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  1. How to know if you're bypassing your emotions?
    How to know if you're bypassing your emotions?
    Thank you! That's what I'm practicing. I usually don't "explode" when I'm angry, but I sometimes act passive aggressively or repress my anger but feel shut-down and disconnected towards people who I feel have hurt me. 
    Now, with this kind of mindfulness, it usually is quite easy to let go and not hold any grudges. That's why I was concerned I may be bypassing the emotions. 
    Yep, that's likely it, thank you! 
    I think being a psychologist has conditioned me to believe one needs to express anger so it doesn't build up.
    Seeing how I don't really need to express it but just allow myself to process it and let go of it I second-guess myself thinking "this is just another form of repressing your feelings. If you do this you will allow people to treat you badly, etc.". 
    Probably just an ego backlash lol

  2. How to know if you're bypassing your emotions?
    How to know if you're bypassing your emotions?
    Meditate more and more. Your impulse is your survival instinct which is not necessary right now. Don't allow the emotions to build up inside you. Instead meditate and let go of the unnecessary emotions like anger hated etc. Don't react and expect and you will be rewarded with peace.

  3. Easily Dragged Down by Negativity
    Easily Dragged Down by Negativity
    Yes, lack of self-esteem is a self-image issue. Usually these issues are inseparable. Once your self-image is made self-conscious about itself, defective behaviour starts to appear. And this will happen every time a trigger occurs because there are judgements that the subconscious mind is making, which are creating the discomfort. It's a defence mechanism that you as a child had developed unconsciously in order for you to protect yourself by avoiding pain and faking behaviours in order to be loved and accepted and validated by your caregivers who were harsh and critical with you.
    It's not an uncommon issue, and it's not black or white. No one virtually has had a perfect childhood, but certainly some people had it harder than others. There are various degrees and forms in which these issues manifest. Some of them can be life-threatening, such as a woman developing anorexia due to her excessive fear of obesity, which is ultimately a self-image issue. But even those are curable with awareness. So just keep increasing your awareness and be gentle with yourself during the process. Be the caregiver you wanted to have.

  4. Why is our Democracy at stake?
    Why is our Democracy at stake?
    Trump winning a second term legitimises the politics of lies, intimidation and ego, which are the conditions that allow authoritarianism to flourish.
    Imagine if after a second Trump victory, inspired by his method of politics, every state education minister, every regional environmental manager, and every federal financial regulator ends up only getting that position because they bribed, cajoled, sweet-talked and intimidated others to get there, rather than through running successful campaigns and proving themselves to be the most effective at their jobs. They would see themselves as above reproach. When they inevitably fuck up their jobs (as ill-qualified people tend to do) and the common citizens pay the price, there would be no legal mechanism of removing them from office, because they didn't get there by meritocratic, legal means in the first place. The entire culture of American politics would shift for the worse.
    By kicking Trump out office in November, that nascent culture of authoritarianism would be snipped in the bud. In fact, it would heavily discredit it since it would prove how ineffective it actually is in maintaining power in a functioning democracy. Being co-operative and conciliatory would be greatly encouraged.

  5. EU trying to help Belarusian people.
    EU trying to help Belarusian people.
    Yes in a perfect linear progression contradiction free and injustice free world where everyone gets the same outcome from an event.
    But the real world of relationships between humans in different countries, societies and cultures doesn't work that way, it is full of perceived commited mutual injustices and ills where one group, country, culture is treated better and fairer than the other, which makes linear progression growth path where everyone gets on board with it literally impossible.
    These contradictions and injustices from technological and cultural progression stem exactly from the way they are generated by favoring one part of a world over another or using and exploiting one part of the world for a benefit another, essentially making, equal treatment and progression where everyone can get on board impossible, without backclashes, conflicts and internal contradictions within the way progression in the world is manifested. 
    Globalization and globalism in today's form and written and spoken usage (related to a contemporary globalised form of capitalism as our dominant way of production and consumption that makes our survival in contemporary complex and interconnected societial systems possible) is another ideological worldview point, of the ruling classes in the countries that espouse it, that is prescribing their norms of what progression of the world ought be like and look like and that suits their own interests in having the meaning of the word progression entail that narrow meaning and viewpoint that coincides with their perspective on the world and how and in which way it should go and develop. 
    In short it rids the word progression of it's internal contradictions and conflicts that go into its full meaning. 

