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  1. One scenario is that by the time 100% of the population follows their passion all the mundane work will be done by AI.
  2. Yes! I´d love that too!
  3. Thats good I would be careful though putting all in one basket. A successful poker player only uses 1-4 % of the bankroll, thats the only way to stay in (that business) business for +10 years. Others are very successful for 3 or 5 years.
  4. @Average Investor Where I live in Sweden, 90% of the small businesses closes in a couple of years or the owner have to work 80 h/week to keep it up, it's a form of wageslavery. Very often just because they don't have the financial space to get around the corner that 10k would get them. If you living on the financial edge running a business you won't last long, you have to cancel potential rewarding meetings because your car crashed down etc. With no money you won´t find the space that's needed for inspiration, because you'll be too caught up in the survival process of your company.
  5. @7thLetter 10k is at what's needed for unexpected outgoings in a modern world. You should never have less than 10k. If you thinking about kids, house etc you should tripple that.
  6. @Chi_ Great <3 Be ready for traffic beyond belief from airport to Isha. During my short stay, accepting the traffic was more difficult than the spiritual practice
  7. Yes, Infrared cameras and GPS systems were already known in the 70´s. First e-mail was sent 1971.