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Hey guys! I'm gonna upload all the video summaries I have at the moment and will be uploading more of them as I watch them! Needless to say that is a summaries made by me and not transcripts nor Leo's summaries. Probably you will find some of my comments and ideas in them; I enjoy feedback of any type so feel free to comment :D

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The Power Of Self Acceptance

Generally we don’t allow to accept ourselves. People usually ignore self-acceptance since it’s the more feminine side of self-development. The real inner growth comes from self-acceptance, not by accomplishment.

We all have sins (we look at our life and personality and we want to change things or how we do stuff) but we try to hide them; if we do this you become disintegrated (you have conflicted forces). YOU NEED TO INTEGRATE THIS DIFFERENT FORCES IN ORDER TO BECOME A GROUNDED AND INTEGRAL HUMAN BEING.

Not everything is changing behaviors. Sometimes you need to look inside, open up and be vulnerable. Instead of hating your sins you want to love your sins to death.

Then the question arise: If I self-accept myself with all the shadows and weaknesses, why do I try to self-develop? You should do both at the same time! The act of accepting yourself is a technique too! You are developing yourself by accepting yourself. Only when you accept yourself fully you start to tap into authentic motivation (most motivation is negative motivation since you want to change yourself since you believe that you are wrong the way you are). THE BEST SELF DEVELOPMENT IS NOT WHEN YOU ARE MOVING AWAY FROM SOMETHING BUT MOVING TOWARDS A COMPELLING VISION THAT YOU GENIUENLY WANT. When you accept yourself fully you come from a place of wholeness, not from a place of lacking.

Visualization (Min 10)

You need to own every part of yourself! The very fabric of existence accept yourself exactly as you are because it is you. You exist, you are, and you are BEING! Existence is never wrong because it is. Existence doesn’t need you to be other way, EXISTENCE GIVES YOU UNCONDICIONAL LOVE.

Do this through this week. Remember that you need to give yourself more love and compassion instead of being neurotic about it. All your sins will fade away with the power of love. LOVE YOUR SINS TO DEATH.

Do it once a week!


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Why Rationality Is Wrong

We live in Stage Orange regarding the Spiral Dynamics. This stage worships science, technology and materialism but most of us don’t understand that there are many limitations to rationality and science.

Before, we were super religious and now we are super rationalist, but there is something beyond these two poles.

Rationalism thinks that the only thing that exists is the objective reality and we can understand it by measuring it with physical formulas and etc. We think that rationality is the tool that we are gonna use to understand the world around us.

Rationality is a small portion of reality. Rationality is a human future and it depends on you having a mind and a brain. Rationality is a tool of the human brain, but reality is arational. Existence itself is not rational, it is arational since it doesn’t have anything to do with logic and rationality.

How does rationality arise? Rationality has to emerge from existence, since without it you cannot have logic. Before logic there has to be awareness (existence). There is no logical reason for existence. The thing is that logic nowadays thinks that rule the world, but logic cannot explain how reality works. Logic is a human projection of how the world works; models are not reality, THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY. Rationality overweight mental models and labels that happen in the mind, without realizing the true nature of a thought. We are not getting to the truth of reality by logic and mathematical models.

Thinking and knowledge is language and it functions based on symbols. Symbols represent reality, they are not reality itself. We confuse reality with logic, labels and mental images. Most of your life’s problems are because you confuse the map with the territory. You create maps for how reality should work, from relationships, to money, politics, etc and you create suffering for yourself since you believe that reality should work this or that way when in fact the map is not the territory.

Rationalist don’t make the distinction between thoughts and awareness. Thoughts are not the only tool to understand reality; moreover, thoughts are not even the most important tool that you have. What happens when you are not thinking? AWARENESS! Thoughts and awareness are developed in different ways. MASTER AWARENESS. Awareness can be developed in dozens and dozens of magnitude more than what you already have. When you rise your awareness to a certain level you start being conscious of things that you have never imagined possible.

With enough awareness, you recognize what a thought really is.

Rationality is grounded on irrationality.

People value reason in their life but it they are not taking into account the arational part of life. 99% of your behaviors are not rational, they are arational and emotional. Rationality happens inside the mind and the mind itself is highly infected by your ego and psychological biases.

We need to move from Rationality to Post-Rationality. A person who is super rational will not be able to master their life since most of their problems are arational, not rational (relationships, money, emotions, fulfillment, etc).

You need to study epistemology, non-duality, psychology, philosophy of science and meditation.

We live in the matrix of rationality, we need to get out of this shit. The only way out is awareness. Thinking has to lose the weight that has in you. You cannot kill thinking with thinking!

Why is contradiction a problem? Think of this today! Contradictions are not wrong bro! Reality doesn’t have contradictions, they only exist in your mind.

Don’t confuse what is useful with what is true. The mind only concerns about what is convenient, not what is true. You NEED TO RISE YOUR AWARENESS, THE ESCAPE OF THE MATRIX IS ENLIGHTENMENT.

You transcend and include rationality.

What does this have to do with self-development? Most of your life is composed by arationality. If you behave dogmatically you will have a miserable life. If you want to transcend the ego you will gain tons of amounts of creativity, control over your emotion and real self-mastery you will need to transcend thoughts and rationality.


