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  1. Low numbers of HAMAS fighters eliminated according to HAMAS.
  2. Lol this source seems to be very objective! Advertises hamas literature!
  3. I don,t justify or rationalize anything! It is very clear that this war has created enormous human suffering, it only needs to be said to those who are ignorant and do not really understand what is happening here.
  4. Where do you think the people living in Israel would be today if they had not had a strong military capability?
  5. This loose standard is probably also a tactic, that sends a clear message to Hezbollah and other groups/states considering involvement.
  6. Btw, Israel's security apparatus could not predict the 2000+ rockets fired by hamas on 7/10 but had detailed info about one particular rocket that happened to hit the hospital, with audio of the very two who fired it. I guess I'm not the only one who sees the absurdity of this...
  7. Seems more like the London tube network than some tunnels though....
  8. It's bombed alright, just wrote what (I heard) the IDF was saying, not knowing for sure they even said that, but probably they did
  9. What I understand the Israeli military says it is unclear whether the hospital was hit by an Israeli airstrike or a misfire by Hamas.
  10. Hamas is a movement that permeates most of Gaza, to go after Hamas basically means destroying all of Gaza
  11. Seems like hamas systematically used hospitals for military infrastructure
  12. He already lost Cherson back to Ukraine which is the largest and most important region of the four so far annexed.
  13. Yes, The aid that Ukraine receives is carefully calculated from each country to optimize their own position in this.