  6. Afghanistan War Exposed
    Afghanistan War Exposed
    This is what happens when there are no consequences. The american citizens fail to face their own responsibility and you will have to suffer the consequences. When you let the wolves rule you don't be surprised when they turn their teeth on you some day.
    We are at a stage in human evolution in which any selfishness will only be addressed if the self faces consequences. People will not stop exploiting others until they get heart disease, until the oceans start to rise, until their children are killed in school shootings. Their lack of empathy will be punished in the only way they have yet come to understand.
    Humanity without empathy can only change through suffering, and thankfully nature is very good at making us suffer for our ignorance and apathy. To understand suffering means to understand your place in this world, your contribution towards the evolution of this world.
    God makes you suffer precisely because he loves you so much.

  7. The Issues of Being, Acting and Identifying as "Smarter" and "Higher"
    Feeling ashamed of being smart
    What you are saying makes sense. I get guilty about getting angry, when I try to convience someone about something. 
    It might be about not being confident enough to trust yourself and your own choices, opinions, values. I am only smart in my own head, it’s not experience based knowledge. 
    Yes, that is exactly it. 
    @Leo Gura
    Thank you again. 

  8. An explanation of ontology and meta-origins of diseases caused by virus infections.
    Mr Bill Gates - conscious stage green philanthropist OR dangerous, shady elitist?

  9. Fallacy of a scientific objective and neutral willingness of subjecting self for an experiment just to test for the sake of science of energy and mindi the "It's all an imagination theory".
    Mr Bill Gates - conscious stage green philanthropist OR dangerous, shady elitist?
    “nobody is claiming illusory pathogenic microbes! Did you read the posts I shared?”
    The basis of germ theory is that some pathogenic microbes can cause human illness. The argument against this theory is that there are no pathogenic microbes that can cause any human illness. 
    Anyone can test the theory, Just drink a glass of mycobacterium tuberculosis to find out. If you can’t get your hands on the lethal microbial strains, an alternative is to allow food to spoil such that it is covered with bacteria, protozoans and fungi. Let it get really nasty. Then start rubbing it in your eyes, snort some, plug some, shove some deep into the ears and eat a whole bunch. For those at advanced levels, inject some directly into the bloodstream. . . . Then see what happens. . . It’s very straightforward. This would likely send someone into the ER and there is good chance of permanent damage to the body -  and that is mild microbes. The real dangerous ones would be lethal at much lower dosages. 
    You can do as many cleanses, detoxes, fasts, visualizations, mantras etc. as you’d like beforehand.

  10. Explanation of faults in western scientific medicine paradigm by Seratoninluv part 2: Human Guinea Pig Fallacy
    Mr Bill Gates - conscious stage green philanthropist OR dangerous, shady elitist?
    @DrewNows Like I said, there is a very easy way to test if pathogenic microbes are real. To test if pathogenic microbes are real, one simply needs to pump themselves up with mycobacterium tuberculosis and viral Ebola. . . . There is no need to get twisted in a pretzel.
    No one is willing to pump themselves full of the deadliest pathogenic bacteria because they know the consequences. They wouldn’t even do it for a million dolllars, because they know they would suffer a horrific death. Just like no one would be willing to test if gravity is real by jumping off a building. It’s easy to create all sorts of thought stories, yet when it comes down to actually testing it, I guarantee you that NONE of the people claiming pathogenic microbes are illusory will volunteer to test their story.
    Think about it. . . Those claiming pathogenic microbes are illusory can easily demonstrate the truth of their claim by pumping themselves full of the deadliest “illusory” pathogenic microbes. Such a straightforward test that would clearly demonstrate this truth to all of their followers. . . Yet they would never do it. . . They rely on a gullible audience (in this context, they have some value in other contexts). 