The next level of humanity is of emotions, intuition and relationships.

Modern science should be integrated with humanity, not to create stupid stuff and sell us shit.


My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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How To Unleash Your Ambition


“There is one weakness in people for which there is no remedy. It is the universal weakness of lack of ambition.”

If you are an ambitious person then is YOUR JOB, at whatever cost it takes, to realize that ambition. You have to play big. You need to learn how to bring to life your dreams and make them have traction. He bubbles of your dreams explode when they touch reality; you need to work, make it self-sustainable, make money, study competitors, etc. You don’t know how to start a business; you can have cool ideas but you need to implement them (it is the most difficult part).

How do you get something going? If you have a great vision, it will be very difficult for you to work for others; some ambitious people are born to be independent, not working for somebody else. You need to transform your ideas into reality. DON’T GET SUCKED INTO THE SYSTEM SINCE ONCE YOU DO THAT YOUR DREAMS BECOME SHIT. The system doesn’t fight for truth, or justice; the system fights for surviving.

YOU NEED TO GO ALL IN. YOU NEED TO CARVE YOUR PATH; IT IS DIFFICULT BUT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. YOU NEED TO EARN YOUR GREATNESS (IT WILL BE SCARY THOUGH). If you have a larger vision you have to be the leader! The person with the most ambition is the one who becomes a leader. YOU’VE GOT A GIFT TO SHARE TO THE WORLD AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SHARE THAT. He who has the greatest vision is the leader.

Stop waiting for permission and go do your shit. Honor your muse! You don’t need more time in the corporate system, you need to go for your own and release yourself from the red tape.

Take on the challenge of being a warrior, make the decision! If you have gifts inside of you (a higher ideal) and you don’t share that with the world you are robbing the whole world from that gift.

The highest leverage that you can take is to position yourself to share your gift; you need to figure out how you are going to do that. Every path is different since everyone has different talents and are in different positions in life. THE ONLY THING YOU SHOULD BE DOING IS THINKING HOW YOU CAN POSITION YOURSELF IN ORDER TP SHARE YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS. This should be your #1 priority in your life, you should be thinking about this shit every day, every time. Maybe for you it is:

-          Start a business

-          Move to another place

-          Etc.

This depends on what your gifts are and where you are.

When you move on in life you will discover bigger goals, bigger stepping stones, etc.

WHAT WILL BE THE PAYOFF IF YOU SHARE YOUR GREATEST GIFTS WITH THE WORLD 10/20 YEARS FROM NOW? You should be thinking about this possibility and vision for your future constantly.

What could I accomplish if I went all out? What if you became the vehicle of your vision? What type of person would you need to be? Which type of life would you be living?

The system is not yet designed to promote the higher virtues of life. If you want to tap into those higher virtues (the most beautiful thing you can do) you have to do it on your own.

You need to do the LP Course!

Higher Consciousness Values

-          Beauty

-          Order

-          Justice

-          Truth

-          Love

-          Creativity

-          Excellence

-          Uniqueness

-          Simplicity

-          Consciousness




My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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How To Get Shit Done

“If you don’t have discipline you don’t deserve to dream.”

People are really bad at making results and if you want to have a self-actualized life you need to be a result maker. You need to have the ability to make incredible results.

All your dreams mean shit if you don’t bring them to reality. This result making is a ability that you can train yourself to do. Society nowadays doesn’t pressure you to create results, it create a comfy life for you and you don’t feel that pain in the ass that makes you create actual results.

People are not good result makers since they, although they have big dreams, don’t connect their dreams with actual steps in reality. When your dreams touch reality, they will change since sometimes they don’t actually work in the real world (no one wants your product, there are not enough resources, the market doesn’t work that way, etc). This process is emotionally disturbing, we love to live in fantasy land but we never ground ourselves. A great results maker has a dream and connects it to reality in a strategic way.

You need to get your hands dirty to bring to life dreams; you need to be flexible enough to adapt to reality. Recognize which dogmas are impeding you to create the life you want! You adapt to reality, not the other way.

You need to bite the bullet and get humbled by reality; you need to start creating results.

Ask yourself which are the results you want; stop talking shit about it and do the actual work! Before results, you are a bullshiter. LESS TALKING AND LESS DOING! AND DON’T CONFUSE DOING WITH ACTUAL RESULTS, THEY ARE 2 DIFFEENT THINGS. IF YOU ARE NOT GENERATING RESULTS YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WORKING, YOU NEED TO PIVOT.

After you prove to yourself that you are a results maker you can chill out a little bit and meditate, but before then move your ass and generate results!

How to do this:

-          Value tangible results

-          Create shit! Are a creator in your life?

-          Think of your life like projects (specific tangible things). Create milestone projects!

-          Desire to impact people.

-          Talk is cheap: Stop talking and do it. Words are meaningless.

-          Work for excellence. You need to be creating the best you can be doing. Don’t create mediocre shit.

-          Take personal responsibility to make it happen. It is your job to create results.

-          Working the big picture: A result maker is efficient since he is working for a bigger purpose.

-          Work ethic: You need strong work ethic.

-          Sometimes you need brute force

-          Sacrifice comfort: Maybe stay up late or skip your next vacation. If your life is built around comfort you will have a very mediocre life.

