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  1. I think the whole situation will allow more stage green then it had in the past. When a crisis moment like this occur, a radical shift of perspective tends to happen in people's mind, allowing them to change things in an unconventional way. Many things can get introduced in the post covid 19 world that we don"t even imagine now. Personally, i think healthcare around the world will change drastically. People will become more conscious to the fact that egocentrism and more profit mentality don't help them in the long run. They will also discover that solitude of the mind do not solely depend on doing more work and chasing success, sometimes letting go of the chasing mentality and enjoying the present moment can be profoundly fulfilling. I don't believe that the post covid 19 world will be all loving and heavenly, but i do think that people will take a very big leap towards consciousness and love.
  2. Polarity and Sexual Energy the positive poles of man and woman are absolutely necessary for sexual union. They are "ever ready" to make love. When the cock of a man is ready to enter into pussy, it doesn't work well as the pussy is negative pole and it takes time to awaken it. So the stimulation of clitoris and genital area of a woman before awaking her positive pole does not work well. It may be exciting, by energetically ineffective. This is what tantra teaches which is entirely opposite to common norm. The positive pole of a woman is her breasts, nipples and her heart. One has to stimulate that enough to awaken her positive pole. Once it is awaken, energy will flow inside her and it will shower warmth, receptivity and willingness into pussy. Once it is done properly, woman is bodily ready to accept cock inside her. So the organ of love can not be ready without including positive poles in the picture. This true awakening of the pussy introduces "electrical potential" between lingam and yoni. After penetration, male sexual energy floods into pussy as a thrilling current of life force. This experience is extraordinary. When love and care given to breasts prior to penetration, the readiness for sex is there, both physically and psychologically. A man will feel that the woman is by his side, moving harmonically. It will be bodily "yes" for her. He won't have to fight for it and she won't have to struggle to give it. Making love this way by utilizing polarity activates attraction field among man and woman. Bio - electricity flowing within the attraction field follows a spiral path. It will unfold the kundalini energy which is located at the base of the male spine for man. Many often mistake that the kundalini energy is in the base of spine in woman, when in fact it is in her breasts. So caressing her breasts will unfold it. This is the way we are enabled to love passionately as the body electricity takes over, a sense of timelessness pervades, each moment is ecstatic and orgasmic. Then the delight of lovemaking will grow, since there is no end to polarity, only the possibility of more and more light. So the art lies in creating and harnessing polarity, returning to our intrinsic quality where man becomes more masculine and woman become more feminine. Through being able to truly love and satisfy in a sex, which is the deepest longing of a man, he becomes more grounded, responsible, loving and energetic. A woman by receiving and returning this love, begins to experience herself as innocent and sweet, the source of love and creation, and a delicate perfumed femininity arises.
  3. Sexual Polarity & Creation of Magnetic Field between man and woman one of the greatest insight of tantra is male and female energies are equal and opposite forces. Yang and yin are one of the most popular examples of this. Sexual union between these two can create an ecstatic sexual experience through interplay of opposite polarities polarities. Polarities are present in both man and woman. Sadly due to social conditioning, these polarities are not being able to function according to their innate quality. These conditioning are like rust in polarities and they exist as if they are "normal". They create disturbance and sexual energy can not act according to their polarities as a result. Polarities are like magnets. That is why when man and woman come together, it feels like an attractive magnetic field. Through consciousness, we can decondition and then our polarities can go back to functioning as it is wired to function such way. Man will begin to feel their masculine energy and woman will begin to feel feminine energy. Male energy represents positive and female energy represent negative. Each half is alone and incomplete. So nature brings them together to become complete. The man, who is positive, has inner negative pole (inner women) and the woman, who is negative, has inner positive pole (inner man). Man carries the positive pole in his cock and the negative pole in his chest and heart area. Woman on the other hand, carries negative pole in her pussy and positive pole in her breasts. Between this positive and negative magnetic pole, a stream flows upward through the body of man and woman. This magnetic field between the two opposite pole is called " Rod of Magnetism" These two magnetic rod of man and women create a magnetic field when they create sexual union. This way, they become "complete". Male energy flow from cock into pussy and up towards the woman's heart. The female energy responds through breasts by penetrating man' heart and flowing downward to his sex center. A complete unit is created and now electricity passes back and forth from man to woman with active and passive phases, man becoming woman and woman becoming man. Tantra refers to the phenomenon as "the circle of light". This powerful polarity effect represents the highest potential of man and woman together, as a spiritual force through which it is possible to penetrate the mysteries of life. Information about polarities can help practically in lovemaking. Like electricity, body energy also flows from positive to negative. It is the positive poles of the male and female bodies that needs to be awakened to initiate the deeper movement of sexual energy. That is why tantra calls cock and breasts the " positive poles of love". They are the source of all life, semen from man and milk from woman. The quality of sexual energy generation depends on treating them as such during foreplay and sex.
