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  1. @LSD-Rumi The world changes though, these numbers might be close to truth nowadays.
  2. Yeah, LSD is something else in regards to persistent after-effects. I also had the effect of beer not only not appealing to me but also seeming to taste gross, after lysergamides. It also changes your perception for a few days. Can increase libido for a few days. A lot of things. Touch feels softer. Using a lot of LSD might make one think that body's chemistry changes from psychedelics are more important than contents of the experience. You don't need to think about abstaining from alcohol on a trip to become sober afterwards.
  3. I don't feel it. It made my heart race a little bit a few first time I have eaten it. An unpleasant physical sympotom. But anything to do with libido? Not really.
  4. Yes, everyone is saying this for legal reasons. Selling random chems for consumption is illegal regardless of whether the chem is active as a drug. What you should be looking for is not that, but whether the store has a reputation in thr research chemicals community. There's quite a bit of scammers. Especially when you google random websites. Lizard Labs is an European company that makes most of the novel psychedelics on the market. Look at their website for clues on what type of store can be trusted and what not.
  5. It's not necessary to believe personally these are the words of God, it's enough to believe that others in your group believe they are God's words. I think this is the position most believers find themselves in, they believe that others truly believe these things and the group who actually believes it all is a very small minority.
  6. Yes, and irreversible mass extinction of insects and wild animals has started. That's not a good thing. That's naive point of view, the oil is in fact getting worse and worse in quality, you need more and more of energy to extract the same amount of energy. Temporary bail-out is not a solution to a problem. What luckily hasn't happened in 2008 might come now in 2022 and upcoming years. The gas prices are nearing the after housing crisis levels amd that has been a time of dire finanancial situation for many. It won't be the end of the USA but it might be like the end of the world for 10 million of Americans, and that sucks.
  7. What will sustain the new technology though? It can't be fossil fuels they are running out, human and animal labor also isn't it. It's either hit or miss if we find some viable energy source before the whole infrastructure and global supply chains crumbles.
  8. Out of the box idea is a triangular tree hammock. It's good beacuse you are not destroying grass and you are partially isolated from bugs, ants and snakes, also it has plenty of space. Buy this and go into wilderness. Something like this
  9. I rent a nice airbnb for a weekend when I want to trip with my girlfriend, it doubles as a nice date, because we rent an apartment with way better standards than the rooms we live in.
  10. I had watched it all, but did guide my girlfriend through the exerciceses in more concise manner.
  11. @wpw he is saying each big trip if first should have for example like a month or two of integration and not three big trips at the time.
  12. Kinda funny, but would be funnier if there was a real person writing the script.
  13. @Ampresus in Greece climate you cam even grow plants like acacia confusa and extract your own. Just have to wait 2 years for them to grow, heh.
  14. I think DMT is the one that works in the opposite direction - it encourages achieving success in life by helping you improve your understanding of social phenomena and inspiring you to do something creative. I always want to write a poem or a song verse after DMT. I think it's part of why they call DMT "The Businessman Trip", not only because of the 15 minutes maximum duration, but also this effect on improving your creativity and social skills. Social skills, because with improved understanding from DMT you are able to practice social interaction better until again you hit your upper point of your understanding of social phenomena. LSD also has the potential, in 100-200 mcg range.