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  1. @winterknight I have five questions for you. 1. What is feeling? 2. What is rationality? 3. What is opinion? 4. What is judgement? 5. What is ego's ultimate agenda?
  2. @Leo Gura so according to you, what is judgement and what is opinion?
  3. What is the dark night of the soul? How to recognise this? What to do when it happens? How to become spiritually more developed through this?
  4. @ajasatya why is it a trap?
  5. @Leo Gura Ok man. take time, take rest
  6. @Leo Gura we are waiting for your response to this.
  7. @Shin then where is santa claus? atleast he could told us that "no video forever"
  8. He could just post 'No video this week' and that's it. I think enlightenment person do not forget how to write after all deconsruction and ego death
  9. maybe he is going to release something very big and surprising
  10. Title is self explainatory.
  11. That's a good explaination of the matter. The question arises that when yoy know your personality type, do you make yourself fit into what reality demands, or you create your own reality according to your personality?
  12. well thank you for your recommendation, but I don't find these direct enough. You don't have to say that I am doing good, because first of all, if I am that much good, u wouldn't have given me so many recommendations. I myself feel that I have got lots of improvement in order to touch "good" mark. I want you tell me exactly how you feel about my assesment result. if it shows some positives, tell it. if it shows some negative, tell it also. I need an honest review based on personal recommendation, not generalization.
  13. According to big 5, I am - Extraversion - 22 percentile Emotional Stability - 39 percentile Agreeableness - 76 percentile Conscientiousness - 15 percentile Intellect/Imagination - 80 percentile anyone got any thought on this?
  14. The title is self explainatory. Advice is needed. Thank you.
  15. How to detect any emotional dysfunction within oneself and dissolve them? If I have experienced trauma like unexpected bad results happening to me, in that case how can I develop more? I am also adding my hexaco personality test result here so that one can have clear picture about my personality. I just want to develop myself and need tips /advice from you guys. Thank you. HEXACO-results.pdf