  11. Rebuttal of ten links on correlation between vaccines and autism from an "antivaxer" website and organizationby Seratoninluv
    Mr Bill Gates - conscious stage green philanthropist OR dangerous, shady elitist?
    Mentioning vaccines in the discussion does NOT count as a scientific study or evidence.
    Above, I went through the first ten links. Of these:
    8/10 were not vaccine studies. They are completely removed from vaccines, show zero empirical data related to vaccines and nothing can be inferred about vaccines in these articles / studies. 
    1/10 was a pilot study that implied a temporal correlation between vaccines and autism. Yet the authors themselves stress that this is a pilot study that is merely suggestive and no causative conclusions can be made. 
    1/10 showed a statistically significant correlation between ONE specific vaccine and autism. 
    So about 80% of what you consider “evidence” is not evidence at all. It didn’t even involve vaccines. 10% of what you consider evidence is weak suggestive evidence and 10% of what you consider evidence is actual significant empirical evidence. 
    So only about 10% of what you are considering evidence, is actual empirical evidence (for ONE specific vaccine). This is a very low efficiency. Imagine scoring 10% on an exam. . . If you want to improve your efficiency, I would examine meta-analyses, because they will analyze the studies that are actually relevant for you. You won’t mis-perceive  80% of what you are seeing to be actual empirical evidence.
    The meta-analysis I posted above is a broad study that examined evidence that BOTH shows a causal relationship and doesn’t show a causal relationship,. It was conducted by a broad range of the highest experts. If you want to strengthen your argument that there is empirical evidence showing a causative connection, this one article has 10X the power of all the articles you linked combined. 

  12. Explanation of faults in western scientific medicine paradigm by Seratoninluv
    Mr Bill Gates - conscious stage green philanthropist OR dangerous, shady elitist?
    I think the “world of illusion” idea has merit. I think microbes as causative agents can be overplayed and underlying unhealthy conditions (terrain) can be underplayed by many mainstream scientists. . . Scientists want to control the narrative and much of the general population has a “me vs them” mindset, in which “them” are pathogenic microbes. There is much more emphasis on treatment of symptoms, rather than prevention.
    As well, I think there is a lot to how imagination can lead to a variety of illnesses, in particular neurosis. There are a ton of psycho-somatic related illnesses that people might blame on exogenous agents. And I’d like to see more studies regarding visualization and self healing. For example, visualizing a strong immune system attacking cancer cells. Although, I would speculate that this would be an accessory activity and not itself curative (unless we are talking very high conscious levels).
    However, even if we give the authors a pass on technical misstatements of cellular biology, there is still a problem I see. If we enter into the nonphysical realm that microbes are illusory, then it’s all illusory. You don’t get to point and say that physical thing over there is illusory, yet this physical thing over here is real. There is as much evidence for the physical nature of pathogenic microbes and there is evidence for the physical nature of your body. If you say that physical microbes are actually nonphysical  illusions, then you need to say the human body is also a nonphysical illusion. And that is not what the authors are saying. They are saying that pathogenic microbes are nonphysical illusions, yet the bodily is physical reality.
    There is a very simple test to reveal this discrepancy. Give me a volunteer that believes pathogenic microbes are a nonphysical illusion and the body is physically real. Someone who has never had a vaccination. You could pick the #1 guy in this area. He has done all the cleansing and detoxes. He is at the highest level of understanding that pathogenic microbes are illusory. . . We then pump him full of Myobacterium Tuberculosis and throw in some Anthrax. I guarantee you he will learn a lot about the the physical properties of pathogenic microbes and his idea of “illusory” microbes will be updated. 

