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  1. @LSD-Rumi I haven't encountered anything sinister either. But DPT for sure tingles the part of mind that sees faces everywhere more than other psychedelics. So if that's scary for someone, then DPT might not be for them. It also gives a lot of physical sensations, so if someone is scared of it then it might be scary for them.
  2. @LSD-Rumi your experience sounds normal. I think even as high as 150 mg plugged is a way to go, and something around 250-400 mg oral. Vaping DPT freebase is the most effective method. Works best in form of eliquid, qnd then you just toke bit by bit until you are satisfied with strength. You don't need to do one big toke as with DMT. You can vape once or you can vape for hours. Normal cheap eliquid vape device. Not some elaborate glass and gas torch combo for perverts. That's what you vapor genie guys are, perverts
  3. It does a lot of other stuff, too. So I am not sure what your comment has meant to convey. They are not 1-to-1 experiences with the exception of one just being longer.
  4. Podcasts are popular because you can just listen, you don't have to watch anything. That means you can consume them on a walk, while cooking dinner or driving a car. Simple as that. Same reason as why audiobooks are getting more popular than reading paperbacks. You can listen to them even at work and no-one bats an eye.
  5. @Socrates yes, he has just said he is having as much fun as people drinking alcohol without actually drinking any every other night.
  6. Podcasts are the thing like for the last 10 years I think. Dunno when Apple added them to their apps, but that's around when they have started gaining a lot of traction.
  7. @Leo Gura yea, they are good, some courses are biased though. Capitalism vs Socialism course or something like that was american-centric and conservitive-view-skewed to such a degree it was funny to listen to.
  8. @Breakingthewall it's easy to criticize Sadhguru from that position. I don't know how to name this postition you are voicing, but it's quite common, spread even in India, because the whole world quickly modernizes. But apart from all this, I have to say I have some admiration for Sadhguru. He is a man who has had a long period of existential reflection in his life, practicing asanas and deepening his realization, who then went and became one of the most famous activists/non-profit organization leaders. Quite an enviable life path, similar to one described by Om Swami in "If Truth Be Told", but the other way around. Your comment sounds like something Vandana Shiva could have said. She's an Indian sociologist with a sharp blade against Bill Gates'es and Sadhgurus of the world. This adds nothing to the argument, but it is an interesting fact that Vandana Shiva's campaign against GMO had seriously agrreviated Sri Lanka's food crisis, becuase the government there had had accepted her claims about pesticides and fertilizers. Sadhguru to me seems like way way more reasonable and practical (that's why he is working with the party currently rulling India) than other environmental activists of his caliber of outreach. The supernatural claims, I don't care about, no matter who spews them, Sadhguru, Leo, masters of the past, scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, I don't care. I neither care for the opposite team. I feel like staying open-minded for supernatural things happening in your life and weighing lowly other people's claims about magic in your own decision-making is a rational and skillful stance.
  9. Proper meditation is what enables to shift and underwhelming/underdosed trip into a breakthrough. It was not needed for OP's girlfriend, it seems, but I am curious to hear opinions of some more experienced users with both meditation and strong psychedelics if they agree. Maybe there are other options, maybe it's random, maybe it's dose dependant. What are you thinking?
  10. I don't like that perspective on meditation, because meditation works even when you are on low-medium dose of psychedelics. So meditation is rather a skillful usage of mind. I deem that angle of looking at it more important than considering whatever it might be doing at the body chemistry layer/level. I understand that you probably have meant "works" as in "works and permanently shifts your level of awerness a few degrees", but I believe that this other definition of meditation is more important and deserves highlightning. Meditation is Mind skillfully bending the Mind.
  11. I have read 85 books in a year and it's not hard. This was while having a full-time physical job and most of reading hours were audiobook listening. Up to 200 books a year is possible, I have tried to sustain that tempo, you need to read while eating a breakfast and dinner, you have to listen to audiobooks when driving and doing tasks with idle time, etc. But it's doable, and the books I have been reading were all scientific. Around 40-50 this year and I work as a tutor half-time.
