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  1. @Bill W i didn't bother to measure. To me, it wasn't a big issue and couldn't care more less about it.
  2. I think having too much billionaires running around the world indicates the dysfunction of Intetnational and domestic economic system. The more the number of the billionaire grows the more economic inquality emerges, since economic prosperity depends on the creation of products and redistribution of wealth. If a capitalist owns most of a particular production then he gets to accumulate large share of the weath and thus, we witness inequality. A conscious, well functioning society needs more production and equal distribution. Too much capatalism riggs the game in favor of the capitalist thus billionaire emerges. So to me, a billionaire is born out of the unconscious rules of presnt day economic system. In order to build up a conscious society, we need to balance the system in a way that it favors all of its member by thinking about the welfare of everybody.
  3. All around the world, we can frequently see men are obsessed about their penis size and try various methods/products to increase their penis size. The insecurity about this issue is so big that a gigantic market of penis enlargement products (i think mostly scams) has grown all over the world. Does this insecurity has any merit to it? Or is it just baseless?
  4. @EternalForest i was reading your post and as i was reading, i was getting confused. I mean, what is the truth here, really? Is it true what i have read or the truth is something else? Then i suddenly realized that truth can not be derived by logic. It is something that you become aware of, not by reasoning through it. Here's where i have arrived : your statement here is false. You don't know what you don't know. So you are just coming where you stand right now. And by your statement, what i assumed that you don't stand in a high place of awareness, that is why you reasoned like this. But that's ok. Everyone has to start from where he/she is at so... I can just wish the best for you
  5. @Harikrishnan how much more funny it can ever get?
  6. This is really sickening. America should step out of toxic stage orange profit mentality - and Bernie is the right man to do that. It think the campaign of Bernie is not just another election campaign, it itself is a social movement. Every Bernie supporters should do whatever they can to contribute into his campaign. Even if he doesn't get the nomination or win the election - his message should become clear to every person of the US.
  7. @supremeyingyang Man, you have no idea how well your country is doing. I think Germany is one of the most progressive countries in the world. It has got the vibe of "stage green" where we see the idea of a more empathic society is largely present. You guys are the leaders of EU economy wise, as Germany is the largest economy of Europe. Still, as far as i know, Germany is struggling with the reconciliation between the former west and the east. East was under the USSR for nearly five decades. So there are social, economical and to some extend, cultural differences between this two. I think your country's politican should focus on that problem. This is the reason why we are seeing the surge of AFD, a far right party. Their views don't get along with most german and the vision of future Germany. I think you guys will do well despite some hiccups here and there. I don't think AFD is gonna end up being in power. Besides that, you should be proud of your country given that how well Germany have turned out to be a force to reacon with in the World since the world war two. You are an inspiration to many other nations
  8. last night i was having a conversation with my mom about the necessity of having kids. At one point of the conversation, she said that it is important to have male kid because they would be helpful in family work. She also added that having a boy mean you can utilize him at the time of emergency. Like if someone become sick at midnight, he would be able to go to pharmacy or do other emergency stuff that a girl can not. I told my mom that you are justifying our social problems and just promoting status quo by prefering to have male kids. See how social conditioning is at play here? The main thing is my soceity is far from being safe for women to go out at midnight to do stuff. Without acknowledging the problem and doing something about it, my mom internalized the belief that, "there are certain things a girl can not do so it is important to habe boys" - which is exactly a social conditioning. She may not be aware of the dynamics but this is exactly what she is doing - making a belief and trying to pass it on to future generation. Of course, this is a false belief. Often times with social conditioning, you have to read between the lines rather than what other person is saying. I think most of the people are unaware of the process of social conditioning, that is why awareness campaign is so so important to address this issue.
  9. 02/18/2020 Money Mindset Split your monthly income into 6 portion and keep them into 6 different accounts. Types of Account 1. Necessity account : in this account, you will keep 55% of your monthly income. You will use these account to fulfil your daily necessities. 2. Retirement account : 10% of monthly income will be here. You will not touch the money. You can take the interest and use it after you retire. 3. Education Account : 10% for this account. This will be used for the purpose of learning and growing. 4. Long Term Savings account : 10% of the income. It will be used to secure long term plans aka buying car, apertments etc. 5. Play/Fun account : 10% of the money. This money should be used to pursue anything you desire without any guilt. 6. Charity/Give away account : 5% of the money. It will be used for donation/charity.
  10. 02/17/2020 I am feeling very tensed today. Recently i checked my Facebook MA group and saw there the announcement of regular class schedule. Seeing that, i become very anxious anout my state. My result is yet to be published and i don't have much time to wait for it. I have to appear on the MBA exam. For that, i need that result as quickly as possible. I am angry at the incompetence of the teachers of my department. How can they take more than six months just to check less than 100 exam papers? This is insane! I don't wanna regret not getting admitted into MA. I didn't wanna do that but the social pressure is high. The kind of social bulling that is practiced in my society makes me more tensed about the future. I must find a way to get past that and live the life i intend to live.
  11. Please help me by suggesting some great books on the topic. I would really appriciate it.
  12. 16/02/2020 The Five Mental Models For High Performers: 1. Do what you hate 2. Do what you hate first 3. Take action everyday towards your goal when you are starting out. 4. Bounce Back from rejection 5. Delay Gratification
  13. @Lelouch Lamperouge i don't think making a poll here would reflect the national sentiment of the America. Most people in this forum are liberal and left leaning, so they are obviously going to go for Bernie although you can understand the state of of this forum by this poll result.
  14. Well i can name an example of my society's recent step towards progress. I live in Bangladesh. In my country, prostitution is allowed according to law but the society hates it. As the majority of the Bangladeshi people are religious and at stage Blue, they see prostitution as evil and hates prostitutes. There is a place called dauladia in Bangladesh where the countries biggest red light zone lies. Our society hates prostitution so much that the locals of that area wouldn't allow janaza (a religious prayer for those who died) for prostitutes who died and graves for them. As a result, prostitutes bodies were thrown at the river or secretly put them into graves after they died. It was hard for prostitutes as they felt their rights of social dignity were ignored. Recently a police officer took a historic initiative. After the death of a prostitute, he asked the Imam of a local mosque to hold her janaza peayer. At first, the Imam refused to do so but after some convincing, he agreed. So the prostitute got her last social farewell and 200-300 people attended the prayer. She was also cremated properly. It was an historic event and a little but significant step toward progress and acceptance that happened in Bangladesh. The event was so historic that it got international media attention -
  15. I don't trust Bloomberg. He seems like another imposter to me.