-          Be willing to change yourself to create results

-          Throw yourself into demanding situations

-          Be around exceptional people

-          Start your own business

-          Think about your death

You should think about how to apply the concepts that Leo gives you. Make a project and start applying this shit.

My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker


Most people’s life suck due to lack of strategic thinking and, on the other hand, successful people are great strategic thinkers.

“Most people do not engage in a methodic process of investigation, assumptions, information gathering analysis, planning and finally action. Most people live by routines, facing the same problems every day.” Most people do not sit down and actually strategize deep and often enough.

What is strategic thinking? “Strategic thinking is setting goals and developing flexible plans to reach those goals based on careful analysis of external and internal environments.” “Thinking logically and deeply about the future it means that where you want to be 5 years from now, 5 months from now and 5 days from now should inform what you do today.” ”It is a way of looking at the world with a purpose in mind”. “It is way of dealing with the ever changing environment”. “It is a method or a plan to bring about a desire future, such as a goal or a solution”.

“In self-actualization we should be Studying the competition, his tendencies, his habits and his weaknesses. The funny thing is that you are your own competition is self-actualization; you are your own greatest enemy. There is a battle between your ego (lower self) and your spiritual side (higher self) and high actualization aspirations. Your ego is extremely deceptive. You should study yourself and how you sabotage yourself. 99% of your failures is because you are in the way. The majority of your life should be focused on strategizing about your self-actualization.

Common strategic blenders:

-          Getting married in your 20s

-          Pissing away your teens and your 20s playing videogames and doing stupid stuff.

-          Drinking and partying.

-          Not developing mastery in anything in life.

-          Eating junk food.

-          Not going to doctors.

-          Chasing money rather than passion.

-          Chasing achievement and status rather than inner growth.

-          Having kids too soon in life.

-          Sticking with a bad gf.

-          Not continuing your education after college.

-          Investing money in the wrong places.

-          Going into debt using credit cards.

-          Working for a boss in a giant company.

-          Working 80 hrs a week thinking that this will get you somewhere.

-          Being too cheap to hire a coach or therapist, books or programs.

-          Living in the wrong place.

-          Hanging out with the wrong people.

-          Chasing sex or love and devoting lots of time in that.

-          Neglecting meditation and enlightenment work.



Strategic mistakes: Not doing the right things at the right time.

-          Not being able to think micro and macro: You need to think big picture and then about actionable steps. You need the ability to think at both levels at the same time.

-          Not delaying gratification: Do not chase for pleasure and immediate gain.

-          Not aware of the things you shouldn’t do

-          Lack of intel: You need to do more research before you take action. You need to study how to start a business, meditation, enlightenment, relationships, love, mastery process, psychological development. What can you expect if you don’t study and do Intel?

-          Lack of self-knowledge and self-awareness: You have to know how you work.

-          Neurotic overcompensation

-          Chasing the small prize: Look for the biggest prize, look and fight for the biggest battle; study. Most people go for the thing that lands on their lap without really questioning if it is even necessary. WORK FOR BIG THINGS.

-          Generally oblivious about culture society and business traps: Generally speaking, organizations don’t want to help you; their aim is to serve themselves. This is the level of consciousness that society is in right now.

-          Don’t invest time strategizing: You should strategize more about your life. The thing is that you actually don’t need to strategize since society can cover you up.

-          Not fixing problems at their root: Most people try to fix problems on the surface; you need to go deeper.

-          Not spending enough time gathering strategic resources: You need to prepare your resources and define what you will need to create the life you really want. What resources you will need

o   Money

o   Where will you live

o   Study?

7 Pillars of strategic thinking

1-      Strategic intent: “A compelling vision of the future that motivates action, this is what elevates a technique into a strategy.” Is the ultimate thing that you are going for? This ultimate outcome is what informs all the small actions you will take; if you this you will not be wasting your time fighting meaningless battles. Be specific. WHAT DO YOU WANT? After you do this, backwards engineer and create the actual steps that will get you there. You need a big picture, a compelling vision. You need to see 30 years down the road and everything that you do tomorrow should be methodically aligned with your ultimate vision. You will accomplish amazing things if you do this. If your action is not moving you closer to your ultimate goal leave it behind.


2-      Strategic analysis and gathering of intelligence: Is the analysis of the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses that present in the environment. How are you using your resources like money, focus, time, etc? You need to add competitor responses (in self-actualization you are the competitor. Anticipate the responses of the ego when you try to grow. Anticipate how it is going to revel, resist and trap you.) You need to be aware of how the ego reacts.



3-      Strategic preparation: The building up of strategic reserves. You must prepare and gather the necessary resources. YOU NEED TO PREPARE. You need training, hard work, planning and the preparation of your unique capabilities. Everyone has unique strengths, you should work on them (your zone of genius); develop them in yourself. “Since you can’t predict what will happen, you need to develop yourself internally to handle the external circumstances.”


4-      Concentration of force: “Is the key to all strategy, it is all about focusing all your force in one specific point.” It is your ONE Thing. Look for weaknesses and focus your force in that point.

5-      Disciplined execution and detailed tactical follow through: After you have done all the steps above, you need great execution (4Dx). It takes years to become a great executor.


