes to worst I believe the west will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if he makes the first move which would be the end of the civilisation as we know it today including the end of Russia, he will not let that happened.