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  1. @Salvijus And what is misinterpretation?
  2. @Salvijus we are quite attached to interpretation, maybe because for survival. We are so deeply attached to it so that we can not be enlightened so easily.
  3. What is interpretation? Why do we interpret our perception? What is misinterpretation?
  4. So what is fear, existantially? N.B - i hope i am not making you annoyed. I just want going into the core of it.
  5. So you are saying interpretation of 'what is fear' changable in nature?
  6. @wintetknight if fear is not our enemy, why we hear some sayings like 'conquer your fear' in our societies?
  7. @winterknight you have said earlier that it is needed to know what our fear trying to tell us, ruther than trying to overcome fear. Why is it so? What is there for me if i know what fear is trying to tell me?
  8. @winterknight have you heard about spiral dynamics? If i climb according spiral dynamics ladder, will i be able to enlightened?
  9. @winterknight How to heal ourself from past emotional trauma? How to be always protected from heartbreaks, negetive emotions, anxiet, depression? How to live life according to one's true motivation regardless of fear? How to overcome fear?
  10. @winterknight asking question and seeing your answer seems fruitless to me. Everything that you say goes way aside to understand for me and it is frustrating. Its not your fault. Maybe these things can not be delivered through words. Its enlightment and its realization.
  11. @winterknight what is paranormal phenomena? What is lucid dreaming? Is it possible?
  12. @Sevi i have searched but found genome research centre. Can you give the link here? Thank you.
  13. @Aquarius seems like you have a lot of knowledge about astrology. You talked about astrological common sense. May i ask what kind of common sense you are talking about? Is it about intuition?