6-      Adaptability: Strategy is not about creating a plan and sticking with it forever, that is stupid. Proper strategy is all about being flexible and adaptable since the environment is always changing. High quality planning need to be revised often (every week) and adapt to the environment. Business plans always change and, in fact, plan A never works.

7-      Study of general principles: “Regardless of how chaotic the situation is, there are principles that are not changing”. You need to study the principles of business, life, relationships, etc. Actualized.org studies the principles of life itself.

Your life will become satisfying only if you strategize enough. Every move your make should be planned to create the life you really want. You need to be very clear about what do you want, your goals, the actions you are taking and where do they lead you and how it fit into the bigger picture for you.





My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


We are really addicted to care about status and what is “normal”. It is a biological drive in your mind and it is very challenging to change this.

Why do we compare?

-          Because it gives you a sense of value and worth, it gives you a meaning and purpose. “How are you doing relative to your friends?” People think that because they are doing something better their value increases, they think that they are better than others. They only way we can get a sense of our value is by our peers and be in the social matrix.

-          We also compared our self so nobody calls you weird.

-           Some people do it for motivation and challenge (this is not a positive motivation though).

-          Envy and deep feeling of lack.

-          Narcissistic desire to be the best. Thirst of power.

-          Feeling of security

If you want a fulfilling life you should give up comparing with others. Most comparing is actually neurotic and will rob you of joy and fulfillment. Most comparing comes from:

-          Low self-stem

-          Not owning your own life and uniqueness

-          Conformity

-          Lie of lack (you feel that you lack something)

-          Scarcity mentality (there are not enough resources for everyone)

This can be outgrown!!! There are 7 keys:

1-      Self-worth does not exist: The truth is that no amount of accomplishment never gives you worth in life. Question what is actually worth and you will realize that it is just a label. THINGS DON’T HAVE WORTH. Worth is something that we create. The attempt to acquire self-worth is a losing battle since no matter how many things you accomplish you won’t feel better. YOU ARE NOT BETTER FOR ACCOMPLISHING MORE SINCE VALUE IS A STORY WE CREATE. YOU DON’T NEED EXTERNALS TO BE HAPPY, EVEN THOUGH SOCIETY TELLS YOU THAT. This will free you up to live a free life since as long as you believe that you really need stuff you will be on a never ending search for happiness. Don’t be a slave to value. No human being is better than every other human being. DETACH FROM VALUE AND START GIVING A SHIT. Everyone is the same.


2-      Human beings are too complex to compare: You are not comparing cars. Human beings are super complex since each one of us have different family, genetics, resources, histories and influences. You cannot compare because they are not the same, the mind cherry-pick stuff and it is totally unfair comparison. There is no reason why should you be as successful as others, there are different factors that contributes to it.


3-      Competition is stupid: It is a losing game since there is always someone better than you at whatever you are doing. Even if you become number one, it is not actually fulfilling; it’s exciting for a couple of days but that’s it. If you become #1 you will live in fear since you are afraid that someone is going to surpass you. Competition is stupid, FOCUS ON BEING A CREATOR! Focus on what you have to do, your own values. The mature adult is a creator.


4-      Yes, I have handicaps:  Every human being is good at something and bad at something else. You cannot be perfect. We don’t accept these weaknesses, we want to be perfect but this is obviously impossible. Reframe your weaknesses and transform them into strengths; think like this: your life is short, so you need to be great at everything, focus on your strengths and accept your weaknesses (this will take you years). You have to love yourself over and over again in regards of your handicaps.


5-      Being normal is overrated: The human herd is stupid. The average person is mediocre and does not behave wisely; they don’t have a fulfilling life. THE MOST FULFILLING THING IS TO BE YOURSELF. Don’t try to fit in. Your uniqueness is what you should strive, put your eccentricities on the line and express it fully. SHINE TRHOUGH YOUR ECCENTRICITIES. Nobody likes a vanilla man, BE FUCKING DIFFERENT AND ACT AS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF (YOU WILL NEED TIME).


a.       Fake uniqueness vs authentic uniqueness: Authentic uniqueness is recognizing who you really are on the inside, your strengths, your weaknesses, your values, your eccentricities, your passions, what you hate; you learn all of these and then your express yourself authentically. You are no longer acting or playing to be someone else, you are fully relaxed and being yourself. THE WAY YOU BECOME UNIQUE, PARADOXICALLY, IS BEING YOURSELF SINCE NOBODY IS DOING THAT.


6-      I’m too busy loving myself to compare with others:  Fully love yourself and fall in love with you and with your life. Take ownership of your life. The herd is always looking around, you need to focus totally inward and create a wonderful life. You have to work on your health, finance, career, relationships. YOU LOVE THE GROWTH YOU ARE HAVING AND YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE COMPARING. You have to be self-actualizing all the time, don’t focus on the outside.


7-      “I love to see people succeed”: You need to believe that resources are infinite. Don’t be envious, when you see people being successful you have to think that you can have it too. YOU NEED A VISION FOR YOUR LIFE. If one person can have it you can have it, “add it to your life”. Create a unique vision for your life, custom your life as you want to. You have to be really happy that people are accomplishing things since it signifies that you can get it too.


