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  1. @IamMystic there's a DMT Mega-thread, look it up.
  2. What's even crazier, Shinzen had a serious car accident under influence of LSD in his youth. He has suffered at least some brain damage while being high on psychedelics and I think it might be related to how talented of a meditator he is. He would deny that, though, but for me it's suspicious. Shinzen also had had some weird episodes on his path towards Enlightenment, like hallucinating giant insects everywhere for months as an after-effect from his intense meditation practice, which had eventually passed.
  3. @Blackhawk No. I am done.
  4. I don't agree with that. For example, there are scammers in the world, but if I choose not to scam people, it's not like other scammers get more productive and fill the niche, no, there's just one less scammer, doing something productive instead. If I choose not to dump toxic waste into a river it's not like someone will say "oh hey, what a clean river, ideal for me to dump some shit into it", we will have a cleaner river instead. And so with is McDonald's, if it didn't exist it's not so obvious that its competitors would have been as effective at marketing and selling junk food. You assume you have a free will and haven't been coaxed into liking junk food. And why would you want to get rid of them? I have no desire to abolish McDonald's nor think that would be a good idea. What I am all in for is helping it evolve, along with other mega corporations and other agents of society we currently live in.
  5. @Blackhawk Also, when talking about something being good and bad in the Society, Environment, Governement, Politics subforum, the obvious implication is that we are reffering to it being such on that level. It being good or bad for you personally is irrelevant in that context, unless your argument is "it's good for me, so it must be good for society", but that it's a rather selfish postion, hard to support on a forum about raising one's awareness. My point is, don't make it personal. You are being foolish by making this discussion about yourself and supporting not carrying about one's health. I am of opinion that McDonald's is overall a corrupting force in the world, rather than a constructive one. They are not innovating anymore, only being forced into decisions by market preferences, for example as with implementing plan-based meat alternatives, they only start to implement them when they can make more profit off them than from normal burgers. They don't care about any values other than profit and professional corporate values, like giving equal employment oppurtinity to disabled, women and rewarding productive workers.
  6. @Blackhawk Who the hell says that McDonald's causes mental health problems? First time I hear it. Not only I won't say that, I would never say any of the stuff you guessed. I can say is only that If you base your diet on fast food and other junk then you probably already have a bloodwork of a fat person, regardless of how much external fat you are carrying. I am not here to preach to anyone, you are free to act foolish, just as I am.
  7. Yes, but also no. Jeez, if I had to praise them for something it would be that McDonald's is a safe bet to eat something when I am bicycle touring in some foreign country and want to get some junk calories fast. They also have long working hours and many locations so it's convenient to meet with someone there. It's not good either.
  8. Please don't shitpost.
  9. What a progress, welcome back and good luck.
  10. @Insane butterfly You need higher doses. Leo's dosing in the first post of this thread is way too conservative. You can safely go for snorting 60 mg of DPT.
  11. @Mips The one you have watched already. The realizing God one. That's one of the best. Self-inquiry Part 2, too. Can't really judge objectively, since I have watched 100% of the content, but will think and tell you my recommendations
  12. No, it's still cosplay. Full of human bullshit. The most accurate spiritual school is 5-MeO-DMT.