  13. Dysfunctions in the Education System
    Dysfunctions in the Education System
    I want to make a list of dysfunctions in the current education system. Chime in!
    Exams give you points for being right instead of being useful Classes condition you to sit passively in a classroom and zone out instead of actively contemplate and learn what you want to, i.e. lack of activity. In fact being active and not sitting still in class gets you punished! "Teachers" value the facade of attention over actual attention. Exams give you limited number of points which condition you to believe that you can only make a limited amount of money in adult life. We assume that school is useful for kids without really asking kids if they're really growing as intended by the school. My claim : School isn't useful to kids for their learning, rather it's a tool society uses to condition kids to enslave them when they grow up. We assume that an educational environment is necessary for kids to learn. This is not true. Kids learn from anything and everything in their environment. My claim : Child labor is better than school education, as you learn to bring home some cash and you learn a craft that's actually valued by someone! Of course, massive value placed on memorization which is utterly pointless, especially now that we have Google. It conditions kids to believe that knowing what society knows is a useful thing, when the reality is that adding to what society knows is valuable. Most of the crap kids learn in school is utterly useless! A lot of schoolwork in Languages, Math, Science, Social Sciences is utterly useless and is a waste of resources. Conditions us to be useless to society and imprints us with the belief that society doesn't really want us to be useful. (Credit for this one also goes to parents btw) Kids go together to school, which conditions them to go with the herd. It also conditions them to believe that mainstream society has it all figured out. Everyone's treated the same way, which conditions them to believe that everyone's the same and there's nothing unique about anyone. Somebody tell me what the point of homework really is, cuz I haven't figured that out yet! Exams give you points only if you give them the one right answer, which conditions you to believe that any question only has the one right answer. It also gives you points for being right and takes away points for being wrong, which conditions you to believe that being right is valuable/significant while being wrong is not valuable. This is not the case, as right/wrong are relative and value is relative. You don't have to be absolutely right in order to have a significant perspective as there is no absolute right/wrong. "Teachers" aren't open to other answers than the one right answer, which makes you believe that people out in the world never reconsider their opinions when faced with an alternative perspective. I'll continue adding points to this list.

  14. Doing What You Love Is The Best Way To Contribute Vs. Effective Altruism
    Doing What You Love Is The Best Way To Contribute Vs. Effective Altruism
    You will do more good with the guitar than with second option.
    Because the issue is never material. It's psychological and ultimately spiritual.
    People don't need your money, they need your passion, love, and happiness.
    If you earn shitloads of money and give it away to charity, you will actually contribute evil to the world. Because you're disconnected from yourself. When you're disconnected from yourself, you're a devil, no matter how much money you give to charity.
    Once you've betrayed yourself, you will certainly betray others. Because your true sin was giving into ego, giving into fear. That's the reason you betrayed yourself in the first place, and that pattern will only continue.
    Besides which, the world is perfect as it is, and doesn't need you to fix it. There is nothing you can do to make the world better. It's already perfect. So relax and follow your bliss.
    Your guilt is contributing to the suffering of the world. Guilt is a low-consciousness motivation with leads to evil. So do the world a favor and be happy, if you dare.
    How's that for a counter-intuitive move?