Divorce the quality from the person. Recognize that you can acquire everything with hard work and discipline, you can develop everything that you want if you are intelligent. You can develop any type of skills. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOUR LIFE.


There are not limited positions in life. Question scarcity constantly and destroy those limited beliefs. If you are a creator you can create value from nothing, ENERGY IS INFINITE! We live in an economy of ideas and knowledge and there are an infinite numbers of ideas. There are always more and more ideas to be created. Scarcity is a limiting belief.


Some areas in which people compare and solutions:

·         Physical appearance: You have to accept whatever your physical appearance is.

·         Performance: You can perform as others if you decide to put the necessary work. Decide if you want that level of performance. If it is just put the necessary work.

·         Financial and material possession: if you see someone that has the material possession that you want, just decide your vision and work towards it. There is no reason why you can’t have anything. Do you really want it?

·         Position in life and status: The same as above, go pursue it.

·         Business rankings: It is a dead end, this doesn’t produce any meaningful work. Focus on your business and what can you create.

·         Abilities: You can develop them if you want to.

The only reason to compare yourself is to expand your imagination of what is possible. You can be inspired by watching other people’s life; take from the ideas and create your ow

My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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Fake Growth vs Real Growth


It is very easy to deceive yourself in personal development and think that you are improving when in reality you are not fixing the deepest issues.

The first years of personal development you think that you need a solution and you picture how the solution is gonna look like; this is not a realistic scenario. Most of your motivations in your first years of self-help are external (you are looking for external solutions). In reality, when you experience real growth is that an issue becomes a non-issue (you transcend it). Solutions are internal, not external; you stop caring about your different problems and you let go. THE KEY IS EMOTIONAL RELEASE.

How do you tell the difference? You get a permanent release of the issue; you don’t overcompensate for the issue, you stop obsession about the issue. You don’t need defensiveness anymore. You let go of the need itself. True growth does not need willpower. You need to look at your emotional responses to different scenarios.

Ask yourself

-          if you are less reactive

-          if you are giving less of a fuck

-          if you are less needy in some specific area

-          Are you calmer in …

-          Do you don’t think obsessively in some specific area of your life?

Fake growth mascaraed as real growth. Fake growth is success and achievement. Stop looking for external fixes, they don’t focus on the deep issue. Getting more money, more girlfriends or more cars do not solve the real issue; the real issue is inside and that is where the real work has to happen.


§  If you are insecure about women but you find a girlfriend, it is a mascaraed for your insecurities. No real growth has happened, it was all only an achievement.

§  A guy who is insecure about money but all of a sudden he becomes rich. This doesn’t fix the root issue about money.

§  A boy who is a loser but then learns how to pick up girls. Now he is a great PUA. On the surface it seems that he done it but in the inside he still thinks he is uncool; that is the real thing that has to be fixed.

§  A person who is depressed but has child as a distraction. She didn’t look inside to discover what is happening is her mind.

Your problems need to unwire from your mind, THIS IS REAL GROWTH. Achievements are not real growth. ASK WHY ALWAYS, THAT WILL REVEAL YOUR DEEP PROBLEM.

Put your mind on your life and see in which areas of your life you are masking the real work with fake success and achievement. Are you confusing success and achievement with growth? GROWTH IS INTERNAL, SUCCESS IS EXTERNAL. Real growth is much harder than success. Real growth is about releasing your needs internally.

You need to do the real work and don’t get distracted by the shiny objects. You will someday realize that you haven’t changed, you only changed the external circumstances. You will need to change. It is super difficult to change the self since the self doesn’t want to change.

YOU CANNOT GET REAL GROWTH WITHOUT CHANGING YOURSELF. If you do this real work you will reach a point that you see yourself in the mirror and you are not going to be able to recognize yourself anymore since you changed a lot. The way you presently are is reinforcing all the stuff you don’t like about reality. If you want real change you will need to change yourself. All the crap of your life is caused by who you are, not the external surroundings.

The hard thing is that when you start doing real work there is no one that will praise you. People don’t you to change.

What kind of vision do you need to have to change yourself entirely? What do you really care about? What is your vision? It can be tied to your Life Purpose, to help people in the world, etc.

Take care and don’t buy fake growth.

My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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The Enlightened Self


What are you existentially? You think you are the body and the mind but that is not a correct answer. You are not a human being, you are just a story. The ”You” that you believe you are is just a story.

The no self tells you that the self you believe you are is an illusion. When Leo says that there is No Self he doesn’t mean that you don’t exist, what he really mean is that the ego you believe you are is an illusion but there is still a Self but is RADICALLY DIFFERENT. The Self cannot be explained rationally.

You exist as Nothingness. Nothingness exist and it’s the only permanent thing that exist and doesn’t change.

Tip for Self-Inquiry: When doing it, don’t hang up on the idea that the self doesn’t exist. Drop the notion that you don’t exist and start looking for your True Self. Think like you actually exist but in a way you don’t yet know. If you are not the human body or mind, what are you?

True Self: Pure transparent empty awareness/consciousness/presence/spirit.

 You are not an object, you are empty space that allows stuff to emerge and appear. You are the container of space and time.

Features of Awareness:

·         I am pure presence, rock solid presence.

·         It is just there

·         You can shake it

·         All the attention go to the stuff that are happening within it

·         It shines light on everything else. It appears to be hidden but it is everywhere.

