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  1. I think express entry is harder unless you have some full prove work experience. I want to go there as a student first, learn and observe the society then find a suitable work and settle there.
  2. Hello Everyone. At first, i want to share my backstory. I live in Bangladesh and i am 25 now. My family is doing financially well in my country. But the thing is, i find it difficult to cope in my country due to social reasons. I find my ideas and level of consciousness is way too much ahead relative to my country's collective social consciousness. That is why i want to move to Canada permanently. I want to go there as a student. I am planning on doing a masters in Political Science. Problem is after completing the post graduation i have to be in a job for one year in order to get permanent residency. I don't know whether i would be able to find a fine job with my educational background in political science. I mean those who has background in Engineering, Math or science related subject will find it easier to find a suitable job. But will i be able to do the same with background in political science? I was previously planning to take academic route by pursuing Phd as well. But i am sceptical whether it would help me or not because funding will barely keep me there, let alone thriving financially. Moreover, i don't know whether i would be able to find a suitable job even with a Phd there. Any suggestions will be appreciated, specially those who are from Canada. Thank You.
  3. @Serotoninluv it already sounds very barbaric to me.
  4. So the Krystal and Saagar show is basically formatted on a left wing populist and a right wing populist bashing "establishment" and "corporate elites" and doing other stuffs as well which is not important in this post. So Krystal is the left wing populist who always support progressive politician/candidates over moderate democrats and republicans. So my question is, are all progressives populists or they have scattered into various factions? It seems to me that they all are populists or otherwise, a populist like Krystal Ball wouldn't support them.
  5. @Serotoninluv i didn't understand . Can you please elaborate?
  6. @Mu_ i used to resonate more with Leo in the past. I am just trying to figuring out what happened recently. Thanks for your advice
  7. @Dazgwny dude, it's not an issue of black and white and good and evil. It's more than that. Maybe my current state of mind making Leo sound too logical and talking from thinking. I am not sure so this post is definitely not a critique of him. It's just i am sceptical about myself and trying to inquire. That's all. And yeah, when you are non native speaker, you tend to pick up word like "nuance" and other words as well by listening to others. This is called learning a language through listening. Lastly, i agree with you that it is best for you to zip it up and listen more. It will make you grow. Respect for your view from my part as well.
  8. @Elisabeth lately i have been busy making practical life choices and chasing my career goals such as going abroad for further study and many other things. In these time, i am focusing more on practical issues and less on spiritual ones. In fact, i have been in my heads mostly in last 5-6 months or so. So in these time, listening to Leo's content becoming tough and not enjoyable for me.
  9. @Pookie i am an INFP/INFJ and enneagram type 4. I think that quite closely resonates with Leo.
  10. @Dazgwny you are missing the point I am not criticizing Leo. Crying takes courage but this post is not about it. If i can't resonate with something that doesn't automatically mean that thing is wrong or bad. You are lacking the nuance that i am talking about.
  11. I am not questioning Leo's credibility, i am just asking about his communication style, that's all.
  12. It is not a post intended to be funny. I have been hearing from Leo's video for last four years. Recently i find it hard to listen to him as i found his way of talking too much thought centric, logical and sometimes heartless. I usually don't find enough empathy,compassion and emotion in his video. Yeah, what he talks about seems right when i think about it, but it just doesn't "feel" right. This was not the case even 6 months ago for me. Then i had enjoyed listening to him. But now a days i don't fully resonate with his teaching style. Is it the case only for me or do others face the same problem too? I want to hear Leo's opinion as well.
  13. @Nahm Then you "are"?
  14. @Nahm wow! How do you know?