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  1. Does anyone use/used sex toy for men like fleshlight? How does it feel to use them?
  2. Is trauma caused by fear? Does fear influences our personality? How to eliminate long term fear?
  3. What is the relation between Fear and Trauma? Will Trauma & other emotional Problems like Depression and Anxiety stop occuring if we remove Fear?
  4. Seems like the right wing of Israel suffered a terrible loss.
  5. You guy's might wanna look into it Seems like @Leo Gura is predicting right.
  6. Is it worthwhile to read it?
  7. I have recently bumped into this video Does these technique work? Does anyone have any experience on this? I am very interested in learning tantra. Any advise on this is welcomed
  8. @bmcnicho did she have previous relationships? If yes, how much time ago did she break up with her last bf?
  9. @Serotoninluv i can understand your point. I though have a slight different viewpoint in this topic. What i have learned from reading international news media such as BBC, there is a high chance of trump getting re-elected. His supporters are somehow seems aggressive and strongly supports trump. On the other hand, democrats seems to be divided. On one hand, centered democrat like Biden and on the other hand, progressive like Bernie and Warren. But the thing is although i think it will be great if progressives win but America seems not ready yet for that. Biden is currently leading the polls among democrats and by that i assume most democrat supporters are centrists like Biden. So he has more chance to win the primary. And if he wins, i think then trump will definately get re-elected. Because i don't see Biden any near charismatic and appealing like Trump. Even if any progressive win the primary, i highly doubt they will get the electoral college that needed to win the presidency. America is just not ready for the progressive and they wont elect someone who hold those ideology. Maybe another four years from trump and the suffering that he will create for Americans would force them to think outside of the box and bid for progressivism.
  10. @Serotoninluv @Leo Gura i believe both of you live in the US. So what do you think about 2020 election? What is the possibility trump getting reelected? Does the people of America realize now what an evil person Trump is?
  11. thanks a lot guys
  12. Title is self explainatory. Please help me and contribute
  13. @Leo Gura if i realize absolute love, and embody it, will it improve my ability of lowercase love? Or these are two separate thing?
  14. @Leo Gura you have always talked about truth with the small t and Truth with the capital T, then i guess there must be love with the small l and Love with the capital L. Can you describe the difference between love and Love? I know one is relative but another is absolute. But what are the features of these? How can one recognise love and Love?
  15. @Leo Gura psychedelics are not available in my country Will other practice help?