·         It is like the light. It is very difficult to get light get brightened by itself. How can awareness be aware of itself?

·         No shape

·         No location

·         No time

·         Eternal

·         Infinite (it’s everything)

The paradox is that you are Nothing and Everything at the same time. Everything happens in Nothingness. You cannot think the way through this since the mind works with things, and you are Nothing. You cannot create a mental preview of Enlightenment.

The paradoxical things is that this is not hidden. It is not located anywhere.

You must do self inquiry. Tips

-          Don’t try to feel or think yourself

-          Don’t try to locate yourself

-          Don’t try to experience yourself

-          Think that you are not a human being

-          You are not an object, you are in a completely different domain

-          Nothing is hidden, everything is at plane sight. You are enlightened, but you are not aware of it


My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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Thanks a lot, this is very helpfull to me. I watched all this videos but this quick refresch is really nice in my opinion. Thumbs up :-) I am sure you will aso benefit from doing this.

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I really love that you posted these, I'm doing the same thing, but not limited to Leo's stuff, it's included with other information and other principles from multiple perspectives. 

Memento Mori

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The Most Important Commitment you can make


You need to have a commitment to self-mastery for life. To really get amazing results in personal development you will need years. Is it worth it? Absolutely, it is the most worthwhile thing to do in your life.

Wisdom is all about thinking long term. Determine which things will create mastery in your life and focus on that only. Leo can tell you what it may be wise or may not. LEARN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, LIVE IT; this takes years. There is nothing more important than learning personal development, everything is secondary. A great leader has a vision that nobody can see; only he can you need to be the leader of your life, use Leo as a resource BUT THEN MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS. TAKE THE INICIATIVE AND DO THE FUCKING WORK.

Living life is all inclusive: your health, your fitness, meditation, education, success, money. All of these are facets that compose life. You need to grab life by the horns.

You need to realize the consequences that self-mastery can create in your life in the long term. Start visualizing the possibilities.

Commit to a lifelong study and a commitment of self-mastery.



My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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30 Ways Society Fuck you in The ass


How society distracts you from living an authentic life. It’s very important to understand what society really is. The stage we are in as society in the Graves Model is Orange; it means that business shapes everything. People architect systems to trap the lower self. You have to be a higher consciousness entrepreneur.

There is all out war for eyeballs (attention). There are some few traits that attracts your lower self:

-          Salt

-          Sugar

-          Fat

-          Sex

-          Power and status

-          Fun and entertainment

-          Validation

-          Security

-          Love (needy love)

-          Gossip

These mechanisms function unconsciously and if marketers hit you up with some product or service that trigger some of these you will try to buy it. You have to be a businessman that targets the higher self.

Examples in which businesses and society exploit your lower self:

1.       Food: The entire food industry is all geared to ruin you health.

2.       Alcohol and Drugs

3.       The pharmaceutical industry

4.       College and education industry

5.       Celebrities: Gossip about them

6.       Books: Junk books

7.       Videogames

8.       TV Shows

9.       News industry

10.   Social media

11.   Popular culture

12.   Socialize with friends

13.   Status games

14.   Porn

15.   Shopping and fashion

16.   Tech bubble trend and widgets

17.   Financial market (credits)

18.   Nightclubs

19.   Cars

20.   Holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving)

21.   Politics

22.   Religion

23.   Marriage: It makes you think that you can escape personal growth.

24.   Romance

25.   Family

26.   Typical 9 to 5 career

27.   Stock market

28.   Sports

These things make your life very convenient and easy.

Society is an amusement park for the ego to distract you from looking inward. They are distracting you from truth and the shortness of your own death. You are not living a real life since you are constantly distracting. Societies aims are:

-          Power

-          Success

-          Achievement

-          Efficiency

-          Status quo

Your aim has to be finding your authentic self. Truth is about being, not about doing. To discover your truth you have to be silent. Your true aim in life is to find your true self.

Good news: It’s fully in your power to avoid these traps. You have to design a healthy conscious lifestyle where your life is about finding the core of who you are. If you try to live a conscious life you will be labeled as weird.

There is a balance side to this, some businesses are really helping us and we are living in a good time.

What do you do?

-          Relax, wake up a little bit. Acknowledge that you have been sucking societies tits.

-          Stop the lies and distractions.

-          Over the next 6 months:

o   Take one week off and be alone without anything.

o   Sit there for a whole week and contemplate life.

o   Meditate and detox



I'm noticing that a lot of folks are resonating with the message in this video, but also are left puzzled as to what it all means and what to do about it.


Are you confused?


Good! That's part of the path. You should be confused. This is deep stuff. This is what drives philosophers to sit and think for hours and hours on end. This is why I told you to take a week off to just sit and think. You can't expect to understand all the ramifications of such a shift in worldview in 10 minutes. You've probably never sat down and seriously contemplated life before. Welcome to the self-actualized way of life -- where things are uncertain and there are no ready-made solutions.


Here are some tips for how to interpret this video:


1) Allow the confusion. Allow the uncertainty. Be open to new possibilities. Don't need answers so fast.


