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  1. What do you think of teal and her teaching? Are they worth listening and following? What kind of growth one can expect by following her teachings?
  2. I think you totally missed or bypassed @Leo Gura's point. He was talking about war on Iraq and how conservative like bush is responsible for that. Whereas u focused on great depression which he only used to compare and therefore it wasnt the actual point. And my personal view is, yeah i agree with you, that we should learn from conservatives as well. We have to learn their ways so that we may see how BULLSHIT it is and how it is creating evil on the world and therefore not to follow it.
  3. Thank you @winterknight you have been a fine inspirational for me
  4. @Leo Gura i would like to add few questions : 1. Does consciousness of the people of a country affects politics in that country? 2. Is democracy the ultimate solution for government? Can we have better alternative in the future? If so, what it might be? 3. How collective ego backlass can jeopardise a good policy taken by government and what to do about it?
  5. @Leo Gura You are going to do episodes on this topic, thats fine. But why are you telling this here, opening up a thread? I dont remember you did this in recent times before an upcoming episode. Is it something going to be special? Just curious.
  6. Does anyone have reiki experience? Does it work? If it so, how does it work and how it can heal us?
  7. Does anyone has note of this video? Plz share if you have it!
  8. Sorry i didnt notice 'recent' so i listed my fav videos from 2015 to 2019
  9. Mental issues include anxiety, depression, addiction, fear of rejection and failure, PTSD etc
  10. What do you mean by "hard truth about yourself?"
  11. What do u mean by facing it? Suppose someone abuses me and i want to run away from him/her. So should i stick with him/her emen if he/she abuses me in order to face it?
  12. I have all of them i mentioned
  13. @Shadowraix can you describe why it is not easy? I mean what kind of roadblocks one can expect?
  14. @Truth Addict can you explain what do u meant by organic?
  15. @Leo Gura so you are saying that i am creating pathologies and neurosis, depression and anxiety, pain and suffering, and if i stop creating them, they will become unreal?
  16. I have watched the video for about 50 minutes and a question popped up in my mind. You have several times mentioned about absolute Good, absolute Should, absolute Positive. Why there is not any absolute Bad, absolute shouldn't and absolute negative? In this way, it seems like absolute is all about positive affirmation.
  17. Why survivial is the number one priority for the ego when everyone is going to face death inevitably? Does ego not want to admit that it will die, no matter how hard it wants to survive?
  18. That's allright. But don't you think it can be pathological which can sometimes rob oneself of happiness?
  19. As i know, Indentification with something or someone can cause suffering. Can you guys tell me how it causes suffering? What will happen if i stop identifying? I mean how things are gonna unfold if i stop it? What are the benefits of dis-identification?
  20. No offence @Leo Gura but you actually sounded like religious fanatic. Words are really tricky, aren't they?. Maybe that is why we can not use word properly to describe our experience.
  21. Title is self explained.
  22. Love for you my friend <3 I hope you will do well too.
  23. In some certain sense you are maybe true, but you wont understand it if you don't have the experience of the thing itself. Trauma literally cripples people. When it happens, u get numb. When it passes, u remain numb. Do you know why? Because you dont find any strength within you to fight this, so better staying numb then try to fight it and die! It literally feels like this when you experience Trauma. Your words here are not going to help any traumatic person, hell it can create damage to them as you are somehow pointing to them that they are somehow responsible for it. Self love is difficult when you go through trauma. Your response like this will make them feel they are not worthy of self love even more. Higher consciousness things are fine when you are in high consciousness. But you have to understand where things are applicable and where not. A person who is not high conscious and traumatized will interpret your words entirely differently, thus creating more problems for them.
  24. I have felt it in my present moment like thousand times... It feels like you are alive but at the same time dead inside, sometimes it felt like inside me there is a burned house which still smell like shit. All these understanding are metaphoric.