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  1. just worked for me on Chrome x
  2. I have been seeing my therapist for two years now and we now have a very solid, secure relationship which has taken a lot of money, time emotion to build. She is also an energy worker and does 'clearing' sessions' for those that have absorbed negative energy from the enviroment to rebalance chakras. During my therapy I have gone into explicit detail about a close friend of mine and issues between us, this friend evokes a lot of trauma from my childhood so has mean a main feature in helping me tap into root causes of my distress. This friend of mine had been going through a hard time so I recommended Annie (my therapist) to do a clearing for her, which she did. I am now surprised that they are having a proper session together on self care (not therapy) but still a 1:1 dynamic and communication. I feel very uncomfortable with it. The clearing didnt involve any interaction and is purely as distance thing, which is why I was happy to share her details. But I am quite put out that they have set up their own session, which will be an hour over Zoom. It may just be a one off, but I havent been given any details or approached as to whether I am comfortable for them to work together in that capacity. Now, I totally trust both of them but my issue is I feel that going forward I wont be able to discuss the details of my freind and feelings towrds her now I know that my therapist knows who she is! It feels unethical to me. I have sent a voicemail to my therapist explaining how I feel - to which she replied 'It is a teaching session!' I then further explained that i knew this but my concern was feeling uncomfortable about sharing anything going forwards, to do with them knowing eachother and it feeling wrong. She then said ' I can see your trust issue has been evoked, a good place to start the next session from' I feel she has been very dismissive. I also know this is nothing to do with trust and I have told her that. It is to do with my personal boundaries and who and what I am comfortable sharing explicit information and feelings to. Them working together has now affected this. By the time I see her for next session, it will have already happened. And obviously I can't stop them. But I do feel quite disrespected (not by my friend) but by therapist and am seriously considering not going back as this isn't the first time that boundaries haven't been properly considered. Any words of wisdom? Am I overreacting? Thank you!!!!
  3. @puporing thank you for the heads up
  4. Yes I would say this is best. I just needed to vent first and check my reaction Is appropriate as I so often doubt myself . Thank you 🙏
  5. I gave my friend her details so that she could do the clearing, not realising that she would then go on to set up a 'teaching' session on protecting energy with my friend. And this friend is someone I have discussed in great length with my therapist over our period of work together. She is a retired therapist who now only does a small amount of work because she enjoys it and is very selective over her clients. She was actually recommended to me through another therapist, I wnt to her for enegry work originally to which we hit it off with a great rapport, she then offered her pyschotheraputic services to me, to which I thought long and hard over and then went for it, and here I am two years later. In all honesty, as blurry as she can be with the boundaries and distracting with the new age stuff. I have seen a fair few therapists who are by the book, but terrible at the work. And Annie(my therapist) and I do have a great relationship together and have got though some heavy material that no other therapist has been able to tap into. And because of this I have a lot of respect and turn a blind eye to some of her slughtly unconventional ways. She is creative and engaging and she understands me like nobody else. This why I am hesistant to let go of her. It's taken a good 18 months of investment and commitment before I was even able to be emotional around her, and she has been consistent and dedicated. I know I am a very tricky client as I resist all inteventions to the nth degree. And very cynical. A tricky one.....
  6. I just dont like the idea of touching or engaging in sexual contact. I prefer that with a man. I don't have to find something attrative looking to want to be fucked by it. It's about the person, the energy, the connection, the chemisty. I dont get any of that with a woman.
  7. Yes, one is good for the viewing the other good for actual intercourse and foreplay. I wouldnt want to be sexually involved with a women but I think a naked female body and vagina is far more sexier than a man. Just on looks.
  8. Hello, I am looking for life coach recommendations, I seem to be hitting a brick wall with psychotherapy. I am look for help with self esteem, confidence and general / social anxiety. Thank you!
  9. I like the way it opens out like a flower, I like the lips, inner and outer. I like the colour. They are beautiful. No I dont want to go near it at all - nothing like that. Just prefer the look to cock. But would want touch / lick cock. Weird isnt it?!
  10. I am a straight female but I prefer the look of pussies to cock... nothing is 'black' or 'white' when comes to sexuality.
  11. Also The Alchemist
  12. We need to talk about Kevin, The particular sadness of lemon cake, Little Women, One day Room (just a few off the top of my head!)
  13. Hilarious...!!!!
  14. Listen to affimirmations or write your own and say them every morning x
  15. So I have been extremely close to this woman I met on my pychotherapy for course for the past 18 months. From the 'get go' she has come on very strongly to me, paying me many compliments, talking about our 'connection' and been extremely nurturing and caring. We built up over time a very intense friendship and she always encouraged me to share a lot of deepest and personal feelings and issues. Fast forward 18 months and we had an argument about something, it was just before an intense personal development weekend at uni and I tried to aplogise before us going in to which she sent me messages saying that she didnt want to hear anything about me and my emotions, and that she needed her space. This triggered quite a big reaction in me and expressed I was upset as I only trying to aplogise and smooth things over. The rest of the day I felt intense pain and was very, very upset.But I disconnected (mentaly and emotionally) from her, as knew she needed the space. When I arrived she just came and gave me a hug, which I recieved but it felt weird. She then came to me at lunch time again excusing me of eroding her boundaries and how all she is ever does for me is give me emotional support. I felt this very unfair. But left her to it. I've left her for a few weeks now, and whilst we have been talking the last few days, her messages have been cold. I asked her last night if anything was up to which she replied that she doesnt want to talk everyday anymore and that she was having a social media break. I didnt know ths as she had been active and posting stories. I explained this. She also told me that she would meet up and have a chat but I didnt feel safe to do this as if she were to bring up the arguemnt, how could I explain myself if my emotions arent welcome? So I asked what the purpose of the meetup was and would it be safe topics? To which she replied not to bother as she is always walking on egg shells with me. I then thought we have misinterpreted eachother, asked her to call me. To which she did and exlaimed that she cant handle me as a friend, she cant handle my emotions, she has never met anyone like me before and none of her other friendhips are like this, that I make her feel sick and anxious and that she has to tiptoe round me and she just cant be dealing with it anymore. When I said thank you for being honest, she then said I was manipulative. I feel very confused, this seemes to come out nowhere, and I feel is due to not addressing the intial argument sooner, but I didnt want to push her. It is hard as we shard a lot, I trusted her and she is still on my course. I wonder if anyone has any advice or insights on this going forward? Thank you!
  16. @Preety_India wouldn’t this be termed as silent treatment and a form of psychological abuse? I don’t want to lower myself to her level ?
  17. @PurpleTree will do thank you! I am sensitive but also strong ?
  18. Looking back, since knowing her, I have become less and less myself. ALthough there has been great moments too. Yep, which is just so frustrating. I've tried empathsing and validating her, but she just can't stop and I have no where else to go. I have done my best but if I cant express myself, we are done. We are in the same study group of five at uni, so will still need to spend a couple of hours each week with her. Any tips on going about this? xx
  19. I really thought this was her until now! I don't have many friends and struggle to find these types. I do have a couple though!!
  20. Thank you, she's just messed with me head so much, I can't help think it's my fault, that I am in the wrong. It's hard to separate what is her and what is me. She always encouraged me to open, vulnerable and honest with her, but now she cant hack it. It is confusing. To be out of allignment means that it's best to just back off and not try to sort things? Is that right? Thank you!!
  21. @Etherial Cat They are purposely trying to wind you up. Don't fall for the bait.
  22. Again..... If the guys feel comfortable with this method, then why argue with it? If it works for them and they are not exploiting anyone, then what is the problem?