  12. @How to be wise Good one. The 5th stage sounds more like cosplay than a real stage. Too much of cultural baggagee for it to be considered some possible universal stage of development. And what if I dislike Eastern spirituality, can't I have transcendent sex?
  13. @Leo Gura To start a cult or something. Editing wikipedia to give yourself credence is not a good signal. Paywalled church website also. And also maybe from ignorance, thinking it must have worked, but maybe in fact it didn't and they just only got a weaker version of normal mushrooms and that's where their lack of visuals come from. I have no idea, I am not the one making the extraordinary claim. I would have to see people not associated with that group to repeat the experiment or them having some solid lab results.
  14. I am not sceptical about the method, I have wanted to try feeding mushrooms some DPT while it was still legal. I just doubt they really have it. It doesn't make any sense either from a legal standpoint (they need to have two illegal substances, not one, to create one semi-legal substance) or economic one (5-MeO is frickin pricey). Soo, I just don't believe them, is there a time-stamp in the video were they show some proof or at least talk about having it, any lab-tests? Hiding everything behind cult application form and paywall is not a gesture of good will in my judgement.
  15. Haven't watched the video but thinking about it for 06 seconds I feel like it's some scam for hippie people to sell them microdoses of psychoactive mushrooms for exorbitant prices, because it's "Psilomethoxin", and no-one will never know if it really was something different than plain psilocybin mushroom, because no-one will ever trip on the full dose. Dunno, that's the vibe I am getting.
  16. sounds like wishful thinking, it for sure still has psilocybin
  17. Yeah, that sucks, porn is completely ignored when kids age 6-10 type sex, boobs, etc into google for the first time and they quickly find out porn exists. No tools at all given to children in my country. No tools given to parents. Glad you pointed it out, I haven't noticed it before you saying it.
  18. @D2sage you need to think about what percentage of cases gets reported to the authorities. Sweden is a way more civilized country, where people feel safer to report abuse than the US.
  19. True, it's surprisingly easy to drop it at some point in your life.
  20. You are a real man, grumbling about some porn sites. I think there's a corellation, like with losing your hair and testosterone levels. The more grumpy you are, the more of a man you are.
  21. It wasn't a counter-argument to what you said. Turn off the debate mode, please. I have been supporting your argument. I have said the photography stuff applies if someone takes your position. I assume we are on the forums and everyone has to have strong opinion and be cut-throat, otherwise we don't know who is who, where is up and where is down.
  22. And also, some of the worst mates. Maybe not in an absolute sense, but the most deranged and ungrounded form all the spiritual people. Everyone is here.
  23. @r0ckyreed The problem is, THE STATEMENT that a thing should serve such and such purpose in such and such way is no the same as its REALITY. The rules of science are not strong enough to ensure their proper execution by real humans in the real world. So in fact, it is a problem with science itself, no scientists. You can see that through using science on itself. If using the procedure again and again still fails by producing flawed research and biased scientists, then the problem is with the procedure. It's just not adjusted well-enough to the reality. It's arrogance to demand reality bend to some arbitrary philososphy spelled out by humans, which science is. It's not a reasoning that proves the problem is with science, but it shows a strong possibility it is so.
  24. Some proof of that statement:
  25. I have read this, it's integral theory adapted to relationships like a blueprint. A lot of authors from Ken Wilber's community do that when writing a book, they basically take integral theory and do this: They add their theme of the book as a new line of development. The book itself is a good read. It recycles some common psychology theories and is a good example of how to practice applying integral theory to a topic. Reading this book might give you some ideas on how to apply the theory to some other topic, like for example money, and think everything through as it has been thought through in the book. I have designed my own relationship based on his triangle and use it routinely to diagnose if any problems start to appear my gfs and my relationship. It's not his original idea, though. Many other ideas are not original either, but if you have never studied psychology nor integral theory in a serious setting, then you might find many ideas from the book new and refreshing