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  1. @Bobby_2021 Why is that? I have a ten year old girl and due a baby boy in 2 months! xx
  2. Just curious, baring in my gender differences that are so often discussed in here.
  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for their input a few months ago! As it happened, I got pregnant very quickly… just one try 😅 this little soul was definitely waiting in line…. We’re due a little boy in early June. It’s been quite a transitional but we’re all delighted, especially big sister to be!!!
  4. I think the public lynching pre trial or conviction is unfair. Also the fact he was pushing boundaries alongside the entire noughties culture at this point. It was the ‘norm’ and very much an era where this behavior was encouraged and enabled… by both men and women. He’s been well and truly scapegoated. I’m not saying he’s innocent but the way he’s being treated PRE conviction is despicable. He’s given a lot and touched many lives and ultimately believe he’s a good human but took a while to find his way. However he must pay the fair punishment for his crimes IF they were committed
  5. No the alleged assaults happened during his sex crazed, drug fueled era before he reformed himself. He writes in his book that he had years of therapy and self development before he would even allow himself to consider becoming a father.
  6. He has two little girls aged 5 and 6 and one due any day now.
  7. Yes, Laura Brand, his wife is so lovely and down to earth as well. He claims that she ‘tamed’ him…. (Not soon enough unfortunately) And she hates fame, excess and limelight… that’s why he stopped appearing on mainstream tv, because he met her and she couldn’t stand it she appears very ‘normal’ and has Insta page which is now deleted promoting creative and natural play activities for children.
  8. He’s got some cheek really hasn’t he. His last vid I reckon lost any Shred of empathy I pay have had for the public hanging. He’d have done better if he’d had shown some vulnerability and authenticity. Instead he’s hiding away behind the conspiracy shield. he really didn’t seem like any version of himself I’d ever seen. this is def a case of ‘don’t bite the hand tht feed you… ‘ but also, I’m pretty sure he’s guilty which is tragic I wonder what side his heavily pregnant wife is on…. What must be going through her right now, poor woman. And they have two other young kids. they are the innocent ones that sadly having their lives destroyed for his decade old errors / crimes as well ?
  9. off he goes for a rumble in the jungle…. Clearly just carrying on as usual then with his show as if none of this is happening.
  10. I wonder when we’re all going to finally get bored talking about this? Xx
  11. ????. This is the funniest gag I’ve ever heard from you.