2) Don't fall into the trap of black & white thinking. I didn't tell you to divorce the love of your life, abandon your kids, or stop watching Game of Throne. I merely made you more aware of how you do these things largely mechanically and unconsciously. I did NOT say that this stuff is evil or bad or must never be done again. No action or behavior, by itself, is necessarily bad or unhealthy. It's how the behavior fits into the bigger picture of your life that's of most importance. Are you using this behavior to distract yourself from finding yourself or seeking out truth? Yes? Then just notice that. Don't overreact.


3) It is not practical to think that you can just ditch the entire matrix of your life in one go. Nor is that usually necessary. What you can do is make a commit to clean up your life. This would be a long-term, gradual project. You might start by watching less TV or quitting weed, and continue along this routine year after year, slowly pruning the most low-consciousness habits from your life. And also adding healthy ones like meditation or more green veggies. This is basically the process of personal growth. It happens over the course of years and decades.


4) The most important action step I'd like you to take is simply to be mindful of your chimp behaviors as they happen. You can notice how you shop for useless things, or eat junky food, or binge-watch Netflix. Also notice the chimpery all around you. Notice the advertisements on Youtube, the kind of stuff you're being marketed, the way your friends gossip to one another, etc. Awareness alone is helpful.


5) Don't start blaming society or the CEOs or politicians. They are chimps, just like you. Notice that blaming is part of the chimp game.


6) If this video stirred you from your sleep, and you know deep down in your heart that some choice right now that you've been pondering is right and healthy for you, then go ahead and take action on it.


7) Watch some of my Spiritual Enlightenment videos if you haven't already. This is the most direct way of finding your true self:


I never said I want to drive fast cars. That has never held appeal for me. You’re miss-remembering that one.

My views on sex and orgasms is quite “spiritual”. I don’t treat sex as a low consciousness activity as much as most people do. I also have it quite rarely so it’s never caused me any distraction from my higher aims in life. In fact sex fuels me up to be more creative and alive.

My views on money are also different than how most people think about money. I never cared much about money in the sense that I get to live a cushy lifestyle. I live economically. Money to be is important only insofar as I use it as a resource that enables me to fulfill my creative aims, self-actualize, and impact other people without having to sell out.

So the point with all this is: it’s not the activity which is bad. It’s how you use it and what your motives are behind it.

That said, yes, I have matured even more since shooting that video. The priorities of money and sex have dropped lower than they already were, and I expect that trend to continue.


Enlightenment is not philosophy. You MUST sit down and do the self-inquiry work. Everything else is a distraction if you want to get enlightened.

As far as life purpose vs enlightenment. It will be very difficult to do both seriously at the same time. Choose one or the other to focus on.

You can also do enlightenment work gradually while you’re focused on your career. Just spend about 1 hour per day on enlightenment, 10 hours per day on your career.

But if you’re going after enlightenment hardcore, like 4+ hours per day. You won’t have time to develop a new career. You mind will be melted from the work.



My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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Understanding Awareness

You have no idea how important awareness is. AWARENESS IS THE KEY TO A FULFILLING LIFE. All lasting growth involves increasing awareness (emotional growth, economical, etc).

The Catch 22: When you lack awareness, you are not aware that you are not aware; this is a huge blind spot.

Awareness cannot be taught.

You are in a sleep state, you are not fully awake.

Man’s possible evolution

Man assume that he know himself but man doesn’t realize that he is a machine. Man assume that he has control and will over his life but in fact he does not. He is not willing to admit it to himself but the fact that he is not willing to admit it doesn’t let him fix it. You need to admit that you lack awareness, control and will fir you to go change and do the hard work.

You really need to appreciate how sleep you are in order to put the hard work to raise awareness. Furthermore, you need to understand that there is a lot of awareness that you can obtain. You cannot imagine how many stages of consciousness there are.

Psychology: is a study of man’s possible evolution (how high can he develop his awareness).Is the study of lying.  Is the study of your machine nature.

It is very difficult to tell to a man that he lacks self-awareness. Before you watched the video you were not self-conscious.

The only means of study is self-observation, no one can do it for you. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE HARD WORK.

 There are four main features of your mechanicalness:

-          Lying

-          Imagination

-          Talking

-          Negative emotions

-          Distractions (everything is a distraction from developing awareness)

-          Criticism and Judgment

These are the ways you are mechanic. These are the ways you distract yourself from looking inwards.


-          “Why can all men develop and become different beings? Because they do not want it and because they are not prepared. In order to become a different being man has to work for it many hours. The evolution of man depends on his understanding of what he may get. Man must acquire qualities that he thinks he possess it but he don’t.” People think they have already figured out so they don’t do the work.


-          “Man does not himself. He doesn’t know how he works, he didn’t study himself. He think that he is not a machine. He has no independent movement, he works by external influence.” The ego is an illusion in yourself and he thinks that he is in control. You are completely at the effect of life; life runs you. His is why you struggle for control so much. You have no control in your life.


-          “Man cannot move by his own accord, he is a marionette. If he accept this, he can learn a lot about himself and possibly maybe he can change his mechanicalness; before he does this he has to realize that he is a machine.” You need to figure out how you work and construct your own manual. Study yourself, how you as a machine work. You don’t have the control you believe you have.


