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  1. @roopepa thought-provoking, thanks. @Nak Khid Yes, I was wondering whether one could design a study to find paranormal phenomena in a significant amount of participants. For example, while tripping, two other friends and I had the perception of seeing auras around people which for each person were similar in color to us who were seeing them. So what I want to say with that is that it would be nice to find some paranormal phenomena which could be perceived by multiple people in a reproducible way - but it seems to me that each experience is too subjective and "unreliable" to conduct such research. @Red-White-Light I doubt that my sample size would be sufficiently large to test four groups, but it is a nice idea to match meditation and psychedelics. If you're interested in that, google "ego-dissolution" - a lot of researchers linked meditation and psychedelics with that experience. @Serotoninluv I asked my professor and he advised me to do an observational study as in requesting psychedelic research centers to let me assess the people taking the substances pre- and post and maybe also during.
  2. @Serotoninluv Definitely with humans, I would need to ask about animals, tho. I would also need to ask if I'm allowed to actively manipulate the experiment as I have no medical pre-experience or if I'm "only" allowed to do an observational study. I will talk to my professor and let you know. My university wants us to use EEG or fMRI - they are obsessed with it
  3. @max duewel Thank you for your ideas :-) I'm studying in Maastricht.
  4. @dimitri hahaha - that would be a separate research project I think :-D
  5. hey @EnlightenmentBlog thank you for your answers! Psychology of Sex sounds interesting and not fully explored to me yet, I'll think about it - thanks. One thought I had is that if you personally are interested in gaming and psychology I would recommend the youtube channel healthygamer to you. It's of a Harvard professor who practices a lot of meditation and gives advice to gamers.
  6. Hey guys, I'm a third-year bachelor of psychology student in a relatively progressive, green university in the Netherlands (e.g. our drug department just finished an interesting study on 5-MEO-DMT) and I was granted to do my own research in the field of Psychology that I desire to research in (the funding I get is result-independent so I'm relatively free to do what I want). So why I'm making this post is that I wanted to ask for potential ideas or things I could research on that might actually help (even only to the tiniest degree) to help us progress to become more conscious. Of course - there is psychedelic research. Do you have more ideas? Any research ideas you always wanted to test but never had the time or tools to do it. Unfortunately, I only have half a year time for the whole project (so roughly 3-4 months for data collection), so it can not be a big thing with extensive follow-ups or whatever. Especially paradigm-critical research is appreciated. In general, even if I couldn't use your ideas for my own research, I would love to hear your ideas on fields that are yet undiscovered or intelligent research designs.
  7. Guys you are amazing! Thanks for all of your replies.
  8. And do you have concrete critiques of him (in order to make her aware of them) - why he can be harmful - especially when it comes to his political reasoning - to watch him? The things I found is that he isn't leading to more acceptance and understanding, but more seperation and that he is quite irrational in being against a more "socialistic" democracy. Anything else? Thanks.
  9. @Leo Gura@Cocolove @Octafish @Truth Addict Thank you for all your replies. I get that he is helping her to integrate blue and orange. The "problem" is that she is absolutely in love with him and is definetly adapting his shadow aspects as well (e.g. she suddenly neglects her intuitive and emotional line of development in decision making, as it is irrational). Why is it so hard for people to see the impurities in Jordan Peterson? What makes him special here? I feel like so little people can pin-point his shadow, but almost everyone feels it kind of. Why is he so good in deceiving?
  10. Or try a Vipassana retreat! At the last day you can talk and those people you meet there are usually really amazing and in relation to the population average relatively high on the spiral as well as motivated to grow. I found my mentor through that too.
  11. @Eph75 Hey Eph! I had the same problem like you. I think despite being introverted, networking skills are really key here. It's truly about bluntly assessing people's values at events where it's quite likely that you meet some actualizers IMO. The events that helped me most: psychology bachelor students in international cities, mindfulness courses, yoga classes etc.. I felt like that each of these stage green group gathering there are always some who are somehow higher than that. You just have to be good at approaching and then understanding people relatively quickly in order to "assess" many people at such events, but I think that's what you learn automatically when you go out there and just try.
  12. Sooo a good friend of mine, who is a perfect example for solid stage green (maybe even including some "unhealthy" extremes) found Jordan Peterson and started to like him more and more as he was grounding here very "floaty" personality and brought rationality into her life and made her aware of the unhealthy extremes of green in herself. I am so confused. Can a mostly stage orange person(JP) make someone else yellow? Or is she regressing into orange? it's so hard to discern.. can you even digress?
  13. I had a "bad" trip on magic truffles where I felt like I was trapped that I literally ran through the forest I was tripping in trying to escape. Only later during the following Vipassana retreat I was realizing that I was afraid of myself. I wasn't my own home. So I tried to hug the demon in me instead of running away from it. However I didn't feel like I succeeded in that. It doesn't feel resolved. Since then I am afraid of tripping because of fearing of getting a psychosis(maybe I am also not afraid of that, but that's only the surface reason). On the other hand I don't want to lose psychedelics as a tool for self-growth. How can I practice surrendering in order to prevent me from going insane during the next trip? Shall I stop tripping until the fear is resolved or should I now go for a trip exactly because of this fear? Thanks for reading and trying to help!
  14. @Norbert Lennartz sorry i don't get it. could you elaborate?
  15. @Rilles you mean addiction robs me of my freedom of actions which in turn robs me off my ability to do stuff that makes me happy. Get it. I confused not being addicted to something with abstaining from it. In general I believe that getting rid of addicitons makes you being able to get "addicted" to usually less dopamine and serotonine eliciting actions like breathing or being out in nature or doing mundaine stuff. So I'm on your side with that. @Inliytened1 no I am not aware of god. thanks for making me aware of my position from where I can't judge these questions appropriately. On the other hand, please don't confuse my questions for lack of willingness to work hard. I'm still wondering whether the belief that enlightenment work is hard work and takes long might be a hindrance. Thank you for all your replies.