  4. Insemination : pleasure or pain? perhaps one of the most strongest desire for a man is to ejaculate. Is there any universal purpose to it? I think so. Consider the state of mind of the first man that has born to earth. He had no prior "knowledge" about his cock, how it works, what to do with it. Yet he managed to find a women and inseminated her. If he didn't what would have happened? The answer is simple yet terrifying to human species... We would not even exist! That's right. No human race. No technology. No education. No fun. No Christiano Ronaldo It just not ends there. That first man had definitely told his sons to inseminate, his sons to their sons and it kept on going until it becomes a hardcore norm, rooted deeply within every man. To ejaculate. *** To me, it feels incredibly sexy to cumming inside pussy. It feels like i am "giving" my "seed" to "land" to grow "crops". It may seem old fashioned, but this is what my inside urge tells me. *** A Radical Idea : Man have sex to ejaculate sperm inside women. He may not be consciously aware of it, but the universe/his nature wants him to do so. So, is it the right way to approach sexuality? I think there is no right and wrong way of it. It is about choice although most men don't think like that. They behave like an unconscious animal and they don't see any other way but to do it. In fact it is very difficult to defy your genetical/biological urge. It is the real challenge of a man. This is what makes strong masculinity different from weak masculinity.
  5. @Yog i like teal swan's teaching. Thanks for sharing it
  6. "Lingam", The Peak of Masculinity Lingam is a Sanskrit word, which means " pillar of light", "wall of light". Sanskrit is an indian language, so the word comes from there. What they refer to as " lingam", is today known as "penis/cock". It is the male sexual organ, which represents the core essence of masculinity. Lingam's work is to make things clear. It is a light which differentiate between what is true and what is false. Without it, everyone would be lost in between. In that sense, it is like a sword. Indians call it shiva lingam. Shiva is a god and one can find a lot of shiva temple in india, where "shiva lingam" is established to pay tribute to the male god, shiva. It looks like this :- In Tibetan culture, lingam is known as "vajra" and "dorje", which means "hard", " powerful", "thunder stroke". It represents the highest spiritual power, against which nothing is immune. Sounds frightening, right? Well, there is also other perspectives. The ancient tribes used to view penis as " magic or magic wand". They tend to think that the magic of penis lies in its ability to erect. In today's culture, we have forgotten to appreciate it, but really, think about it. The mechanisms that work for a penis to get erected is no less than magic. A lot of things has to happen to achieve that and no matter how easy that may seem. it is not that easy to achieve. There are many people who suffers from erection dysfunction and they know why it is not easy. Chinese taoists had always seen lingam and yoni ( vagina/pussy) as two special organ. According to them, lingam and yoni requires much care and love. They inspired "lingam massage" to give lingam its much deserved love. If it is done right then it will be extremely pleasurable, healing and energizing So what this " magic wand" actually is? It is widely known as "organ of function" whose job is to penetrate yoni, cum inside it to procreate. But actually, it is "organ of love". It requires much love, care to maintain its power. If it is cared and loved, lingam will teach a new form of love and creative energy. Since the rise and establishment of the dominating power of religion, sexuality was devalued. As a result, feminine power find it difficult to honor masculine power and lingam. Men also lost their consciousness to recognise lingam as organ of love, began to use it for personal gain to achieve orgasm and be fixed with it. This is a narrow focus of viewing lingam. As a result, women started fearing it and they failed to recognize it as an enriching part of their sexual experience. This is the reason why the lingam receives so little love that it deserves. At