  15. Meditation & Depression
    Meditation & Depression
    When thoughts about yourself that do not feel good are repeated and believed, conditioning is created. Conditional happiness. This was “remedied” by feeling good about yourself, creating an idea of self worth, derived of what you accomplished. Meditation quiets the mind, and this relatively speaking, feels better. Then purification empties these suppressed emotions from the body. Unless we believe the practice of meditation is causing the feelings - conditioning arises to empty out. The meditation was working just fine. The emotional releases were thwarted by the choosing of resistant thoughts about the meditation, rather then continuing, and seeing the root is thoughts about yourself which never did, and still do not, feel good. The body is responding in kind, and is always attempting, always at the ready, to purify those repressed emotions out. Even the positive of psychology is not ultimately satisfying, as it is still an attempt to feel good, via thought. In truth, you are Good, and a single thought is not needed to feel as such. Analogously, it’s a bit like you’re having trouble walking without the crutch of positive psychology - entirely missing that you can ‘fly’. This exemplifies how sneaky the mind can be, in dependency (attachment) to thoughts. “Action orientation” is great. Inspiration is greater. 
    This further denotes what I’m hearing here. The dream fills you with intrinsic drive of inspiration, right here now - yet the choosing of thoughts leads to the perspective of bad days, months, years. The contrast, or “challenges” of life are what bring more of the Self forward. Self is the greatest, and only true, happiness there is. By judging the contrast, we miss out on this most divine experience in living. Prayer is a tricky thing, and can sometimes be used to reinforce happiness being dependent on outcome. Praying for the changing of circumstances, so there can be happiness, might be feeding into the refusal to rise above the contrast, again, bringing Self to the ‘challenges’. 
    I’d be looking to all available resources, from therapeutic to energetic release, to allow the body to purify. “Feeling no energy and enthusiasm for what I do” - is “Choosing thoughts which do not feel good to me”. This is the root of the “depression”. This is what depression is. One can not choose self referential thoughts, which do not feel good to one - and still expect to somehow feel good. 

  16. Free Wisdom E-Books
    Free Wisdom E-Books
    Excerpts from Chance and Choice about I CHING
    In the first step you awake to your DRAGON, you vocation, your question, your participation in the cosmic work of the spirit, or as the Native American's call it, your "medicine". For this you have to leave your family and personal history, changing your dependencies into material for self actualization. The CAT does not care for the past family, only the future one.
    In the second step you have to find friends in the TIGER study groups and separate your spiritual way from the quest for survival (SNAKE). You look for those people who make it possible for you to pursue your spiritual way without looking for profit.
    With the honest HORSE you transcend your group and make your achievements useful to others. You do so by establishing a style of livelihood, of wealth, which allows others to strive like a BUFFALO to participate in spiritual life.
    Now with the RAT you must stand up for your truth by organizing your whole life around your vocation. You blend your material and spiritual life by the GOAT Ò the lunar capacity to seize the moment, the opportunity. By receptivity to the times you make useful to others what is meaningful to you.
    Then you must get into revelation by understanding the comical aspects of all religious traditions, like the eclectic MONKEY in a supermarket of new age publications. The purpose of your search for revelation must be to heal others, to bring them to their wholeness. This requires unconditional service symbolized by the PIG. This understanding of the PIG explains the statement found in hexagram 61 - Inner Truth - "Pigs and fishes. Good fortune."
    The highest achievement is no longer self-centered. You are in civilization and in spirit, a part of the New Earth in the sign of the DOG Ò Aquarius. You are, like the DOG, completely faithful to your path and to sacred history. You transcend your ego by announcing your truth in society like the ROOSTER without regard to the practical consequences.

  17. Non-duality and Christianity
    Non-duality and Christianity
    Forgiveness of sin = Letting go. Both in the sense of letting go of the resentment of past immoral actions; also letting go of the relative truth into the absolute (and reconnecting with God). 

  18. Non-duality and Christianity
    Non-duality and Christianity
    Holy communion = common union with the whole.
    God loves you even if you don't believe in him = Christian equivalent of 'you're already enlightened whether you realise it or not.'
    Sin is separation from God = ego consciousness throws us out of nondual awareness, ie the Garden of Eden)

  19. Non-duality and Christianity
    Non-duality and Christianity
    I'm not a Christian now, but was raised as one. A bit of artistic licence perhaps but here goes: 
    Holy Spirit = Spirit of Wholeness.
    "I am the way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except through me" = Self enquiry, ie realise God through your own "I", not Jesus'. 
    "I and the Father are one" = Nonduality.
    "I am that I am" = I am That, I am (cf Thou art That, or Tat Tvam Asi from Hinduism). 
    This leads me to think that God the Father symbolically represents the absolute reality, Brahman. Jesus represents the individual relative self (I'm rejecting Jesus is uniquely the son of God), and the Holy Spirit represents that which reconciles the relative and absolute realities together. Therefore there's a threefold image, like the pre-Christian Triskelion. 