-          “Before man acquire new abilities he has to develop things that he doesn’t have but he thinks he has. He doesn’t have:

o   The capacity to do

o   Individuality

o   Unity

o   Consciousness and will

As long as he believes he possess this trait he will not work for it.”

You don’t have these things, you have to work for them.


-          “Consciousness can be developed and he can become conscious of himself. After this is understood, he can start developing himself. ONE MUST STUDY ONESELF.” You need to start studying the obstacles of raising consciousness. The more you study that the more you can develop yourself. You need to do some looking and self-inquiry.


-          “All the problems that people have are because they live in a sleep state but they don’t know they are asleep. Man does not possess self-consciousness but he thinks he does.” You are totally asleep right now. What could be outside your dream state? You are asleep compared to your possible level of consciousness and awareness. If life is cool for you now, this means that it can be WAYYYY cooler.  You need intuition to see that there is more than you know, although it will take you years of work.


-          “In reality developing consciousness requires long hard work. How can a man decide to go do the work if he thinks he already possesses this very thing? Naturally man will not do the work.” YOU NEED TO REACH THIS TIPPING POINT. Your sleepiness is a natural force, it’s pretty hard to work against it.


-          “We cannot know the truth but we can pretend we know it. In reality man does not know anything.” Lies come from lack of awareness.


-          “To know oneself is very important. You need to know your structures as a machine and this study is called SELF OBSERVATION”. Which are all the specific ways you go unconscious, lie and get lost in fantasies and imagination?


-          “Such observations will soon get results. Some things will annoy him since he is really subjective”. You have biases inside yourself, self-observation is really tricky. No one can observe you for you. You need to do self-observation objectively.


Awareness is like trying to hold sand with your hands. ALL YOU HAVE TO GET IS THAT YOU ARE ASLEEP. It will take you 5 to 10 years to understand what is going on here and what Leo talked about in this video. If you understa

My YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2PSLrNb


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On 6 avril 2016 at 9:44 PM, Truth said:

I really love that you posted these, I'm doing the same thing, but not limited to Leo's stuff, it's included with other information and other principles from multiple perspectives. 

Sharing is caring man! If you have great advices, summaries like those, please share!:)

Who Am I to judge? When I think I know, I don't know that I don't know.

"Things don't change when they are understood. Understanding reinforces the intellect (the ego). The seeker has to make room to the meditative state."

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@jcgiusto  Timeless advices, thank you so much for sharing your work! Spot on! It is really helpful for me! When I'm at work and get a break 5 min, I'll read these on my phone, this gives me actualize.org also when not able to be online and in moments I can't listen to mp3's. Good Job my friend!



Who Am I to judge? When I think I know, I don't know that I don't know.

"Things don't change when they are understood. Understanding reinforces the intellect (the ego). The seeker has to make room to the meditative state."

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@jcgiusto Thanks for sharing these.

I also have some video summaries to share, so I just post them in this thread, instead of creating a new one. Feel free to use these in whatever way you like. These summaries may contain spelling errors, some have german side notes and translations (my mother tongue) and some of them have some of my personal notes and thoughts in them. Some of them have a style that is more transcript- than summary-like. I used Evernote to take notes and do the summaries, so i just share the public links to the notes.

I will share more summaries in this thread, as I create them.

3 Step Formula To Be Ruthlessly Effective At Anything:

Meditation Techniques: Do Nothing - The Simplest Meditation Possible:

Benefits of enlightenment:

Overcoming Addiction - The Root Cause Of Every Addiction:

40 Signs That You Are Neurotic - Understanding Neurosis:

How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker - The 7 pillars of strategic thinking:

Edited by TimStr

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How to exploit people to grow

So what's going to happen in personal development is that you are going to become more conscious and follow principles to help you grow. You and going to reach a stage where you see clearly how people are neurotic, hypocritical, bad, lose their temper, have panic attacks etc. You begin to see people sleeping through life. You will tell them why they are going wrong and they will get angry at you. This will trigger an emotional response where you think you are better then them. 

What you need to do when you you reached this stage is actually ask yourself "where am I behaving/ doing x in my life". Eg see someone get angry, ask "where/how am I getting angry in my life?" or see someone unconscious ask "where in my life do I become unconscious?".

This is so valuable. The problem is you got all these people being unconscious and doing stupid shit. But if you think you are better then them you are going to go point fingers, judge them and act superior. This will disturb you as you point out their flaws, and try to instruct people from your wise position. The wise you is going to see this something is wrong with this approach. What that is, is that you aren't registering those same flaws. The fact is no matter how developed you are there are still always going to be ways where you are behaving in the exact same ways, is being unconscious, pessimistic, monkey mind, angry, negative, breaking good principles.  You are doing this every day, but you are very good of becoming hyper aware of faults in other people but not your own. 

The next level for you is too come to accept that this is the world we live in, be at one with it. 
Then you can use all these situations to your benefit, you use these people at reminders of what you should not be doing. When you do this is you become thankful. When you see someone get angry in traffic this reminds you not to forgot your meditation. 
"How can you use that person as a mirror in my own behaviour" 
Eg guy is being cynical at work "ask how is that related to me? I am not cynical at work but am with my parents"
This speaks incredible self-discipline because goes against the mechanism of your brain. Makes you wise as you take negatives and take it into positives. 


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Has anyone got a summery for how you lie?

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