present, women as well as men has started seeing lingam as " organ of love" rather than "organ of function. A great way to giving love to lingam is lingam massage. If done right, it can give heavenly pleasure to man. It usually offers both ejaculatory orgasm ans non ejaculatory orgasm. It can be given by romantic partner and i believe there are lingam massage centres in western countries who can provide the service. *** There are many man who has "penis shame". They view it as a "disgusting" organ and pay little or no attention to it, when in fact, it is the organ that has abundant masculine energy. *** Many women think of penis as "invasive" when in fact, it can be one of the greatest gift they can receive in their life. A conscious man connects with his cock and by gaining the sexual energy, he can let go of his mind and the genital will do the rest by using its own intelligence. Cock has the ability the please,heal and transfer its sexual energy to the pussy. It can give orgasm, it can inseminate women, but it has higher purpose. By taking the journey toward higher purpose, it chooses the path of becoming formidable masculine force. My future writing will cover these topic to gain profound understanding.
  7. Male sexuality is a topic that i find fascinating, yet it is under represented topic. In this era, i feel that male sexuality is repressed and ill understood. So i have been trying to explore male sexuality for years, mostly for satisfying the deep calling within me to become sexually actualized. In this journal i will try to explore different aspect of male sexuality, how it works and embody principles that existed for thousands of years in order do become the best version of my sexual self.
  8. @Emerald can you tell us more about hermit archetype? What are the features of a hermit? What it brings to our life and why it is necessary to connect with it? By the way, thank you for sharing your post. Certainly it has brought some peace inside me
  9. @Dazgwny Covid 19 is surely creating panic in people's mind. It is quite amazing to see people around the world going in a survival mode. A lot of things to be learned from these experiences. About the virus, one thing for sure that this has affected the mind and health of the people of more than 160 countries. I don't know when was the last time this sort of incident happened. Now that it is happening, i see people struggling with it more mentally than physically. By far, 0.2 million people have been caught by the virus but mentally, it has caught billions of people. This exactly shows how much do we want to survive and what are we willing to do for that. This is phenomenal. I hope this virus will go away without causing much further harm but it will certainly teach some lessons to those who are into spirituality.
  10. I have stopped predicting due to the volatile nature of the politics. Before super tuesday, it seemed like bernie was going to have a sweeping victory, but all got changed within days. What i have learnt that in politics, anything is possible. So let's see what happens in november.
  11. @Rilles well, that's a pity. Look what toxic capitalism is doing to America. Where two person can help the whole country while 10 million people is uninsured.
  12. @Dwarniel i think us healthcare works for those who have riches. The system is rigged in favour of the rich people. Recently i have seen a poll that shows more than 10 million people are uninsured in America, which can create mess as the corona virus is spreading rapidly in the country. Even if the uninsured people feel sick, they won't report because they can not bear the expense of the treatment. It can make the situation much more worse. Besides that, america is lagging behind of Scandinavian countries in terms of consciousness. So obvious when the scandinavian people looks at the american health care system from above, they will think it as backward and low conscious.
  13. New poll shows that biden is leading bernie by 2 to 1 So is it over for bernie? If it is so then i will be very disappointed. Performance has fallen from 2016 for bernie. I think if biden wins the four states primary in this week by such gigantic margin, you can kiss bernie good bye.