  20. Disagreeing with one of Leo’s economic positions regarding Capitalism
    Disagreeing with one of Leo’s economic positions regarding Capitalism
    Well, your view is one-dimensional and naive.
    Distributing value that people did not earn is itself theft.
    People own their labor, but not all people labor equally nor produce equal results.
    If you work hard to create something of significant creative value, you will understand why some low-level grunt should not own half of your life's work.
    Be careful with taking the socialist ideology too far. And it is an ideology. It's not something you've careful deduced yourself from years of personal experience.
    Labor is not merely a matter of hours spent. Labor has to be genuinely creative and value-generating. So you can own your labor but if your labor is licking stamps, you don't deserve much compensation for that. Labor is highly unequal. Some labor is worth 1000x more than other labor.

  21. Scott Young has good articles about goal setting, career, and productivity.
    Scott Young has good articles about goal setting, career, and productivity.
    I got to know Scott Young years ago. Today, I browsed his blog and found useful articles on
    In particular, I found those useful for my situation.
    The Best Career Articles If you want to be an author, don’t start writing (and other strangely useful career advice) What Do You Want to Do With Your Life The Interview Method: Why Our Assumptions About Success are Often Wrong Fantasizing About Retirement? Here’s How to Build a Career You Won’t Want to Quit You Need to Negotiate Your Lifestyle The Best Articles on Goal-Setting Set Goals in the Middle Two Types of Growth Show Up, Every Day Why It’s So Hard to Stick to Your Goals (And How to Make it Easy) On Keeping Your Word  The Best Articles on Productivity How to Finish Your Work, One Bite at a Time How to Be Prolific What is Productivity Guilt, and How to Prevent it? Make Your Time Top-Heavy Rethinking Discipline The Best Articles on Learning How to Start Your Own Ultralearning Project – PART 1 How to Start Your Own Ultralearning Project – PART 2 The Complete Guide to Memory How to Learn a Language in Record Time The Feynman Technique Five Scientific Steps to Ace Your Next Exam I immediately made a project to read those articles. Just make sure to supplement these articles with Leo's videos. Without Leo's personal development techniques, none of those articles above is going to help you. Personal development is more important than career development.
    I cannot stay complacent for long.

  22. Human language reinforces our current level of consciousnesses?
    Human language reinforces our current level of consciousnesses?
    I think this fits this thread. I've read it yesterday. It's by Aldous Huxley:
    "To formulate and express the contents of this reduced awareness, man has invented and endlessly elaborated those symbol-systems and implicit philosophies which we call languages. Every individual is at once the beneficiary and the victim of the linguistic tradition into which he or she has been born ... the victim in so far as it confirms him in the belief that reduced awareness is the only awareness and as it bedevils his sense of reality, so that he is all too apt to take his concepts for data, his words for actual things."

  23. Need advice for my psychology project
    Need advice for my psychology project
    Just a few ideas. . . The concept that consciousness is a subjective experience is already fairly advanced. It is on the level of relativity. I would put that more advanced than an objective consciousness. . . I would create three "levels" and not argue against any level. I think this is a big trap. The human mind thinks in opposites. I wouldn't frame it as who is right and wrong. I'd frame it more like Paris is in France and France is in Europe. There is no opposites to argue here. 
    Contrasting objective and subjective is pretty straightforward. There are many examples one could give. For example, an objectivist might say that the color red exists and this is objectively true for everyone. A relativist might say that everyone's subjective experience of red is different and we have no idea if everyone perceives red the same. . . A second example would be that an objectivist may say that sex/gender is determined physically by genitalia, hormones and neurotransmitters. A relativist may state that gender is determined by one's subjective experience and personal identity.
    Going up to absolute is much more challenging imo. I think social fields of conspicuousness would be good as well. For example, bird murmurations, wolf packs, fish, etc. A social field of consciousness is a level higher than an individual consciousness and I think some people at least partially get it. You could also go up a level with nonduality. Yet this is more challenging imo. I have tried to explain it to freshman and a few "get it" but not all.

