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  1. EMESH EMESH EMESH This the supreme method, no open fire, vapes cleanly.
  2. 5-MeO-MALT is illegal in Poland for anyone interested.
  3. It's only a decent idea if there are good government incentives for buying your first house or something. Then it's okay to take that loan and invest in that property, otherwise bad idea.
  4. Obviously, Sadhguru has a following of tens of millions of people, if not 100's of millions. With such influence he is half-guru, half-politician and has to side with non-progressive opinions often to stay in the mainstream and not lose the political power. What use would there be of a guru who talks vegan and socialist talking-points non-stop, but can't achieve anything and no-one really listens to him? That worldview dropped on majority of his followers would be too much of a good thing to accomplish any good. You can't be like Bernie Sanders and lead people in India. Bah, you can't even be Bernie Sanders to lead people in the US, even though it's a wealthier and more developed country than India. Also, Sadhguru is an old fart.
  5. I also think it's carrots Broccoli is another strong pretender
  6. Same. Self-employed, part-time, tutoring kids, Math and English. Easiest self-employed gig to start BTW, I recommend it for students who have no source of income. Doing it full-time you can easily earn more than an average wage. I mean average, not minimum. Quite a lot of income, much more than a McDonalds employee or an entry level IT job.
  7. Christians eat fish on Fridays during fasting periods as a substitue for "proper" meat. Yeah, it's not really fasting and not really abstaining from animal proucts, but what can you expect from Christians?
  8. Coming from a regressive standpoint or not, it's intersting from a sociological perspective.
  9. @Virgo You had done a heroic dose, then nothing for 3 years? Or it's what you had thought back then after the trip and in actuality did something else and tripped more in that time?
  10. (1.7) Your score for primary psychopathy was higher than 29.04% of people who have taken this test. (2.6) Your score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 54% of people who have taken this test.
  11. @soos_mite_ah hmm, you know, this year I have also had less allergy to cats, but I have thought it's psychedelics that affect that. Hmm. Allergy to cats is a weird one, very malleable it seems.
  12. @Shawn Philips Doesn't matter. No-one is saying you have to be a conservative to make a bad decision.
  13. @Vido you know that as a trade Darryl Anka (Bashar) is a sci-fi movie writer? Nothing against the guy, I think he is very cool, his interview with Buddha at the Gas Pump is one of the best.
  14. Isn't it the ultimate fate of every serious mystic? To end up utterly alone, with no-one to share the understanding with, with no method of sharing it and with no point in doing so.