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  1. @Leo Gura if i realize absolute love, and embody it, will it improve my ability of lowercase love? Or these are two separate thing?
  2. @Leo Gura you have always talked about truth with the small t and Truth with the capital T, then i guess there must be love with the small l and Love with the capital L. Can you describe the difference between love and Love? I know one is relative but another is absolute. But what are the features of these? How can one recognise love and Love?
  3. @Leo Gura psychedelics are not available in my country Will other practice help?
  4. At first, i would like to thank you. It was an wonderful video and it hit me like a thunder. It was amazing. Specially the 1+1=3 example. However, i have some question. 1.I still don't understand how i imagined how i was born and how i am imagining i am going to die. What caused me to imagine it actually? 2. Is ego part of relative truth? If i transcend ego, will still there be relative truth? 3. "No "I" was born, no "I" is gonna die. Because "I"is ego. "I"does not exist. Yet it exists as absolute truth. Hense it was born and it is gonna die." - what do you think about this statement? 4. What is mind? Is our mind also part of absolute truth? And how we imagined "mind"?
  5. @Natasha can yiu give a link of john gray's yt channel?
  6. It is documentary on male and female sexual expressions and how they are pressured around sex culturally. it is classic stage orange work related to toxic masculinity, body shaming, peer pressure, bulling around sex. I think people can learn a lot from it.
  7. @Leo Gura do you think forum can become such conformist group if things go out of the hand? And why people conform to such idea's like 'the family'? Because of their own self bias & unconsciousness?
  8. @Leo Gura & all, i think self bias is the hardest thing to see. Really, to me, i am an angel, sometimes i try to ask myself, where am i deluding myself, where am i being evil, but no concrete answers come and everything seems hollow. But when i ask about others, tons of answer comes about other's self bias, evilness and on and on. It's really very difficult to self-reflect honestly. And see, how "the family" took it to a grand level and made it look like a big empire. These shows how one as an individual and collective can take their unconscious and self bias to this gigantic level.
  9. @Leo Gura thank you But one question arised in my mind. Those who are the "Godfathers" of this organisations and their minions (i mean influential member of the organization), do they understand how much evil they are doing to the world or just they are unconscious to that fact? Another way to say is that are they that much naive or that much deliberate conscious devil?
  10. @Leo Gura i have seen four episodes, absolutely STUNNED how they corrupt everything! And they are very very organised and manipulative.
  11. This is a documentary which unveils a Christian Group Called "The Family", an organization that works under the shadow and influencing US politics and global politics to fulfil their agenda For Nearly 70 years. This is an amazing 5 part documentary series which illuminates Stage Blue- Orange wrongdoings and how they are corrupting The US and Global Political syestem.
  12. Leo, in his videos, talked about paranormal abilities and possibilities of the existance of supernatural entities, who can be seen by high conscious or by a person with special abilities. I grow up in an islamic environment, and we used to hear a lot of stories about "jin", a special entity made of fire, are invisible but some of them can take appearance of animal/man. Quran also acknowledges it and there are mention of this entity in various verses. In my culture, i have heard many people talking about their experience, claiming how they faced jins and stories of persons who were possessed by jins. I used to find most of these stories fascinating but after entering into adulthood, i found most of them to be rumors and bullshit. Still i can not ignore the thing that it's been part of our culture and folklore and many people are claiming to see/feel jins for centuries. So @Leo Gura, what do you think about it? Do you think jin can be same as those supernatural entities you talked about in the past or they are just bullshit and rumors?
  13. @Leo Gura comparing to you i am just a bum who lives in the street
  14. I agree with you. Violence was always part of the equation when society gets transitioned from one position to another position. It happened in the past and it will be happening in the future. Question : What is the price of Progress? Answer : Blood