  24. I want a god damn girlfriend, right now!
    I want a god damn girlfriend, right now!
    Your expectation that someone should not be offended even when they are offended and they made it clear by blocking you is a value structure problem. The behavior value you're displaying here is entitlement. Your attitude or value or belief that you deserve something even when you don't. This is not a morality issue but a value issue. 
    Your values are not aligned in a way that they will create a comfort space for another person. 
    You can't expect someone to come and lay down in your bed of thorns and then ask "what's wrong with me?" 
    Spiritual development means you have to focus on 
    Emotions Psychology  Morality and conscience  Value structure  Qualities  Traits Intentions  Beliefs, values and mentality /attitude Awareness  Consciousness Depth and substance  Authenticity  Aesthetics and Desirability  Maturity   

  25. Video Summaries! Video Summaries!
    How To Get Shit Done
    “If you don’t have discipline you don’t deserve to dream.”
    People are really bad at making results and if you want to have a self-actualized life you need to be a result maker. You need to have the ability to make incredible results.
    All your dreams mean shit if you don’t bring them to reality. This result making is a ability that you can train yourself to do. Society nowadays doesn’t pressure you to create results, it create a comfy life for you and you don’t feel that pain in the ass that makes you create actual results.
    People are not good result makers since they, although they have big dreams, don’t connect their dreams with actual steps in reality. When your dreams touch reality, they will change since sometimes they don’t actually work in the real world (no one wants your product, there are not enough resources, the market doesn’t work that way, etc). This process is emotionally disturbing, we love to live in fantasy land but we never ground ourselves. A great results maker has a dream and connects it to reality in a strategic way.
    You need to get your hands dirty to bring to life dreams; you need to be flexible enough to adapt to reality. Recognize which dogmas are impeding you to create the life you want! You adapt to reality, not the other way.
    You need to bite the bullet and get humbled by reality; you need to start creating results.
    Ask yourself which are the results you want; stop talking shit about it and do the actual work! Before results, you are a bullshiter. LESS TALKING AND LESS DOING! AND DON’T CONFUSE DOING WITH ACTUAL RESULTS, THEY ARE 2 DIFFEENT THINGS. IF YOU ARE NOT GENERATING RESULTS YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WORKING, YOU NEED TO PIVOT.
    After you prove to yourself that you are a results maker you can chill out a little bit and meditate, but before then move your ass and generate results!
    How to do this:
    -          Value tangible results
    -          Create shit! Are a creator in your life?
    -          Think of your life like projects (specific tangible things). Create milestone projects!
    -          Desire to impact people.
    -          Talk is cheap: Stop talking and do it. Words are meaningless.
    -          Work for excellence. You need to be creating the best you can be doing. Don’t create mediocre shit.
    -          Take personal responsibility to make it happen. It is your job to create results.
    -          Working the big picture: A result maker is efficient since he is working for a bigger purpose.
    -          Work ethic: You need strong work ethic.
    -          Sometimes you need brute force
    -          Sacrifice comfort: Maybe stay up late or skip your next vacation. If your life is built around comfort you will have a very mediocre life.
    -          Be willing to change yourself to create results
    -          Throw yourself into demanding situations
    -          Be around exceptional people
    -          Start your own business
    -          Think about your death
    You should think about how to apply the concepts that Leo gives you. Make a project and start applying this shit.